Fairfield Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Fairfield Inn Corporate Office Headquarters
Marriott International, Inc. (Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott)
10400 Fernwood Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20817 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-380-3000
Hotel Reservations: 1-888-236-2427
Customer Service Number: 1-800-721-7033

  • Was kicked out of our room. Had booked for 2 nights, wass told the next day that I had to vacate the room as I had no reservation for the 2nd day. I guess I pulled those reservation confirmation numbers out of the air. On top of that, I was charged twice for room. One charge for $190 and another charge for $130. Was told the $130 charge would be reversed and I would get my money back. Here it is 6 weeks after the event and I still have not received my money. Room was great, bed excellent. But I WILL NEVER STAY AT FAIRFIELD INN AND SUITES AGAIN. I've been telling all my friends, church members, school personnel about this.

  • I stayed at the Fairfield by Marriott Inn & Suite Palm Coast Fl. MY credit card was charged for 3 payments. I've tried to contact the manager but never gotten a return call back. My bill and two other pre hold charges which one has already came out of my account. The other one is still pending.

  • How can the GM at the Fair field inn and suites let one staff off every weekend and make the other staff work every weekend and also plays favoritism toward one staff talking about the other staff member to her and everyone else.when the staff they are talking about comes to work faithfully to replace the other staff who resigned and came back from being gone for a week or two but now saying she's the best worker making the other staff member feeling like she not does her job.

  • On April 16, 2019 I stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Cordele, GA and I have to say it will be my last time I ever stay there again. Whenever I stay over night in Cordele I normally stay at a hotel across the street. But I decided to stay at the Fairfield Inn due to one of my peers recommending the hotel. It all started with the front desk clerk in which I found to be rude and unpleasant. In my profile it clearly states that I prefer to be on the highest floor and away from the elevator due to me being a lite sleeper. Immediately as I step off the elevator on the second floor, my room is immediately to the left next to the elevator. As I step in the room, I notice a musky odor. So, I turn on the AC thinking that would clear out the odor. Later that evening, when I entered the restroom, I noticed 2 different types of bugs on the floor which were dead.

    Throughout the night I was repeatedly being bitten by something which was later found to be bed bugs. So, the next morning I checked out and later shared my concerns when I received the email asking how my stay was. Not asking for anything nor was I expecting a call, on April 21, 2019 I received an email from the General Manager Erica Reehal apologizing for my bad experience and asking if I would give her a call which I did. When I called Erica, she explained that she was busy and took my number so that she could call me back. After not hearing back from Erica 4 days later, I decided to email her just in case I missed her call. It is now May 18, 2019 and I have yet to hear back from Erica. Now remind you, Erica asked me to call her. If she wasn’t going to do anything to fix the issue as she stated in her email, why bother messaging customers.

    Not happy at all. Because of this bad experience I now secure all my clothes in a sealed bag.

  • Horrible experience at the Fairfield inn in Lawton oklahoma at 201 SE 7th street.My great aunt and my grandma and their mother (my great grandma) were but by bed bugs and they knew they were infested and did nothing about it they stayed in room 324 and were moved to room 103.They visited from NY for a funeral and come back home all bitten up and that's just not acceptable I even have pictures!!

  • Booked a room at the Fairfield Inn North Charleston, 4841 Tanger Outlet Blvd, North Charleston, SC. The reservation was cancelled several months in advance however out credit card was charged despite the cancellation. Called the hotel direct while traveling, the lady promised to forward a copy of the cancellation however failed to do so, now I have a $274. charge that the hotel itself refused to correct. if they refuse to issue a credit all corporate travel will be immediately mover to another hotel chain!

  • I recently stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Alexandria Louisiana. My boss reserved 2 rooms under his name and using his credit card, when we arrived, he told them about the 2 rooms and that he would pay for one room and I will pay for the other. Long story short, we checked out and I didn't look at my receipt to see if it was correct, which is wasn't. I received a copy of my bosses receipt with my room number, his name and credit card on the receipt I am to claim for reimbursement which is not allowed. I called the hotel the next day and talked to Michael and explained to him and I was assured that it would get fixed and an email sent out that day. The email never came.

    I called back yesterday around noon and spoke to one of the managers (Tracy) who assured me that she would fix it and by the end of the day I would receive an email with the correct receipt,,,, needless to say I still do NOT have a receipt. I cant believe that people can be so callus toward others and have such a lacksy daisy attitude. Perhaps its the fact that they honestly don't give a hoot or is it that they aren't hospitality service oriented but either way, they screw the customer over by not doing what is right. I am so tired of dealing with people like this. I'm sure glad that as a US Army Soldier, I don't have the same mentality as they do or our country would be worse off than what it already is. Our country is in that proverbial crapper if things don't get better. By the way, Anything by Marriott – I am DONE with you.

  • I too have had a similar incident and my husband now has an infection on his leg after using the hot tub/ pool. After everything else we endured bait and switch, coupled with a basic lack of customer care, to water filled rooms, now home have to go to the er as my early impression is they do not properly maintain their pools. Unbelievable…

  • Recently spent numerous nights in various locations(Woburn,MA, Rochester East, Webster, NY). Have nothing but high praise for all the staff we encountered. Special thanks to Lily Wang in the Woburn location who was extremely helpful.

  • After driving 12 hours evacuating Florida, we were refused our reservation at the Fairfield Inn in Milledgeville, GA because of our 15 lb. dog. The staff member was unable to provide any suggestions to us at 11:30 at night as to where a pet friendly hotel might be and was most anxious for us to leave her establishment.
    When we found lodging we were told that the hotels in Milledgeville at agreed to waive the pet restrictions during the hurricane. Not Fairfield Inn. And they were NOT polite about it.
    Fortunately this is the ONLY hotel in our 10 day adventure that was unfriendly.
    We have stayed at Fairfield Inns previously with our dog. We were unaware of the different restrictions. We have been in the Marriott family for over 25 years but going forward, we will avoid the Fairfield Inns. They are not pet friendly or senior friendly.


  • My friend and I stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Chillicothe, MO, Aug. 20 – 23, 2017, and at the one in Kansas City, MO, August 18 -19 and 23 -24. We had a fantastic stay. The hotels were beautiful, very clean and inviting, and the breakfast was outstanding. But what really made the stays special was the managers and staff! They were professional, knowledgeable about the hotel and area, and helpful. They were also wonderfully friendly! They did not just greet and acknowledge us but took the time to visit with us while they also made sure to complete their work. They provided a warm and inviting atmosphere. Fairfield Inns will definitely be our choice for future stays, especially these two!

  • We had a terrible experience with your Fairfield Inn in Winston-Salem last Sunday. We were to spend a week there in a handicapped accessible room during our church's Moravian Music Festival. We had spoke several times to management at the Fairfield Inn and they assured us the room was completely handicapped accessible. We explained to them our special needs as I must use a motorized scooter.
    Upon arrival, we knew immediately this room was far from being handicapped accessible! (We also found out later that you had refurbished the hotel 3 years ago but you did not upgrade to ADA guidelines and mandates.
    We had to drive home back to Ohio (7+ hour drive), lost our $500. plus registration for the festival and didn't receive a response from our phone calls we made you over a week ago.
    You owe us…and other people with disabilities and special needs some answers.
    I'm still waiting….

  • I wish I had read these reviews before staying at the Fairfield Inn in Edmond OK this past weekend, June 23 and 24, 2017. The odor in the room was horrible. I complained to the front desk, after housekeeping only came in and took our dirty towels, but did not replace them or do any other cleaning in the room. No comment on the odor, but it smelled like a combination of Lysol and cinnamon. It was so pungent that I have to take my clothes to the dry cleaners and hope they can get it out. Will never ever stay at a Marriott or Fairfield Inn again!!!

  • Stayed at the Evansville west location. Everything was nice. But one of the hotel employees parked in a handicap spot all night and didn't move even after I lodged a complaint

  • I worked at the one in bowling green ky on cave mill rd. My trainer didn't train me. I watched her was the tub out. She got the hair out. The cleaner was so diluted it wouldn't clean nothing. I was on my own one day and took me 4 hrs to clean 2 and half rooms. The tubs were so nasty. I ran my finger half n inch and got on inch of soap scum and dirt. I first day I was there we was in the last room and I sprayed the tub and the one girl came in and said just leave it. Don't worry about it. I said OMG. The second day I told the boss what a lady said in 225 about her room not being cleaned in a wk. Hr told me we don't do stay overs. I said ok. I stripped the bed and found a pair of underwear between the night stand and bed. OMG the been there a while cause there was dust an inch thick. That place is so nasty. I went down stairs and turned in y key and smock and walked out. DO NOT STAY AT THE FAIRFIELD IN BOWLING GREEN KY. CAVEMILL RD.

  • Good evening, I stayed at your Portland, Maine hotel on October 12, 2016. I booked this room using my airmiles account. Upon checking in it was acknowledged that the room was paid thru airmiles. I received my visa bill and was charged $165.08 Canadian. I immediately called your hotel and was told it would be rectified ( Oct.30th). I called again tonight and was told it would be looked into…Please correct this issue and reimburse me the funds owing..Thank you, Louise Perras. I am not happy with the run around I have been receiving.

  • I booked 2 rooms for 1 night at $78.81 each. They charged me for a no call no show and that was totally their fault. When they tried to refund me my money they charged me again. So instead of having two charges for $78.81, I have six charges. After speaking to the general manager Bart, he assured me that I would be refunded all of my monies and be COMP for my stay, I was charged another $315.00. So, I've been charge $788 for a stay that only cost $157. I'm still waiting on a refund. I will NOT be staying there again.

    Update: I was just charged again on October 28, 2016 for another $473.00. This is ridiculous. I am unable to speak to anyone. The keep telling me "dome one will notify you" but no one does. I may have to contact my lawyer, to see what else can be done..

  • Fairfield Inn Warner Robbins GA. Oct. 9th – Oct 12th
    Having to evacaute from Hurricane Matthew. I made reservations at another hotel in the area.(R-m–I–) That hotel has some issues. Had to stay longer than wanted all, other places were sold out due to all the evacuees. After the last incident at the other place, I called the Fairfield Inn. I talked to Russell. Russell was very accommodating . He waived the no pets since we had evacuated . Everyone there made us all feel welcome in such a trying time. We felt relieved to be at place hat we felt secure and welcomed. Please, let Russell know this.

  • I recently stayed at your Bowling Green, Kentucky location on business. Upon checking in I was asked to produce a credit/debit card. I protested this immediately as the room was already paid for by my employer (Paslin Corp). I was informed that this was ONLY going to be used for "incidentals" and assured that the room "had been paid for". I returned home after 2 nights stay to find that a $20 hold had been placed on my checking account. I called the hotel about this and was told it was temporary and would be released in a couple of days. Imagine my frustration when 2 days later a charge for $355 showed up on my account causing overdraft and nsf fees as well as a charge from my electricital provider for a returned check. As of yet, the money has STILL NOT been returned from last Thursday when this occurred. How do you intend to stay in business when such aggregious errors take place and are treated like "NO BIG DEAL"? Perhaps you may want to look into better training of your employees and/or a more streamlined system for returning OVER CHARGES that take place.

  • hello I am an employee of one of your establishments. I was recently told that the wages has changed in the month of April or May of 2016. to my knowledge I am the only employee making less than min. wage While all the other housekeepers are making $8.00 an hour could you help me with this matter thank you

  • I had reservations for 3 rooms at the Marriott Fairfield Inn in South Portland Maine Mall location for Tuesday, June 21, 2016. The reservations had been made in January. On June 21st at 2:30 a.m. I received a text from the hotel saying something to the order of please excuse their dust. Upon arriving at the hotel at 3:30 p.m. I quickly saw it was more than dust. The front entrance was completely blocked off with a sign to to go the entrance by the pool at the back. The parking lot was full of big trucks and repair equipment in the front and back parking lot. You could hardly get buy the large trucks with the equipment standing around. Once arriving at the back door one of my traveling partners went in to register us. Quickly she returned to say we could not stay here. I am handicapped and have a wheelchair and there was no way to get in or down the hall at all. Ladders were everywhere, paint was being done and the smell of paint fumes was extremely strong. While she was talking with a clerk a workman asked her to move so he could paint something and to move so he could take down the tv from the wall. We informed the Manager we could not stay here and was surprised to find it out at 2:30 this very morning. She canceled our reservations and told me to try to call another hotel. I called three with no results. Finally my friend went back into the Fairfield and asked the manager to please find us 3 rooms somewhere else. At that time the manager did call the Doubletree Hilton close by and they were able to put us up at the same rate thanks to your manager. After viewing the situation at the Fairlfield it seems it would have been to your advantage to close that property for 2 weeks while repairs and upgrades were being done. The manager a note had been on their website since the end of February about the building repairs etc. I told her I had the reservations long before that time and no one ever contacted me until 2:30 the morning I was to check in. I also had reconfirmed my reservations and no one ever told me about the building repairs. I am very disappointed with this Marriott Fairlfield Inn and now Hilton Doubletree will have my business.

  • Wow, I was just treated to the WORST SERVICE at the Fairfield Inn in Atlanta! I arrived with a reservation being held with a credit card and was told they had given my room away and there were no more rooms. No explanation was offered. They said they'd made a reservation for at the Hampton Inn. I was wearing a giant boot for a broken foot and said they would need to call and pay for a taxi. The man behind the desk gave me $8 cash to pay for the taxi. While waiting for the taxi, I called my office to let them know what had happened and they said I could take a reservation at another hotel that belonged to an employee who had missed his flight and would not be staying there. I went in and told the guy at the desk and he said, "Can I have my $8 back?" When the taxi driver came, he went in to get paid and was told they wouldn't pay him because I was staying at another hotel. Wow. I've already complained to the corporate travel office of the Top 50 corporation I work for, with a strong recommendation that we stop using the Fairfield Inn in Atlanta for any future business.

  • I made a reservation for one night at the Chesapeake, VA Fairfield Inn. I was there for a wedding, and stayed at this hotel because the wedding party had a block of rooms reserved for the wedding guests. These block of rooms were booked for two nights, Friday and Saturday night. The issue is, I reserved a room through the hotel itself, AGAIN for only one night (Saturday) however when I arrived on Saturday they said that they had booked me for Friday night and I would still have to pay…. So I am now paying out of my pocket 119.00 dollars because of the hotel staffs mistake. They refuse to give me my money back, even after I did not arrive on Friday. I never once received a phone call or an email about my reservations. The staff was unprofessional. point blank, ill never return.

  • I need a receipt from the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Memphis East/Galleria. Reservation number is 91764031. I've called the hotel twice and the Marriott customer service also and remarkably, no one can produce a simple room receipt. My Marriot Rewards number is 991452707.

  • I'm staying at the one in Portland Oregon been here several days on a business trip so in the evening the airport drive followed me and watched me in the parking lot while I was getting my daughter out of my suv . I called the front desk and the women employee just shrugged it off . when I asked for corporates number she became very rude. Just a heads up your employee's probley shouldn't be rude to your consumers are the reason why you make40 billion a year and your also not a accreted on bbb.

  • Last week my family and I stayed at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Fort Walton Beach Florida. While there we experienced a few things that weren’t quite satisfactory. After arriving in our room we proceeded to unpack our bags, during this my foot kicked something underneath the bed skirt. I bent down to see what it was and found 2 empty water bottles and a coffee cup lid. If things this big were overlooked then that would lead me to believe that other things might have been as well. I went to the front desk to inform them and the only response I got was “I’m sorry”. I let it go and moved on with my day. It came to my attention that there was a cheerleading competition in town and there were a couple of teams staying at the hotel. The banging, running and screaming was fine at 7pm, 8pm and even 9pm but once it got to 10pm and 11pm enough is enough. I notified the front desk and they said thank you for letting them know. I didn’t hear any phone calls or door knocks upstairs that would tell me that they had contacted the noisy party. I called back a second time that night as well but eventually that kids exhausted themselves I believe and there was silence about midnight. I let them know at the front desk the next morning and the instant response was “we’ll give your 20% off last night stay” and immediately went on to typing on the computer. Again carried on with my day. When staying at a hotel for multiple days I don’t have housekeeping clean my room, I just set used towels and trash at my door to be picked up. We had one bag of trash that had some liquid in it so I left it in the trash can so it would not leak and put it outside my door. When I returned from the beach housekeeping had picked up the trash but left the liquid standing in the bottom of the trash can and just threw an unopened bag in there with it. My family and I really enjoy going down to the Fort Walton- Destin area, we always have a great time but I will be honest that we did not enjoy the experience we had at this location.

  • Terry Baker

    I have two more nights remaining at your hotel, Fairfield Inn and Suites Conroe Texas. We have been out all day playing in an junior golf tourney….to be welcomed back to our room #319 that had not been serviced. Beds were not made up and no fresh towels in bathroom. This is not the service I expect from a Marriott family hotel. I have two nights remaining….hope my experience improves.

  • Hello, I stayed at the Fairfield Inn in downtown Baltimore, md. I have stayed at several hotels. I booked my hotel room thru Priceline.com for two nites. I arrived at the hotel around 12am and the hotel charged me 30 parking fee and 50 each nite for security deposit which totaled 130.00. I was not parking as I told the clerk. When I checked out I noticed that the 130.00 hold was still on my account. As I checked my credit card statement, I saw that the hotel hard charged me 127.00 why ?. I called the hotel and spoke to the clerk and am still waiting for my 130.00 to be credited back to my credit card. I might add that the toilet stunk so bad in the hotel room that I had to wash it out with Comet. The computer in the lobby was so slow that I could not check my email. This was a pretty bad experience. The clerk and the manager that checked me in were both unprofessional. What a waste of money this was.

  • My boyfriend and I stayed at the Fairfield Inn $ Suites in Wilmington Castle Delaware on April 2nd in room 204. Upon discharge he was charged an additional 250.00 because they said we were smoking in the room. That is so not true. First of all he does not smoke at all, I do. The girl KIm at the front desk saw us come down several times for me to smoke outside and it was very cold and windy that night so I did not want my cigarette butts to blow all over so I took them to the room to throw in the trash. NO ONE SMOKED IN THE ROOM!!! I would not do that at my own home let alone there. There is no way that the room smelled from smoke. The girl at the front desk even told the general manager that she talked to us and knew we were going outside. I have left 2 messages for Caitlin and Diane , the general manager with no return call as of today , April 6th. The front desk girl Kim called me to tell me that the general manager was still charging the 250.00. I am going to dispute this charge as again no one smoked in that room. Not even a couresty call from any of the managers. This is so sad for them to do this to us.

  • I worked at the fairfeild inn in lexington ky an the manager was rude to me she made train with someone who was very very rude as well she would go back an do everything that I had already done an would tell me how to vacuum a floor like everyone knows how to vaccum an everybody was asking me what was wrong an an i had told the housekeepers the manager was being a grouchy an mean an she came in there an was like you need to leave an i was like I have no ride an she was like idc it's not my problem I was its really cold outside like 9° an she was idc you need to leave its not my problem I was like really an she was like yeah really you know where the door is so I had to walk to the nearest store to warm up an wait I was like wow that's aweful I will b calling corperate

  • We stayed at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott, Feb. 5th – Feb. 7th. in Mobile Alabama. I would highly recommend it to anyone going to Mobile. The staff was friendly, helpful and just nice to be around. The rooms were clean and well set up. One special lady named Christi that was taking care of everyone coming in to eat breakfast, was such a sweet and most helpful person. She was so pleasant and accommodating to everyone that came down for breakfast. I have never stayed at any motel that everyone was to pleasant and kind. Good Job! Mobile Fairfield Inn! I will be back!

  • I booked a room for our party for a 3 night stay at the Fairfield in Wilmington Delaware via Expedia, prepaid. One room, two queens with a rollaway for three people. On arrival, we were informed that no rollaways were available. We were under the impression that we would get a second room at no charge being that we prepaid for a room that was grossly misadvertised. Great, no problem. I'm thinking, Fairfield has just earned a life-long customer. We figured they were doing the right thing. On the evening of check out, I recieved a call (I was staying in a different hotel) from the lady who checked us in. She was in tears and stated that if we didn't pay for the second room that she would be terminated. Not only that, but they waited for the final night of our stay, leaving me no option to opt out and go elsewhere.The check-in attendant had really been trying to help us, and we couldn't allow someone to be fired over this, so we just went ahead and paid at a slightly discounted rate. A few days later on our return home, I contacted management at this location to discuss this matter and our coorespondence ended in "I have discussed this with my ownership group and they support my decision." I then asked for a contact number of someone from the ownership group. No response. We did recieve a small discount on the second room, but I was not happy at all with the outcome or how the whole affair was handled on their end. I very much doubt we would do business with the Marriot group after this. That being said this was not Expedias fault and aside from management the staff at the hotel were very nice.

  • Muscogee Oklahoma Fairfield
    01/02/2016 to 01/04/2016 In Muscogee for a brother on life support. The first night the road noise kept us awake. The second night the people in the room next to us had kids running up and down the hallway knocking on and slamming doors and yelling for Gramma. It too quite a while to reach the desk as all I got after several tries was a busy signal. Finally at 11:30pm I used my cell phone and call the phone number I called to get a room. The person answered they would notify the person next door. The running in the hall stopped but you could still hear water running and the toilet flushing in their room. The doors make a lot of noise when closing and the walls and windows have no soundproofing. The 100% guarantee would be nice to follow. You also had to look for someone when you needed someone at the front desk.

  • After spending 21 days at a Marriott affiliated motel/hotel this year, I am seriously considering not staying at a Marriott affiliate again after what happened this past weekend. My wife made reservations of a stay at a Fairfield Inn in Indianapolis for Thursday night, October 22 with guaranteed arrival since we would be arriving late. It was the Indianapolis East Fairfield When we got to the Fairfield Inn at midnight we were told that the reservation was for the 21st not the 22nd but we could still have a room although we would be charged $170 as a result of the no-show for the previous night. We were dumbfounded and asked to speak to the Manager. He apparently had gone off duty and we were told he would be in after 8am the next morning. The next morning (Friday the 23rd) we tried to see him but he was unavailable. We then asked the person at the desk to have him call us. He never called and we again called the Fairfield on Sunday. The Manger again was unavailable and did not call us. My wife indicates that she specifically told the desk clerk that we were not coming in until the 22nd because the clerk at first said “ for tonight” and my wife replied ‘no for tomorrow night” (she called on Wednesday). In addition, we were charged $170 for a no-show when the room with tax was only $152. Finally, we did get a room and actually were charged $119 for the base rate. Surprising since we were told the best rate was $129 when we made the reservation. I also question why the no-show charge was $20 higher than the actual rate since you clearly benefit by having a no show since you do not have to clean the room etc. All in all not a professional experience. Never have received this type of treatment from the Intercontinental or Hilton chains. After seeing all of these negative reviews I probably will not stay at a Marriott affiliate again.


  • We just stayed at your facility in Jeffersonville Ohio. We were booked for a four night stay at a different hotel down the road and had a bad night sleep on a bad bed and decided to change hotels and we are very glad we did. What a pleasant surprise. Loved the modern comfortable clean rooms. The bed was awesome. That is very important to us…no hard beds with poking springs. Your staff was very friendly and helpful and clearly enjoy working there. The breakfast was one of the best I have ever seen at a hotel. And I work at a hotel…so Ive seen a few. I love the furniture in those rooms how great and warm feeling and how it all made sense. Those wall units are the bomb. We are now Marriott members. The only thing that bothered me was the policy on corp. reward members being able to come in a use the facilities whenever they want….even if not staying at the hotel. I do understand the principle behind it, and it is a nice feature to offer….but I can tell you that is being abused. Because of the layout of the lobby the guests checking in are bombarded by business people in the lobby steps away from the desk treating the lobby like it is thier office. While we were trying to check in a couple of women were conducting business on a speaker phone feet from the desk. So distracting and so loud. The clerk could hardly hear us and I could hardly hear the clerk. They acted as they were angry we were checking in and disrupting thier conference call. While we were trying to get info about the place the phone kept ringing at the desk and someone would just hang up when she answered. Clearly these people trying to move people out of the lobby. When I commented to the clerk about how rude that was to be having a call like that in the lobby while people were checking in she informed me of that business advantage. I get the point of it…but I think it needs some tweaking. Not everyone that stays is a business person. We were actually there for business and were put off by the fact these unregistered people were in the space we were paying to stay in. I thought of the implications and safety of that fact. The clerk mentioned there is abuse. Saying a gentleman comes at breakfast almost daily and does interviews right there while guests are trying to eat breakfast. Not cool. So distracting. There has to be a better way to regulate the ones who are abusing that nice business advantage that your chain offers. And a way to end those chaotic check ins where none can hear over the speaker phones. But I thought the hotel was great and we wll pick Fairfield Inns from now on and recommend them! I do think it should be mandatory that guests are told a hold wil be placed on thier cc for up to 7 nights stay when they check in. You best have plenty of credit. We used our debit card because we deposited the traveling money in the bank. Got a big surprised when was declined at the grocery store. I would rather pay my bill at check in and incidentals at check out. My card is on file there should be no need to put such a drastic hold on peoples cc that they are traveling and paying with.
    Thank you

  • On September 5, 2015 my husband and I arrived in Rapid City, SD without a hotel reservation. We were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with an extended vacation not knowing where we would be at the end of the day. We called the Fairfield Inn and was told they had a king room and the rate would be around $200. We reserved the room which was nothing special, just a plain hotel room. Our bill was under the door the following morning. Imagine our horror when the charge was $814!!!!! My husband went to the desk to inquire why the rate was so high. He was told by the desk clerk that because it was Labor Day weekend they could charge what they wanted. He asked for the general manage and was told she was not in. Nor was the assistant manager. He was unable to even find out the manager's name. We immediately checked out and I inquired about the name of the general manager. I was told by the desk clerk that I was "badgering them" and that the general manger had only worked there a week and they did not know her name to which my husband replied " that it was stupid to work with a supervisor for a week and not even know her name". The desk clerk then yelled across the lobby, calling my husband by name that he was "stupid". I have tried on several occasions to contact the Customer Care office and have yet to receive an acknowledgment from the anyone. Needless to say, I am in the process of contacting the corporate office, the Better Business Bureau, the Bureau of Tourism and even the State Attorney General. We would have expected to pay a slightly higher charge over the holiday weekend, but $814 is a little much for a plain hotel room in Rapid City, South Dakota. This experience ruined our trip and marred our memories of visiting Mt. Rushmore. We have informed all of our family and friends to avoid the Fairfield chain or be prepared for expensive surprises, rude desk clerks, and unconcerned supervisory personnel!!!! I suppose in a way the desk clerk was correct, we were stupid for staying at a Fairfield Inn. we are no longer "stupid"!!!!!!!!

  • Stayed at your Fairfield Inn & Suites in Somerset New Jersey on September 5th with a check out of September 6th. I requested a late check out of 1 p.m. have stayed with Fairfield before but probably will not stay here again not only were interrupted 3 times at noon because the maids were on the floor and wanted to get their job done but every 15 minutes there was a knock on our door what we would open it she would just say oh sorry sorry this in spite of check out was requested. upon checking out, the manager Marion asked for payment but our card had already been process by Orbitz website where we purchase our reservation and because our card had already been charged we informed Marion that they were no incidentals. Which she checked and confirm that there were none Now just to.be clear I did present not the original card but another card because I had forgotten the original card at home but I was assured by Dennis that my second card woukd only be carged if there were any incidentals which by the way there were none. I get home and check on September 9th and lo and behold they have charged me twice for for one night stay. I called the same day but, was told I would have to call the next morning to speak to either Frankie or Marion I asked what time they would be in they told me somewhere around 9 I waited till about 10 o'clock to make sure that the manager was well into her the start of her day to speak with her., her assiatant or perhaps it's just at the front desk, Anthony put me a short hold getting back to the phone to tell me that Marion was on a conference call. About an hour later Anthony again call to let me that the charges were reversed but here's the thing, I would have to wait 24 to 48 hours to receive my money back in my account. My account!! It didn't take them 48 hours to get my money the first time but I must wait and endure two days to get the money back. Oh and just so you know when I asked Anthony why the manager could not call me back he said the manager was still on the conference call and that he took a look at it and was able to take care of the problem himself .Thank God for Anthony's diligentance or I probably would not have even gotten it taken care of. But the real deal is I've been an administrative assistant to VP's and presidents I've also been a receptionist so I know that"That I am on a conference call" really mean she didn't want to come to the phone and why is that? because she knew that I had spoken to her on Sunday when she insisted that there was a charge and I told her that there was no charge so how could she definitely come back to the phone and tell me she screwed up… She couldn't this has forever left a bad taste in my mouth and in addition to giving my money back they should have given me an additional free night for their mistake. but it's okay because I won't be staying here or any other Marriott what I should have done was gone where I always go and that's Hilton baby cause it's classy!!

  • Fairfield Inn & Suites Terre Haute, Indiana

    Good selection for breakfast, VERY clean, comfortable beds, lots of towels and pillows. Newer contemporary décor, lots of electrical outlets. Located near many restaurants & shopping.

    Minor-Tub drained very slowly, toilet seat was loose.
    Major-See below!

    I went out for some shopping and when I returned my door was open. At first, I thought the maid was there and I started down to the lobby to give her time to clean. As I headed to the elevator, I noticed that ALL of the doors were open and no employee was in sight. I went back to my room and no one was in the room. I went in and left the door as I found it. I sat for a full ten minutes (timed) before the housekeeper came in. I attempted to explain to her that anyone could have entered my room and stolen my belongings or any other person's room that was left open. All I got from her was "no English".
    I immediately went to the manager, who was very polite and apologized for what happened. He said the employee was new and didn't speak English and that he would explain to her what she did wrong to make sure it didn't happen again. He also gave me one day off my stay, which was for five nights. This happened on the fourth day so I didn't move. Otherwise, I would have changed hotels. I have to wonder if my door was left open on the previous days. As a woman traveling alone, I felt that this was a serious breach of security.
    Why would a company hire someone who doesn't understand English enough to understand the directions for doing their jobs? In my book, a person isn't qualified for a job if they cannot communicate with the clients.
    I will not stay there again, there are many choices in the area.

  • Worst hotel ever. The Customer Service was as bad as it gets. I travel all over the country and am a Marriott rewards member. I am appalled at the way I was treated. Rest assured, me or any of my employees will never stay at a Fairfield Inn again. I'm sure Hilton will be glad to have me. I'm not shocked, but I see there are many issues with Fairfield Inns nationwide. I have made up my mind, good riddance!

  • I stayed a Traverse City, Michigan and couldn't believe that there was only one handicap room and it was taken. How cheap that a new hotel would at least have a pull bar by the toilet and the cheap full size beds that you had to sit in the middle of them or you would slide off the bed. If you want to see a beautiful hotel go to Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek, Mi they know how to build a hotel. I will compliment your free breakfast and how clean your hotel was.

  • I'm permanently in a wheelchair. I reserved a Wheelchair Accessible Room for myself and my 13 year old daughter at the Fairfield Inn (Christiansburg, Va) to stay 2 nights for a school function of hers at Virginia Tech. When we entered the room I found the bathroom was not accessible (no room for a wheelchair next to it to transfer). I spoke with the manager and all of the other rooms were the same. She offered to make accommodations elsewhere and I declined. All of my daughter's classmates are staying here and it simply wouldn't be fair to make her stay elsewhere. I called the Marriott Corporate Office and spoke with 2 customer complaint specialists. One told me there was nothing they could do and the other one told me and I quote 'you either go stay elsewhere or tough it out'. At this point I was at a loss for words and saw they didn't care. All I was attempting to do through the corporate office was to 'make them aware' the rooms are not accessible as advertised. Now I will simply have to find a bathroom to use elsewhere while I stay in this hotel.

  • Wanted to let you know that in your savannah GA & Titusville FL hotels you have absolute gems in your breakfast staff. Thelma (GA) & Barbara (FL) made my stay move from good to great!!!

  • Wanted to let you know that we appreciate all that your staff provided during our stay at the Fairfield Inn at 8800 Bartram Ave, Philadelphia Airport.
    Faith Jones is an outstanding person with wonderful people skills. In fact the entire staff that we had contact with went the extra mile to make us feel like we were home away from home.
    Many thanks to a great staff. We will be staying at the Inn during future visits to the area.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • We stayed one night at the Avenal Fairfield Inn. They took forever to check us in because rooms weren't ready. When we woke up the next day there was no HOT water not even close to being warm. When I mentioned it to the desk clerk they blew me off and never even apologized. I will not stay at any of the Fairfield Inns again.

  • I am staying at a Fairfield Inn up in Mass., I come from Florida. I have a SEVERE medical condition involving my lungs. I have 45% use of them and have a terminal disease. I parked in the 1st Handicapped spot that says vans on the pavement. There are only 4 spots, however there is a spot for the Inn van and employee of the month and there are 2 additional spots for registration parking only. I am being harassed by a female employee at this location to move my car from the van spot even though my condition supersedes any wheel chair van parking spot due to my breathing condition. I have traveled this country and have parked in tons of van spots and have never run into this rudeness as I have with this employee. If she is so concerned about van parking she could make those other 4 spots or all the handicapped spots van accessible as other motels do. I would love to have my Doctor talk to a head person at Fairfield Inn. I am to the point I want my money back and I want to find another motel in the area.

  • Wife and I stayed at Fairfield Inn Hayward, Ca location. Front desk staff was very rude, breakfast was stale and the entire hotel smelled of mold. We would avoid this location in the future as well as telling friends and family about the unpleasant experience.

  • My wife and I do a lot of travelling and have been committed to staying at Marriott facilities; we have collected the points and earned "free nights" as a result. Most frequently we have stayed at Fairfield Inns. Our experience has be essentially positive: polite people, decent rooms, etc. While the breakfasts are not to write home about (eggs from some "powdered source"?), but not unlike their competition. We are just back from a trip to Phoenix and stays at Fairfields in this order: Amarillo, Albuquerque, on the way out and Albuquerque, and Weatherford on the way back. Only one very unpleasant experience with a pompous manager who pointed out for no real reason that we were
    "only silver card people, not gold or platinum. He was obnoxious enough to cause us to consider a switch to Drury Inns in the future.

  • The accommodations in Mesa, AZ are fairly nice which is why we booked them for a second year in a row. BUT! A guest in the room above our daughters' (ages 19, 14 and 12) room let the tub run all night and flooded portions of both our rooms below. None of this was noticed until we awoke in the morning with somewhere to be in ONE HOUR, so we–all 5–made do with sharing the lesser of the two damaged bathrooms, confident that management would adjust our bill and do the right thing once the manager could be reached. We were wrong! After much work and argument, we have been granted a $20.00 consideration. They say that because they offered us another room, it's not their fault. We, however, were not in a position–logistically or time-wise–to accept their offer so I guess it's our burden to bear? So wrong. Just so wrong.

    I will be telling everyone I can in my hometown of Mesa to find different accommodations when their loved ones visit. Stay where management has some integrity! I'm incredulous.
    6 minutes ago

  • To Rafael (Fairfield Inn Marriott, Cross Creek Mall, Fayetteville, NC):

    I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful hospitality and assistance during our Thanksgiving stay. I appreciate you calling the ambulance for my uncle and acting professionally and considerately when he had a heart attack at your hotel. The sincerity and heartfelt concern from your staff was what we needed to get us through this difficult time. Please extend our gratefulness to your awesome staff whose services were impeccable!!!! You all made our stay worthwhile in spite of the circumstances. From now on, when we are traveling, Fairfield Marriott will be our designated family hotel. Thanks!!!


    The Ephriam Family

  • Fairfield Inn Seattle (Sea-Tac Airport). Stayed one night to catch an early flight. Room was small, hair on the bathroom floor. When I turned on the water in the bath, the faucet shot across the tub leaving just a pipe sticking out of the wall. Fortunately, I was able to screw the faucet back on with a hair clip, but there was no knob to turn the shower head on. I had to pull on a screw sticking out of the front of the faucet. At 8:45, house keeping repeatedly tapped on the door with a key card until I answered and asked when I was leaving. Hmmm, doesn't seem like they WANT me to stay again. No Problem!

  • My husband and I returned from a long trip in time for a power outage at our home. My husband called the local Fairfield Inn and Suites on Fox Drive in Livonia MI and Ray the manager that early morning (5 a.m.) was wonderful. He offered us a room and was extremely courteous. When we arrived Terry the food manager who sets up and makes the morning breakfast buffet was so wonderful! She got some food out for us knowing we had been on a long journey and made us feel very special and welcome. We saw her tending the breakfast bar making everyone feel welcome with her warm personality and keeping everything replenished and arranged nicely and cleaned up. We saw her offer to help a grandpa alone with his three grandchildren get food for the kids. She is a jewel and we want you to know it. We think she probably makes a nice difference in people's visits and her personality probably rubs off into a nice team effort there. The whole hotel was top notch and we never would have experienced it since it is right down the road if not for a long plane ride and a power outage. Meant to be. What a nice place. We will recommend it in an instant.

  • Very rude staff. Had a reunion which they convinced us to use their hotel. We're informed that we could use the breakfast area for a meet and greet Friday night. They complained about the noise. I asked the manager, if he expected us to whisper, he told me the are was not conducive for that type of event. I asked him why didn't they informed us of that when we discussed it with the other manager, he was all for us renting over 25 rooms. All about the money. Jacksonville, fl airport road. The manager wasn't even trying to be polite. I guess that's how it is when you get the money. And of course they knew we could not get another hotel for that many people at last minute. What a rip off. HORIBLE !,,,!!,!!!

  • I stayed at the oakland location and not only was I charged for 2 nights but they did not have my room ready and I had a reservation. I had my daughter with me and I arrived at 430 in the morning and did not get my room till 530. The staff was nice but I had to go through loops to get my money back on my card and I should never have to wait an hour for a room when I have a reservation. UNACCEPTABLE

  • This place is really starting to piss me off I work to hard for them to do me like this I'm an former employee at Fairfield inn in Collinsville Illinois I worked 62 hours these last two weeks and they only have 40 hours on my check THE LORD HISSELF KNOES IF THEY DONT FIX THIS SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!

  • Stayed at Fairfield Inn, Cordele, GA Pulled in at 11:30 p.m. 7-14-2014…we had a 5×8 trailer with sides and a newly purchased Cub Cadet racheted on the trailer; asked clerk where we should park the trailer and the mower we had and she pointed to both sides of the building were ok. We parked to the north side, just behind another truck appeared to be a work truck and trailer; parking close behind him; after unloading under their canopy. The parking lot was paved, part of their parking facility, not behind the hotel and had a customer door entering from inside the hotel to that parking area, not secluded…in the morning, we completed breakfast and upon waiting for the elevator the hallway to that doorway and parking area was visible, we did a look and our truck was there but not our trailer or mower on the trailer…We paid $101.00 for the room, it was not a cheap hotel, not a bad appearing area, and felt secure there especially since we had mentioned to the clerk that we had a truck with trailer and mower; she never expressed any concern and never indicated to us that there were NOT cameras on those parking areas accessed by their doorways…the manager in the morning was stone faced; offered no compassion only "I'm Sorry"..Her name is Charlisa McKay 229-273-0042…they called Cordele, GA police; Officer Murray, came to the hotel..viewed the truck and parking; we went inside and I wanted them to rewind to the time we arrived so it could be seen on camera that we had the trailer and mower when we arrived. Then I wanted them to rewind the cameras for that parking area and we were told that they did not have any. They also did NOT have any cameras pointing to the only two entrances and exits leaving the hotel…They have a sign posted to take your valuables in the room. HOW DO YOU TAKE A MOWER IN THE ROOM!! That is why we asked them where we should park, expecting there was technology and camera surveillance on the parking lots for security of their guests, which there is not! I have reported this to our insurance USAA..our case number with the Cordele police is 20149769. DO NOT STAY AT A FAIRFIELD INN UNTIL YOU FIND OUT THAT THEY HAVE SECURITY CAMERAS FOR THE SAFETY OF YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND PROPERTY. Vandalism can happen anywhere, however, even Walmart has full cameras on their parking lot and all entrances for security purposes. Unbelievable that I, as a woman, could go out to my vehicle on their parking lot, be kidnapped and no one would ever know! They do not have cameras on the ingress and egress entrances either! Unbelievable, sloppy, cheap…their monitors had full vacant camera spaces not used that if they would install proper security cameras we could have obtained a make and model of the vehicle stealing our property. I would say that it must be well known for criminals to search out such hotels that are lacking security…The room rate was $101 for the room feeling safe. The carpet was dirty. The pull out sofa bed frame got stuck and we had to yank the mattress out and lay it on the floor! After having to act like a crazy lady with the stone faced manager, Ms. McKay…I said the least she could do was to have someone approve a credit for the room…she said she didn't have to have someone approve it that she could do the credit…BUT WHY DID SHE NOT EVER OFFER IT TO US UNTIL I PERSISTED WITH HER LACK OF COMPASSION…JUST A STONE FACED, NON-CUSTOMER ORIENTED GENERAL MANAGER. Unbelievable! I own two small businesses…a fabrication shop for custom handcrafted golf cart products along with a premium Commercial Carpet Cleaning company; and I know customer service and respect our clients..she had no respect or compassion for us as a guest of her hotel. I am requesting Fairfield Inn Corporate Office to contact me before I proceed further with this. Gail, Georgia

  • The Fairfield Inn& Suites in Lafayette, Louisiana has my business from now on. We were not able to afford a big, luxuries, vacation. So, we opt to stay within driving distance from home. This hotel was not only affordable, but we were overwhelmed how clean it was. The staff made us feel like we made their day coming to their establishment. We stayed their a few days. The only complaint I would have is the breakfast ends at 9:30. That maybe late enough for most, but when we are on vacation with three very young children it was a real challenge to get to the breakfast bar in time. This hotel will be our stop anytime we are going that way.

  • I recently stayed at the Fairview Inn in Montgomery AL for an ACBL bridge tournament. My friend and I tried to pay for the room on separate credit cards and the attendants had no idea how to do this function. One was rude and in a hurry to leave; the other was totally overwhelmed and unable to handle the crowd, phone, and purchases at the desk. Perhaps you should train your people correctly before you put them on the floor. The man was quite rude and in a major hurry to get off his shift. The woman did her best but was unable to comply with our request. May 23-25, 2014

  • Just got a room at the fairfield inn, frankfort ky. When they said they had me booked me a king room. I needed another bed. When I asked they wouldnt change it. I came back and the manager who was wearing ahorts and a tank top got very rude with me. Wouldnt give me 2 beds unless I paid an additional $63 dollars. I travel around the country and never had such bad servuce at a hotel. This is rated a 2.5 star hotel but is absolutely horrible. I will never stay at another fairfield inn. Have much better service at cheaper hotels. The manageracted straight out of the ghetto. No other way to say it..

  • Stayed at Fairfield Edmond, OK for one night. The day after checkout my credit card company had cancelled a small charge (less than $10) on my card in Michigan at another hotel while I was still in Oklahoma. This small charge was probably a test to see if anything would happen. I had to cancel my card because of this fraudulent usage attempt. Although I prepaid the room before arrival the hotel swiped my card for incidentals, then have kept it pending even now 36 hours later when it should have been cancelled at checkout. This only makes it easier to steal.
    In today's credit card stealing environment, we must be diligent with our cards and so should the merchant. I'm just pointing out a problem with Marriot regarding credit card security.

  • fairfield inn springfield, ohio, when will we get a manager ? one that comes in for more than 4 hrs a day, an does company related work when here ?

  • going to hershey park stay at fairfield inn areba ave hershey . its is reasonably priced clean as a whistle and the breakfast is very very good . no skimping on the food well made and quality.

  • Wish I had read these reviews before I stayed at The Fairfield in Danville, Ill. When I went to take a shower in the morning the water control was set not to go past lukewarm. When I told the desk about it as I was leaving they seemed to know what the problem was and said they'd have maintenence look at it. That was no help to me. I will never come back and am passing the word around to family and friends to look elsewhere.

  • I stayed last Sept. 28th at Fairfield Inn in Augusta Ga. and had a great time and clean room . I decided to come back this year to race in the Ironman Augusta and now the price at the same motel has gone from $129 to $179 a night with a 3 night minimum. I don't need to stay but 2 nights but am being forced to pay for 3. What a rip off and huge increase in price taking advantage of triathletes.

  • To whom it may concern:

    I had two rooms in Erin, TN. on Labor day weekend, the room were dirty, we even found a crack pipe in one of the rooms. I had the room with the Jacooza in it and I had went an purchased bleach to clean it, it had hair in the jets. The bed spread had urine stains on it I was very disappointed.

  • I travel all across the u.s. i've stayed at many motels, and i found the fairfield inn & suites in Suwanee, ga. to be the best, by far.The front desk clerk, Tiffany Payne, was so nice and helpful. she recommended restaurants, gave me directions to the mall, and remembered my name, as she told me hello every time i passed the front desk.She was truely a joy,and I will definately stay there again

  • The Fairfield Inn in Fayvetteville NC gave us a checkout bill for $95 and charged our credit card a $162 don't these dumb asses know that their own paper work is going to hang them you can not give the customer a checkout bill for one price and charge their card a different dollar amount its call fraud and I have the evidence the receipt they gave me@ Dumb Asses

    • I'm going thru the same thing with Fairfield in San Antonio. They charged me double my rate $250 over and I'm waiting on a call back now. Did your problem get resolved?

  • I had an bad experienced at fairfield inn in warner robins ga at 221margie dr I had the most worst experience working there its ghetto the supervisor shiree doesnt do anything but talks about her own co workers an how the manager and front desk clerk ray be giggling an laughing in the office and complains about her job I think that lanelle deserves to be sit in that chair not shiree no matter wat if lanelle no her housekeepets need help she just dont sit on her behind an leave her workers hanging she gets up an help I never worked at a such ghetto job to were at huddle the girls are cursing an talking about people when you are suppose to be coming to work to work not hold a oconversation maybe people would get they rooms did on time if it was less talking in the mornings but shiree is very rude an try to act like shes nice but be talking bout her own co workers and customers how they be asking for to much an to lazy to come get they own things an how nasty they leavethe rooms an how some customers get on her nervous wat a rude supervisor always complaing about her job

  • I stayed at the Fairfield Inn on Washington Ave Albany.
    The Fairfield has lost me as a customer. I arrived back at room on Thursday August 1st with a card telling me they had cleaned the rugs and I should be careful. It was discussing having to walk on a wet carpet. It made the bathroom floor slippery and I had to throw down towels. I did not expect to have this inconvenience when I made my reservations. The woman at the desk said it was policy to clean the rugs when a guest is there. That is unbelievable. While it ended that I did not have to pay for that nights stay, I would have preferred my stay did include shampooing the rugs in my room.

    Is it a fact that you have a policy that rugs will be shampooed even if a guest is in that room?

  • I stayed in the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Fairfield CA near Napa. Never, never again will I give them a chance to have my business. I travel for a living and this was the first and LAST time I will stay at one of their facilities. Had a three day reservation and left after the second day. A/C inop, loud people to all hours of the night upstairs, even after complaining. Substandard accommodations. Even though the front desk had made notes about the problems encountered, the manager has yet to respond to my telephone calls and emails. Very poor customer service.

  • I, too, usually have nice stays at Fairfield, and am very loyal to Marriott, but the Marrianna, FL Fairfield is substandard. I think they have the towels from the Motel 8 next door- they haven't seen fluffy in years. They are overpriced- $30 per night more than the cookie cutter 4 inns next door with no extra amenities-cheap soap, shampoo, toilet paper, no lotion, no hairnet- bring your own. The rates are inconsistent and are less at ALL Marriotts 30 miles away in Tallahassee- go figure- and they actually have restaurants in Tallahassee

  • Oh my goodness. I am so sorry to hear all the above complaints. I have been staying at Fairfield Inns around the country for a long time now, my family reunion usually pinpoints a Fairview because it's a family favorite! I have never had issues such as the above in any of them. I just had an issue with the Toledo Fairfield where my credit card was charged even though I canceled my stay. The General Manager (Mo) called me back personally, and even though I did not have my cancellation confirmation number, he reversed the charges on my credit card. He was absolutely professional, kind and courteous. I will continue to stay at Fairfield. I love them!

  • The only good thing about this hotel, was the bed being very comfortable. The room had no refridgerator, no microwave, and the service during check out was very unprofessional. I arrived downstairs to check out, the young lady who checked me out was sitting down in a chair writing on a piece of paper. She did not acknowledge me even though I was loud enough for her to hear when I walked up. She finally acknowledged us. I told her I needed to check out, she glimpsed up and said ok. She did not ask what room I was in nor did she get up to retrieve my keys. She stayed in the chair and went right back to writing. I feel as though the employee was very unprofessional and just because of her actions, I will not return to this hotel.

  • When I travel, I base my decision on where I will stay based on the reviews I read from fellow travelers. Man were they all wrong when it came to rating this hotel. Yes staff is outstanding but that was all that was correct. The tub in our room had a yellow ring of grime around the drain and was dirty I also noticed the wall by the door looked like someone had spilled something brown and left there to dry. That alone made me want to leave but i didn't want to upset my family so i didn't say anything and stayed. The next day I noticed stains on a pillow and black stains on a so called clean washcloth. The tv did not work nor the ice machine so we had to go down to the main floor for ice. The last straw was waking up in the morning and finding a ROACH ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR!!! I got my family up at 6 a.m. and left!! Very disgusted and will NEVER STEP FOOT IN THIS NASTY PLACE AGAIN!!!

  • the room service was bad, dirty bedding, bugs in room, rude manager samantha henson and bethany dusza.. need more appreciation for there guest

  • My sister, neice and I stayed at the; "Faiirfield Inn $ Suites", in Troy, Ohio, on; 03/15/2013. The ladies checking us in, upon our arrival, were extremely nice. However, when we returned, to the hotel, later that night the "lady", at the front desk, who we found out later to be: "Sally", told us: "When you get to the hallway, you will have to shut up!". Granted, we were laughing at a joke another couple had told, but were in no way loud! Then, as we were checking out, I asked the gentleman, at the desk, if there was a manager on duty. He told us there was not. We explained what had happened the night before with Sally and he said: "I find that hard to believe". I told him I have no reason to lie about it and would be in contact with corporate. I travel a lot with my family and my husband travels with business. We have stayed at this chain numerous times. I can PROMISE you that I will NEVER stay at one again!!! First, to be told to "shut up" and then practically called a liar? No thank you.

  • Fairfield in Russelville Arkansas, first the employees were very profesional, the owner is the same owner next door at the Hampton, What a racket. 75O guys co

    me to help A.N.O. And we get screwed.
    Going to Holiday Inn Express, 30 miles down the road, at least there are salt and pepper shakers at each table in the morning

  • The Fairfield in Anaheim are RIP OFF ARTIST! I would never stay in this hotel or any of your affiliates! Took $150 from me and told it was my fault they didn't see the cancellation that I made a month in advance. Can you not read the words CANCEL RESERVATIONS. The attitude of marriott customer service and fairfield is to blame the customer. WORST PLACE EVER!!!

  • The Fairfield inn in owensboro ky, just fired its staff for voicing their thought in a meeting that was allowed to take place. Then two.days later Perry Hamilton fired the entire staff… for no reason

    • I was one of those staff members and you are completely right! We were told the day of dismissal we should have taken this meeting we had with Perry Hamilton outside our hotel, but when we did ask he said Wich was sign the petition, and I will give you corporates email and fax to send it… Not only did 8 of the staff get fired…we were told he himself got the emails and fax…because suposedly He was from corporate himself..and our faxes went to no one other then him. Hmmm something doesn't fit..but we all were fired for simple having a meeting and trying to address what was going on and then told we were fired 2 days later. Wrongfully terminated and for no other then what looks to be retaliation on his behalf because on that petition we simpley was requesting a group meeting from higher up. Wow.. where is the rights for the hard working employees???????????

  • I was charged twice by the Fairfield Inn in Washington DC and my husband left with bed bug bites. Gross hotel will not stay there ever again.

    • Was this the Fairfield Inn on New York Avenue. I unfortunately have to stay there on layover for my job daily. Ended up with legs covered in bites – severe allergic reaction; found out brought them home and also into my car. Hotel management denied they were bed bug bites and had my room and another coworkers (also had bites) inspected – said no bugs. As bug issue at hotel increased; other employees have found bugs; many of us continued to get bit – hotel finally started treating when other guests complained. When I inspect room and show hotel bug evidence or live bugs management and front desk insinuating me and my crew bringing in with us; as well as other filth we bring to their attention ie used condom. Started staying here in 2013 when started working for my company – found out other crews had bed bug issues earlier_ 2012?, including 2 coworkers bringing home as well.

    • Oh my Goodness. I live here in Charlotte and wanted to get away for the night and my Husband and were bitten at this hotel here and told the management. We were told that the room wouldn't be free until they could call a bug specialist out to "prove" our claims. I WILL NEVER STAY AGAIN!

  • General manager was,rude my,room had a used condom n waste basket as well as another next,yo bed…room service came and got it,claimed disposed it nexy morning no sign of it…i contacted customer care no assistance there..o spoke to gm, teuta nokaj who was of np assistance and extremely rude…i didn't want another room was disgusted my 5 yr old found this…this is not proper customer service or r u run an establishment not yo mention 11 when i was check out room service walked in without knocking while i was in the restroom

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