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  1. I have been ripped off by many a garage in my life but when a friend recommended Kost Tire on Pierce Street in Kingston Pa I feel like I found some friends. Both Jim (manger) and Brian treat me with kindness and respect and I actually feel like family when I go there. It is a very busy shop and I have already recommended over 50 people (including my family) to go there as I know they will get treated fairly.
    I have 4 vehicles that all go there and as long as Jim and Brian are there I will continue to take all of my vehicles there and continue to recommend others to Kost on Pierce Street.
    I will not trust my Daughter Nikki’s car / life with anyone else but Jim and Brian.
    Keep up the good work guys !
    Thanks again

  2. Sad to see so many negative reviews here. Perhaps satisfied customers just don't think about saying nice things.
    I have been dealing with the Kost Tire store in Forest City for several years now. I find them to be informative and efficient. Tim, the manager, always takes time to explain what needs to be done and to answer my questions. Just wanted to say THANKS!

  3. Please read the whole review….

    KOST, FOREST CITY STORE: We got a quote to get our have our winter tires mounted on our car. The tires were from our old car and we told them that on the phone. They quoted us $10.95/tire. Then my wife picks it up and they charged her $15.95/tire. So I called and spoke to Ralph. He said , "We we can take the tires off on monday." So they lied to us on the phone and ripped us off on the price. Even after I called, this guy didn't want to do anything. He even told my wife that "It all depends on the situation". Maybe he should get out of the business? HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND LIES! WE WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN! STAY AWAY!
    User's recommendation: STAY AWAY.
    Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. The management from the Clarks Summit store called my wife, apologized and I went back to the Forest City store and they refunded the difference of $20.00
    The management of Kost Tire called my wife, apologized and told her to go back to the store for a refund.I went back to the store and spoke to Ralph and he refunded the difference in price that was quoted and the price that we paid.And this wasn't about the $20.00. This was about a company NOT standing by the price that was quoted.I would suggest that if anyone has any issues with any of their branches, do not hesitate to contact the management on their website to get a resolution.We thank the management for resolving this situation in a timely fashion.Thank you Kost Tire and Muffler

  4. I just wanted to comment about a great experience with the Lewisburg, Pa. location on 8/12/19. We were a group of 4 motorcycles and traveling through the area when one of our bikes got a flat tire. Kost Tire was a local facility and welcomed us in and recognized our need for a tire service. Although they do not service motorcycles and motorcycle tires, our need was just for a valve stem replacement and they were awesome at letting us have some shade so we could pull the tire and replace the valve stem. We had our owns tools with us, but needed the valve stem and to break the bead on the tire to change it. Their kindness and willingness to help was greatly appreciated. They were having a corporate visit at the time we stopped and being from the automotive business myself, I know the pressure of a corporate visit and wanting to make sure everything is picture perfect during these visits. Our stop was unexpected and they folks here could not have been nicer or more helpful. Our trip could have ended very badly without their help and their commitment to customer safety and satisfaction was greatly appreciated! A special thank you to Hugh Coates who was covering from another store was great to deal with! Thanks Hugh and the team!!!

  5. Your Exeter PA. Center hired a bunch of monkeys with hammers to work on vehicles,and why do they have 2 managers to run one store sure doesn't make anything go any faster. Always looking for something else wrong to make that extra buck.this is my last time as a customer. NEVER AGAIN.!!!!

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