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Advantage Rent A Car Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Advantage Rent A Car Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Advantage Opco LLC
101 NE 3rd Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA
Hours of Operation: 24 Hrs, 7 Days
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-522-6307
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-777-5500
TDD: 1-800-654-2280
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-654-1111
Customer Relations: 1-800-777-5500
Extending a Reservation: 1-877-287-8257
Internet Help: 1-888-999-6600
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-654-1111

Advantage Car Rental’s competition includes Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Budget, Fox Rent-a-Car, Alamo, Ace Rent-a-Car, Enterprise, and Payless.

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  1. Made a reservation for the Miami airport location and the representative refused to rent the vehicle when we went to pick it up. The representative stated we didn’t meet the criteria. When we showed him he was referring to international travelers, he still refused. Call what I thought was corporate and they stated we should have been able to get the vehicle and said someone would call us. The manager of Miami location call and told us they were correct. Of course the agreed with themselves. Called corporate back and was told if that’s what the manager said there’s nothing they can do. What a joke of a company. Would never use or recommend them.

  2. i am so shocked at all these reviews, but please note if i dont get my refund in 24 hours you will be hearing from my lawyer, no car no cancellation, trip delayed and money not refunded, plain day light robbery. my names is ngozi enuekwe and my refund is $103.87

  3. My husband and I rented a car in Arlington, Virginia from Advantage. We are from out of state and not familiar with toll charges. The agent told us that if we wanted to go through the EZ toll or unmanned booths all we had to do was flip the visor down because the car had a tag on it that would be photographed as we went through the toll and then we would get a charge for the toll on our credit card. Easy, we thought. Well, we got our credit card bill and the toll charges were only $26 with an additional $125 administrative fees ($25 charge every time we went through the toll on top of the toll fee). The agent neglected to explain that we had to agree to the EZ pay toll program on our rental agreement to avoid these extra charges. When I called customer service to explain what happened and complain that the agent didn't explain this issue to us I was told that I "should have read the rental agreement" because I "declined the EZ toll l program". I explained that I wasn't given the option to agree to it and if given the option why wouldn't I agree? When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I explained my situation again and he hung up on me. Called customer service again the next day and asked to speak to a supervisor and was told he was on another line and would call me back in 1-3 hours. After 3 1/2 hours went by I called again and was told the supervisor was out to lunch at 4:00 in the afternoon. Worst customer service ever!! Inept employees who I believe purposefully did not explain the toll program to take advantage of us. I will NEVER rent from Advantage again. What a poor excuse for a car rental agency taking advantage of senior citizens!!

  4. WORST CAR RENTAL COMPANY OUT THERE. Please listen to the reviews and stay away. Trust us. Not that many people can be WRONG. Look at the reviews here, at BBB, at Consumer Reports, at Yelp, and read the forums at Trip Advisor. Advantage is not a place you want to start your vacation.

    I wish I had known, or I would never have reserved with them.

    I had, and paid for a reservation, but when my wife and I got to Advantage they wanted an extra $200.00 ! No mention of that in the website, no warning whatsoever. They also said they only would take it by a credit card, and not a debit card. My wife offered her credit card, but they would not accept it. They said since I reserved the car, only I could pay it. BUT I PAID IT USING MY WIFE'S CARD…AND SHE WAS THERE WITH ME, AND HAD THE CARD AND HER ID WITH HER.

    They ALSO said the extra $200 was a rule "for locals." Didn't know we Las Vegas residents are the target of discrimination by Advantage. (Or maybe because we are black and Latino?)

    We asked for the manager, and got told they could do nothing and we would get no refund or exchange. The manager's name was Nina, and she is incompetent and lacking in professionalism.

    Avoid this place at all costs!

    They ALSO said that ALL the rental car companies do the same thing (the $200 and refusing a debit card or insisting that the person who reserved the car has to be the one to pay this fee, EVEN when the car itself was PAID FOR by the person who is offering to pay the $200 IN PERSON).

    But they lied.

    We went right over to Alamo. We rented a car WITHOUT the $200.00 extra (not that we would have minded-we just wanted to use EITHER my debit card OR my wife's credit card, which we used to PRE-PAY for the car) They did not discriminate against minorities or people from Clark County. There was no sketchy dance by the Alamo customer service agent. (And the vehicle we got, a SUV, was even cheaper than the regular car we had paid for at Advantage–go figure!) There is a reason that Alamo has 4 stars on Yelp, and Advantage has 2. (And the only positive reviews, they probably pay for or encourage in some way).

  5. Advantage Car Rental just takes advantage of the renters. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. They upcharge without telling you and they don’t explain the underage charges and collision damage extra charges per day they skip right over that and just quote a huge bill. We will never rent from this company again and pass the word along. I’m so disgusted. The customer rep i spoke to would not give me a supervisor and she kept speaking over me. Worst experience ever renting for the first time. I can see all the bad comments from above and I see I am not the only one that has been taken Advantage of from Advantage Car rentals. They sure live up to their name! Haha

  6. Rented a car in Nashville Airport and although I stated on several occasions that I did NOT want any insurance, upon receiving final receipt, I found I paid for it at a rate higher than renting the car. The rudest customer service department I think I have ever dealt with told me that I signed the paper so basically "too bad". Never again.

  7. Worst rental car and customer service experience ever!!! We rented a car from their Maui Kahului location on the evening of November 2nd 2017. The guy who served us, I think it was Joey, gave us the key but didn't check the car. The car had 1/4 tank when we picked it up and we returned the car the next evening (Nov. 3rd) with 1/2 of the tank. They checked the car and all seemed good. Later we found that we had been charged $130 on our card. After calling their customer service we were told we should have filled the car up to full before returning it. We told them that they had given it to us with 1/4 tank and that we had actually returned it with more fuel in it than when we picked it up, and asked them to look into it. They said they would look into it for us, but we never heard back from them. We ended up calling them three time, but they didn't seem to care and did not put any effort to even look into it. We are now sitting on an unfair charge of $130 plus international phone charges for calling their customer service team. It all feels like they are intentionally scamming people!!!!

  8. I have never been as disrespected in my life as I was by Ray, manager of the Advantage rent a car at John Wayne/Santa Ana/Orange County Airport.I called before booking to their exact location as was told that I could rent a car for my daughter with a surcharge. When she got there, they would neither refund the money nor give her the car. They said they have policies and nobody working there would ever tell a customer they would rent to a 19 year old. Well, they would because that is what they told me. I could have gotten a car from another rental agency if booked in advance but trying to book when you arrive is nearly impossible. The manager argued and argued and essentially told me I was a liar. Why would I do such a thing to my 19 year old daughter? He insinuated that I was stupid, uneducated etc. I have two masters degrees from the University of Michigan. If this company cares at all about fostering decent customer service, they should not allow such managers to continue in their job. Blaming the customer is NOT the way to go. Ray needs to look for a new job that does not involve interpersonal interaction.

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