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Eckerd Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Eckerd Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Eckerd is now RiteAid

Official Address:

30 Hunter Lane

Camp Hill, PA 17011 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-717-761-2633

Fax Number: 1-717-975-3754

Customer Service Number: 1-800-748-3243

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Your Eckerd sales circular was not in the local paper this week – or at least mine. I tried and tried to get it off the computer with no luck doing so. Therefore, I'll go to Walgreens or CVS who both had their ads on the computer. You need to know that women do most of the shopping in the home and these days we go where the best sales are. I don't go from store – I look at the ads and determine from the weekly ads where I go. Therefore, since I have no weekly ad for Eckerd and can't pull it up on the computer, I'll be going to your competitor for my weekly needs. You really need to put your ads on the computer! Sincerely, Linda Brandon, Hendersonville, NC

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