Holiday Inn Express Corporate Office Headquarters

Holiday Inn Express Corporate Office Headquarters

InterContinental Hotels Group IHG


3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100

Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000

Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846

Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555

Reservations: 1-888-465-4329

  • I worked at the Holiday inn express in Galesburg IL. I recently left because the GM seems to favor his female management team over anyone else. He is constantly talking bad about the guests that are not up to his standard. I also know for a fact that he has dated multiple house keeps while being the GM of this hotel. People are late, they miss work without calling in and yet they still have jobs. the hotel is clean and well taken care of, but the GM needs to be replaced with someone has integrity. The training is never enough and we were often scolded for not knowing something, when we weren't trained properly. He cares more about being on his phone and giving orders than actually trying to run a hotel and include everyone in the process, not just the female management group.

  • So I have worked at Holiday Inn Express a IHG hotel. I have worked there for some time now if the past 4 months things have gotten kind of out of hand and it's just getting worse. I've turned to the GM and nothing has been done about the issues. I have talked to the GM's boss, and still nothing has happened. A few of us are getting to the point of tired that we don't want to work there any longer. First the GM does not treat customers the way they should be treated even though if they are wrong. The GM has argued with our biggest client that brings us thousands of people a month. As a worker at this hotel I have gotten complaints and heard a lot of complaints from a lot of customers and staff. First and foremost has been a very clean hotel but like I said the last couple of months has gotten pretty bad. Complaints against rooms not being cleaned or only being half cleaned when customers are checked in. They go to another room and the same problem. This system says they're clean but obviously they're not getting cleaned and they're not getting checked that they are cleaning. I have went to the GM and told them the issue that's been going on and it has gotten past down and just forgotten. We recently got a new head housekeeper. The GM pretty much lets her do whatever. I personally have not seen any of the housekeepers vacuum a room. I've only seen one person do it and that was the longer lady that doesn't usually do housekeeping but does do stay overs and housekeeping for new room sometimes. So to get on with the complaints, like I said from not being cleaned and most of the time they're at the same rooms from the same person which is the head housekeeper. Usually the head housekeeper has someone with her and the other girl is pregnant so there's two of them doing a room. They take breaks whenever they want they don't have to do all the rooms that day. They just get the rooms needed for that night done and that is it. Third shift and second sometimes have to turn people away because there are no rooms available, "there are sometime there are 10 to 20 rooms that are dirty and their third shift does not have time to go up and clean them to let a guest in". Coffee is not being refreshed during second and third shift. 90% of the time the customers are complaining about there is nobody to go talk to on 2nd and 3rd shift. It takes forever to find them. Sometimes they take the bells away from the desk, so they don't have to hear them and that is the GM doing it. Sometimes all the doors are shut so you can't even go in the office to get somebody. Customers have to knock and bang on the door to get someone come answer because you're not watching the front desk. Lately there has been one front desk lady on first shift that works everyday and she does everything and stuff that's not her responsibility to do everyday. Customers have recognized this and told her. This also goes with the breakfast cook. Both of them work well as a team, them 2. I have sat down with a customer and heard the complaints and we have told the boss about not having clean rooms not be able to finding anybody on second and third shift no fresh coffee the floors are filthy the trash is overflowing. We are telling the GM but nothing is getting done about it. Recently the breakfast cook and the housekeeper have gotten into it a couple times. Housekeepers not starting on time. They come in clock in and sit down for 2 hours eat and then decide to get up and actually work. They come in late all the time. There is alot more going on but for now I will keep it. We just got a new AGM and hopefully thing will work out soon. I did have a question of how to get a hold of somebody to talk to about all these issues they're not getting done. Please let me know if there is a way to contact someone that I can talk to.


  • Stayed at the Holiday inn express in Troy Michigan. (Motel 6?) For starters I am a disabled Vet and my wife just had neck surgery. I requested ground floor and was given ground floor from the star76 t but had no tub only a roll in shower so I requested room with tub. Got there and they gave us second floor. We reserved this hotel because of the pool which was 76 degrees and not useable and I asked to have it truned up and they turned it up to 79 for only that day. next day 76. there was beer cans left from the night before on the day we left and garbage cans full out front as well as a de icer spreader turned over which I saw the night before when I looked out the window at the group of people cutting it up and drinking. about 20 right out the front door. When we first went to our room the elevator had just been smoked in as well as out hall way. it was pot. the urine around our toilet was unreal. we travel with a black light and I feel anyone should use one. they have one grumpy lady doing breakfast and she is slow. for two days the main course and little things were out. she would be standing by the ovens instead of refilling other things. the lazyness of the management at this dump should be noted. when the beer cans which were there at 10:30 the next morning and the trash and over turned spreader were just sitting there were atlease 7 people behind the desk. the assistant manager emailed me to say he would like to call but that was almost a week ago. Lazy or just do not want to hear the truth. they removed my survey or just did not post it. I could go on and on. We travel the U.S. picking up certain veicles I purchase at auctions and decided to down load the IHG app because there was a sign in the Ogdan Utah IHG saying stay twoce and the third is free. that has never happened and when I looked it up it was last summer. They need to comp our rooms for that weekend or I will never return. All the way home from Detroit we stay at Wyndham Properties. I do not like Wyndham but there Pools are useable. what a concept. IHG is nearly twice the money for these amenities and you can not use them. Ron Foreman club member 286195857

  • I am an American citizen, living and working in China. I needed to travel to Shanghai to handle some business, therefore I needed to book a one night hotel stay. I booked my stay at Holiday Inn Express. Ten minutes after I reserved my room, I received a call telling me that the Holiday Inn Express would not allow "foreigners" to stay there. This is purely an act of discrimination that an American owned company should not condone. For an American owned company, whatever country they are doing business in, to blatantly allow such discrimination is not only unconstitutional in the USA, but a terribly poor business practice. I, for one, will never stay in another Holiday Inn, no matter what country I am visiting. Surely, I will share this experience on every travel site that I am aware of so that other travelers can be warned of the existence of this disreputable practice.

  • To whom it concern,
    My husband is a disabled veteran. This past weekend he was able to attend a turkey hunt up in Northern Indiana for people with many disabilities. There are people of all ages ranging this year from ages 9 to 83. It is a huge event and a time for those with disabilities to get "away" from their problems for the weekend. I was truly disappointed and appalled to find out that there is limited hotel space in the area of Plymouth, IN. Due to the fact that Holiday Inn refused to allow hunters to stay in their hotel because there are too many people with wheelchairs and they wouldn't accommodate us! This limits the amount of hunters the foundation can allow to come to the hunt. Sadly, many are turned down each year and may not have an opportunity like this in the future.. I will be telling all of my friends and family and any disabled people I meet NEVER STAY AT A HOLIDAY INN. UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Hotel in Jacksonville Tx was terrible.. We came for 8u girls softball game employees weren't very nice. Hotel was dirty stuff splattered behind the head board of beds and worst off bed bugs! A couple of our team has doctors notes stating such and we found live and dead bugs! The hotel was informed and stated they would refund and pay for pillows left we haven't received any refund or any response for that matter. My review on the booking they more or less called us liars im very disappointed in the business not professional at all!

  • The St.Louis HolidayInn Express Riverport doesn't have pest control. I was there two weeks ago and over heard they haven't paid them. So check your beds if you stay there. I won't be coming back there again, when hearing that. It looks like there having some issues there.

  • Holiday Inn Corporate Office Headquarters
    InterContinental Hotels Group IHG
    3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
    Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA

    I am writing to you with concern I have with our recent stay at one of your Holiday Inn Hotels. I made reservation, on March 28, 2019, in advance of our cruise out of Los Angeles on Carnival Cruise Lines. The reservation number 28819296, for February 7, 2020 with check out on February 8, 2020.
    When I called the hotel directly to make the reservation, I had several questions to ask:
    1. Does your hotel have a shuttle from the LA airport to the Hotel?
    2. Do you have a shuttle that would take us to the terminal for Carnival Cruise Line?
    As I spoke with the person from the hotel, they assured me that they did have a shuttle from LA airport to the hotel and they did have a shuttle to the cruise line. I repeated my question several times to make sure we were on the same page. So, I booked your hotel.
    We arrived at the LA airport and I called the hotel directly – the reception desk person said, “Oh no we do not have a shuttle from the airport, it is 25 miles to the airport and you need to take a bus to our hotel. Well, after a long wait and $18.00 for the bus we made it to downtown Long Beach (NO Hotel in sight). I called the hotel directly again and told them we are at the place of bus drop off and we can’t find the hotel. The person at the desk said, “Oh, you need to walk 10 blocks north, then turn right another 2 blocks then turn left for another 2 blocks. They did not offer to send their van to pick us up. So, here we are two senior individuals dragging two large suitcase and two carry on bags walking towards the hotel. I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS LACK OF CONCERN FOR A GUEST FROM HOLIDAY INN BEFORE. I was very disappointed and angry at this point.
    When we got to the hotel, we were finally greeted by a young man at the counter. Told him of the situation and he said he didn’t know who I talked to but they don’t have a shuttle to the airport – Then I asked about the van to the cruise port – he said, “Oh you needed to book that at the time of the reservation. Person from Hotel that I booked our room said you just sign up when you register on day of arrival. After I let him know what I was feeling and what I was told by the person at this hotel at the time of booking, he finally said well, I can sign you up in this case. Needless to say, this was not the best experience at the beginning of a vacation. I have never had such a lack of miscommunication from any stay at a Holiday Inn before. Holiday Inn hotel staff have always been helpful and they communicate the correct information. The gentleman at the reception desk said I must have talked with the 800 number when booking and I assured him that I talked directly with this hotel staff since I showed him the number that I called ( I never book with the 800 number, always call the specific hotel directly). He also stated that we would not get free breakfast – I assured him that we do get free breakfast since it is on the reservation. He finally checked and saw that we are Rewards Club members and on our reservation which I had a copy of that Yes, we do get free breakfast. More insult to injury.
    We have been members for years and stayed at Holiday Inns when we travel but not sure that will be the case in the future.
    FYI: Holiday Inn Long Beach (Downtown Area)
    1133 Atlantic Avenue
    Long Beach Ca. 90813
    Hotel Front Desk: 1-562-590-8858
    Reservation NO. 28819296

    Elvira Feldman
    Member NO: 962529893

  • Hi,
    Our names are Bill and Michele Whitmiller and we just wanted to let you know that you Holiday Inn and Express in Southern Pines North Carolins have set the standard in our book for clean. We had a wonderful stay there and was very pleased with the whole atmosphere. We are from PA. and had to attend memorial service for a friend and it was a pleasure to stay in your hotel. The breakfast was far from what we expected and the people were so very helpful. We would recommend this hotel to all our friends and family. We rested and were very comfortable in knowing that it was truly clean and not like many other hotels we have stayed at. Our hats off to you and your staff and our thanks to all of your employees who work at this hotel. You should be very proud that they work there for they deserve all the thanks. Have a wonderful day!
    Michele and Bill Whitmiller

  • I recently stayed at the downtown Salt Lake City hotel. All employees were friendly, courteous and polite. A couple simple requests were accommodated almost immediately. The room was clean and comfortable and the breakfasts were tasty and filling.

    Prior to my arrival I made 3 calls for information as well as sending an e-mail. I was disconnected 3 times and the e-mail not answered. You need to pick it up on this front. Additionally, the shower/tub combo had a very slick surface. As a sr. citizen who deals with balance issues, I nearly fell twice. Another party I was travelling with had similar issues in their room. It was resolved using a towel on the bottom of the tub for traction. I would suggest checking the cleaning agent housekeeping uses on the tub to determine if this is the cause. Traction appliques may also be beneficial. Also a shuttle service would be handy for guests.

    Would I stay there again – yes.

  • I stayed at The Holiday Inn express in downtown Lynchburg Va. (601 Main Street) on Thurs Oct 11 2018.
    When I opened the door to my room (w/ my 5yr old grandson w/ me) the room was already occupied, we walked in on a couple. I quickly apologized and went back down to front desk . She assigned us a new room and gave us breakfast coupons for the mistake she had made. When I enetered the new room (631) there was rain coming in thru the window, at this point I just thought were here for 1 night we can get thru this. I was thinking of the mildew that would already be in the room (which I am allergic to) I was up all night w/ head stuffed up from smell. I kept trying to take a hot shower but was having no luck getting water on. When my husband awoke I asked him to turn on water, he couldn't either. I called down to front desk where she answered "Front desk" (nothing else as in "may I help you?") I told her of my situation she said "you gotta pull on it" I told her I had tried my husband had tried but no luck, could you please send engineering up to fix this?
    Engineering arrived and couldn't get it to work either, he used my phone to call down to see if we could get a room just to shower in. We were given a room down the hall, so we walked in our PJ'S down the hall showered in another room and then returned to our room to dress and pack up to leave.
    This was nothing short of a NIGHTMARE stay!! I always stay at Holiday Inns and have always enjoyed my stay. This hotel is in desperate need of HELP!!

    On a good note, we did eat in there and the food and service was excellent, just wish the rest of our stay would've been.

  • I changed my reservation online and received a confirmation message that the reservation was successfully changed.My confirmation number remained the same.I was checking my bank statement and found a charge for $147.35 for the date of the original reservation.I called ALLYSON TRULL,the manager of the BRENTWOOD/COOL SPRINGS HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS in BRENTWOOD,TN 37027 and inquired why I was charged.She told me I was billed as a no-show for a "second reservation" I had made.I told her I had gotten a confirmation message for the change (my confirmation number remained the same) and that I had made no second reservation,"Well,I don't know what your computer shows,but mine shows you made a second reservation,for which you were a no show."I have gone to multiple review sites (unfortunately,not before I booked there,but Holiday Inn was a formerly well-trusted brand from my earliest days) and found many reviews warning of fraudulent charges and flippant management—one lady said make sure to use a pre-paid card to avoid being ripped off too badly;she got stranded when they raped her debit card.I was going to need to stay frequently somewhere due to commuting for business,but it won't be at your establishments.VERY SHODDY—I am reporting you to the BBB,as well.

  • I was a customer of Holiday Inn Express in Bethany, OK. On 08/2 to 08/05/2018. I was in a block group for a basketball tournament. when we checked in on Thursday 8/2 around 3:30, the rooms were not ready. When I made the reservation on line I reserved a suite, I didn't get one. Once the rooms were ready went went in I checked, the bathroom had not been cleaned at all, the tube was full of blond strings of hair, I told housekeeping, she came in and I assumed she cleaned the tub.. NOT! There was hair on the walls of the shower and on the floor, the stool was filthy around the stool top. Had to ask for towels on the 3rd day. I saw a man going room to room with a insect spray bottle I guess spraying rooms, while guess were there. Yuck. As we were checking out my son had moved his bag in the bath room, he was getting ready he looked down and saw a bed bug on his hat, he picked it up with a napkin and showed to the front desk. You know my encounter with the employees were good, didnt get the young man's name that checked us out but he did what he could to accommodate me. I told him about my bathroom but no one came back
    I was disappointed at the housekeeping and the front desk the first day we arrived very rude the manager was rude also.

  • I want to get ahold of HR for Holiday Inn Express i am an employee at the one in Springfield Ohio and I have seen things like the 2 people who are in charge of housekeeping are sleeping with each other and since they are they fight all the time and us other housekeepers cant do our job because they fight and dont do theirs they are always on their phones always the one rides around on a segway all day and is outside 97% of the day because he has 2 dogs in the truck everyday they are using the hotel to take showers in and the one in charge has her son take one there as well one girl that works there is on cocaine all day and if you ain't sleepin with the guy he makes sure its hell for you at work so would someone plz let me know how to let HR know

  • I live in Delaware and was attending an event in Philadelphia on Friday, October 13th. The friend I was going with lived near the Lansdale location so I booked a room there. I reserved a king-suite with Jacuzzi and was looking forward to resting and relaxing in the Jacuzzi before leaving the for the event.

    The first disappointment, upon checking in, was that it wasn't a Jacuzzi but it was a jetted tub. Okay, I was tired and wanted to relax. Upon getting off the elevator on the 4th floor, I immediately smelled cigarette smoke. I was tired, so I decided to go in the room and see if it smelled better than the hallway. No. I left the room before the door even closed from my going in. I went back to the elevator and went to the front desk.

    Second disappointment: I informed the desk clerk that the 4th floor reeked of cigarette smoke, I have allergies and asthma and needed a different room. His first words were, "I have no idea why it smells like smoke, this is a non-smoking facility." I said again, "it smells like smoke. You can smell it as soon as you get off the elevator. I did go into the room and that smelled like smoke as well. I have asthma and allergies, I need a different room, because staying in a smoke-smelled environment is a health hazard to me." His next words were, "We can't switch rooms." I said, "you can't switch rooms, but you can refund my credit card and I'll go someplace else." He then says, "Let me see what other rooms are available and I'll make a note in the housekeeping book that you said the 4th floor smells like smoke." In my opinion, this should have been his first response, not telling me he couldn't switch rooms.

    I watch as he opens the housekeeping book and turns to the last written on page. In bold red letters across the page it said, "FOR SOME STRANGE REASON THE 4TH FLOOR SMELLS LIKE SMOKE." Obviously, others had complained as well as this desk clerk was unaware.

    So, he switches me to a different room. This one on the 3rd floor. I ask if it had the jetted tub. He said, "well, it's a king-suite and they all have jetted tubs."

    Third disappointment: The room did NOT have a jetted tub. However, the room was clean and I was tired, so I stayed. I did tell the clerk on my way out to pick up my friend that the room did not have a jetted tub. The clerk gave me an additional drink and breakfast voucher, along with an apology.

    Fourth disappointment: Upon returning from the event in Philadelphia, I asked the front desk clerk (a different one than all the other communications) if there were complimentary bottles of water. The clerk said bottles of water were available for $1.25 per bottle, but the room should have complimentary bottles of water. I told her, I've been in the room and there were not bottles of water.

    It seems as if the desk clerks say whatever sounds good even if it's not true. Not all king-suites have jetted tubs, and no there aren't any complimentary bottles of water.

    The biggest complaint is the insensitivity to my health regarding the 4th floor smelling like smoke and the clerk telling me they can't switch rooms.

    I will not be staying at this location ever again. I will not recommend this location to anyone I know.

    There are some positives: the room was clean, the bed was comfortable, and the breakfast was satisfactory.

    I did leave a review on the property's page and I received a standard from reply, which didn't address any of my complaints.

  • Cindy Rivera
    June 26, 2017
    On Jun 16 I checked into your Holiday Inn Express on George Busbee Parkway in Kennesaw, GA. Only 1 elevator was working. I use a mobility scooter to get around. I did not use a handicap room as they only had King beds and I needed sleeping accommodation for 3. We were put on the 5th floor. On Monday evening Jun 19th my daughter, who had been out of the hotel returned around 10 pm to find the firetruck and rescue squad out front. The 2d elevator was now broken and people had been stuck in it. She asked the desk clerk about it being fixed as I was upstairs with the mobility scooter. We needed to leave for my grandson's travel baseball field by 0630. The desk clerk said the elevator people had been called. There was no other notification until 5 am when they put our bill under the door and a note saying both elevators were not working, the stairs were at each end of the building, but if you needed assistance call the front desk. At 6 am I called to let them know (again) we needed to be on the road at 0630 and they needed to come and get my 160 lb mobility scooter down the 5 flights of stairs. He said they were waiting for the maintenance man to come in and they would be up to get it. I went down the steps, with my grandson and waited in the breakfast area. The clerk then said the GM wanted to see me. I went to her office. She apologized and said she took 1/2 of that nights lodging .. $79.50 off my bill. Then said the maintenance man would not be there until 0700 and they would deliver my scooter to the ball field. I told her that was unacceptable. They should have had the maintenance man come in early to be able to assist any guests early. We had to get another family to take him to the game. 2 men were not able to get it down stairs. They had to wait for a 3d person to come in. They did get it down safely, but my daughter and I missed at least 45 minutes of the game. What kind of customer service is this? The ADA regulations says you are to maintain your equipment! I do not feel this was done in a timely manner. No one notified the guests that evening…. only the note under the door in the morning. This is poor customer service to say the least. This stay was over $654. I am definitely NOT satisfied with this property nor the poor customer concern that this hotel has shown.

    • How can you let somebody hire somebody after a week and saying that fired Terre Haute Indiana the Holiday Inn Express on high way 46 needs to be investigating

  • I stay at Holiday inn express at (Sorrento valley San Diego)on 06/10/2017.the room is so noise from some kinds of Motors running out side around the room (2rd Floor).I switched to other Room,,,This time the noise is louder coming from the Bathroom Ventilation with out any switch turn I changed to another this room ,the Frig did not cold,wifi did't work,coffe machine no ac plug,Noise 24/7 surrounding!!!loud foot step repeatedly at 1;30am on top of the room…this is WORSE PLACE TO STAY.

  • To corporate, I come to inform you about the holiday inn express on 53 jefferson rd Jacksonville fl 32225. I am a loyal customer and an elite member I travel all over the world for business trips and I love staying at the holiday inn express. However I am not satisfied with this current location.the place is filthy with dust everywhere. It's a few great staff that was helpful. But the the young lady I came across in the morning smelled like a pound of weed liked she smoked before she came to work. She even tried to cover it up by spraying herself…but not only her,I see a few employees go to the back and smoke including the manager. This location is unprofessional. I overheard employees in the laundry room gossiping and playing around like children. It were even staff who were talking about their customers. Me as an elite member is not very happy about this situation. Do they even have random drug test for the employees? They are in need of new management something has to be done. Overall the bed was comfortable and breakfast was great but I will never stay at this location ever again.

  • Hello,I'm currently an employee at the holiday inn express in Waldorf MD. I would like to share a few of my concerns. I love working at the holiday day in express it's getting me one step closer to my career goals which is to be a sales coordinator. However i feel as though the job is making it harder than it needs to be. I've been here for a year and six months and that's longer than everyone here including both managers. There have been some issues. One, Managers are "Suppose" to be on call at all times. Here they either don't answer or get mad when you call. I understand in the handbook it states that if you're going to call out do it two hours before your shift. Well I have done that instead i called 5 hours in advance because i wasn't feeling good. I sent two text as well as called my FD manager, no response, i called my GM and was told if i didn't come in Id be in trouble, even though i followed procedure. The way things are ran are unfair and unprofessional. This hotel does not run on team work, and they look out more for the guest then they do their own employees. Customers are important but if you're staff isn't comfortable and you fail to acknowledge or do something about that, it could be bad for business.

  • I am a rewards member anyway I try to book 2 rooms in Greenville Ohio last Nov for June 2017 was told they don't book more than 6 MO out so I called them 0 Jan 2 2017 was told they were book solid and have been since 1 Dec 2016 I think this is wrong and I think I will start using best western

  • RE: Holiday Inn and Suites Asheboro, NC (Dixie Dr)
    My husband an I stayed here between Feb 6-12, 2017. I would recommend this hotel to anyone. Our stay here was wonderful. The room was comfortable and clean. The bed was clean. The room was a nice size with a Keurig and a Safe. The hallway was well lit and quiet. The hotel, itself, was clean and stylish. There were good choices for the free breakfast and the breakfast area was kept clean and stocked. Now for the most important part of our stay: the employees. Not one person we encountered was anything less than friendly and professional. Even the housekeepers greeted us with a smile as we walked down the hallway. Eric could not have been nicer to us. He is the most friendly person who treated us like family. Amanda was equally friendly and helpful. Both constantly asked us if we needed anything and checked to make sure our stay was a good one. I highly recommend this hotel as a great place to stay in Asheboro, NC. As for us, we will absolutely be staying here again when we come back!
    To Corp: you have two exceptional employees in Eric and Amanda. They could not be more friendly, courteous, professional or attentive. The two of them made our stay wonderful and it is because of them that we will stay here again in the future.

  • The manager at Holiday Inn Express in Magnolia,Ar was very rude when I called the hotel. She wasn't helpful at all. She lacks people skills. I feel sorry for the people who work under her.

  • I was excited to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Hutto, Texas this weekend 12-3-16. Our girls fastpitch team was coming in for a tournament. Mother nature did not cooperate. Tourney was canceled thursday morning and the hotel management and staff could not help us reschedule our dates or cancel until tourney gets rescheduled. They insist that we must pay for a night. Today is thursday and cancellation requests was for a room Saturday. Since I am gonna have to pay for the night, I will never stay at another Holiday Inn Express in the future. We cannot control the weather and directors decision to cancel late. No sympathy from management or staff. Very dissapointed. Especially around the holiday season.

  • I had a very nice experience staying for about 5 days in the Holiday Inn Express in Newton, NJ in December 2015. I was very stressed, away from my disabled husband in CA, and my children there. My mother was having severe medical problems which meant daily trips to hospitals in town and in NYC. I was set up in an easy-access room due to my knee disability, and I had such compassionate, kind, and friendly welcome, advice, and great rooms and in-house breakfast set-up in a pleasant well-stocked breakfast area. It was such a nice experience during a very rough time for me, that 8 mo. later after my mother died, I recommended my son and daughter to stay at Holiday Inn in Newton when we arrived for her funeral service.
    This is the opposite to the treatment I've been currently been subjected to by the Solvang, CA Holiday Inn Express. I was given a one-night rate at nearly a month before a family wedding there in town. I told the staff person from Holiday Inn that I wanted to get a reservation in advance, but I wasn't positive that Id be able to attend the wedding if I wouldn't be able to get a companion for the long car ride there. So, I asked for the best rate, and also wanted to be certain I could cancel and get a full refund if I cancelled in time for them to get someone to take the room. I even was recommended to downsize to a room with only one bed, King, and I was Assured that if I called to cancel at latest one week ahead of reservation date, that I would get a refund. They took my credit card info, and a week before I had to cancel for two reasons-I failed to get a driver for the long trip, and had developed further pain in my hip, which made it far too difficult to even think about driving myself the nearly 5 hours it would take. It was sad enough that I had to cancel, but when I called to cancel a week ahead of the reservation, I was at least told that I'd get the refund charged on my credit card.
    Week or so later my credit card co. sent me its bill: I was so shocked to see 224. charged by Holiday Inn Express showing that I didn't check in. I immediately thought I'd find a credit for that amt elsewhere in the bill, but did not!! Repeated calls to the Inn in Solvang was answered that either they couldn't help me, or I needed to talk to either the bookkeeper re first two calls that actually answered or didn't keep me on hold for a long period of time. Then I referred to the Manager who told me that the person who told me I could get a refund when I'd gotten sch a good rate,had given me the wrong information. "Sorry", was all she could say, and further t adopted old me it'd do no good to speak to her manager, because he would do nothing further also. That was it: no compassion for the customer that followed refund parameters. But, omitting human kindness was bad enough, but there was no responsibility for backing up the customer, when the staff person, according to the place's manager gave me inaccurate information when I first booked the room. Then it was doubly poor practice when I was told by a staff person that the reservation would be removed after which I'd be refunded the amt on my bill. Kudos to HHE in Newton, NJ; Boos to HHE in Solvang,CA

  • Look out Holiday Express, are criminal's, liars, I live in Kalispell Mt.and went to Lowes to buy a tool so I could work on my van, NEVER ON HOLLIDAY'S PROPERTY! parked on the PUBLIC ROAD behind Lowes NOT ON holiday property the called the police and presented a false report to the police!!!! WHO DO THESE FREAK PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE I am going to sue the you know what out of these lying company

  • Ever heard of calling your card company and doing a 100% charge back when the management is uncooperative a charge back is the best way to resolve your issues

  • stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Claypool Hill Virginia, bed bugs ate me up. I received a call from the hotel manager a few days after I called them to inform them and they didn't do anything. Just confirmed the issue, no discount or anything. I only stayed there because it was the only decent option in town. Stayed in a Comfort Inn in the area before, no issues. Will never stay with Holiday Inn Express ever again!! Just horrible

    • I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express located at 7474 W Colonial Drive Orlando, FL, on 10/15/16.
      My stay was a horrible experience. The room (Rm # 331) smelled of weed and cigarette smoke as soon we opened the door. It smelled like we were sleeping in a bar. The hotel could not offer any other room because they were booked. The cleaning crew changed the sheets and sprayed febreeze, but it didn't get rid of this smell at all. The windows did not open, so the smell stayed in the room the entire time. The hotel would only offer $50 off of our bill, per the manager, out of a $211 bill. This is completely unacceptable. The room should have been complimentary. Breathing in toxic and illegal smoke all night long is an unacceptable living condition and is a hazard to your health. Everyone woke up with scratchy throats and allergies. This hotel ruined our trip. We all felt miserable. If this hotel took the correct actions, then your guests wouldn’t have to deal with this type of complication. The cleaning crew should have warned the front desk of the detrimental odor once they entered the room to clean from the guests who stayed previously. They should have then closed that room off and not give it to your guests to stay. That room should have been scrubbed down, including the carpet from top to bottom until the odor was gone completely. Instead, the cleaning crew ignored the odor, made up the beds and let your guests stay in a horrible living environment. We will never stay at Holiday Inn Express ever again and we will be sure our friends and family hear about our horrible experience.

      -Sherry Gomez
      (Room was under my father’s name, Jose Rodriguez, Rm 331)

  • each year I take my 2 grandsons on a little mini vacation before school starts and this year we went to the Holiday Inn Express in East Brunswick for a few nights. when we got upstairs I called the front desk because I wanted to ask for a blanket and the woman said that they were not that kind of hotel and I had to come to the front desk because she was not bringing it up to me so I went down to the front desk and said to her yes I just called about getting a blanket she proceeded to tell me that there was a blanket already on the bed but I told her that I get cold and she then told me that if it's that cold I suggest you turn the air conditioner down. I told her that it was not fair to the other people in the room for me to turn down the air conditioner a blanket for myself would have solved that and then she kept saying that they do not give blankets. very disappointed and will never stay there again.

  • My boyfriend and I had booked a 1 night stay at the Holiday Inn Express for July 23.
    Upon arrival, there was no one to greet us to check-in, as we had to wait at least 15 minutes. Once we checked in our room, we started to get settled in. I was using the powder room when I discovered a cock roach crawling in room. We then decided to leave the hotel and check out within 20 minutes, as we did not feel comfortable staying knowing there could be other bugs or cockroaches roaming.
    When we checked out, we had to wait for someone to speak to since there was no one at the front desk. My boyfriend informed the front desk agent that there were several issues and that we needed to check out. He did not even ask to what was wrong. My bf then asked for the general managers contact information, Ashley Inclan. My boyfriend called her and left a voicemail and never heard back. I then took initiative and called her to explain the situation. She said she was going to get back to me in a few days. 10 days later, I still did not hear from her so called back. She said she was waiting for the front desk agent to return from vacation to discuss the matter. I came to find that she had the incorrect person all along who was working that evening. She said she would call me back the next morning with a solution. I never heard from her. I called her 5 days later and no response.
    As I GM of a hotel, I would expect at least a phone call back. NOTHING! She is very unprofessional and not pleasant. If you are a GM of a hotel, I would assume you are there to assist your guests. I will NEVER stay at another holiday inn hotel because of Ashley Inclan.
    She should definitely be fired. I give this hotel no stars.

  • Are you aware that the Holiday Inn Express in Maspeth, NY is a homeless shelter? I didn't know Holiday Inn was in the homeless shelter business. There have been community protesters outside the facility since August 11th pledging to Boycott ALL Holiday Inn hotels. You may want to look into that.

  • I booked a Holiday Express Room for Hilton Head Island for 2 nights. After driving 5 and a half hours we arrived at the hotel and were told that the day staff over-booked the hotel and they had no room for us except at their sister resort, a Days Inn. So we go to the Days Inn and get our room, only to find a pungent must odor, a dehumidifier with a full bucket of water and a digital read out of 88% humidity. To top it off when we placed our luggage in the room, the cockroaches ran out from under the bed and also around and on the dresser. Watch out for this bait and switch scam at Holiday Inn Express!

  • My husband and one of our employees recently stayed at the DFW-Grapevine, TX location for 2 nights (2 rooms). I admit I made, what I thought were changes to update the number of people and the ages, we cancellations and new reservations. I had selected the AAA discount before the search and I ended up unknowingly selecting the Smart Saver, which doesn't allow for changes. Bottom line after exhausting all avenues, we have been charged $1,756.38 for 2 rooms/2nights and no one will budge on helping us get this resolved.

    • There is a Holiday Inn Express in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Hotel Ave NW. DO NOT STAY THERE!!!!!!!!! ANTS and COCKROACHES!!!!! Staff does NOT CARE!!!!! There response was…..Oh!?? no mention of any type of compensation or anything!!! TERRIBLE service!!!! Will NEVER stay at another HIE again, as these seems to be a lack of customer relations!!!!!

  • The current television commercial for Holiday Inn Express is absolutely despicable! Advertisers who use these screeching, screaming sounds have got to be put to an end. It is absolutely unacceptable! That, along with the terrible reviews I have read about your hotels will assure that I NEVER use your establishments.

  • I stayed at Holiday Inn Express in San Antonio, Texas. Upon arrival there was only one person at the check-in desk and a long line. Our room had roaches and the tub did not drain. There was only enough coffee for 1 person in our room every day and we checked in for 2 people. When I was packing to leave a roach ran out of the drawer I was clearing out so I closed it an called the manager to let him know. I then forgot to pack those items. I realized it about 30 miles from San Antonio. I called them and was told they could send those items – a couple of hundred dollars worth. I have since called every day and spoken with about 6 different people, all of which were suppose to call me back. None have. I would not recommend this place to anyone!!!

  • We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Crawfordsville, IN on June 18, 2016. The room was reasonably priced, updated with granite counter tops, clean and quiet. Good breakfast selection. hen we left, my husband left some very expensive medication behind and we didn't realize it until the following day when we got a phone call from Jennifer Kirts. he was SO helpful and went out of her way to package this up and send it to us. We are very grateful!

  • I want to thank Krystal Maloney manager of the Holiday Inn Express, Hillview Kentucky. She went above and beyond to help me and my daughter on the night of May 7, 2016. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Krystal and God Bless!

  • Rude, inhumane crooks at 1200 Airport Rd., Jacksonville, FL. I booked my room two months ago via Expedia. I called the hotel upon booking and confirmed my room with "multiple beds". My family arrived to the hotel and was told they did not have this room available and they were not bound to honor Expedia bookings. They offered me a one bed room but because this room would not work for us, they considered it a cancellation and charged me $135 for the one night fee. On top of that, the entire Jacksonville area hotels were sold out due to various events in the area. I practically begged Krysten, the desk clerk, to help me figure out other options. her response was "oh well, I don't know what you're going to do". When I asked for a manager I was told none were available. If you book here, have a backup plan

  • I think my whole hotel should be drug tested I work at the ome in Tampa Florida off Fletcher in Telecom park everyone smokes weed in can't do there jobs

  • Fraudulently charged for one night stay at Holiday Inn Express in Orlando/Bueno Vista. Called hotel repeatedly. They told me accounting department takes care of charges. No accounting department. Finally someone from "billing" gets on phone and says she will take care of it as we were speaking. Checked my credit account, she charged anyway!!! What a fraudulent scam! I plan to contact atty. General of Florida and pursue legal action immediately. BEWARE of this illegal practice in Orlando/Bueno Vista.

  • We stayed in the Holiday Inn express in landers WY last night. I have to tell you, the customer service was OUTSTANDING. Mary Beth Flanders needs to be recognized for her work and great front desk presence. She started out our stay and it just kept getting better. Our rooms were so clean and well made up. It also speaks highly to your head if housekeeping and housekeeping staff. These are people you want to keep in your organization and I hope you take time to recognize them appropriately. Thanks to them, we had a really great experience and look forward to recommending this particular hotel to friends and family.

  • I, my adult granddaughter & 3 yr old great-grandson stayed at H.I.E. in Norfolk, NE this last wend (2/27-2/28). Generally when I can splurge to do a stay over it will be at VictorianInn which is half the price. I thought this looked a little nicer so thought I'd treat us to a little better place. Reservations were made mid-week, when we arrived we we told our room was 412, on 4th floor. I questioned being able to get on 1st & we were told not possible cuz carpets were being shampooed yet we saw all kinds of people going to 1st floor rooms as we came & went during our stay. Our room was OK though a dead fly (took a picture) on the window sill gave us reason to believe noone had been put up there for awhile or it definitely wasn't cleaned well to have a fly still laying around in Febr. The pool room was very nice but my little boy got a good scrape on his shin from steps & his mom had his hands going in-&-out (also got picture of this)…keeping an eye on it to be sure it doesn't get infected. Breakfast was OK but nothing like I expected from pictures …. VictorianInn is much better & lady who keeps food stocked & area picked up does not stand there thru everyone's meal watching them like a hawk like this lady does which is very uncomfortable eating. Upon departure two men at front counter whom I believe we're the desk clerk & possibly a maint. man never said goodbye, thanks for staying with us, have a good day …. nothing but watched us walk out with all our bags so that we were leaving was obvious …. so definite etiquette needs to be taught their staff. Again the stay for double the money I spent on our once every year-or-two venture was very very disappointing. And if you look at my reviews on TripAdvisor, etc I will be the 1st to point out any good at any place I stay

  • I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Pine Bluff (Watson Chapel area). Upon arrival, I was checked into a room on the 3rd floor. When I entered the room, I went in to use the restroom and noticed the toilet running. I thought that was strange but not detrimental, and some maintenance may be needed. When I finished, I noticed an Orkin insect trap behind the toilet. My mind was flashing in many different directions, but I wanted to give the hotel the benefit of the doubt. I went into the bedroom area, got ready to pick up the remote, and that is when my entire night went downhill!!! There were ROACHES crawling around the TV on the dresser/drawer area. Instantly, I caught the heebie-jeebies! When I went to look at the bed, there were roaches in the bed!!! I took pictures of them and went downstairs to let the desk know that I was not staying in that room and why. She put me in another room on the 1st floor. When I entered, I noticed the handle that should have been on the curtain for use when opening and closing was on the floor. Tired and frustrated, I just laid on top of the cover and nodded off and on. I could not get the room to cool off. It was humid and warm. Needless to say, I did not have a restful sleep because I was worrying about roaches and/or bedbugs all night. On top of all of this, I used my IHG points for the room (5000). The lady at check in said that she would reimburse 500 of them. I do not feel that this was sufficient, especially after all of this. I would not recommend anyone to stay at this Holiday Inn Express & Suites location. I have never had an experience this bad in one and hope I don't in the future. This was, to say the least, traumatizing!!

  • I went to the Westampon New Jersey exit:5 Hotel Holiday Inn Express I stayed two days that hotel was horrible I don't recomend that hotel no body because my son went to the pool that pool water was dirty and no chlorine and no cmicals and my was swim to tadys he got sick really bad he got all over the body and hands rashes red color i see that i take him to the children's doctor then sugested to go the dermatology then I wen to the Dermaotolgist He said this is came from the pool& dirty water He gave us some cream if it is go that's ok if not it stays 4years that dermotologist told us I am so scary and feel bad because my son only 8years old He went to the pool its happened like that i can't beleive He is suffaring right now it's burns some times He cry now almost two months it's happen Dec27th 2015 pease I am telling every parents you need check the pool when you go to that Hotel and break fast also Horrible every one takeing with the hands no tongs and no juice just water in the juice machine and turky sausage is dry and burn grits and scramble egg was cold and pancake michine was broke they display evrything but they don't have anything and break fast time no one there to ask I never stay this kind of Hotel I call about the situation I ask manager never there I called so many times. But one time I got talk to the lady Manager she said she will call me back but she never call I would say very poor management and dirty Hotel that I never see PLEASE DON'T GO THAT HOTEL HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS 18 WESTERN DR. WESTAMPTON,NEW JERSEY 08060 EXIT 5

  • Horrible! 100% inexcusable!! When we arrive Thursday evening, Jan. 21, 2016 at the Ashland, Virginia HIE it was obvious renovations were underway and we were informed of that also. What wasn't mentioned was the room above us would have a construction crew working in it until 9 PM. We were extremely mindful of the weather we would be in on Friday, Jan. 22, 2016 because of storm Jonas. We had driven 500 miles that day and planned to be in bed by 9 PM, get up early on Friday, check the weather and decide when we should leave to avoid the worst of the storm. My husband called the front desk around 8:30 PM to complain about the noise & was told it would be taken care of immediately. A half hour later he had to go down to the front desk and complain again. The work crew left shortly after 9 PM. We were up at 4 AM Friday morning, check the weather and decided we needed to leave as soon as possible. We were on the road by 5 AM (no breakfast) because the routes we planned to take were going to be in the direct path of the storm. The people in charge of the front desk dropped the ball completely. Would any of them want to be in a room with construction going on above them under the same circumstances? I think not. I know that time is money in the construction business but I also know that customer satisfaction is money in the hospitality industry. It was someone's responsibility at the Ashland, Va HIE to see that customer satisfaction took precedence. Didn't happen so shame on Holiday Inn Express, Ashland Va, and all HIE executives who apparently don't know what is going on at many of their establishments or else just don't care.

  • Murder in upper floor guest room at Holiday Inn Express Greentree Pittsburg – loud uncontrolled partying and smell of dope before. Staff did nothing. Frightening experience for all there

  • Pat McGill
    Nov. 7, 2015
    We stayed at the Holiday Inn
    suites in Lake City Florida. My husband is a VA and Federal officer so I asked for the discount and the room was still over 100.00 dollars, I did't expect the room to be really cheap but it could have been less. We had stayed at a hotel in GA and we got the room for half off. They then put us on the fifth floor and he was using two canes to help him walk, thank goodness for the elevator They did ask about the handicap room, but I do not know which floor it would have been on. I thought I really hope that we did not have a fire alarm go off and have to go down five floors with his canes. I could not find a cart, so I had to make four trips to get everything to the room. My husband has a bad back and could not help me carry anything up. The room was clean, but the door had a crack in it and the dead bolt lock would not work because of the gap in the door. Then the phone rang at 6:10 am, I figured for a wake up call, but no one was on the phone. I don't think that we will stay there again.

  • Here is my concerns. I stayed in your hotel in West Point, Ny and this morning I saw bed bugs and blood stains were they had bitten my little girl. I wrote my complaint to IHG and they sends me and email back stating they are giving me 5000 points…I felt like that was a slap in the face!!! I don't know if i will every stay in any of you location again…

  • There is one more thing, Jan. Since I know that you work for Holiday Inn, perhaps you could help. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on No. Zeeb Rd in Ann Arbor. Following breakfast I wanted to relax in the hot tub but had no suit. I asked the lady attending the room cleaning (Rosie Renfro) if the hotel had suits to rent? She said they don't but thought for a minute then suggested that she has a new suit that she bought her husband that he didn't want and she was going to give it away to G. Will, in her car. She went and got it and gave it to me. Very above and beyond. There is one more thing, Jan. Since I know that you work for Holiday Inn, perhaps you could help. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on No. Zeeb Rd in Ann Arbor. Following breakfast I wanted to relax in the hot tub but had no suit. I asked the lady attending the room cleaning (Rosie Renfro) if the hotel had suits to rent? She said they don't but thought for a minute then suggested that she has a new suit that she bought her husband that he didn't want and she was going to give it away to G. Will, in her car. She went and got it and gave it to me. Very above and beyond. I need from you a good point of contact that I can send a letter or e-mail of accolades to.

  • We stayed at a new HIE in Oklahoma City, OK about 3 weeks ago on 7817 South Walker Ave zip 73139.
    Rm number 412 and stayed 3 Nights. the King Bed room had only the desk chair to sit in, no other place to sit besides the bed. There was ample room for a recliner or stuffed char.
    I asked at the front desk and was told that room does not come with a chair. I have never stayed in a Motel with out 2 places to sit. The room pics look like there is a couch? Dissapointed in OK.

  • Dear corporate I was fired on Oct 7th form holiday n express in Lebanon mo. U need to have someone undercover go in and work as a housekeeper with out the manager knowing. They r very un organized half the stuff we have on our carts we do not use. They have it there for when they have a surprise inspection. There r not disposable gloves on the cart. They say that the gloves take up to much time. I have pictures of the bedding that r all stained up and the quilts r all stained. The wash clothes and bath towels r also stained. They don't look at them before they put them n the wash. The managers smoke inside the building n the bathroom. Witch holiday Inn Express is no smoking inside the building. The manager at Lebanon mo holiday n express did not call me into the office to fier me she did it n the hallway in front of customers and other employees. I asked her to give me my check right then and there and she refused she said she will mail it. By Missouri law section 290.110. She is required to give me my check the day of my termination. U all can read it for your self. Holiday Inn Express phone number is 417-532-1111. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work there or even stay there. Laundry didn't strip any of my rooms tell 11:11 on Sunday. They bash all the new employees. I told them about a room that smells like pot. I followed my hand book and reported it but the manager didn't care. I also found a method pipe and the other housekeeper put it n the trash cause they didn't want cops involved.

  • Dear corporate I was fired on Oct 7th form holiday n express in Lebanon mo. U need to have someone undercover go in and work as a housekeeper with out the manager knowing. They r very un organized half the stuff we have on our carts we do not use. They have it there for when they have a surprise inspection. There r not disposable gloves on the cart. They say that the gloves take up to much time. I have pictures of the bedding that r all stained up and the quilts r all stained. The wash clothes and bath towels r also stained. They don't look at them before they put them n the wash. The managers smoke inside the building n the bathroom. Witch holiday Inn Express is no smoking inside the building. The manager at Lebanon mo holiday n express did not call me into the office to fier me she did it n the hallway in front of customers and other employees. I asked her to give me my check right then and there and she refused she said she will mail it. By Missouri law section 290.110. She is required to give me my check the day of my termination. U all can read it for your self. Holiday Inn Express phone number is 417-532-1111. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work there or even stay there. Laundry didn't strip any of my rooms tell 11:11 on Sunday. They bash all the new employees. I told them about a room that smells like pot. I followed my hand book and reported it but the manager didn't care. I also found a method pipe and the other housekeeper put it n the trash cause they didn't want cops involved.

  • Good Morning,
    This past weekend our hockey team stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at 420 W. University Drive in Mishawaka, IN. I checked in at 3pm on 10/2 after our first game. While most of our team was on the first floor 4 families were on the 2nd floor. I requested to have a first floor room and was denied the request stating that there was not any available. At 3:15pm housekeeping finished cleaning a room on the first floor near the rest of the team. I requested to be moved to that room and was again denied that request. Without unpacking we left and went to Olive Garden for lunch, came back and had to immediately load up to go to the second game.
    Now on to my issue:
    We came back to the hotel at 8pm. After a shower for my son him and his buddy relaxed on the bed playing Minecraft. I went over to mess with him when my mouth dropped open!
    On his pillow was short black hairs.. he has sandy blonde hair! I asked for the boys to get up while I inspected the bed…. 3 of 4 pillowcases had someone elses hair on it besides ours! I pulled his covers back one by one to only find long, long semi curly hair. On to my bed — 3 pillow cases had the long curly hair and it was on the FITTED SHEET! GROSS!
    I called the front desk only to get my first sigh of many… and was advised that she was busy then but will come up to change the sheets and pillowcases -Or I could move to a new room. Now wait suddenly there was a room available. And how sure can I be that I will not have the same issue. Not to mention everything is already unpacked in ours and my son's gear was drying out. I denied that request. She hung up and mind you NO APOLOGY!
    20 minutes later she arrived and began changing pillow cases. NO APOLOGY She was on the last one on my son's bed when I saw something on the pillow. I got up and looked over her shoulder. Clearly in her view was a BLOOD STAIN on the pillow larger than a half dollar and she was going to put a pillowcase over it! That has to be the MOST disgusting thing I have ever seen anyone do! And I told her oh no no no she huffed and puffed again. And again 3 of the six pillow cases she changed still had hair on them!
    I told her to leave the other bed alone that my son and I will share a bed.
    She was nice enough to leave the 4 hairy pillows on the floor in our room.
    This was not the only problem – the shower was dirty, there was dead bugs in front of my door, we had a bug also share the room with us, the fan in the bathroom did not work, there was toe nail clippings in the hallway and the manager on duty on 10/3 at the hotel was rude.
    I am going to share my experience with anyone that will listen. I have emailed the local news station.
    Bed bugs are a huge deal but I think sleeping on a dried bloody pillow is the icing on the cake.

    • My response:

      Dear Ms. XXXX,

      Thank you for contacting IHG Care and bringing your concerns to our attention regarding your stay experience at Holiday Inn Express Mishawaka (South Bend Area). Our efforts are always to ensure our guests are satisfied and our hotel is maintained to be comfortable while you are with us. However, on this occasion, it seems that you were not able to receive an exemplary hotel stay experience due to the condition of the bed amenities and the bathroom. I understand your frustration, and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience these issues may have caused you. The situations you have described is definitely not what we expect from any of our properties, nor is it something we take lightly.

      It is IHG's goal to consistently provide superior service and accommodations and your comments are very important to us. Your concerns have already been forwarded to the hotel management and hotel owners. This information will be utilized when the concerned hotel is inspected, both in regularly scheduled inspections as well as any surprise inspections that may occur. In addition, your comments will remain on file at the IHG corporate office for use in periodic evaluations of the hotel.

      The feedback we receive from our valued guests, like you, enables us to target problem areas and take the necessary actions to correct these issues, and to ensure similar inconvenience will not happen again. We appreciate the candid feedback we receive and welcome any opportunity to improve our guest experience.

      Once again, thank you for staying with us. We value you as our guest and hope this experience will not deter you from giving us another opportunity to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


      Divina Pao
      eMedia Coordinator
      Reference # 92866910

  • I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Dublin OH last weekend. Dried urine on the toilet seat when we got to our room for starters. The staff Randi, Teri and Christina were very rude and lied about everything. They made us go outside in the parking lot after 9 to hang out and wouldn't let us hang in the lobby. We have never been treated so poorly at any hotel before when traveling for soccer which we have been doing for the past 6 years. Worst hotel ever.

  • BEWARE $50 EARLY DEPARTURE FEE WOW. I along with my company staff have stayed at hundreds of Holiday Inn Express hotels and have never had this happen before. I was shocked to learn that I was charged a $50 early departure fee (penalized) for simply checking out 1 day early (6:30am)!!!!!! I was disappointed in the non-sha-lon attitude of staff and expected more with me being a gold elite rewards club member. Later I called back and spoke to the general manager about this who told me it was just the cost of doing business and that this info was highlighted on card when checking in. Well I have made numerous reservations at this hotel by phone with the front desk and have never been told about this nor is it highlighted anywhere when checking in nor is it in writing on my email confirmation from the front desk. I have no doubt the room could have been booked again easily because this hotel is a sitting gold mine..…hotel is always full being the only one located around for miles that looks safe. This sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth and feel like this hotel could care less about their customers ……..not to mention very pricey and proud.

  • I stayed At the Holiday Inn Express for two nights (9/20 and 9/21) there was food in refrigerator, clothes in the drawers from previous guest. Worst of all the door was left with the latch between door and frame the entire day in until we returned to the room at midnight. Of course this was a huge concern or safety and security reasons. When I told the person at the front desk the next morning, he didn't even apologize. Just shrugged his shoulders. If not for his messy jacket, I would not even of known he worked there. He is very unprofessional looking and acting. The entry was covered in cigarette butts and the floors in the lobby and elevator where the same ones for two days.We visit Topeka at least 4 times a year to see family. Wont be staying here again.

  • Dear Corporate
    I am a former worker of the Holiday Inn Express in Pine Bluff Arkansas near the Pines Mall.I tried to file a complaint on the phone bu twas told that due to the area I was in,it wasn't on the list ,therefore my complaint could not be taken. I began work August 10,2015 from the first day of employment I felt as if I were not welcomed,why I didn't care because I was there to work and not be loved. I never had a break because I was pushed to strip beds and service many times a total of 12 rooms from 10:00am to 12:20 pm. regardless of the state the room was in. There were times when I would finish and help another worker,but the mangers wife Mrs. Linda wrote on my time card that I spent 45 minutes in the rooms when it should only be 30 which was untrue. I was trained one day because the workers did not want to train anyone. Therefore I was told my work was good and I could start the second day on my own. aside from negative comments and the write up on my card there wasn't any complaints about my work other than Christine coming to me 2 weeks ago telling me I was cleaning the floors with the wrong thing,although its what the rest of the workers used. Then she said asked who trained me on the beds? She said they looked nice but that was the old way and I should fix them a different way. I experienced often my sheets being taken off cart,as well as when I strip the beds of those who checked out,when I returned to clean,someone would have gone in and removed a pillow protectors,pillows or Duvets that was still in room after stripping would be gone and I would have to keep going back to laundry to get replacements,which was time consuming.The Laundry worker said I threw them down the chute and i said to her that I didn't . Within this month I heard much negative talk from other workers and I knew it was directed at me, but again I was there to work and not be loved. I pushed daily without a break to avoid any problems and I made sure i did my work and cleaned my rooms. The very day I was said to have been terminated which was 09/10/2015 a Wednesday,I heard nothing of the complaint on not servicing the room. I was off Thursday Friday and Saturday but picked up check Friday and had no one to tell me I was terminated,no letter connected to my check. I came to work as Scheduled 09/13/2015 and was met outside by Christine telling me I was terminated, because of a said incident Wednesday. I was told I could return and talk to Mrs. Linda the following day about it,and I did only to hear what I knew she would say because of the previous accusation about me staying in my rooms 45 minutes. I feel that it may have been a blessing in disguise that I am no longer there because it's clear that no matter how much i stayed focused and did my job there were others who felt I posed a problem and wanted me gone. I have been thrown out of a job trying to figure out how to pay my expenses and I feel that it is very wrong. Something truly needs to be done about it. It is against the law to work an employee over 4 hours without a break.Corporate may continue to take part in this behavior by continuing to look away but I find it hard to do,because I know my qualifications and being terminated makes me look as if I wasn't doing my job and that's far from the truth. I tried to handle this in business manner but again corporate wouldn't take my complaint.

  • We stayed at the Holiday Inn Springdale/Fayetteville Ar. Aug 22 2015, it is a nice place but there is a thief working there. We left our ipad in our room when we left the hotel, I have called 3 times to see if it was turned in and have them talk to housekeeping, all I get is a run around and the manger told me she would call me back the same day and that didn't happen. They have a dishonest person working there and apparently they don't care, I am sure if it was their $500.00 ipad missing they would care a little more. I hope corporate reads this so they know how their employees are doing or not doing their job and stealing other peoples property. I know I must take responsibility for being the one that left it there, but I sure didn't get any satisfaction from their lack of effort.

  • Beware of online Book early & save option when booking a room with Holiday Inn Express! It states before cancellation that a deposit will be taken, but not that it is the full amount!! $125.99 was charged and not a dime refunded to me! I am very, very angry with customer service! They basically told me I should've read the terms beforehand. It was a very hard "lesson" for me to learn! I am in the middle of moving out of state. As you can imagine, this has taken all of my funds! Then to top it off, when cancelling a reservation due to not being able to afford a rental car (because of my recent move), I am charged all of this!! Unreal!!

  • I had arranged for our out of town wedding guests to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Algonquin , Illinois because they were so close to our wedding venue. The hotel staff was extremely professional and pleasant to work with, but there was one exceptional staff member that blew us away with her kindness and generosity. One of my daughter's guests did not rent a car for the weekend. He called an Uber car, that did not show. If they were to call another cab, it would have taken too long and they would have missed the wedding. So, Kara, the front desk clerk offered her own vehicle for him to use to get to the church. This was an extraordinary act of faith and kindness. Little did she know, the man she helped was an army ranger that risks his life to protect our freedom. I would like to nominate her for employee of the year and it is important that the company and others know how well she represented your brand. Usually, you only hear about negative experiences. I am happy to share a positive one……..

    • The truck was stripped down and almost stolen from in front of the holiday inn express in southington Connecticut. … worst experience ever. My sister n my kids are stuck there n cant get back to long island since Tuesday. .. I have a lawyer working on this. .. the hotel does NOT have any security on premises what so ever. .. I am scared for my family and awaiting their safe return. … I feel like they are being held hostage. … worst feeling ever..

  • A friend of mines husband stayed at the snyder Texas location for work and a front desk clerk by the name Amanda Grant proceeded to get him drunk At the hotel drive him on the back roads of snyder and try and take advantage of him. This is not only very unprofessional behaviour but very uneithical behavior considering she knew he was married and had a family. I myself have worked at
    several hotels and had to sign contracts saying I would not fratranize with
    hotel guests and have seen people get fired for alot less. I feel she did more then just flirt and fratrinize she could of destroyed a family. She should not be allowed to work in 4 star establishment that kind of work behaviour is more suited in a strip clup or as a call girl.
    Im sure shes done this more then once if she has it could mean a bad reputation for holiday inn express.

  • I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Monroeville Pennsylvania. I reported to the front desk that my new shoes were stolen from my room. I gave them my name and number (there rewuest); I have not heard from them.

  • July 7th, 2015
    I have just spent 25 minutes trying to make a reservation for the Holiday Inn Express in Stevens Point, WI. They sent me to a reservation desk where i had to spell our company name at 10 times, then when asked about a corporate rate they told me no they couldn't do that because we weren't set up when asked how to get that set up they told me I would have to talk to the Stevens Point hotel. They transferred be back there and the gal at the front desk said she would not help me until I made the reservation so she sent me back to reservations in which again I had to repeat and spell our companies name over and over again. I asked to set up direct billing and they transferred me back to Stevens Point I then asked to speak to a manager and they put Cheryl on the phone. She was very rude was not going to help me with this reservation what so ever. Then back to the reservation desk in which I talked to Julia. She too was very rude as well. I have never had such difficulty in trying to make a reservation and I make many for our employees. They way Holiday Inn express treats you is awful. You would be better off at a different hotel in the area. Their customer service is rotten at both the hotel and reservation levels. I am going to cancel my reservation and try a different hotel. With they way that I was treated by just making a reservation I can only imagine how the employees will be treated once they get there.

  • This note is concerning the Holiday Inn Express in Davenport, Iowa. I have sent a certified letter to the C.O.O. of the Hotel InterContinental Group.

    My son and I stayed here on our trip from the east to the west coast. We had a lot of electronic and photography equipment that the 2 people at the front desk saw us bring in. (A lot of high end equipment)

    We went out to dinner and returned promptly, the front desk unoccupied, no one seeing us return.

    Minutes after shutting our lights off, our door opened. No knock, no announcing who they were, it opened. Whoever opened it saw we were there and left immediately. No words were spoken.

    The following morning, when prompted 2 times, the lady at the front desk said it was she that had opened the door, that a "silent alarm" had gone off.

    Neither my son, nor I are smokers, so we couldn't have triggered a "silent alarm".

    Upon questioning the manager from my car later in the day, I found out that the hotel's policy is to knock and announce who they are. The person entering out room dd neither.

    If there was a "silent alarm" why didn't the person entering our room ask if we were okay? She just slithered away, CAUGHT.

    I can only come to one conclusion and it's not a good one. My recommendation, if you stay at this hotel, CHECK YOUR BAGS BEFORE YOU LEAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING.

  • I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in San Pablo, CA and had my car broken into right in front of the hotel entrance on Sunday morning, 6-14-15. We loaded the SUV, went in to make sure we were checked out, grab a cup of coffee and Danish and all it took was less than 10 minutes. DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE HOTEL – of course no one saw anything

  • I reserved rooms for two nights at the Paragould, Arkansas Holiday Inn Express plus reserved a
    >meeting room to hold a baby shower two weeks earlier for May 29th & May 30th. I talked to Sam & he said he would send me a confirmation email on the meeting room which he didn't. Upon arrival,
    >I talked to Sam and asked why he didn't send an email and he said he forgot
    >but he had both the room and meeting room ready. I had previously had my
    >niece's baby shower there 4 years ago and the hotel staff made sure it was
    >set up including coffee and water which he said would be done and were so
    >helpful. This time our hotel stay & meeting room were terrible &
    >unsatisfactory. The room had a terrible smell, we had to ask for towels
    >which I finally had to go down and pick up myself and the AC unit was not
    >working properly. I went down and ask to speak to the manager and was told
    >they were not there yet. Each time I went down, could only speak to the
    >attendant on duty. I told them the above things and was told it would be
    >fixed. Nothing was done. The meeting room had not been set up and no water
    >or coffee was set up as Sam said along with the table & chairs. I had to
    >set up the room & take down 6 tables & put them in the closet because they
    >couldn't do it. They were extremely heavy & I had to set up the chairs. The
    >carpet had not been vacuumed. They never set up the water & coffee. We
    >ended up opening the gifts because guests were arriving as I was setting up
    >the room and I moved it to the restaurant next door. Sam was on duty as I
    >came back from the restaurant after the shower & I told about the situation
    >& he said that he forgot to tell "them" about the shower. When I checked
    >out, the meeting room fee of $75.00 was not on my bill so I figured Sam had
    >taken it off since he didn't set it up or provide what was promised for the
    >room rental. To my dismay, I had a debit charge on my account on June 1st
    >for the meeting room plus taxes. On my statement I was charged a total of
    >$233.08 for both nights with no compensation for the problems with the room
    >& the hotel staff never made an attempt to fix the problems. I was
    >appalled. We had out of town guests that stayed at the hotel and were also
    >so disappointed in the baby shower & what I I had to go through plus the
    >embarrassment. I was excited to give the shower again here because of how
    >wonderful the hotel staff was 4 years earlier when I gave it in the same
    >meeting room & the great service of our rooms. Please rectify this
    >situation immediately. I want a credit for the meeting room charge and feel
    >I shouldn't have to pay for a room that was below standard and hotel staff
    >that did not take care of our issues. I plan to write Mr. Maalouf, CEO
    >because of this matter. I hope you will rectify this immediately & try to
    >make sure this doesn't happen to another customer again.
    I sent this also to customer service and am awaiting for the resolution to this disappointing experience.

  • Our family checked in to HIE at Rapid City SD on May 22, 2015. This was arranged by Travelocity and prepaid with credit (debit) card. The day of arrival we were asked for our credit card, even though they acknowledged that our reservations were already paid of which we had evidence. We inquired as to why this was necessary and the desk agent said it was a guarantee that if anything is damaged or stolen this would cover it. We have always stayed at HIE hotels in various midwest cities and NEVER have had this happen. She took it upon herself to scan (process) this fraudulent charge (almost the same amount as our initial fee) and told us it would be reimbursed once we signed out and the room was checked. Thankfully we had some cash and were able to meet all our expenses, but this obvious discriminatory behavior has left us feeling betrayed. We are a struggling family who pays on time and like to take family vacations when we are able. We were judged by our persona of darker skin and Spanish accent and have reported this to the SD States Attorney so that no one else will have to be humiliated in this manner again.

  • TripAdvisor Review of Holiday Inn Express London – Heathrow T5

    “Poor Customer Service & Stroppy Security”

    We met visiting friends from the USA at this place for an exchange of puppetry techniques and to view each others' puppets. We had each brought a number of puppets – actually step / tap-dancing puppets called 'jig dolls.' When 'danced' on vibrating stage boards they made tap-dancing clickety clack noises. Kids love them – so do adults. They are each uniquely hand-crafted. In all we had about 40 different ones with us.

    Anyway the first upset of the evening was when we had just finished our dinner desert course in the restaurant and we were rudely and curtly TOLD to leave our table by suited Security because a coach load of French students had just arrived and required a communal supper just where were seated. However before we had started our meal we had been told that it was OK to sit where we wanted. Now we were being *told* to leave IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS.

    We adjourned to the bar / reception area and unpacked our puppets. We danced a few. Some other guests showed an interest in our collections. Then one of our party brought out a mouth organ and we had a little quiet music. IMMEDIATELY suited Security turned up again and we were told that under NO circumstances would any form of 'entertainment' be allowed ANYWHERE IN THE HOTEL. We asked about 'dancing' the puppets – making quiet clickety clack noises – and we were told NO!" Huh – we waited until he had gone – then we carried on – but sans music.

    Our other concerns are that the whole hotel is a maze of look-alike corridors with little signage to find rooms. There were only two lifts (elevators) which were well hidden down one corridor. In the morning it took an age to get one to stop at the floor because everyone else was using them. In an emergency – with few stairwells – it would take a very long time to get out.

    The Security staff need to realise that visiting Americans are used to customer service and are not happy about being ordered from their meal table; and the Security staff – well the one we had issues with – definitely needs training in showing proper respect for paying guests. The hotel should lighten up to allow a little quiet music in the bar area; and as for banning kids dancing dolls this just shows the low levels that customer service has sunk to in this country (UK).

    Room Tip: Ask for a room near the emergency stairs – if there's a fire you'll never find the exit.

  • perry morin I stayed at your Mountain View ca Inn I paid 150.00 My wife stayed at same location Xmas 2014 and Paid 118.00 I would like a credit for the difference her name is Cathy she paid CASH , we go there all the time OUR KIDS live there. conf no 67458853 rate code aaa I am a Senior 68
    my wife is also a senior 65 SHE got a senior discount Please let me know and i will suppliy the address or you can crdit my VISA

  • Called in to inquire about a governement 124 day reservation (over $10,000 stay). The service rep could hardly be understood. When I asked her location, she asked me when i would need the room. I told her to answer my question. In the unlikely event she did not understand or hear my question, I repeated myself. After I finished my direct question, she hung-up on me. Holiday Inn lost a prospective $10,000 account in less than 2 minutes.

    • I started work for the holiday inn expressing north Lima Ohio 3weeks ago. Just quit today cause since day one I was harassed and treated like dirt. By Donna the head house keeper. And I'm not the only one she has done this too. She is terrible. And she calls herself a supervisor. I really hope you look into this before it happens to someone else. She has a nasty attitude. And believe me I was harassed. I'm going to look into this further with a attorney. What she did to me was wrong.

    • I truly wish you the best with your situation,it is time something is done about it. At will policy allows employers the ability to fire you for any given reason. Many so called managers and supervisors abuse it, and Holiday Inn Express among many others happen to be one of them .

  • Hello I'm writing to you on concern of an employee that works for the woodhaven Michigan holiday inn express she is 60yrs old and is a very hard worker for the breakfast area in the hotel and loved by all the customers.. But the co workers is another story my mother is that worker getting age discrimination from her bosses general manager.. And she just called off cause she wasent feeling good just for today and was told not to come in for almost the rest of the week and my mom depends on the paycheck that she gets for working the breakfast work.. First of all the general manager isn't certified to be there in the first place and she treats curtain employee's with disrespectful and discriminate against curtain individuals.. And the owner of this hotel is not doing anything about it.. And I'm sorry but something has to be done about this place it's in woodhaven Michigan!!! My mother can't take anymore of this unruly treatment so please do something about this place

  • Holiday Inn Express , South Boston Virginia. Manager, Dianna Tiller. I am an employee at the above hotel. Has been for over 5 years. This is my last hope for some type of rescue for this hotel.first of all it is a hotel that if you would look up reviews on Trivia or any other site 98% of the reviews would be negative. At the present time my manager Dianna is a sneaky, conniving, lier, untrustworthy, disrespectful, etc woman. She is the main reason I think out hotel isn't doing well at all. Not to mantion all of the upgrades and new carpets and new tile and paint jobs we have down in the last few years and its like we still don't have enough money to keep cleaning products (which they owe almost all of their vendors as well). I can almost bet that she has been using the hotel money for her personal use. Even an x-employee and a good friend of hers said so. She got a new deck built ,two nice new cars in a year,not to mention every king bed, flat screen, new king pillows, cleaning supply, comforter, mattress pad the hotel has, she has in her home. We have went days without cleaning supplies, which seems unprofessional since we are suppose to be clean and SMART hotel. We are infested with roaches and instead of her having a real exterminator, she sends maintenance next door to Dollar General to get Hot Shot to spray in the room and on top of that even with the horrible fumes she still checks people into the room. (With no full house. )We have bed bugs as well. Even when a guest brought two in a napkin dead to the front desk she tried to say the woman planted them there just to get a discount. Even though all of the employees have seen the bugs in a room. To be a Holiday Inn we are bootleg in everything we do. The rooms are mildewed from all the leaks and mold. When the inspector is coming to check the rooms we have to do a complete cleaning of at least 6 rooms including new sheets ,towels, everything new in the rooms. Then she tells us to hide our task sheets and if she asks tell her that the rooms are occupied. We even have to put DO NOT DISTURB signs on the doors of some vacant rooms so the inspector won't go in them. Then Dianna just shows her the rooms that we cleaned like new. She asked maitence to lie to the fire inspector one time. She had him forge a signature and date for a sheet that was suppose to be filled out by another inspector. In a meeting one day she had all of the employees write down their email address so she could send us a "how was your stay" questioner and we were to put all 10's for the score as if we were regular guest. (Which I still get in email till this day) I don't fill them out. She has us lie to the owners of the hotel Peter, Rog,Ram about things as well. Its no type of management here. Certain employees run her and our housekeeping manager by telling them what she will and will not do. Not to mention the housekeeping manager is a thief as well. She steals our new hand towels and gives them to her hairstylist as payments for making her wigs. Honestly these working conditions are unbearable. Very stressful. I can't keep lying and cheating. I have to pay for these sins. I want to quit but I probably can't get unemployment from quiting. I have started speaking my mind respectfully hoping I may get fired so I can get my unemployment but that hasn't worked yet. I can't take it. I know it has to be some kind if law against the way this hotel is being ran. Please help. Send somebody to talk to the employees one on one or something. This is a disgrace of how my manager is behaving and its like no one will try and stop her. Please help

  • I showed the General Manager our account on the computer in the lobby. His name is Rob Shoemaker. We then went over to the desk and he explained about the pre-authorization that they do, even if you want to pay cash at checkout I explained to Mr. Shoemaker what Neil had told me, and that there was never any mention of this,that he took the cash and said everything was fine. Mr. Shoemaker said that he could give us the cash back, if that would be helpful. We told him that it would help, because since our checking account was now in the negative, we had no money! I then asked him about the $129.65 charge and asked WHY this was put on our account. HE SAID HE DIDN'T HAVE AN ANSWER TO THAT!He is the general manager!The following morning (Monday),we called our bank and they said that they would need him to put on letterhead the amount that he wanted to have released from our account. Mr. Shoemaker did follow through with that, and told me that because of the confusion, he was having the bank release the $258.17, and the only charge would be for 1 night, which would be in the amount of $129.65.I thanked him for that, because in all honesty, I believe it was the LEAST he could do. He gave us a copy from our bank that said that the $258.17 had been released and that it would be available to us. When I checked out, he asked me if I wanted to go ahead and take care of the $129.65.Had I been thinking, I would have reminded him that the $129.65 had already been authorized.SO, instead the $129.65 was authorized TWICE, and we are in the NEGATIVE again with our checking account and have NOW incurred a $32 SERVICE CHARGE!I am going to the bank in the morning as soon as I get off work to try to get this straightened out, and I can assure you that the bank and ourselves WILL be calling MR. SHOEMAKER in the morning! With all of this headache, we couldn't even enjoy the time we came up for to be with family to celebrate our family Christmas because we were worried about all of the mess this has created with our bank! Now, we are in the NEGATIVE and we have 2 very important bills to pay tomorrow!We had decided to stay with you all because we had a very positive experience in Troy, OH. This visit has totally ruined it for us. We will just pay the extra money and go back to Drury. This has been a complete NIGHTMARE and has caused a HUGE amount of STRESS since returning from our trip, thinking everything had been taken care of, when, in fact, it is only worse!I would appreciate a response.Conf60230870

  • We stayed at the Findlay, OH, checking in on 12-27-14 and departing on 12-29-14. We live in TN, and before we left town, I had forgotten to call our bank to notify them that we would be traveling out of state. I told my partner that we needed to withdraw the amount of the hotel stay in cash from the ATM just in case we weren't able to reach our bank. That way, we'd at least have the money for the hotel at check in. When I arrived, I explained why I wanted to pay in cash. Neil, the front desk clerk, said that we could pay for our stay in cash at check out, but that they would still put a hold on the debit card until check out. I explained to him that there would be a problem with that because we had withdrawn the money for the hotel stay, and I didn't think there would be enough money left in the account to put a hold on the card. He went ahead and checked us in, and told me to get settled in and check back with him in a little while. He said that he had to contact his manager to see how this could be worked out. We got everything unloaded and got settled into the room. I brought the luggage cart back to the lobby and stopped at the front desk. Neil said that he figured out a way to post the cash without charging my card. I paid him the cash and he gave me a receipt. I didn't think any more about it until Sunday afternoon, when we went to the ATM to check our balance and found out that we were in the hole! Not only had they pre-authorized the $258.17, but had ALSO pre-authorized an amount of $129.65,the amount of a THIRD night, and we were only reserved for TWO nights, total of $387.82 was not taken from our checking account and we were now in the NEGATIVE.

  • I have been trying to edit my comment for over an hour, but it will not let me post what you need to hear because I am over the 4,096 characters. Just another strike against your hotel when you don't want to hear the entire story! So, I am going to post half of it in the next comment section and you will see a Part 2 right below it. Ridiculous! You, in the meantime can pull up confirmation # 60230870.

  • My wife and I stayed in the Holiday Inn Express Amarillo Airport the night of December 21. This was the worse night we have had in a hotel in many years. There was a dog that sounded like it was in the room next to ours. It barked off and on all night long. The barking at 10 and 11 we could stand, but the barking at 2 to 4 made sleeping impossible. When we told the desk clerk about the problem, she just shrugged her shoulders, like what am I suppose to do. We asked if the hotel had rooms specifically set aside for people with dogs and they told us no, that they just charged a $25 fee to vacuum the room (we thought all rooms were vacuumed between customers). We asked what about people that had allergies to pet hair, once again the shrug of the shoulders. By 5 am the barking was so unbearable that we chose to leave.
    We paid for a room that we couldn't sleep in, did not get the breakfast that was included in the price and were very disappointed. This was the first time we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, we cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed we are. I guess it is back to Hampton Inn for us.
    I would appreciate a response. Our confirmation number is 69009892. My contact information should be available there.

  • My stay at the holiday inn express in New Orleans east was horrible the general manager Karayan Willis is a rude and insensitive person has was mad today when me and my family checked in because for one the room we had IHG let us use our points she she started talking to me and my wife in a condescending tone telling us that we not suppose to even have the room the after that she then went on to tell us about the incidentals charge that we never pay very time we have stayed thee and every time we come to new Orleans east we stay at that hotel so we went to view the room and it smelt like a night club full of smoke and we came down here for my sons birthday who has cancer and both my minor children has asthma and allergies so we called her from the room and told her numerous things was wrong with the room and she should come take a look she refused and when we got back to the counter she proceed to tell us the dollar store was down the street and we could go buy some thing to mask the odor so we went to the dollar store and purchase ten dollars worth of fragrance products and when we got back she then told us we could not us none of those things i just brought she then said that we could not stay at her hotel and we had just drove two hours we had food and my sick children was cold and wanted to eat she look at us and laughed and said that is not my problem and i have been here at this location for five years and i'm not going nowhere but you are so get out and she did this in front of my sick children my son with cancer and my other son who are both minor children then on top of that she wanted to engage in a negative debate with my wife and she kept on approaching her then after that she looked at another employee named Jade and laughed in front of my son with cancer and jade put her head down i do not recommend this hotel to anyone she is not family or child friendly

  • I am not an employee< but a guest at your Dandridge Tennessee Holiday Inn Express, located right off Hwy 40. Every year we travel south to Florida and stop here, It is our first stop. In the past we have always had a good experience but not to much this past trip on November 11, 2014. At 6pm the noise began above our room ( 219 ) and didn't stop until after 11pm that night. Or the sleep aid that we took finally kicked in, I have never in all my years of traveling called the front desk to complain about anything. This night I called 4 times, AND NOTHING was done. Sure they offered to move us, but we had had our dinner and settled in for the night we had driven for 10 hours. The person in charge never once offered to move the noise maker. After the 4th call I told her I would talk to the manager in the morning. Ha! Fat lot of good that did. The person at the front desk had NO name tag on. COULD HAVE CARED LESS IF I had had a problem. Stood like a stone while I explained to her what she had already known. I asked for compensation she offered me points and that was it. Not a refund not a free nights stay etc. Then to top everything off we went to breakfast at 6:35am and the room was already filled with extended stay construction workers. Needless to say, there was pretty slim pick-ins for breakfast. Again the woman who was working in the dining room was well aware that trays were empty but yet did nothing. Talked with some young man that was working behind the front desk that had been in and out of the dining area. What a disappointment Holiday Inn Express turned out to be for us. Is this how you treat your return customers. Never again will I recommend your Holiday Inn Express to anyone!!!

  • Attention Corp.Office I would like to bring to your attention how it is working at your holiday inn express in Bradley Illinois I was working as a housekeeper and found a hundred dollar bill in a checkout room I was cleaning I was told by my boss Sarah Kesteloot that I had to turn it in and if no one claims it after a week then it would be mine she said she was turning it in to our boss end she did not turn it in she kept it for herself not only does she steal tips from me she also steals from the other housekeepers and she is not the only one stealing tips there is four of these woman stealing tips you have Sarah sandy Anita and jess all stealing and getting away with it I wanted to bring this to you and maybe you could do something about it it is not right and under to the ladies cleaning the rooms I no longer work there I could not stand working with thirds

  • This is for 9 Northeastern Blvd. in Nashua New Hampshire. We were up all night because the entire floor were kids staying over for soccer tournament. they were running up and down the hall, screaming, slamming doors and knocking at our door at 9:30 pm. we called the desk and nothing was done. The noise continued. we called THREE more times and no one answered. Is this how you treat your guests?? Both Sat and Sun our room wasn't cleaned until after 4PM we have dinner reservations for 5:15 Sun and had to cancel cause we couldn't get ready in time. They saying is never say never!!!…….WE WILL NEVER STAY AT ANOTHER HOLIDAY INN !!!

  • I have stayed at the holiday inn express in Fairfield Ohio. I have spent $600 to $1000 in here in the last three months. I just a rsv. At 3 min to six, i had to call at 8 pm because my truck broke down on the way. With my daughter, they still are charging me 132 . Really. Guess thats what happens when i made a complaint the last time i was there.

  • I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Crossville, TN. I would recommend to all who stay at Holiday Inn to inspect the central unit in there room before sleeping in it. Just take off the top cover and look at the coils. I was sick after staying in the room #319. Nose running, coughing, watering eyes. After the 3rd night I removed the cover and it was covered in dust and had black and green mold all over it. The manager was so rude and didn't care. I filed a complaint with the Knoxville, TN. Better Business Bureau case #8044391. They didn't do nothing either. I took pictures and everything. Showed them to the manager on duty and sent the pictures to the Better Business Bureau. I never heard anything back from Anyone. Inspect the units people !!! Especially have you have a child with allergies. If my kids had been with me, I would have really been mad. You have no idea how nasty the room you're staying in may be

  • I am an employee at the Holiday Inn in Pratt, Ks. As a house keeper. We have 3 shifts for housekeeping and never have enough towels to go around. The sheets are worn. We have been told now for over two months that tjey were buying more sheets and towels and we have uet to see them. They won't hire any one to do the laundry for 2and/or 3rd shifts. the GM and owners know of someone steeling sheets ect yet havnt done a thing about it

  • My husband and I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Moncks Corner, SC. As usual it was a wonderful experience. It's been the only place we will stay when we come to visit family in St. Stephen. My extended family enjoys their stay there as well. The staff is always helpful, courteous, friendly and responsive to any questions we may have. If there is ONE thing I would request of Holiday Inn Express is to add gluten-free foods to their delicious breakfast menu. It's not hard to do. Suggested foods to be added are Chex breakfast cereals, and eggbeaters to name a couple. Bacon should be an everyday breakfast item as sausage could contain fillers. I heard the Moncks Corner HIE may be changing to another hotel chain. That would be the worse mistake ever. The area needs decent hotels for visitors to stay in. I've stayed at the others in the area and couldn't wait to check out of them for various reasons. I've stayed in Holiday Inn Express in Newberry, SC as well. We used our Rewards Points for the Executive Suite It was a wonderful experience. The faciility is clean and beautiful and the staff showed us they were glad to have us there. I love my experiences at HIE and hope Corporate will keep a facility in Moncks Corner or build one in St. Stephen, South Carolina.

  • This past week we were in Texas for our vacation, We stayed part of the trip on the Kemah Boardwalk Holiday Inn Express. I did not realize I had booked it thru an second party I thought it was connected with Holiday Inn, I received a phone call that my Uncle had passed away and we had to leave a day early and was informed that I had to contact the second party to get that last night removed from my card…I contacted them and they put me on hold forever while they contacted the hotel, and it ended up that I could not get my money back they said that I knew this when I booked it…So lesson learned…..But then, as we traveled on we were in Dallas and it was late and we called the holiday Inn on 2287 W Northwest Hwy, I was impressed by the friendly man and woman at the front desk…but was concerned when they told the people in front of me and then me to park in the back of the building and use our room card to get in that it was easy access to our room…which we had to walk to front of building for the elevator…When we got to our room my daughter and two grandkids was going to go swimming and my granddaughter pulled out the hide abed to make it before she went down to swim…when she pulled the mattress back to make the bed it was discussting….it had dust ball, hair tie and an ear ring under it. also the trash had not been emptied under the sink…so I went down to the front desk and they moved us to another room….which was better,,, I went to make the hide a bed so they could go on swimming and noticed that we had no sheets so went down to get some, they had a guy bring some up (who wasn't very frieindly) and once again I had to go down to the front desk we had no sheets for the hide a bed…so finally everything was set to go to bed…..We got up at 5 to get on the road early only to discover that someone had BROKE THE BACK PASSENGER WINDOW BEHIND THE DRIVERS SEAT on my Toyota Sequria…we went in to use phone to call the police only to be told by the guy that was on duty then that we had to us our cell phones because we couldn't tie up the hotel phone….we got the police report made went to Walmart to get stuff to cover the window (oh yeah I forgot to mention what they took, I had had bag of dvd approximately 20 to 30 in a bag for my grandkids to watch which they had a blanket on, a pair of wirless headphones, and then latter we discovered they took a bag of snacks with approximately $60.00 worth of stuff plus the cost of the bag) We finally got on the way around 9:30 to head home to Richmond, Mo…I latter called the hotel to talk to the manager just to make sure that he had been told, which he found out after the couple in front of us reported there vehicle had been broken into also…he said he had asked them if they had moved there car when he saw the broken glass which Is going to cost us appox. $180,00 to get fixed …My brother Danny Adkins had refered us to use Holiday Inn Express because this is one he uses when he travels a lot for his job he is in the priority group with Holiday Inn….We had always used Drury Inn when we traveled, the first night of our vacation we stayed in Guthrie Okla. at the Holiday Inn Express and was very pleased…but i'm not to sure any more….I WILL BE WRITING A LETTER AND SENDING IT TO THE CORPORATE OFFICE…I am starting to believe that we were set up to be broken into, I think it was an inside job being we were told to park were we did and so was the one right before us, oh an were weren't parked next to each other we were about 8 cars down from them. they were parked closer to front of building we were parked under a light and just a car's length away from the back door…

  • We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Downtown Detroit recently. We had several problems with the room & service. The Wet Bar Suite was supposed to have dishes in it, there were none. We had to call the front desk four times about the dishes and each time they had an excuse as to why we had not received them. The bathroom toilet ran making a loud and distracting noise for over 30 minutes after flushing. The next time we used the toilet the handle came off. We were forced to pay $20 a night for valet parking in addition to the room rate. The valet staff on several occasions brought us the wrong car even though we had given them a ticket to identify our car. When we finally complained to the supervisor, about the problems in the room he said that we broke the toilet handle. Instead of apologizing and offering to put us in another room he suggested we go to another hotel. I probably would have taken his suggestion and left the hotel but our family was in that hotel and thus the reason we got a room there. I had to ask to be put in another room. The room and service was not worth the $139 a night we paid. The room would have been $199 per night if not for a group rate. To top off all the problems approximately $80.00 came up missing on our last day in the room. The money was left in the room for a brief period. I believe that housekeeping staff stole the money from our room. Management is callous and disrespectful and the service is poor. This was the worst experience that I have ever had in a hotel. If you are thinking about staying in a Holiday Inn Express & Suites, you may want to rethink that idea.

  • We were staying in Searcy Ark. at the holiday inn express, it has been nothing but awesome, after we checked out this morning, we were looking for a place to use a computer, we come back to the hotel and they said we could use it no problem.The front desk lady told us if there was anything else we needed to please let her know. I seen all of these BAD comments on this page and was compelled to send this message that we are very pleased and would reccomend this paticular site to anyone, We will be staying again tonight, Thanks to your staff for being curtious and profesional.

  • Someone, anyone needs to do something about the tip situation at the Missoula Montana location on Expressway. I am a housekeeper at this location, I have worked at other hotels as a housekeeper and HAVE NEVER HAD THIS happen before or heard of this kind of action. We do not get ANY of our tips left in the rooms for us or left at the front desk for us. The Head Housekeeper takes it upon herself to go into our rooms before us and take them. Keep in mind this does not involve stripping the rooms or anything that is somewhat helpful. She does this starting at 9:30 a.m. by knocking on doors. We are not allowed to knock on ANY doors. At one point in time a guest had approched me in the hall way and wanted to give me a $5 tip, as it happened the head house keeper had come along at this time and told the guest that she (the guest) needed to give it to her. The guest was dumbstruck and asked why and was told that tips were collected. The Guest told the Head Housekeeper that she wasn't going to give it to her and that she had never heard of such a thing. The Guest waited for the Head Housekeeper to leave then came back and left the $5 on my cart. She is supposedly purchasing pizza for the housekeeping department twice a month, yet I have only seen her buy pizza once in the 5 weeks I have worked for this hotel. Over Graduation weekend her fill in lead had confided in me that she collected $200 per day. So where in the world does pizza cost $400? This is not fair as I feel we work HARD for the tips the guests are leaving us as a thank you. We have an upcoming inspection in July and I would hope someone would address this issue. The GM is aware of this and says its the Head Housekeepers decision about the tips. I don't see it that way and I can tell you that the moral and wanting to do a really good job is fading in the housekeeping department because of this situation. No one wants to work there and the turnover is huge.

  • The tip stealing is also going on at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Missoula Montana ( the one on Expressway) also.

  • I stayed at the Holiday Inn Downtown Dover DE. The first three days were ok, nothing spectacular but acceptable. I awoke on Mother's Day morning to take a shower and found no hot water and the water that was coming out was brown. I called the front desk and was told that the City of Dover was flushing the system and that was the cause of the brown water. I asked how that would affect there being no hot water and was told that it didn't matter because we could not use the water for any reason. I asked why we weren't told about it and was told that the City of Dover does not provide them notice. I explained that we would be checking out and that I paid $133 for a room where I could not even shower or brush my teeth. The said we can give you a $25 credit. At this point they have charged my card the full amount which includes the night we didn't stay as we had checked out prior to 11AM on Sunday and were booked thru 11AM Monday. I am working with the AG's office and my bank to get resolution on that. I also contacted the City of Dover and was told that there was no scheduled or emergency flushing going on that day so they were not the cause of the brown water and that when they do flush, even in an emergency, that they notify all businesses. I have brought this fact to the attention of the GM after leaving several messages and have yet to receive a return phone call. I also posted on their FB page and got a response from Corporate that they had reached out to the hotel and asked them to contact me within 48 hours and if I still had an issue after that to let them know. So I did, and this time their response was we are a franchise and our locations are independently owned and operated. So basically they are wiping their hands of the issue. Luckily, thru my counsel and contacts in the Dover area, I have found out what their liability is in all of this and intend to move forward as we have no idea what we were exposed to in that hotel. I am working closely with the health department and have turned over all photos that I took of the issue and they are very interested to find out what is going on there. What is most appalling is the lack of care and concern on both the part of the local hotel and corporate for the health and well being of the guests. Unfortunately for them they do hold much more liability than they realize and I intend to hold them accountable. Please beware when choosing a hotel and make sure you investigate the reviews first.