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  • Academy Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

Academy Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Academy Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

Dickinson Financial Corporation
1100 Main Street Suite 350
Kansas City, MO 64105-5114
Corporate Phone Number: 1-816-472-5244
Fax Number: 1-816-472-5668
Customer Service Number: 1-877-712-2265

  • I reside in Thornton Colorado and have banked with academy for over 3 years now and twice within the last couple of months 500 has just come out and no one can tell me whats going on or even try to resolve. My account now sits in the negative and will remain in the negative until it gets reversed along with the over draft fees. This is absolutely ridiculous and I would like someone from corporate to contact me.

  • This bank is so lame they erased my comments and there was absolutely no bad language whatsoever. I just encourage everybody to put this on mainstream media instead of just this website. I agree with you I met the same thing at the bank by the Legends. I called corporate and they were goong to investigate and call me back -they never called me back. Just a bad bank altogether I'm surprised they lasted the ten years they have

  • This place is just a total joke. I won't even go into specifics but I believe that if everyone who did have some type of crazy anomalies with this place will post I'm sure there will be lots of repeat issues. Itt's really not a place I recommend banking and I will be my way down to close my account for a second time. Also I will be placing my comments on a more 'open', reviwal type website and recommend others do the same.

  • I have proof that my computer was hacked and some used my Walmart Grocery account which stores my card as payment. I contacted the bank as soon as I became aware of this. The refused my dispute because Walmart printed the order and sent it into Academy Bank. If someone used my account of course it has my name on it. They stated I signed for it when I picked it up so I said I need a copy of the signature then, They can't find it in their system haha. They said because I live in Kansas City, Mo and the store is in Kansas City, Mo it was prove it was me. They will not call me they do not email me back either. I have been waiting for 2 plus weeks for Walmart and nothing. I have a report showing the days my Computer was hit.

  • I put in some disputes on a card thE Academy Bank call celled last week. I talked with several customer reps. On the phone since Friday. All of them next telling me it was being disputed. I should have my $$ unable any day. When I called This past Monday I was told the same thing & king HP on. I finally went to the Academy Bank that Monday afternoon. Her name was Deisy Gallegos. Personal Banker. I sat w/ her for an hour. She gave me 7 dispute #'s and said it would be in my account t within 2 days. So when it wasn't it there today . I asked her why? She lied to me & told me it would be 3-10 business days. I told that's not wat you told me.you said in a couple days. Meaning a few (2). After I get my check I'm switching banks. I do t lime to be lied & feel I. The guilty one. Inconsiderate & rude. My email is: bmhalbert368@gmail.ccom

  • This bank is such a horrible bank i have this acct for 2 years moved to another state and they took it upon their selves to close my acct they state due to inactivity then had a check deposited into my acct and they told me it would be available mon i called to see if the money was ava then they told me that it will not be ava till tomorrow tues. so i am closing my acct due to no responsibility.

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