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Hampton Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact The Hampton Inn Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Hilton Worldwide, Inc.

Hampton Inn Corporate Office Address:

7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102 USA

Hampton Inn Contact Phone Numbers and Websites:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-883-1000
Fax Number: 1-703-883-1000
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-426-7866
Reservations: 1-800-445-8667
Website: Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn’s main competitors are Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hilton, Fairfield Inn, Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Staybridge Suites, Springhill Suites, Doubletree, LaQuinta, Best Western, Ramada Inn, Embassy Suites, Red Roof Inn, Super 8, and Residence Inn.

Hampton Inn Corporate Office
Hampton Inn Corporate Office Phone Number & Address

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  1. Hampton Inn – Brenham TX has bed bugs! When I was transferred to another room there was a cockroach. The next morning the front end manager told me they don’t have bed bugs. I told her I have a video and pics, she said then you brought them with! She was extremely rude. The place is so rundown and nasty. Toilets don’t flush, the bathtub floor creaks when taking a shower, feel like you’re going to fall through, towels were dirty & stained! I can’t believe Hilton would have their name on that place.

  2. We thought you might be interested in hearing about the wonderful staff at your Manchester VT location.

    Our family tradition is to travel to VT from NJ to get our Christmas tree. We started taking our young children more than 30 years ago, and now include our grandchildren in the annual trek.

    We chose the Manchester Hampton Inn a few years ago out of convenience, but keep coming back because we are treated so well. This year we cut down a rather large tree and had a second tree, our daughter's, also on top of the car. Returning to check out of the hotel, I became concerned about safety and inquired at the front desk about where I might get tie-down materials.

    The front desk manager then contacted the hotel maintenance person who came out with some heavy twine and secured both trees completely. We drove home comfortably knowing it had been done right.

    We didn't get either the manager or maintenance person's name, but it was on Saturday November 27th at around 1:30PM.

    Happy Holidays to you and the entire Hilton family.

    Paul Mahler, Pompton Plains, NJ

  3. My wife and I travel a fair amount and always stay at Hampton Inn & Suites. When my employees do an out of town install, they too stay in Hamptons. we do see ourselves as a rather loyal customer and for the most part, we have no major complaints except for hallway noise and minority employees sometimes being rude. There seems to be no rule for talking in the hallways nor the loud slamming of room doors. Some of the worst offenders of loud talking is from the crews that clean the rooms. In all of the Hamptons I have stayed in over the US, I have yet to find one that is quiet. Sound penetrates through the walls and is actually amplified by the room doors. Would it be too much to ask for guests to be requested to speak softly when in hallways and not slam doors?

  4. Something needs to be done since this world still have very closed minded to how hard thing have been since this whole visuals. While I sat there filled out application over heard her on a phone call with a complaint. All the while she was pushing blame on other co-workers. Now this manger state she offered me a 3rd shift to where I would not go fill out for cause have done that shift and does not work for me make no since to fill for a position I know would not be able to do.. So go in fill out send her my resume to get a response as why did I go in am a person looking for work and that how a manger come cross with an email very unprofessional now cause she said I fail to show up for job never offered to me that am not a good fit or reliable. This world isn't reliable and we all have gone throw alot. Manger name is Lindsey Stuck from Hampton Inn and suite at Manchester Ct. If I need to get a lawyer I will the in justice in this world is enough.

  5. With this hole thing happen in this world we have a manger in hampton inn and suite in manchester ct. That is cold and heartless as they come and very unprofessional. As I sat there and filled out application turn to blame other on her team cause she couldn't handled it right. But then email me about offering me job for 3rd shift that I wouldn't have never filled out for cause done did that shift didn't work for me. Want to fail a complaint and then get a lawyer she was very unprofessional.

  6. 07.17.2020

    Lawrence K. Williams III
    Columbia, SC 29223

    Re: Credit Card Fraud

    To whom it may concern:

    On 7/14/2020 at approximately 9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, while I was a guest staying at the Hampton Inn located at 201 E Exchange Blvd, Columbia SC 29209, I was scammed for my Hotel Reservation information and credit card information from another guest staying at the same Hotel.

    On this day, a male individual, with a polite southern accent, called my hotel room number and said his name was Steve and he was filling in at the hotels front desk.

    He continued and stated that, the computer system had went down earlier and he needed my reservation information to re-confirm my reservation.

    I fell for it!

    Moments later, before the conversation was completely over, while I was still on the hotel phone ( with the scammer) . . . I received a text message to my cell phone from my credit card. They told me a purchase transaction in the amount of $2985.96 was just declined at a LOWES store #2204, located on 3341 Lexington Road, Athens, GA 30605, Main: (706) 208-3501, Pro Desk: (706) 208-3529.

    I immediately called the hotel front desk and spoke to Kevin (Front Desk Audit). Kevin told me the call was not made from the lobby's front desk. He also stated, there were other guest staying at the hotel that experienced the same caller. He concluded by saying, there could possibly be a credit card scammer nearby, and that an investigation and follow up would be conducted.

    The local authorities were notified.

    The only reason my guard was down and I cooperated with the caller, was because the staff had been so professional, nice and courteous to me while I was staying there. I didn't think another guest could obtain my Hotel room number and call my room, and the hotel staff not be able to trace the (In House) call back to it's origin!

    After getting robbed here, I'm left feeling targeted and victimized. Like I was being watched. It was a creepy! I am still upset!

    I hope these individuals gets caught.

    If you ever stay at The Hampton Inn located at 201 E Exchange Place Columbia SC, 29209, I advise you to unplug the telephone from the wall and DO NOT ANSWER THE HOTEL IN HOUSE PHONE LINE! The system is not SECURE!! You can be victimized by any random caller and the Hotel won't do ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Lawrence K Williams III
    Fire Life Safety Director

  7. Hampton Inn 7433 Bell Creek Road Mechanicsville Va. The hotel rooms are poorly maintained. The rooms were clean and staff was friendly. After renovations this hotel isnt the quality I expect from a Hampton Inn. I am surprised that, with mold in the bathrooms,duct tape in the room as a carpet hold down and wear in the room, this would meet Hampton Inn specifications. I am dissapointed that the hotel still bears the name of a Hampton Inn. I wonder if this site has been inspected by Hampton recently. If not inspectors need to spend some time and check every vacant room. I am glad I took pictures to share with others. Their booking agency for the hotel is also another pain point with not being able to understand the foreign dialect. I am moving on to another hotel brand until Hampton gets it fixed.

  8. Very concerning experience at the Revere, MA, Hampton Inn, December 21, 2019.. We paid extra to leave our car for the week as we left for our vacation. When we returned our car was GONE! Luckily a Revere police officer was patrolling the lot and was able to confirm that our car was not towed by them or the State Police. So that only meant two things, it was either stolen or towed by the hotel. The police officer confirmed that the hotel had many parking infractions and the fire department had warned them many times about the overloaded lot. With the police officer, we met with the manager and he assured us that our car was not towed, but in fact, "relocated". Our car was "relocated"???! Relocated meant that the hotel TOWED our brand new car to another locations within the lot!!! Are you kidding me, they towed my car, or relocated it as they say. I have never, ever, heard of such nonsense in my life! We were told that we could park anywhere and parked in the back, behind the pool. So with the help of the officer driving us around the lot, we eventually found our car. This is outrageous and was extremely unsettling to come home to. If that wasn't bad enough, Saturday night, December 21, 2019, someone pulled the fire alarm and the hotel was evacuated. The only reason I knew this was because my husband was out and came back to find the hotel evacuated. Meanwhile, I was inside the hotel because I did not hear the alarm. I do not consider myself to be a heavy sleeper, so of course this is even more concerning than thinking my car was stolen. Not sure what is happening at this location, but having been a HH rewards member for quite sometime, this type of treatment is outrageous to say the least. I would like to be fully refunded for my stay and also given a free stay for the future. On a positive note, the management was very delightful to deal with.

  9. Brandon was awesome. He checked us in and made sure our stay was exceptional. Brandon was always cheerful and extremely helpful. He made us feel at home for the length of our stay. He is a definite asset to this hotel and the reason we will return the next time we visit Anderson SC.

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