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Wyndham Hotel and Resorts Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

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22 Sylvan Way

Parsippany, New Jersey, NJ 07054 USA

Phone Numbers

Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-428-9700

Wyndham Hotel Group: 1-973-753-6000

Wyndham Exchange & Rentals: 1-973-753-6000

Wyndham Vacation Ownership: 1-407-626-5200

Customer Service Number: 1-800-347-7559

  • My wife and I stayed at the Wyndham hotel in Philadelphia for our Honeymoon. The staff is incompetent, I was over charged and dismissed. I am currently on the phone with corporate. Arvell The GM is no help! Please speak slowly and clear when checking in. And make sure you check your bank account often for any surprise charges!

  • I took my 79 year old mother to Melbourne to visit our family and friends. My mother is on oxygen 24/7 and has a portable Inogen that she uses to go out. Friday 11/13, we went to dinner and returned around 730. It was pouring when we returned. I was going to park under the Drop Off area but there were 3 vehicles parked there and 20 people in the breakfast area with coolers drinking beer. There is only 1 Handicap parking spot out front. I had to park 10 spots away from the front door due to NO HANDICAP spots out front except 1, and that car did not have a handicap tag or hanger. My 79 year old mother had to walk in the rain, carrying an electric OXYGEN unit. ABSOLUTELY UNEXCEPTABLE. When we made it into the facility, I told the young man at the front desk about this. He actually, looked away from me and WALKED AWAY. I was baffled. So I get my mother up to the room so she could dry off due to the down pour she just walked through. The next morning I go down stairs and talk to the manager on duty and explain what all took place. He proceeds to tell me that, The location we are staying at MOVED THE HADICAP PARKING SPOTS TO THE BACK OF THE BLDG. No over hang. Are you serious. You are going to make elderly people goto the back of the bldg to park, have to use their room key to open the door, if they havent forgotten it in their room, walk through 2 doors to get to an elevator. You people are ridiculous. Next, I call your corporate office. Explain what had happened, was told i would get a call within 10 days. I did receive a call within 5 from the General Manager. She was very apologetic and told me that due to the experience we had, she would add points to my Wyndham Account. I thought, not really what I was expecting, but ok. I had to call to remind them after 4 days to do that as i am planning another trip with my mother. I called on 11/19 and the points were added. I checked after the call and I must say, I was disgusted. With all that my mother endured she is worth 3000 points. Do you know what you can do with 3000 points? NOTHING!!!! My family and I do ALOT of traveling. We will NEVER STAY at another Wyndham location again. I spent close to $400 dollars for 3 days at your facility to have my mother see her Kids, Grand Kids and Great Grand Kids and the way I feel she/we were treated was uncalled for.

  • Dsbrownwyndham.com
    Sir Mr. David
    Your hotel has a few Gross Negligence representing your 3 stare hotel
    1) I was in Rm 710 July 9th 2021.
    2) I had a wake up call for 7 Am for a VA medical procedure.
    3) Your staff failed to provide a wake-up call.
    4) So I was late could not shower or have breakfast!
    5) There was no clock in the room. I forgot my phone and caused a problem
    6) I went to go swimming in the pool. The pool gad much debris and I refused to go in a discussing hotel pool at Windham.
    7) I have stared at plenty of windhams, emergency evacuation for Galveston & more!
    8) Your Windham Houston Medical Center is the poorest of all Windhams I stayed in.
    9) How your Org got a 3 star rating is beyond me.
    I will wait till tomorrow if I don’t get a reply I will elevate to corporate.
    Veteran from De Bakey VA hospital Houston
    No phone number was given and your front desk staff is poor in common curtesy.
    My guesses is your not in the hotel yet! Getting paid are you?

  • False post by Doris Campagna. Theresa was never charged with criminal harassment. Theresa is very happy with what she has she just wish that Doris Campagna and Richard Lauersdorf would leave her alone and stop all these false post.

  • Doris was a night auditor? Theresa worked at Liberty National bank as Proof Machine Operator and Date Entry. And she worked at Postal Service as Computerized forwarding system, Optical operator system and Bar Code System for 40 years. 22 deaf people took test at Postal Service. Theresa was the one who passed 100 score. (( 4 hours test on September 5th 1982. )) She graduated from TWO Jeffersontown Vocational Collage and Jefferson Vocation College. But she did not finish at Texas Community College because they moved back to Kentucky.

  • They saw Doris Campagna’s new 420 website about Terry. They see how much she hates Terry, but Terry has no idea what Doris wants from her? It is something Terry has that Doris can not have. Maybe Richard D Lauersdorf lied to Doris about Terry and Doris is very jealous besides Terry is very PRETTY.

  • Peggy called the Clerk. The Clerk told her that they keep a receipt in the file for any recording. Doris and Richard have no receipt. Doris and Richard do not have the video recording. They lied again. Officers said they are all talk ! If you say that someone is all talk, you mean that they often say they are going to do something impressive or exciting but never actually do it.

  • Jealous Pot? hmmm
    The big jealous-pot!
    By chankahyein, on Sunday, October 27th, 2019 2:12 pm

    Ginger is a big jealous-pot! He is jealous of Tabs, Heidi and now, Indy.

    He has been going on a hunger strike for days now. But I didn’t let him go hungry because he had to eat his antibiotics, so I force-fed him just enough food. It’s not that he had no appetite, he did have, but he just didn’t want to eat his regular food.

    So, what did he want?

    I finally figured it out today.

    He wanted to eat whatever Indy ate. If possible, he wants the ID, the steamed chicken with soup and the raw chicken fillet.

    He boycotted his regular food again this morning.

  • Theresa Fowler-Carpenter worked at Super 8 Hotel on Preston St, Louisville, Ky in the past as night auditor. She bragged to me about fake driver license. She was scanning customer's driver licenses and selling them. 
    Dont know if she still works there or at other hotel?

  • Anyone who posts day after day pictures of someone and their family members has a very serious mental problem with obsession. Doris Campagna is psychotic.
    See, Doris Campagna and Richard Lauersdorf can not leave Theresa alone? If the move doesn't work, a new home feeling like a failure.

  • Anyone who posts day after day pictures of someone and their family members has a very serious mental problem with obsession. Her name is Doris Campagna

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    TC is a liar. She still chases after R because he is handsome and rich. But R hates her, because she tried to break up his marriage, and now she tries to breakup his new relationship. She is stupid because R and D are too happy in love. She lies to her husband to make him crazy jealous. She lies about EVERYTHING.
    Hopefully, she will die soon and her husband can find a woman who is not crazy and evil.

  • Some people just enjoy being nasty, to see others feeling hurt or bad.
    And these people are often insecure, so gain a sense of power by putting others down and being unpredictable and hurtful with their comments.

    I dont believe happy, fulfilled people bully, I think insecure unhappy people do. They seem strong, but they are not. A strong person has no need to belittle anyone else.

    Its often hard to stand up to bullies, because they are good at mind games, but in the event you are dealing with one, dont get too close to them or too involved socially. They are often at their worst when they are alone with you, so dont give them the chance for a one on one unless you have no option!

    As long as you see them and their comments for what they really are ( weak and pathetic) you will learn to treat them like water off a ducks back. As long as they know they have you under their thumb, they will keep playing their game.

  • This person wants to punch Richard D Lauersdorf in the mouth because of all the lies he told to crazy Doris Campagna. He has been lying for many years and has made many people angry. He will continue to lie for the rest of his life. Hope he dies first and then Doris can find a good man who will tell the truth.

    • People from Burkesville share the craziest rumors. They’ve ever heard about Richard and Doris. Bury them six feet underground.

  • She is mad because I did not show up at the wyndham-corporate-office-headquarters on September 11th. I didnt go because I dont want to see her again.

  • Peggy s Fb did not shut down. She deactivated her account because you harassed her for 22 hours 2 days ago. Witnesses will be there. Felonies are the most serious type of crime. Poor Richard, he will be alone for while.

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  • I filed EPO on Doris Campagna yesterday afternoon. Still waiting for Judge s approve. See you at court if Judge says Ok.

  • I worked at the Super 8 for a while. The was a woman and man staying there because they got evicted from their apt. Doris Campagna was turning tricks to support her and her man, Richard D Lauersdorf s meth habit. Many women complained. The management did not care until Doris and Richard got caught breaking into other guest rooms, stealing IDs, credit cards, and any valuables. She and he are scanks.

  • I worked at the Super 8 for a while. The was a mother and son staying there because they got evicted from their apt. Theresa Carpenter was turning tricks to support her and her son s meth habit. Many men complained. The management did not care until Theresa and her son got caught breaking into other guest rooms, stealing IDs, credit cards, and any valuables. She was a scank.

  • I Stayed at the Ft Walton Beach Days INN June 8 2019 i did not stay in Room 10 min Room had Roaches Bed Bugs Bathroom Filthy Front Desk was Obnoxious. very RUDE and I have not Received my Money Back can someone Help I have Called Corporate 10 times, I sent them Pictures No Help still have not Got a Call Back

  • I Stayed at the Ft Walton Beach DAYS INN 6/8/2019 was not in the Room 10 min asked for my Money Back Room was Roach Infested, Bed Bugs, Bathroom Filthy, electrical wires coming out wall I contacted Corporate Office over. Ten Times was not able to get my Money Back Total RIP OFF Company.

  • On May 12th 2019 I was in town for my little brother's wedding I had reserved a room 3 weeks in advance at the time of reservation I told them I was a Wyndham employee and would be using an employee voucher I told her I would reserve with the card but pay with cash there was never any mention of $100 deposit during time of check-in if you're paying with cash I do work for a Days Inn in Hillsboro Texas where we do not have that policy and I was not aware of it send me those I have only been with the company for 4 months the receptionist at the front desk Melinda no last name given to me greeted us pleasantly I told her I had a reservation told her I was using an employee voucher handed her the voucher she looked it over and said there's no name on this I said yes ma'am my manager filled it out and I did not have my confirmation number she immediately says she needs to call her manager she calls her manager and says I have a lady here who's trying to check in using employ voucher but there's no name on it and she said she's going to pay with cash that's when she said you're going to have to put down a $100 deposit I said okay well I was not told that at the time of reservation and let me call my manager I called my manager to ask her about this and as I was talking to my manager she tells her manager on the phone she is over here calling her manager and being rude I simply said ma'am I'm just trying to figure out what is going on the $100 deposit is no problem I pulled out $100 in cash to show her I had it she then says that her manager tells her that I cannot stay there as my aunt and uncle were standing there and my cousin mortified and trying to figure out what I had done wrong she continues to tell me that I cannot stay here and that I need to leave my uncle interjects and says we are here for wedding this is my niece we're here together she tells my uncle bless your heart I'm from Texas to me and to my family that is an insult, please look it up. I was told I could not stay there and I would need to leave the premises by this time I'm in tears my cousin is upset my aunt and uncle are upset and I have to walk down the street to go to another hotel which is owned also by Wyndham Super 8 in Cabot Arkansas and they were very accommodating very helpful very friendly use my employee voucher didn't ask for $100 deposit and we all work for the same company so I'm confused as to why this escalated into such a big deal all I wanted to do was get in my room and get ready for wedding that we were running late to. I'm so disappointed at the experience that I had at the Days Inn & suites in Cabot Arkansas. Unfortunately I will not comeback and I will make sure to tell my friends and family that Melinda at the front desk is very rude she also made the statement to me that if I work at a hotel then I should know the policy about the $100 deposit when paying cash honestly we do not have that policy so no I was not aware of that and I felt very insulted. I have tried reaching out to the hotel on two occasions to speak to the manager and he has not been in. I was told that the conversation had been recorded and I would like for Mr Jay Lallu, Cho, general manager to review the recording and respond to me by email. I will email your hotel directly to give you the address.
    Krista R

  • Doris A Campagna worked at Super 8 Motel 4800 Preston Hwy, I-65 Exit 130, Louisville, KY 40213-2226 (1 800 536 1211) as Night Auditor. She scanned the customer s driver license before customer entered a room. She used the customer s picture for her driver license. She used her boyfriend Richard D Lauersdorf s last name on her license. She bragged that she can make many fake Driver Licenses.THIS IS ILLEGAL AND CRIME. A woman saw her own picture on Night Auditor s picture on the twitter. She is furious. She wants her picture remove from Doris driver license. We just spoke with Officer. I am sending you pictures of fake driver licenses. She has my driver license and the man s license. Is it illegal?


    • Case Number E05620003362345 RICHARD LAUERSDORF
      Protective Order Details
      County: Jefferson County Agency: Order Type: Temporary Protection Order Protective Order Status: Dismissed Date Issued: 12/26/2018 Expiration Date/Time: 06/26/2019 11:59 PM Inactive Date: 01/08/2019 Dismissed Comments: Service Status: Served Served By: Served Date/Time: 12/26/2018 Method of Service: Agency Assigned Service: Judge: Date Signed by Judge: Court: Jefferson County Judicial Center Hearing Date/Time: 01/08/2019 Hearing Location:

  • Doris A Campagna worked at Super 8 Motel 4800 Preston Hwy, I-65 Exit 130, Louisville, KY 40213-2226 (1 800 536 1211) as Night Auditor. She scanned the customer s driver license before customer entered a room. She used the customer s picture for her driver license. She used her boyfriend Richard D Lauersdorf s last name on her license. Doris lives at 3611 Powell Avenue, Lousiville, Ky 40215. She bragged that she can make many fake Driver Licenses.THIS IS ILLEGAL AND CRIME. A woman saw her own picture on Night Auditor s picture on the twitter. She s very furious. She wants her picture remove from Doris driver license. We just spoke with Officer. I am sending you pictures of fake driver licenses. She has my driver license and the man s license. Is it illegal?

  • Days Inn/Especially by Wyndham are both competitors to see how bad their guest can be treated. These two brands are banned from ever staying at again. It is obvious they do not care enough to even answer this board much less correct anything reported so boycott the hell out of them!!

  • I can't believe that Wyndham would want their name associated with a hotel like The Baymont in Terrell Texas. This hotel makes me so sick, that I truly wonder about all of the Wyndham properties. Maybe someone should pay attention to the reviews or make a visit.

  • Is action being taken on any of these complaints?

    Our Story:
    We booked the Wingate at Wyndham hotel in Hurricane, UT several months ago for this week's World Senior Games in St. George, UT so that we would have a room (knowing hotels would book up). We weren't exactly sure when we needed the room based on competition schedules so we booked a couple of extra days.

    True, we did forget what days we booked the room for but we did call before check-in time to try to adjust our schedule & a woman named Jay who said she was the night manager refused to credit us for the 2 nights that we needed to cancel. We will be staying there an entire week & she said that even if they booked someone else in the room for that Friday night, she would not credit us.

    Unfortunately, it is too late now to book a room elsewhere since everything is pretty much booked up but this seems like such a terrible way to treat our elderly (& military veterans on top of that) that I just had to share what a terrible experience it has been already before we've even checked in!!!

    Please contact me to help me understand why a credit cannot even be given to cover this unfortunate situation.

    Thanking you in advance for your support & consideration!

    P.S. The box to click that says "Notify me" is not working.

  • Stayed at three different Americinns in the last 2 months.

    The hotels are very nice but room service leaves a lot to be desired.

    Changing the sheets every three days is not a problem but coming back to the room at 6 or 7 at night and room service still hasn't showed up yet is not acceptable.

  • My husband, and I recently stayed at the Wyndham Grant Desert in Las Vegas was the worst experience ever. Upon our departure on Sunday, June 3, 2018 while preparing to pack to leave, we realized someone had burglarized our room and stole some of our personal property: my husband laptop, my laptop, my IPAD and my wedding ring. We contact the manager on duty Daniel Massest. Both the manager and Security Officer Jonathan Antonio came to our room. Whoever did this horrific crime wrote on the door in ink these words, "So Sorry, Need Help Not a Bad Person, So Sorry" This was notice on the door when the Security went over to check the door to see if there were any type of break in. In addition, the manager printed the entrance log of our room. The print out showed no record of us checking in on Friday, June 1, 2018, however, the room printout did show there was a re-initialization (re-keying) of the room key on June 2, 2018 around 6:48. The manager seemed to be stunned by this and said this was a first time he ever saw this message on the printout. He indicated he did not know what that meant and he would have to check with the engineering department. I also contact the Las Vegas Sheriff Department and reported the incident. The Police Officer came out and took the report and provided 1366 as Report Number. I was informed by the Manager, Daniel that there was nothing else they could do and they would contact the insurance company who would be following -up with us within 72 hours. It took approximately three weeks for the insurance company to contact us. We finally received a call on June 28th after consistently contacting and following up with both the Owner Care Department and Wyndham Grand Desert. Currently I spoke with the Insurance Company and I was asked to submit a report along completing of the Personal Property Report.Worksheet.

    This has been a very devastating ordeal for both my husband and I. We are now concern about the safety of staying at Wyndham Grand Desert and how safe is it for our children for someone to break into our rooms. In addition, our computers and IPAD contained personal identifiable information. As Wyndham owner, you pay all of this monies including monthly maintenance fees to encounter such a horrific incident. I am very displease with the customer service shown during this time. Wyndham Grant Desert did not way meet our expectation as in the way this situation was handle. I also inquired about why is there not cameras at least on the floors. Had there been cameras, the individuals would have been captured.

  • I cannot understand how Wyndham gets their so called top rating awards. Just read some of the comments in this blog site. My wife and I went to one of their sales presentations due to getting discount tickets for my grand daughter's family to attend a Pirate's show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I have never been to such a high pressured sales pitch. They are unrelenting in pressuring you to buy their time share packages. What was supposed to be a 2 hours breakfast, presentation and tour turned into almost 4 hours. We actually had to stand up from our meeting table and threaten to get loud if they did not let us do the final survey so we could leave. If you do not complete the entire presentation they will charge you the total cost of the discounted tickets plus forty additional dollars.I would suggest if you ever are presented with an offer to get some kind of a discount or free gift by attending their sales promotion DON,T DO IT. It is a phony half truth presentation to pressure you into buying their time shares.

  • We have stayed a few times at Super 8 in Pittsburg Kansas. This weekend we were there from 11/3 – 11/5. On making our reservations I ask for 2 queen size beds two times. I got the conformation and up on entering our room# 216 we had two full size beds. I call 0 on the house phone, desk person answers, she could not hear me so I think it is just a mishap, I try 3 more times, still the lady could not hear me. I go down to complain and she tells me we only have full size beds Then why was I told after asking two times you did? Of course she didn't know. Also I noticed the office chair was gross. Not sure what was on it but put a towel on it so it could be set in. We left the room on Saturday morning about 11:30 and removed the do not disturb sign. Later that evening after a long day we come back, our beds were not made and we had no clean towels or wash cloths. Of course I tried the 0 on the phone again to ask for the room to be cleaned and clean linen. Still the person could not hear me, so I had to send someone down to ask for clean towels. The desk person did bring them up and I ask why our room was not cleaned or beds made? "Let me look at the room log. She said we had a do not disturb sign on the door." I said yes but we were gone at 11:30 am. Just don't understand that after leaving at 11:30 am why our room was not cleaned! Up on leaving that evening I find that our door NEVER LOCKED when we left. So dialing 0 for and emergency, house keeping or any other questions we might have was no use! I still don't understand why the desk person didn't come to see what the problem was in our room when she didn't hear me on the phone four times! This is our home town! Not only disappointed in the service but how the desk person didn't bother to check on or take issue with the phone. So what time do they quit cleaning on a Saturday when check out time is 11:00 am? We will never stay again and will make sure anyone attending any activities in a University town will know how bad our stay was. Facebook reaches a lot of people.I would also like to know why we were charged for a SAFE that we never used or was asked if we wanted? A total refund would be the only way for me to be happy with our stay.

  • Your Feedback : I am a Florida resident and evacuated to Georgia during
    Hurricane Irma. I have 3 pets and found this hotel online while staying
    at another hotel in Macon Georgia. We left the Candlewood suites in
    Macon 1 day early due to them not being able to extend our stay. I
    figured I was safe booking a room at a Wyndham property due to them
    being very nice and clean. This was not the case with this hotel. It was
    utterly disgusting! The room smelled like cigarettes and mold and this
    was a non smoking hotel. The rugs were filthy, the chair had stains all
    over it, the blanket had huge stains on it, the wallpaper was filled
    with stains, there was a used bar of soap in the shower and pubic hairs,
    there was a paper towel placed over the smoke detector, there was sticky
    stains all over the lamp (at least the only one that worked). It was
    very obvious that this room was barely cleaned at all before we got in
    it. Unfortunately we had no choice but to stay because there was not a
    single room to be found in town or out of it due to all the other
    evacuees. I could see the next day that there were other people with
    pets checking out and I could see maid service not doing anything
    special to these rooms with animals. There was no carpet cleaning going
    on at all yet they charge you a pet cleaning fee. The hall ways were
    filled with stains, hair, grease, and trash. Even the elevators were
    sticky and greasy, I was in one that a dog urinated in and no one
    cleaned it up. The maid service was non existent. We checked out a day
    early to head back home once the roads were safe, and the man at the
    front desk was so rude. He quoted me the wrong price and when I
    questioned it he gave me a dirty look. He then told me I was good to go
    and I asked for a receipt and he told me he was going to give me one but
    I was yelling at him. I never once raised my voice at all to him. He was
    very defensive and I never said anything rude or out of line to him. He
    gave me the receipt and it was wrong. He charged me $225 in per fees for
    my 3 animals for 3 nights. The sight says $25 per animal per stay. It
    did not say per night. This was misleading and appalling considering the
    cleanliness of the establishment. I know very well that they did not do
    anything special to the rooms holding animals and the ones that did not
    because I myself witnessed them cleaning one a few times. I feel that
    they were price gouging considering the Hurricane. I did not even bother
    to complain to the man at the desk because he already had an attitude
    and horrible customer service. He finally gave me my new receipt and
    then sarcastically told me that I needed to be happy, he was very
    condescending for no reason at all. I looked at my bank statement the
    next day and the hotel charged me $225.00 and $316.71, yet my receipt
    shows $361.14. I did call the hotel once I got home the next day and
    they told me it was refunded and should show up in a few days. I will be
    on the lookout. Incase you are interested I took a ton of pictures to
    show the filthiness of the room and halls. I am appalled that this has
    the name Wyndham attached to it and it makes me think twice about ever
    staying in one again. For your information my Invoice # 69664, Room 224,
    Confirmation # 10564486, Reference # 80275EC030889. The hotel location
    is 1948 Day Drive Duluth, GA 30096.

  • Wyndham Edisto Beach Island needs to be shut down. They are a disgrace to the Wyndham name and the management there do poor jobs about the concerns of their guests. We were lied to 7 times from the time we booked to the day we left that resorts. There are no auto mechanic shops on the island and the closet is in Charleston. If your car has problem Wyndham could care less. They told us the only auto mechanic on the island was John what a rip off lost 400 dollars paid to him in cash as he wouldn't take a check or credit card for a new fan motor. Found out when we got home it was a used one and had to be replaced as it was not working properly.
    My wife and I have health problems was told we would have to do a thing as far as taking our things to our unit, well the elevator was not working in or building and no one helped us carry our things to our unit up 15 steps.
    We were told when we book this place we would have a lower unit and it was on 5 steps to get in.
    Our car didn't come back to us untill 1:30pm and check out was at 10. they gave us one extra hour to stay in the unit after that we would have to pay a full day charge. We sat under the building in the heat till we got our car. they could care let that a 74 and 70 year guess with health problems had to be put out and wait for the car to be return. Both the front desk and sale people are a disgrace to the Wyndham. Edisto Island I would not ever recomend to any one ever.

  • I recently stayed at wyndham hawthorne suites in Cary,NC. I went to bed fine. Woke up with bumps all over me. Yes you guessed it… BED BUGS.. veifired by the ER. I was so pissed. I called the hotel asked for management and the corporate number she didnt want to give it to me. She told me that management had just left the building but as son as i said BED BUGS management poped on the phone. I said wow that was quick. She said she walked down to the room and didnt see anything. So Orkin was on the way. I never received a call back. I never received my refund i wasnt even offered any compensation.

  • We stayed at Days INN and Suites, 1331 14 Mile rd, Madison Heights, MI for our 1st anniversary. When checking in the man behind the desk was short with me, rude in a few ways, his second language was English and he didn't care if he was communicating with me friendly or not. When we checked into our room, it was filthy. I took man pictures and would like to post them or send them to you. I am posting them on Facebook and any other media site that will allow me to. I am also reviewing this motel on Travelosity, Expedia, and Hotels.com. When I requested a new room, I was informed that the place was booked. Our room had cobwebs in the corners, stained walls, dirty carpets, holes in the ceiling, mold in the bathtub, soap scum on the tub and walls of the shower, blood stains under the toilet paper dispenser, a broken office chair, torn lamp shade, dirty windows, a note pad that was used and had gum between the pages, the complementary breakfast was a joke. They served toast and cold cereal. NO coffee in the room, even though the website said there was coffee provided in the room. The staff was rude and very unhelpful. There were no towels for the pool, the weight room was never open. If there is somewhere I can post these pictures, you would see and be disgusted. I want some kind of acknowledgement because this was the worst part of our weekend and it should have been the most intimate and relaxing part. Also, because of the filth, my husband would not shower there. How embarrassing.

  • Wyndham Gardens manassas needs to be shut down. They are a disgrace to the Wyndham name and the management there do poor jobs about the concerns of their guests. When something happens the management wants their employees to "deal" with the problem and not them. Something needs to be done. The management doesn't care about what is going on it is pathetic on how poorly ran this hotel is and that Wyndham is allowing this hotel to represent their name.

  • My family and I booked approximately 15 rooms at Wingate by Wyndham in Lynn Haven, Florida for our family reunion….and the hotel itself was gorgeous !!! The pool, sauna, and fitness room were great, the whirlpool had dirt floating. Upon arriving to my room which was 308 I heard noise as I investigated it was coming from the bathroom and to my surprise the toilet bowl was filthy and the toilet itself was continuing to run so I shook the handle and it kept running…so I called down to front desk and explained what was going on and she came right away to clean the bowl but she couldn't stop the toilet, she said she put a call in to maintenance and housekeeping….well I was sick of the noise and called down to get a room change and she said they were full, so I did the obvious since no vacancy could be found in any nearby hotels, me being a female who pay attention to other workers and fixer uppers I took the lid off the toilet bowl and unraveled the chain and tried to adjust the bulb which was all dirty and corroded (ugh) and it stopped only to start up again after being flushed and this running toilet worked my nerve for three nights. Upon continuous complaining no repair was done, most of the days was spent with family and our events so I wasn't bothered by the noisy toilet and mind you this was Friday June 23-Monday June 26 2017. Once we finished breakfast and I was checking out I was compensated for one night of stay , I don't care to face off about things people are made aware of…so I chunk ed this one as a lost and it won't happen again…I will dig deep into staying else where year after next.

  • We just returned from a 4 night stay at Wyndham Oceanfront in Virginia Beach, Va. This was a waste of our money & we were treated like non paying customers. The phone did not work at all in the room had no dial tone was dead. Could not access safe to put our valuables in as it was shut & we had no number to put in. When I called front desk on my cell she said maintenance was real busy so we just knew where this was going. The television kept going on & off on each channel & so did the wifi so much for free wifi. It worked sometimes & sometimes it would not. I cleaned our room so all I ask for was clean sheets & towels wash cloths & trash bags for cans but did not get any except 1 set of clean sheets the n ight before check out & only because my grandson went down & insisted on some. The attitudes were awful with a lot of the employees. I feel if you don't like your job get another one. We were locked out of our room twice our keycards 3 of them would not work coming from beach. So went to front desk she wants ID mine is in room so she sends maintenance man to room holding new key cards until he opened room & could see my ID. Now I only got 2 then because my husband was still at beach with his dud keycard but she only gives me 2 instead of the 3 I needed. So upon his return his would not work. You know at this point he was so fed up with this place he wasn't walking all the way down to desk to get another. He just said we would make do with the 2 until checkout & never come back. The windows were so dirty couldn't see out good & nightstand had sticky substance all over it & down the side. We thought we were coming to a nice hotel to stay but we were wrong. Have to walk forever to get a parking place & I am disabled. Not very nice upon check in & you are charging my card so you should be treating customers so much more nicer. You may want to keep that in mind.

  • My husband booked a room last week for the Wyndham Garden Downtown Norfolk at 700 Monticello Ave, Norfolk, VA. He is attending the Amvets National Convention in Norfolk in August '17… he just tried to cancel the reservation… 8 weeks in advance, only to find out that in fine print at the bottom of the reservation it says "no cancellations, no refunds" and that they have already collected their money, so what if an emergency had come up… they keep the money anyways? Top it off with the female dog that answered the phone was rude as heck, as well as the manager! So, what to do, complain here and on all social media, send notes out to all Amvets post nation-wide, and file a complaint with the BBB (not that they will do anything), and stay in the room! After reading all of these complaints I am surprised that they are still in business, they really need to be shut down… they are a disgusting lot!

  • I stayed at the Days Inn in College Park on Phoenix blvd. in Atlanta on March 18, 2017. My mother in law had my jacket on when we got there the night before. I thought she had it when we were checking out. When I was looking for it in the truck I realized it must still be in the room. I went back in and the door to our room would not unlock. Even the desk clerk couldn't get it to open. He was on phone with the lock company and nothing… I had to get going. He took my address and said when he gets it open he will mail my jacket to me. I earned that jacket from the volunteer work I do. I wanted it back. It can't be replaced. I called when I got home and he said he had it. After a week of not getting it in the mail I called them. The lady said she didn't see it in lost and found and that I would have had to call Fed Ex to have them pick it up. Well, I had no idea how much it weighed or what it would cost. It was not my fault the door wouldn't unlock either. I called again a week later. No jacket in lost and found. I explained again that I was told it would be mailed to me. He took my address. They said to call back when the manager is there, so I did. He said first he has heard about it. He will investigate and get back to me. It has been almost two months. I am still waiting for a phone call from them and I want to know what happened to my jacket. I know it had to be in the room when I left or he wouldn't have said he had it. I know she wore it in the room when we got there also. I want answers.

  • I am writing a letter to Wyndham Headquarters with a copy to the Ramada Hotel where we stayed. Nothing seems to be done to upgrade these hotels or make sure they are clean. I have not seen any improvement after comments have been posted here. Save your time and write to Headquarters. As a Wyndham owner, I feel that we deserve to be treated as "Wyndham Owners". I asked if there was a Wyndham discount, and was told that there was not. Please clean up your motels!!! The motel we stayed at was a Ramada at Sarasota, FL.

  • Wyndham does NOT care about their owners at all!!!! We are only a dollar sign to them. I have been bullied, harassed and lied to so many times I can't count the ways. DON'T BUY HERE!!! It is a scam the biggest scam ever. Your timeshare has no resale value and it is worthless to use as collateral with any finance institution to get a lower interest rate. Took me almost 12 weeks to get someone on the phone who claimed to be the manager of the owners' care department and he totally refused to negotiate anything with me. Wyndham owes me big!!!!

  • -Brian Sorry Wingate to follow up with my complaint about the guy at charlotte Wingate closest to the airport I had to get his name I did complain about this to a woman that is no longer working there because of him, the lady, me and her were good friends and stay in touch his name is Eddy if I'm spelling it right someone needs to say something to him for the way he treats others because my next step will be discrimination law suit if he glares down my boyfriend one more time. anyway I stayed there last night with my boyfriend and everything else was great I'm not even sure why im complaining on here because I should go there and speak with the gm in person eric and let him know that his hotel is awesome but that shuttle driver is not don't look at us like your disgusted this is the last straw! 🙁

  • I wanted to pass along some information on my recent stay at The Baymont Inn and Suites in Rockford Il. last week, 3/28/17.

    I planned a swim date for my grand kids and booked a room at the Baymont Inn and suites on Lyford Rd. I woke up at about 1:00 am and saw a flat beetle looking bug crawling on the bed between my granddaughter and I, I squished it not thinking too much about it and I laid back down. Now I feel like I'm on bug patrol…sure enough here comes another bug and another, I caught both bugs put them in the toilet and took a picture…I'm scared now… I brought a bug on the pillow to the front desk and the clerk put it all in a bag. I was offered another room but I refused. I packed up the kids and out we went. After several laundry mat visits, car cleanings and a few nightmares, I contacted the Wyndham headquarters complaint dept. and the Winnebago Co.Health Dept. to notify them of bed bugs ( Health Dept verified presents of bed bugs and the hotel only treated 4 adjoining rooms).
    ..10 days later, I am currently awaiting a call from the hotel manager named Michelle ( hopefully not the same rude Michelle I spoke to). I have not received any calls to offer any kind of condolence or relay any concern from any one with in your company.

    FYI on 3/29/17, my first call was to notify the hotel of a bed bug concern, I was rerouted from the general reservation center to a girl named Michelle, she was very short with me and rude. Michelle offered no kind words after such an emotional nights stay with my grand kids. In my opinion Michelle should not be in a position to representing any company with her negative attitude.

  • I have never been treated so disrespectful as I was at a 2 hour sale meeting regarding Wyndham vacation ownership. Yes A free gift was part of the sales pitch, and they killed us with kindness at first, but after the program, and pressuring us to sign papers to purchase s vacation package, and having three separate people demoralizing us, the killing with kindness stop and then it was be as rude as you can to these people, they probably can't afford anything anyway. It was awful. The sad part for them is that we had talked about possibly purchasing some type of vacation ownership with our whole family going in together, but after the way Wyndham treated us it would be the last company on earth that we would want to work with. Evidently the corporate office has no idea of what is taking place at these meetings, or they just don't give a damn.


    We called and made overnight reservations and explained that we would like to take the free shuttle service to the airport and asked if our car would be secure in the parking lot for five days. The gentlemen said the car would be secure and we paid an extra fee for leaving the car parked their on their property. We parked in the front row in front of the entrance door at the end. We were on vacation for 2 days until we got a call from a police officer explaining how our parked car was on blocks and all tires and rims were gone. The hotel manager did not call us personally and explain the situation and was not done immediately. She said that her shuttle driver noticed it the early the next morning the day after we left. The police officer also stated that their security camera did not cover the area where were parked. The manager was rude and did not seem to be worried about our car was about to fall of the blocks. The manager also informed us that they were not responsible for anything even thou we paid an extra fee to park in their secure lot. In the first place, we were on the front row in front of the building and no one saw anything….seems like an inside job to me. Is this how Wyndham makes extra money. seems to be so. And how did anyone know we would be gone for several days and that we had the key which would of set an alarm off if we were staying in the hotel at the time of this theft. This basically ruined our vacation in nevada and we had to arrange a flatbed tow truck to get it and contact a local dealership for tires to borrow to put on it so it could be loaded onto the flatbed and taken to our local dealership for repairs. Luckily we do have insurance, but not all the burden of their lack of camera security should be on us or our insurance company. There are so many negative comments concerning Wyndham and the comments keep coming, more than likely they do not read them or care.. This is a sad company and poorly run and customer service is not a priority. I did ask the manager to have corporate office call me concerning and I never received any call yet, proves to me they know they are in the wrong and do not care…….

  • It's almost 4 am and I'm sitting in a Wyndham hotel in Waterloo Illinois wondering what I'm going to say to the manager in the morning. I understand this hotel is a Super 8, so I wasn't expecting much, also I'm staying at this particular hotel in a small town because my father was being buried here this week and I wanted to be close to my youngest brother. I was quoted a nightly rate of $91.00, I didn't keep a copy of my confirmation due to the death of my Dad my thoughts were not about those type of details. Late tonight (Thursday) I went to the front desk to see about getting a separate room for my two sons (18 and 23), 3 nights with 4 adults in one small room has gotten old. He said no problem it would cost about the same as I'm paying for one room $114.00 a night! What a shock I told the clerk I had been quoted $91.00 on the website when making the reservation. We arrived late four days ago after a three hour flight and my husband checked us in because I was with my brother attending to the details for my father's funeral. My husband didn't check the charges with the front desk upon checking in because he too was tied after working that day then flying across country. My problem is two fold, the price difference and the condition of the room. I should have left after the first night but my father's funeral was Tuesday and Wednesday, so my time was valuable and limited. However now that the funeral is over the condition of the room is hard to ignore. There are so many things wrong, the sheets are so thin you could read a newspaper through them, in addition there are unsightly stains on the sheets. There is the old style bedspread on top of the thin sheets, the bedspreads look to be at least 20 years old and have multiple stains on them. The box springs are torn on the edges, the carpet also appears to be very old and dirty. The cabinet/dresser is old and chipped all along the edges. Part of the metal knob in the shower is missing and the handle does not function correctly on the inside of the bathroom door. We are on the second floor but the window screen is horribly bent, as if someone tied to break in. I won't go into anymore details about things, like the lack of breakfast or the staff. My real question is what kind of standards does Wyndham have for their hotels because this place is lacking in the most basic of standards!

  • I work at a small Wyndam hotel in Massachusetts. You are all crazy. For the amount of complaints I see here, there are thousands of guests with no complaints. Go stay at the ritz and stop being so cheap. I don't stay here because I treat myself better. I treat every guest like royalty here as if it was the ritz. I laugh at your complaints. you all voted for Hillary.

  • BAYPORT-Kasson Mn would not honor my AARP card. Charged more then was told. Had to sleep in a chair because the bedding smelled so bad I couldn't sleep in it. As a Senior citizen fell was taken advantage of.

  • I booked 2 rooms for 2 nights for July 29 and July 30 at the Super 8 Murdo, SD. On the way to the hotel we cancelled the second night for both rooms. The next morning when we were checking we verified with the desk that the second night was cancelled. She said everything was taken care of, yet I got billed for one room for the second night that we did not use.
    They said we didn't give them enough notice, but they cancelled the other room???? I want my money back

  • We stayed at the Knights Inn in Colorado Springs Colorado. I will not recommend this to my enemy. The carpet was so disgusting I am sure it has never been cleaned. The door to the room did not lock and everything in the room was dirty. Smelled like smoke and nothing was not damaged or broken, No ice, paper, directory etc. They made copies of my drivers license and credit card and refused to return them as promised on check in.As you may guess no cancelation after you have checked in. I have stayed in many Wyndham hotels but this one is a disgrace. Wish I could post the pictures.

  • The air conditioning was so loud it sound like someone was shooting at us and the whole night we was able to here the people next door .I call and reported it and nothing was done..nothing….

  • I took my family to the Wyndham hotel in Houston about 2 months ago and the first time I went the stay was okay but every time we took a bath the water was cold I call to the front desk and report the issue they did nothing when I left the next day spoke the the manager Win and hecgave me a free breakfast that was it…when and stay there to try it again because it really close to my daughter college..this stay was even worse I would never stay here again they over charged my account twice for the suite I stayed in then when I call the hotel to talk with a manager about it he being Berry told his staff to tell me he was busy so he was in the back ground yelling her what to say to me instead of getting on the phone and speaking to me as a customer. They overdraft my dawn account and everything… I'm so pissed off I'm writing a letter to there Corp office…never stay at that hotel…


    • office doesn't care? In the hospitality field? seems like a legit complaint written in all CAPS. meathead, lowercase your text. Spanish?