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  • Rue 21 Corporate Office Headquarters

Rue 21 Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Rue 21 Corporate Office Headquarters

800 Commonwealth Drive
Warrendale, PA 15086 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-724-776-9780
Fax Number: n/a
Website: rue21.com
Customer Service Number: 1-724-776-9780


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  1. Person information was compromised. I received someone else's personal information along with their order so that means someone has mine. Was told a refund would take 30 days and the rep states they don't have access to corporate information but yet I found it on Google. Horrible service!

  2. Very Disappointed!!!!!! N Perturbed my PACKAGE has NOT arrived its past 10 Business days i called several times Because i knew something was up When not receiving it by the 3 or 5 day I shop online ALL THE TIME
    I been calling Customer Service Number And These REPS are UNPROFESSIONAL They OVER Talk!! Force you to give unnecessary PRIVATE info just to be transferred to a Supervisor!! (Rep PAUL) he's sick twisted plays MIND GAMES lies contradicted his self SEVERAL TIMES spoke to other Supervisers n reps n this 1 (JADE SUPERVISER ID#170190)
    She Was Rude NASTY didnt noe what she was talking about did NOT ACCOMADATE in any WAY!!!!! She rushed me off the PHONE N HUNG UP!! I called back n got PAUL AGAIN!! N this dude WAS LAUGHING ACTING WEIRD VERY COMBATIVE tryna keep me on the phone with him 30 MINS!!! If goin back n forth NOT ONCE BUT TWICE I asked EVERY REP regarding CORPORATE they all said They DON'T have number😒 Then they was tryna Tell me all kinda of reasons of why it Wasn't delivered Imean they was REACHING from saying it was processed this say n that day And Its not their fault ITS ON UPS its outta their hands I TRIED TO BE NICE AND ASK FOR A PARTIAL REFUND BUT AFTER THIS SH*T I WILL NEVER!!!!!!!!! ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN not to mention I threw Most my clothes Out Starting over I couldn't even go anywhere because My package never CAME IN SO DISGUSTED im an ONLINE SHOPPER!!° Never Dealt with this TYPE OF INCONVENIENCE!!! N the kicker is THEY COULDN'T EVEN LOCATE WHERE THE PACKAGE IS IDK IF IT'S IN MY OR ALASKA MINDCHU I ORDERED JULY 2 2017 EARLY IN THE AM THIS SH*ttt IS CRAZY I WANT A FULL REFUND!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER PREFER AGAIN N IM CONTACTING BBB!!

  3. I will be contacting the IRS to report this Co from not offering W2'S to there part time employees. My daughter has been trying to get hers since Jan and keeps getting voicemails with no return call I will peruse this till the IRS gets involved

  4. I visited the Everett store and was impressed with the friendliness of the staff. They went out of their way to find me what I needed and were extremely polite and fun. I wish I didn't live 2 hours away and in Canada. I'd be there every weekend! 🙂

  5. To whom it may concern,
    This company is a big fat a** f*****g joke. I know someone who has worked fork this company for awhile now, and because some stupid b***h doesn't like this person they are stopping this person I know from a raise or a promotion. This person I know works all the time, open to close, coming in on their day off because no one wanted to work. This company allows salary management to treat hourly employees Ike trash. You should take a good look at who is working for your company and who is sitting on their's a***s getting paid to treat employees like s**t. But rue 21 doesn't care, they are just like all of their general managers and District managers. If you don't as much money as them , your nothing. Congratulations rue 21, you just graduated to trashy company of the year. You actually talk to the employees who are working for, the the 6 figure a***s who is not doing s*** but running great people away.

  6. Rue21 is a joke The managers are so rude I was a employee of the flowood Mississippi store until the manager Dorian told another employee she would like to put her hands on me. I took that as a threat. Apparently a grown women would like to assault a minor. That is what kind of manager she is. So to anyone one who is thinking of working here fair warning That is what you will have to look forward when you go to work I did love my job always on time always did my job but when they changed management this job sucks My parents have called corporate office but no answer Apparently they do not care how their managment treats their employees. So to give some advice to corporate if this is how you trained your managers to conduct themselves at work. Good job !!!! You just lost a great employee So Christy and Dorian please take my hours and give to anyone so I don't have to look at either of you You are doing me a huge favor. Thank you You might need this job I DO NOT.

  7. Went to Rue 21 in Rockwall, TX on 2 occasions they do not greet or acknowledge their customers and they have poor customer service skills I will not be returning to this location. Tried to contact corporate to voice my complaint and it went straight to voicemail.

  8. Can someone explain why your company policy doesn't allow your store managers to prosecute creeps in the dressing rooms pleasuring themselves while young teens are in the next room over? Also, can you explain why you are hanging up on people that call to discuss this matter multiple times, including the mother that witnessed it?!

  9. I visited store 755 today in griffin and witnessed the store manager yelling at her associate in an extremely inappropriate manner!!!

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