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Acura USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Acura Corporate Office Headquarters

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
1919 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90501-2746 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-999-1009
Fax Number: 1-310-783-3023
Customer Service Number: 1-800-382-2238


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  1. Hi, I recently brought a 2017 acura ilx from the ardmore pa location an would like to file a major complaint regarding un professionalism and harrasment. Who do I contact ?

  2. I purchased a RDX ON 2-20-17, my first acura, I am very disappointed in the planning of acura products,

    I chose the greystone color option for my RDX, I now wanted to purchase a cargo cover.
    I recently discovered that acura has no cargo covers or has any plans to make cargo covers in greystone color. I personally think this is not forward thinking or planning at all, and I myself am very disappointed, and I do not understand why acura would offer a color and no plans on supplying accessories in the same color.




  3. 2014 Acura RLX, with advanced package, purchased 3/14 at Pleasanton Acura
    • On going electrical, entertainment system, fit and finish, suspension, electronics, backup camera, accessory issues:
    • 13 visits to dealer on car issues
    • 18 days the car was at the dealers for repairs
    • 4 immediate returns to the dealer due to repairs incorrect or not complete
    • 4 sessions working with dealer service personnel to show them how to debug issues; DTS audio, USB file interface, battery cell failure, internal recirculating fan
    • 2 wheels bent due to road damage
    • 0 time I have had wheel damage due to road damage on other vehicles
    • 1 factory wheel cost covered cost for 4 new wheels and tires in aftermarket
    • >40 hours, amount of time spent dealing with car problems
    • 1 safety issue, video recorded, which Acura says they will not fix
    • 4 videos recorded to show problems to service personnel because their first response is customer did something wrong
    • 14 weeks to get request to Acura customer service denied
    • 12 times I tried contacting Acura customer service
    • 3 times Acura customer service contacted me
    • 1 time Acura customer service told dealer not to talk to me
    • 10 emails to dealership and Acura management
    • 0 responses to email
    • 1 commute car purchased as I am worried RLX cannot stand up to commute and warranty is almost over

    Engine, LED headlamps, Sound quality are fantastic. Car has low resale value as my experience does not appear to be unique. So I have to chalk this up to a very expensive lesson. While the car is disappointing the response of the dealership and Acura/Honda customer service was more disappointing. Acura buyer beware. You are welcome to contact me and I can share the details of my experience and point you at my files and the videos of the problems I have had.

    Dave Pap Rocki, dpr_ads1 at Comcast dot net

  4. My 2015 RDX is now changing gears very hard as well. I can't wait to get rid of this vehicle. Thank goodness I leased it. You guys get the car back!

  5. I wanted to take a moment to thank Acura for making one of the most durable dependable cars ever. I purchased a slightly used (28,000 miles) 2009 Acura TL just short of 5 years ago in April of 2012. As an outside salesman with a territory that covers the Eastern half of Pennsylvania, all of Delaware and all of New Jersey, I log a lot of miles on my vehicle. This week, my Acura TL is on the threshold of 300,000 miles. I'm excited and looking forward to the day the odometer clicks over this monumental number. This week I decided to go out and purchase another vehicle, of course I went looking for an Acura TL. I found one with ONLY 111,000 miles on it. It's a bargain! I know if I take proper care of the vehicle, the sky is the limit as to how long it will last! As for my old TL, it isn't being retired. My oldest son, attending Penn State is in need of a dependable vehicle and it will be his until he graduates. And when my youngest son needs a car this Spring, we will be looking for, you guessed it, an Acura TL!

    Nicholas A. Gorgone

  6. Continuation part 2…

    Anyway, I find this highly disturbing. Must I reiterate that the vehicles were recalled because people actually lost their lives from this airbag defect? Should I have to fight so hard to convince Acura that my family's safety should also be their priority? Should I be the one coming up with the solutions that Acura should have had in place in the first place? Really Acura? You expect people to be content with finding out their vehicle has been recalled and then continue to drive their vehicle around praying they don't get into an accident in the meantime? Is that valuing your customer? No wonder Suburu is on the up and up. I want a car I know my family is safe in. Suburu seems to get this, has latched onto it as part of their marketing campaign and is therefore seeing a dramatic rise in vehicle sales. What are you doing, Acura, to make me want to get another Acura? Isn't customer retention important to you? Don't people's lives matter? 

    To say that I'm disappointed in the "solutions" of the Acura recall is an understatement. Maybe other car companies are equally as lackadaisical about their customers' safety. I wouldn't know but that doesn't make it okay. Customer loyalty is something that can still be earned. If I had received stellar service, I would be ranting and raving about Acura to anyone and everyone and it would be the only car make I'd ever buy. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way either. If you don't care about the customer, I would guess that you at least care about the dollar. 

    I don't expect anything from Acura but I did need you to have my honest feedback and now you have it. 

  7. Let me tell you a little story about the recall on the Acura for their airbags.

    I bought an Acura with lethal airbags, unbeknownst to me, and have driven this vehicle for nearly 10 years, pleased with the quality of the car. Let me be clear, I have loved this vehicle ever since we got it and previously I would not have hesitated to purchase another one when the time arose. 

    Now, ten years since the car was manufactured I find out that my primary vehicle in which I transport my children could actually kill us all by deploying an airbag with a defective inflator that could shoot out shards of metal in an explosion like fashion. 

    I was first notified about the driver's side airbag and then one year later I was notified about the passenger's side airbag. When I got the original recall, I trusted that Acura would take measure to immediately take care of its customers seeing as some people have already died or been injured by the airbags (which is how you discovered that the airbags were defective in the first place). My assumption was that my car would be serviced asap and that if it could not be, I would be provided with a comparable rental in the meantime. I actually thought Acura might even take advantage of the opportunity to market their cars by providing newer models of their recalled cars, enticing customers to upgrade. I know I would not have wanted to return a newer model of my current car had I been provided one. I know Mercedes used to do this. Seems like a missed opportunity to me but, anyway, that's beside the main point I'm making. 

    to be continued in the next comment…

  8. I am writing to express my huge dissatisfaction of the handling of the airbag replacement on my 2015 Acura RDX. I was informed at the start of the year, that I needed an airbag replacement. My dealer, Acura of Westchester has informed me they do not have any airbags in stock. I have two children I commute to and from school and camp daily. It is unsafe to have my car on the road while you guys figure out when you will have airbags. They offered me a rental last month but I was told it would not be an Acura. In the meantime, I am paying a note to Acura and expected to drive a car that is not an Acura. The handling of this has made me question whether I need to continue to do business with Acura. When can my children and I expect to ride in our vehicle safely?

  9. My granddaughters 2013 ILX had an air bag recall. She was told it would be no longer than 6 weeks to be fixed. Well this was back in April and it's has been sitting in the driveway. She has a rental car but she wants her car fixed. When she called she was told 2 more weeks and that was over a month ago. Now she's told it might be Fall before its fixed. Acura care didn't understand why it's taken so long but could not offer any help. All they did was give her a case number. My grandson and I have an Acura and the air bags were taken care of within 6 weeks or so and she took her car in a week after her brother. Not sure what action can be taken to get this situation taken care of. She's at the point of contacting her attorney

  10. I'm owner of 2001 Acura Mdx with 188k Miles, I Have acura TL as well. Because of my reference few of my friends who bought TL & ILX i started finding issues with transmission of gear not shifting, A1 transmission confirmed there is not issue with it and acura dealers are confirming transmission is gone and has to be replaced, my understanding is they are unable to fix it and just want to replace the transmission instead which is costing $5000, why are acura's having transmission problems were as Lexus/Benz/Bmw or other competitors dont find.
    we are spending same amount of money as their vehicles and why should we incur expenses like these related to transmission.
    I recommended to my friends who bought acura's because just on my advise and i feel ashamed and cheated trusting on your brand. Inspite of talking to one of your associate the only response i got was its old car and had 188k mileage and as expected these are common to get transmission issues. If this is the case why cant acura needs to be delisted from premium and price has to be more lesser than other competitors. I'm totally disturbed with the money i spend beginning from shocks,structs to tranmission. In trade in they are pricing $500 for $45000 car, is that how consumer needs to invest for depreciation.

    i'm assuming atleast the acura needs to take care of warranty as according to your policy 70,000 miles warranty is not enough and the actual problems starts is after that.

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