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Stop & Shop Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Stop & Shop Corporate Office Headquarters

The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
1385 Hancock St.
Quincy, MA 02169 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-453-7467
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-767-7772

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  1. Just need to know that when a customer doesn’t have their card for scanning does the store use a “Store Card” to scan as I’ve been told by customer service at store#544 in Ronkonkoma. The reason I ask is because when I DID give my card for scanning and later after I got home I noticed that the customer number at the bottom of my receipt was not the same as my number on my card. So therefore I didn’t receive my points savings. I immediately called customer service and explained the situation and she said that if I come up to the store I would get my points. She also told me that the number on the receipt was a “Store Card”. I wonder how many people have lost their points due to this kind of mishap. Could it possibly be that a card was scanned for my order before my card was given to the employee to scan. If this is so then what happens to all those points that are not being redeemed by the customer. Is this an honest mistake, could it be a sort of scam that some employee would use those points not redeemed. Well I think Stop n Shop should look into this just in case someone is trying to get something for free. And then again if it is a store card that is acceptable by your standards I wouldstilllike to know what happens to those points and where do they go.

  2. don't worry stop and shop robot followed me as a white person as well. its an annoyance to EVERYONE so not a race issue

  3. Our local Stop & Shop (Jackson NJ) has replaced the self-check out machines and added new ones set up in a new format. The new machines are AWFUL!!!! They constantly tell me that there is an unscanned item in the bagging area when there isnt. There isnt enough room for us to use our own bags, there's 3 plastic bag holders in the way and no room for the larger re-usable bags that I bought from YOU!, NJ is going to have a plastic bag ban in less than 6 months and its a hassle to use my own bags. The whole thing is just bad. You should never have replaced the machines. ALl too often there is only 1 or 2 cashiers and theres always long lines and I prefer to do self check out as I usually dont have a lot. Im really considering shopping elsewhere. Today I was there and it should have taken 5 minutes to check out, it ended up taking 15 as literally every item was called into question and the poor girl had to keep coming over to input her number to tell the machine that there isnt a problem. If it aint broke- dont fix it.

  4. Serious KUDOS to the Florist Manager and her team at Stop & Shop Store #611 in Granby, CT for their spectacular Valentines display for 2021. I have never seen a more creative, beautiful and happy Valentines display in ANY grocery store ever. At 63 and having worked at the Simsbury CT florist department when I was 18, I can say this with a true heart. My adult nephew and I stood in awe of it as we entered the store and again on the way out. A young lady was taking a photo because it was so beautiful. Store #611 truly deserves a corporate commendation or at the very least acknowledgment for their spectacular efforts.

  5. I have been going to the local Stop and Shop for over 30 years, with complete satisfaction. Along came gas rewards–Nice! It was easy to log onto my account if I needed. Then came GO Awards and everything went down hill. Eight calls to customer service, several with over 1 hour wait. Problems: I can't log on, it doesn't say "hi Joyce any more," I have to transfer my points to gas (even though one of the reps said she made it automatic, it didn't recognize my account at all and rep game me a new password. And today, we went for gas and it said there were 0 points (despite my call to a rep yesterday who confirmed there were 580 points). Called your rep today who went on line, said the points were there and helped me transfer 500 to gas. I couldn't see the 500 points, only the 80 that were remaining. She said wait a couple hours and try again. She said when she logged, it said 'hi, Joyce' and she could see the 580 points. She then said to wait a couple hours and try again. NOTHING again for me. Just the 80 points that weren't transferred to gas. 0 points in gas. Frustrating isn't the word. All since GO AWARDS came on.

  6. I just wanted to let you guys know as I sat and waited for my wife to shop, the person that supposedly was to be rounding up carts stood in a corner in front of the store out of camera range, he must do this regularly to know the blind spots, this was at the newburgh ny store on rt 300, his name tag said "ian" and he was there all of the 25 minutes I was, to talk to the store manager jay is a waste of time . . just thought you should know . .

  7. Bring back Fischer gluten free nuts. You have all nice gluten free baking ingredients but now no nuts. If I have to shop elsewhere for nuts might as well get everything there

  8. Grrr…..you make it so difficult to order online for delivery. Cannot get 60% of what I want. I just wanted to get store brand margarine. But, no, all I can get is the more expensive JU.S.A margarine. Shopping elsewhere, from now on. I am practically homebound and you have to make it even more difficult. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  9. Went to your store in Hyde Park this morning for the Birds eye frozen vegetables at 88 cents each. There were none, no surprise there. Only 3 days to get them? well I wasted enough time in your over priced store. I am contacting the Attorney General for false advertising. And then you only give 3 days to get the item. I only go to your store once in awhile, I save and get more for my money at other stores. Not only that, you have never replied to any of my complaints. WORST STORE EVER AND HIGH PRICED TO BOOT. Can't wait to contact the attorney general on you

  10. somebody really should do something about a worker named Ian in your route 300 newburgh ny store, I asked him a simple question while shopping there the other day and his answer was "do I look like the f*****g answer man to you, this is totally uncalled for and I and my family will never shop your store againand I will advise my family and friends to do likewise, this person should be terminated, not just spoke to, he surely doesn't have your companys interest in mind . .

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