Alfred Angelo Corporate Office Headquarters

Alfred Angelo Corporate Office Headquaters
1625 South Congress Avenue Suite 120
Delray Beach, FL 33445 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-464-6085
Fax Number: 1-800-984-4422
Signature Stores Customer Service: 1-888-218-0044
Independent Stores: 1-877-464-6085
Store Locator: 1-877-726-4356

  • Today I went to the Arlington, TX Location and I was helped by Asia and when I say she has the best customer service and she was so much help ! Me and my bestfriend went in there strictly for bridesmaids dresses but because Asia was so helpful I went on and decided to try on wedding dresses as well ! Even though me & my bestfriend together tried on multiple dresses she never got frustrated with us ! I appreciated her help so much and I'm for sure getting my bridesmaids dresses from here and I'm 90% sure I'm getting my wedding dress from there ! Thank you Asia so much !

  • The bridal salon in Sunrise, FL, horrible! As a whole, the ladies are nice until you tell them you're not ready to pay, THEN they ignore you, don't pay you any attention, or try to rush you out, saying that they have other appointments (mind you, my bridal party were the only people in the building, oh and how convenient, their "other" appointment was 20 minutes late). Not to mention, the manager, she was the worst I have ever experience. Number one, she talks politics in the store. I feel as though if you tell her who you are voting for, she might not give you the proper service. Secondly, she is pushing. I tell her what I want and what I am looking for and she insist on giving me her two cents still. Moreover, and most importantly, she constantly pulled my consultant away from me. This took away from our appointment time so I walked to where they were "hiding" at (in between dress racks) and over heard them talking about me and my bridal party. Asking us, why aren't we leaving yet and are we buying. I have never encountered this much disrespect from any business. Long story short, as long as this lady is still working there, and the mentality of these consultants are "pay or leave", I will never buy another dress from here again and I will definitely be sure to spread the word.

  • i just called the location in colorado at 9990 W. 26th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215
    Phone:(303) 232-4500. the lady there was so very rude. i was trying to get the corp ofc ph# and she told me that i had to go online and schedule something in order to even get their phone number. then she hung up on me. i called a location on alameda and the lady there was very pleasant and offered me the phone number for corp ofc without questioning it. the corp ofc ph# is 303-232-2300

  • This company is absolutely awful ! I was a employee at the store in Jackson and the manager fired me over was having a arguement considering my hours. She was very rude to me and always very unprofessional. Her words " go find another job then" I never have been writing up nor do I have any documents for proof of my insubordinate behavior that she claimed I had toward her. I reached out to the dm and she really just brushed my off with my concerns and told me to talk to a HR consultant. He wasn't much help either! He suppose to been getting back with me the following day but never did . I even sent videos of her insubordinate behavior . Her twerking and grinding on a chair , all the way to the point her underwear is showing ! On the clock! Still nothing was done . Im trying to reach someone that can actually help me! Because this is awful!

  • So upset with Alfred Angelo. My daughter found the perfect dress there. We paid for the dress and all the accessories AND paid extra to make sure the dress arrive in time. They assured us it will be here. The wedding is in August… My daughter gets a call yesterday telling her that there's an issue and her dress won't be in time for wedding. I can't believe this is happening. We paid for the dress back in May and now you're calling to tell her it won't be here in time. My daughter is upset and now she has to start the process over.

  • We started our nightmare in April 2015. My daughters wedding was in October 2015 so we thought that we would have plenty of time. We first heard of Alfred Angelo when we went to the Bridal Expo in Long Beach. They had beautiful dresses and they were supposed to be tailored to to fit right. ( Not) My daughter got all her bridesmaid dresses and maid of honor dress there, so when it came to the mothers and grandmothers and aunt we all thought it would be great to go to the same place. Mistake. We'll first of all when we went we tried on some dresses and we wanted sleeves if the dress had no sleeves the sales girl would say " Don't worry we can add sleeves" anything that maybe we didn't like the sales girls would say the same thing " Don't worry we can do that" Well the dresses came in and guess what?? They could not add sleeves. When we went to the first fitting the seamstress (Mary) took measurements for the length I told her that I did not want the train cut off. The 2nd fitting I went to the dress looked Horrible the Train was cut off the sleeves looked like Bells they had no style or shape to them. The mother of the groom was not able to get sleeves on her dress and Mary said that she was going to put a built in bra. The following fitting she said she could not and suggested her to tape her breast ( with duck tape). CRAZY. The grandma's dress was every fitting the same TOO BIG. We looked later and you could see that nothing had been done. And may I add that everytime she went and had to take in the dress they would charge extra. We went to 7 fitting and they still did not get it right. Finally less then a month to the wedding we decided to pick up the dresses and take them to a real seamstress to see if they could be saved. Well to not make this review so long. I had to purchase a new dress because my dress was Horrible.The others dresses were able to be saved but so much has been done to the material they will probably never be used again. It was a very stressful experience and it should have been a happy enjoyable time. My daughter will only have an experience like this once in her life. I would not recommend this place to any one. The sales persons do not know anything about dresses and what can be done. The managers Max & Celeste have no idea about managing and trying to help and keep a customer happy. Finally the seam stress Mary. Seriously if she has been doing this for over 40 years, she really needs to think about retirement because the work that was done on these dresses was Horrible. She can't even sew straight lines. I would really recommend that the Corporate Office look into how this Location is being run. Save yourself Money, Stress and Heartache don't use Alfred Angelo.

  • This store (Austin, TX.) has the most incompetent and rude staff that I have ever encountered. I came to purchase my dress here several months ago. I signed the contract for my order, paid my 60% deposit and left thinking everything was peachy. I came back to make a payment a few weeks later and needed a ride from my fiancé because I was having car issues. He walked me inside, like most gentleman do, and I was waiting in line. The salesperson that was helping me came out and started telling another employee right in front of my fiancé all about my dress. Every. Single. Detail. I was begging her to stop; begging her to stop talking, telling her my fiancé was right there and she kept on blabbing until I just broke down in tears saying please just shut up. Then she attempted to bring my dress out and show me in front of him!! I was not willing to forfeit my 60% deposit and just go elsewhere, and I didn't have a lot of time left and truly loved my dress prior to this incident. I was at a total loss. I am on a tight budget for my wedding, and had already signed a contract and there are no refunds here (even if their staff can't keep their mouths closed). Instead of apologizing sincerely, she said "Sorry, but you really shouldn't have brought him here." I was also told that they could store my dress from December when it came in until my wedding in March. I got a phone call today from Kristina, the store manager, stating that I needed to come pay my balance and pick up my dress. After a thorough explanation that I was told they could store my dress, I was reiterated to that that was not possible and I needed to pick it up today. Upon going to pick it up with my mom, I wanted to try it on to make sure it fits. Several sequins fell off in the process and the inside left a huge welt on my hip. She told me that the sequins weren't from my dress, despite them not being on the floor when I got there, and being the same color as my gown. I was basically in tears because I have nowhere to keep it, and my fiancé knows exactly what it looks like, and all she offered my mom was to forfeit the balance and not refund the almost $1000 we had already paid. How's that for customer service? It's not. It's a poor excuse for any type of service, and I am so dissatisfied that not only will I not be purchasing ANY of my accessories from them, but none of bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, shoes, or anything else either. This store does not need to be in business with the way in which they treat their patrons. It's despicable behavior. Corporate should really do something about it. If there were less stars to give besides one, I would give it. Please take my advice, and learn from my mistake. Go elsewhere! Try Belle Saison if you're in the Austin area–had this dress not matched my scheme so perfectly, I would've gone elsewhere (and honestly regret not doing so anyway).

  • I received this ad from a friend who was thinking of me. She knew that my husband had been in the Middle East and we got a quick Justice of the Peace marriage so I could know how he was when he was deployed. It was no fairy tale moment. We went to the court house after a 48 hour notice that my husband was to be deployed to the Middle East. Therefore, as the Ad states I have a valid military ID. Its an active dependent ID, but no where does this Ad say that does not count. We've wanted a beautiful gown to take wedding photos in for a long time, but we haven't been able to afford it. So when I was given this, I jumped and made the appointment. I was on cloud 9 all day! I then called today to see if I could change the time because my mother wouldn't be able to Skype with me at the time of the appointment. When I called, I was crushed. The manager who answered the phone rudely told me that I was not included because I myself have not served. I'm sorry but being a military wife who never got a wedding due to military circumstances, I have served. I serve everyday by living in another state miles away from my family and husband so I can continue my own job (which ironically is doing Human Factors work for military operations). He is not with me because he is serving on another base where is needed by our country. I do not put down any of the wonderful women who serve this country, and that first hand you have experienced some things I have not. But, my husband has served for 6 years and we've never had a wedding. He just enlisted for another 4 years. The dress meant so much to both of us. AND NO WHERE DOES IT SAY YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO BE A WOMAN WITH AN ACTIVE ID. IT SAYS "The bride must present a valid current military ID or DD214 on the day of the appointment in order to receive a free bridal gown." I have a current military ID. By the letter I qualify. After calling customer service I was sworn at on the phone for asking simple questions about the ad's restrictions, told again that I never served, and said things to that left me crying until my husband called me on Skype after work. Regardless of what the woman said (Which I will leave nameless to avoid embarrassment. I can't help it, I'm a military wife that's a better person than she was to me). I do have special circumstances. Few women get married and still need a dress. This company does not want to make military dreams come true by giving away gowns. They are only doing this to make it look like they care about military people. ALL THEY REALLY CARE ABOUT IS PROMOTING THEIR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!! MILITARY WOMEN: PLEASE GET YOUR DRESS IF YOU CAN BUT DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE NOT GOOD.

  • I ordered mother of the bride dress in April. they said the dress came in damaged, and had to order a new one. They said it would be overnight delivery and they would have it altered in time. I am leaving for the wedding in 2 weeks and am still waiting for a dress to come in. They do not even have a tracking number, so I do not know if the dress was even sent!

  • I wish I had read these reviews before ordering my wedding dress. I ordered my wedding dress and sash in january 2015 for my wedding to be held in July. I was told that my dress and sash would arrive in April. In February I received a call saying the sash had been received. When I arrived, I found it was the wrong one. They had to order another one. It is now May and I still don't have it. I called during the first week in May to inquire about the dress and sash and was told that the dress had arrived that same day but did not pass "quality inspection". The dress needed to be returned and a new one ordered. I asked how long it would take to get a new one and I was told it would take a month! I explained that my wedding was in July and I needed to get alterations done, buy shoes, jewelry, etc and the manager's tone changed, she sounded frustrated, and she told me that there was nothing she could do about it. I asked about the sash and she said that she had not checked on it but it SHOULD be coming soon.
    During this time I ordered the MOH and bridesmaid dresses from David's and have received them with no issues. I wish I had gone to Davids for my wedding dress as well.

  • I would like to add to the list of bad experiences with Alfred Angelo. The people I worked with were inattentive and rude. Their dresses are hideous.

  • I cannot believe there are so many comments about how terrible the customer service is at these stores! I have experienced the same unsatisfactory service from the Springfield, VA location. The manager was so unprofessional and oblivious to how terrible a manager she was. My sister had an appointment with the seamstress at 11 am but we were stuck outside the store for over 30 minutes waiting for someone to unlock the door! The poor seamstress was stuck outside with us because she did have a key and kept apologizing that someone was on their way. Then an employee finally showed up BUT without a key!! We were shocked at the disregard for our time wasted waiting on them to simply open their store!! How careless! And I understand this happened to my sister's bridesmaids on another occasion! Really?!? If it wasn't for the seamstress, we would have left. Then once we finally enetered, the seamstress was on the stop of it with taking care of us though the sales staff seemed short staffed and in a tizzy running around. Seemed very unorganized and unprofessional. If the dress wasn't so beautiful and the seamstress so nice, (I can't remember her name but she wore glasses and had an accent) we would have left a long time ago. I agree, go somewhere else or get better management!

  • I will NEVER buy a dress from them again. I wish I looked at the reviews prior to ordering my dress, so now I am stuck with a dress I pray will fit me!! I went in to order a dress when I was about 3 months pregnant, I told my consultant that I was carrying bigger this time around and think that I needed a larger size than what she quoted me. She assured me that I would be fine. I left the store, still feeling uneasy and not satisfied. I just went back today to try the dress on and talk to them and well what do ya know…..the dress is tight and I still have another 3 months until the wedding. I explained that I told the girl prior to ordering the dress that I wanted a larger size, they said they would let the dress out for me. I thought they were doing this as a courtesy for me but instead charged me $45! When I spoke to the manager I explained my feelings and basically I had 3 options……#1 keep the dress I have and pay the $45 to take out the sides as much as they can plus pay for any additional fees after that just in case it doesn't fit , #2 order another dress at half the price and pray that it doesn't need alterations but if it does than I would have to pay, or #3 take my tight dress and get refunded my $45 and stress out until I can figure something else out. Well I choose #3 because I do not want to give them another cent of my money. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!

  • I purchased a wedding dress in October 2013 from the store in Webster Texas along with my head piece. The head piece never arrived and I never received a call. I made the mistake of ordering some jewelry too that never arrived. When I asked they couldn't give me an answer except that they couldn't reach the supplier. Finally I just cancelled order and requested my money back. On top of this the bridesmaid dresses were ordered and my daughter the Maid of Honor tried on a long dress which we were told came in a short version. We ordered only to get a dress that was short in the front and long in the back. After I complained the manager was rude and then stated that if I wanted they would alter it. I stated that I was afraid that I would receive it back in time for wedding. Her comment was I told you it would! No customer service and will always tell people not to go here.

  • Quite literally the WORST customer service on the face of the earth which is beyond infuriating b/c of the amount of money I spent there! PLEASE SPARE YOURSELF NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ALFRED ANGELOS! THEY ARE HORRIBLY DISAPPOINTING ON EVERY LEVEL!

  • I purchased a wedding dress at the Alfred Angelo store in El Paso, Texas. Some of the beads were falling off and it had a small stain. I asked for these issues to be fixed. When I went in to pick up the dress it was not ready, I was told it would be ready soon. I went in about a month later to pick it up, same story. I ended up buying a different dress elsewhere because I needed a wedding dress. Even after the wedding I went in to try and pick it up and get the run around every single time. This company is just full of excuses!!! I spoke to the district manager (Jennifer Torres), who accused me of trying to take advantage of them and basically being a liar! The DM said that they were basically doing me a favor by having the dress there…unbelievable! This store offers NO customer service. Do not shop at the El Paso, Texas Alfred Angelo!

  • I thought going to A.Angelo would be much better than DavidsBridal. Yes, it was, but NOT their seamstress, Joy. (Sunrise,FL) Veronica was most helpful & respectful & welcoming my entire visit. When it came time (3 interactions total) w/Joy, she Was Not a joy!! She was nasty, gave me attitude & most of all Never once gave me The attention, as The Bride, as I should have gotten.She turned me away when I came to p/u my dress & said I needed an appt. then when I did have an appt, my entire visit was shared w/a bridesmaid who just walked in w/out an appt!!! WTH! My final fitting was a joke! Again, no attention.She was completely focused on another bride she wasn't even 1/2 way done with!! She was so quick to give me lip when I was completely happy with my dress (for 2 reasons) which could've been easily fixed!! She didn't want to bother. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THEIR SEAMSTRESS. IT'S WORTH TO GO ELSEWHERE & PAY A LITTLE MORE. When I called the store in Sunrise to s/w the manager, the girl put me on hold,came back,said she's on a conference call. I had asked when is a good time to c/b, she said a lot later & never would give me a time!! Liars! This is the kind of company you want to run…lots of unhappy brides!! WoW! Shame on you!

  • I ordered a bridesmade dress for my sister-in-law wedding and did not receive the same dress I tried on. I called in once I tried the dress on and explain to the young lady what was wrong with the dress. The material for the straps was torn up unable to use, the bust area was not fitted correctly and the dress was at least 4 inches longer than it should have been seeming I am 5'5. The hook to snap the dress together was a string and once unhooked you can not find away to hook it back up. The under arm area was disportioned because one side was higher than the other. When called to speak to a manager she gave me little to no option. I work 9-5 the seemtress is only there on Tuesdays and Fridays so I was basically SOL. The wedding is in a week in a half. I have to pay 54.50 to get the dress taken up 4 inches by someone else and who knows about the rest of the dress. A partial refund to compensate for the errors of the dress nor any other solution. Very unsatisfied customer. Will tell everyone to never purchase a dress from this company.

  • I would tell anyone who ask….DO NOT purchase a Alfred Angelo dress. Of course the dress has to come from yiur local bridal salon but NO ONE helps when there is a problem. Now my BRAND NEW, with tags still attached, is at a consignment store in hopes of getting something for it. Nothig like loosing over $700 because customer service says it is a retailer issue and the retailer says there is nothing they can do. POOR customer service and I pay dearly for that.

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