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A&P Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact A&P Corporate Office Headquarters

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co Inc.
Two Paragon Drive,
Montvale, NJ 07645 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-5739700
Fax Number: 1-201-930-4079
Customer Service Number: 1-866-443-7374

  • Happy day A&P is gone. We only had one store in town but none now due to monopoly. When can we get a real store like SHOP RITE as I have no place to shop or my medicine. Good by A&P Morris County

    • Nice to know you could care less about the MANY good employees who did actually care and LOST THEIR JOBS. By the way ShopRite isn't that great. Thanks

    • Nice to know you could care less about the MANY good employees who did actually care and LOST THEIR JOBS. By the way ShopRite isn't that great. Thanks

  • To the department of human resources and corporate executives:

    I am the sister of a dedicated employee whom has been committed from her hiring at the Croton A&P in Westchester County NY. She rose through the ranks and became a front end manager only to be humilated, dehuminized, and harrased among other things. In addition to the psychological abuse suffered, when my sister made a formal complaint she was demoted. The night manager named France continuously and agressively screams at her, following her through the store calling her the most repulsive names in front of customers and workers alike; it was so aggressive and threatening that the police had to be called and my sister had to be escorted out for her SAFETY. How does the A&P company condone the humilation and harssnent of a 22 year old girl especially when done by a 50 year old man? Why has there been no disciplinary action taken against this man? This is not just a moral, ethical and psychological issue, it has become a legal issue. We have contacted multiple union representatives and district managers with no avail; this is completely unacceptable. I am writing this for all to see the negligence of your company and its disservice to its hardest workers. It is dispicable that any company would allow its employees to be treated so disgracefully. My sister is suffering from psychological trauma being treated like less of a person coupled with the neglect of your human resource representatives. I am thoroughly appalled by your acceptance of this disgraceful behavior; hopefully after reading this post you will take the necessary actions to fire the shovanist who sadistically torments young women psychologically.

    The sister

  • Was looking for the corporate office number to send in a complaint about the Greenburgh, NY A & P. Apparently… not the only store with the same issues. WOW A&P you have really gone down hill!!

  • I live in Fort Lee NJ and do not understand why the A&P market is run so poorly. Never properly stocked, items that expired still on shelves. No matter what day any of us shop, we only use the A&P for one or two items if they have them. I will go out of my way to shop anyplace but the A&P. Great location, good people work there, but not a store any of us can rely on.Hope a new market comes in soon!

  • Placed an online order for your garden city, ny store very early in the morning on 2/21/15 for a 1-3pm delivery time. Received a call shortly after 3pm regarding missing items (shopping not done until past delivery time). by 6:30 pm nothing was delivered –called the store to find out what happened. No one knew as online staff had left already. However, they did tell me that my whole order was in the refrigerator. (What!?) I received notification that my credit card had been charged at 5pm on 2/21/15. called 2/22/15 to find out what happened and was told the delivery is an outside company and the drivers must have put the order in the back and not said anything. They no longer saw my order but didn't know if it was out for delivery or had been reshelved. (Again, What!?) Was told they'd check and call me back. Never heard from them. My account still has not been credited the money back. So for two days you have tied up my grocery funds and wasted my time by keeping me waiting 2 DAYS for a delivery that never happened. Could the customer service be any worse? The online staff didn't have the time or courtesy to notify me on 2/21 that the delivery wouldn't happen yet they did have the time to charge my card for groceries they knew would not be delivered judging by the time of the ring up (5PMish) nor did they provide the courtesy of a call back on 2/22 even though by the time I spoke to them 29 hours had passed since they received my order. Also, since they marked the order COMPLETE (which is FALSE as the order was still in the store) on the afternoon of 2/21 (even though it has NOT yet been delivered on 2/21 or 2/22) I don't even have the option of canceling the order online. In addition there was some blaming the delivery company, who is running your online service –you or the delivery company? Your in-store online staff definitely assumes no responsibility when things go wrong so I can only logically conclude they are not especially responsible people nor supervised to be so by the manager. I don't know if you have a corporate or local management problem but I do know if you are not meeting sale expectations you need to look at your very poor customer service. This may be a large chain with a majority of supermarkets in certain areas but even a goliath company like yours can be driven into the ground through poor customer service and bad or indifferent management. Seriously, don't you think 3 days for a delivery is a bit much? Particularly as it was paid for the day of the order request. Doesn't it embarrass you that your brand is presented to the public as confused, irresponsible, and lackadaisical?

  • I was at the Hoboken A&P and what I saw was beyond crazy I was at the store at 1pm yesterday at the fish dept. I saw the seafood manager working in the meat department using gloves I asked for help as I waited there 15min. she came over with an attitude and asked how can I help you I asked for some cod fish she never changed her gloves. as I stood there to see what else she would touch with the gloves and she added more raw shrimp to the case of seafood as I walk to the meat dept she was there again she asked how can I help you I said I need a small pack of chop meat with the same gloves on she served me NOW ISNT THAT CROSS Contamination???????????????????????? I LOVE GETTING SEAFOOD after 3pm where there is a young guy who washes his hands changes his gloves every fish he touches gives you fresh fish from the back great guy I have to get his name today I tried calling corporate but nobody answers…. I brought the situation to JOHN B. attention and all he said was if I didn't like it don't come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! little as he knows he takes money from the coffee machine you have there and puts it in his pocket I seen it with my own eyes………. if there is problems like this where do I go who do I talk to since nobody cares?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    someone HELP

  • Don't ever work for this company. I been trying since November to get a hold of the corporate office and have them send me a letter stating I don't work for them any longer. I need it for my benefits. The work conditions have been terrible and I kept getting sick and my manager refused to give me the hours that I could work. I have a young child and only wanted to work while she was in school. Kept asking for those hours but she kept giving me later. This made it hard at home being I didn't always have a reliable person to watch my daughter. I had to walk out for the sake of my family. Then you insult me at a register in front of customers instead of waiting for no one to be around. Worst is it was in front of works I deal with and even doctors and other people I know from the community. These are people I know personally and see often. Now they all have had a bad impression of me and treat me poorly since. Customers wonder why we are in a bad mood when working is because we are treating terribly by managers. I don't care about what pressure they have we are still humans not being treated like we are.

  • What has happen to the Food Emporium chain? The store's are gross, poorly stocked and extremely unhelpful staff. Total opposite of what I use to remember. From Manager's to stock boys … all useless! No wonder they are dropping like flies. . RIP Food Emporium

  • Dear Corporate office, In the past three years since you guys has taken over we have not had any heat in the stores that you own as pathmark stores you are losing a lots of customer and causing a lots of unhappy employees no one should have to work with our coats on and hats. You want us to have uniforms on to represent A&P/Pathmark you cannot see the uniform for the coats and layers of clothing that we have to wear the winter are getting colder so please can we get some heat

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