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  1. Terrible customer service. Just stopped two employees in an aisle to ask the location of a sale item. They were named Pat and Kathy. We said "excuse me" but they continued their conversation. We again politely said "excuse me", but they again talked over us. We asked one last time, then one of them turned and walked away and the other turned away from us…So we walked up to the service desk and asked for assistance. And the person picked up the intercom and called the same employee Kathy up to the desk! She asked what we needed and hesitantly said she would go look for us and we followed. She walked to a nearby aisle and said "see we do not carry that item". Apparently customer service is not a priority in the Brick NJ store….very disappointed in Pathmark mgmt for having such employees representing them. May have to take our business elsewhere

  2. I work at Pathmark. I enjoy helping people and the work I do. Although, I go out of my way to serve my community. I am targeted for being "too nice". I am a victim of being bullied by a manager. She has yelled and screamed at me in front of my co-workers and customers. I have complained and even filed a formal complaint. She still works full-time. It is so unbearable that I feel nauseous when I have a shift with her. The way she treats me seems to give a green light to others to treat me the same way.
    I need someone to take this seriously!
    Other women have quit because of the behavior of this store.
    I have tried to call but have had no luck.
    I suppose a notarized letter sent to Paragon Drive in Secaucus is in order.
    We are talking about my mental health.

  3. 5/4/2015-5:47PM

    Today I went into Pathpark-store #181 located in Elmwood Park, NJ to purchase a few items. I went to the cash register to purchase my item when i was told by the cashier her line was closed. i proceed to the next line when i saw the same cashier leave her cash register, go to the line and pulled on a friends cart and checked them through. when the customer begin to complain, she took her cart to follow.

    I asked the customer behind me if she witnessed what i saw. the customer told me the cashier said she was closed. i said she said the same thing. I then saw Lisa-front manager standing at an empty cash register. when she saw me coming she said i am close and go to another line. i told her i need to speak to a manager. she said I'm the front end manager. i told her what happened she said wait i will ring you up. i said that's it. Lisa said what else do you want me to do. I left my cart of food and left.

    I went to Customer Service to complain to the General Manager. the manager name Ed came. I took him to Lisa the front end manager and to the cashier. i told him what happened and he cut me off and told Lisa to find someone to ring me up. I told him NO!!! IM GOING TO YOUR COMPETITOR TO SPEND MY MONEY!! Ed said i found someone to ring you up. I told him no. I work to hard for my money to be disrespected!! No one was reprimanded. They went on like business as usual. I told Ed and Lisa I will be reporting them to Corporate Headquarters. They looked at me and went back to doing with they were doing.

  4. Why can't employees cash checks, and others collect money for cans and bottles- at customer service, instead of holding up a line of paying customers waiting to check out!!! POOR management!!! The store rarely is stocked with items advertised on sale…POOR MANAGEMENT!!! two weeks in a row—no wagons outside! POOR MANAGEMENT!!! Awful place to shop!

  5. Why can the headquarters offices do their job and support their local stores. In July we had a problem with a check and the headquarters offices still have not straightened out the problem. They moved very fast to turn it over to a collection group. Which should not have been done as they had received the money for the groceries. Calls to the person who is suppose to be handling this never get returned even to the store manager. It is time for people in Monville to start doing their jobs

  6. pathmark on amboy rd staten island ny never has any shopping carts. In order to get 1 you have to follow someone to their car. This seems really stupid because the store is always empty !!!! Why doesn't the manager order some carts?

  7. Pathmark in 115 Belmont ave, belleville,nj has very bad costumer service, I experienced this days ago when I was at self checkout, none of the terminals were accepting cash, so we had to give it to the person in charge of that area, this kid was most interested to be on his cellphone texting, than helping customers on their way out, and everytime he was interrupted, you could notice in his face that he didn't like that, and he would smash the change on your open hand.
    there should be a rule against the use of cellphones during working hours. His name is Bryant.
    please do something.

  8. Hello People I and writing this to let everyone know don't ever shop at 410 w 207 st. NY 10034. the front end manager Trisha has no customer service skill what so ever. If she speak to customer like this I could just see her speaking to her employers. Lord help Pathmark in every way. Please a dress her customer service skill or you will loss a lot of good paying customer as my self. I will not be going to this store ever again. to the young cashier I feel so sorry for her and she was a friendly cashier. I hope ever thing work out for her

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