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  • ASUS Corporate Office Headquarters

ASUS Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact ASUS Corporate Office Headquarters

800 Corporate Way
Fremont, CA  94539
Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-739-3777


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  1. This is a huge company with a great reputation, so naturally a lot is at stake for them. The products they make are great there is no question of that. However, the way they treat people and conduct business with people is the way one uses a disposable camera , remember? After reading the discussion I would like to add my “oh so GREAT ” experience. It first started when I needed a new phone , and just like everybody we want the BEST: the most ram, memory , AMOLED, and in my case RGB. All the reviews lead me to the ASUS ROG PHONE 3. However these reviews do not showcase the customer service or repair service of the company, in this case ASUS. So when my time of need came and I needed ASUS the most they said “ Great your phone is in warranty.” So , I sent my phone in. They received it on May 7 and for three weeks straight have not updated the page to inform me of what was going on. By the second week I started calling and they are misinforming me of what they were doing. They stated “ ohhh we are waiting for a screen replacement”, which made sense. The next week I called and I inquired about the screen when it would come and they said the screen was never ordered; they needed approval from HQ to fix my phone. By the fourth week I got REALLY fed up and called AGAIN to see what the situation was with the my phone and this phone call REALLY pushed me to the limit. They said that parts were missing from the phone. But the phone was with them for a month. The Battery was damaged. But the phone was with them for a month. So either I was sold a defective phone and paid 1100 for a phone with missing parts or while the phone was in their care parts were stolen and damaged, because I do not know how to take apart a phone. So I requested my phone be mailed back to me. You would think they could handle a simple return process, right? NO! I had to call them and ask them for a tracking number and an email to be sent to me with all of the information. So , my life had to be on pause while ASUS played games, wasted my time, and destroyed my life as I am a student and need it for my studies. Hey , ASUS, you are doing a GREAT job!!! Keep up the good work. I hope my comment reach others and prevents other from going through what I went through.

  2. I really wish that I had read up on this company before I spent almost $400 on a cheap made junk of a tablet. I have searched for 2 hours now and have not found one single positive comment about this company. I work in the manufacturing industry myself and know that things happen sometimes that we have no control over. That is not the case here. This company blames their customer for faulty products. This is what happened to me. I bought a tablet for my daughter, for Christmas. It never would charge correctly. After it finally stopped charging all together, we sent it and the charging cable that came with the tablet, back to the company for repair, under warranty. The warranty is the only reason we bought it. I received an email stating that we had damaged the tablet with a 3rd party charging cable. The same charging cable that we received with the tablet from their plant. They were just looking for an excuse not to fix their own product. They then asked me to pay $126 for the repair. I have never seen or heard of, a more dishonest cold hearted people in my life. Very unprofessional for a company to operate a business this way. These people are not business minded, they are criminals that need to be brought into a court of law and proven so. They should not be allowed to sell products in the united states or anywhere else. Complete waste of money. Complete waste of time.

  3. After making several attempts to contact someone at ASUS besides overseas (I live n USA) and the service center in Indiana I have to leave a bad comment about ASUS. My motherboard was sent to the service center in Indiana and no I've told me I had to take my CPU off my original motherboard so it shipped with it to the device center. ASUS does not tell you what to send beside your motherboard for exchange. I knew enough to pull my memory. When I contacted the service center which was a difficult task even to get a contact number outside of some place else besides the USA they said they did not have it which tells me the person the received it and looked at it stole it. So, be extremely careful when dealing with ASUS , IMHO they gave thieves working in their service center in Indiana I live in East Texas and have to press charges from Texas against the service center in Indiana , so be aware

  4. I purchased a ASUS Laptop less than a year ago and the screws were falling out. I called and reported it and I was told that I would have to pay $30 to ship it to them to then fix the screws. The customer service agent told me it was a waste of my money to send it in for screws. I called back a month later because of the screws the dvd drive was falling out and the power supply would not charge. I sent it in for free, this agent said I should never have had to pay, for them to ship it back telling me I damaged the DVD drive, the motherboard, the bottom case and keyboard. Nothing is wrong with the keyboard, nothing is wrong with the case. It is the screws. They do not stay in and I am repeatedly having to put them back in for them to just fall out again. Now the laptop will not charge at all. Every time I try to call customer service, we lose connection. I am so dissatisfied with this company. I have tried to find away to talk to someone higher up. I fail every time, so now I am going to post on every site known to man until I get a response. You make a defective product and won't live by your words to fix it. So Angry!!!! I can't afford to keep buying laptops because your people did not use the correct screws!!!

  5. This company is RIDICULOUS. My son had a computer purchased for him on Black Friday 2014 for his birthday…it has NEVER worked properly, won't sign onto the internet whether its plugged in or WIFI….EVEN THOUGH its under warranted AND only purchased 2 months ago…I either have to drive 2+ hours to drop this off at a FED EX location….OR pay out of my own pocket to return this….and WON'T be reimbursed….we didn't break this computer, we haven't abused this computer, it just doesn't and hasn't worked since purchase….and the customer service is HORRIBLE.


    1. This company being ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.This will be my second publication on this site.I did receive a call,30 days after my tablet was received and 3 follow-up phone calls on the status of my tablet.This call came from someone affiliated with ASUS stating,"Ms. Allen,we are looking further into the matters with your tablet.I completely understand and find it harmful when a customer is promised services and the services is covered under warranty and the warranty services are not fulfilled.ASUS was working to change many practices that have been an obvious problem for us and for our customer.Someone will get back in touch with you,if you can allow us at least 24 hour to look into your case.You will not have to continue calling us, we will call you and give you an update on the status of your tablet crack screen repair." For all whom are reviewing product and services for ASUS,please Take Note:I simply walked by my tablet sitting on my desk and swept my hand across it to close it.I returned 15 minutes later to continue working on my tablet,only to find the screen had cracked in the upper left corner near the power button.I was promised by the product asset department manager,per the customer service rep; "we will provide you a free shipping label and you can send your tablet in at no cost to you,because the tablet is still under warranty,we will repair the screen at no cost to you and send the tablet back to you at no charge to you." I waited 10 business days,after the tablet was received,I called to follow-up on my tablet services;I was told, "your tablet is not being repaired because it is out of warranty.I interrupted the customer service rep and instruct him to look carefully at the notes, 'my table is under warranty and ASUS product asset manager have already agreed to make repairs to my devise under the warranty in place.' 'Oh yes Ms. Allen,I see were the manager have agreed to repair you tablet under the warranty,'" Another representative said, "your tablet will take another 10 to 15 days to complete the repairs because the asset is under construction;the location were your tablet is being repaired is under construction,something about the roof being repaired."After 3 days,I receive an e-mail statement for payment to repair my devise.I immediately posted a message on this website about the foul business conduct of this company and I got a call from corporate office.I called the next day and some ICE COLD female states:"I am the Asset Manager and your devise screen will not be repaired because it is not under warranty as soon as the screen cracked. The cracked screen voided the warranty,even though you have two months left on your warranty.We will have to look into what you are saying and pull the call for that evening to review.If it is found you were promised the repair,someone will call you back,you will not have to make any calls to us,we will just take care of your repairs,we will make the repair as promised";that ICE BIRD hung-up very rudely.I called back again after 7 business days and was told my case is still under review and someone is scheduled to call me in two days.I have never received a call from anyone else with ASUS about my tablet.Get this! I received another billing statement email the next day "disregard this mailing it is automatic generated." Five days later,I receive another e-mail of my devise being shipped back to me;you would think the devise have been repair;WRONG! Would you believe,they send my devise back with the crack screen and the outer casing partially detached from the screen(which was not there when I sent the devise in for service)." They listing the devise as being with "DEFECT crack".I called this evening and the manager once again stated: "Your devise is under warranty,but once the screen crack it void the warranty and the notes says you refuse to pay for it to be repaired." It is obvious,once ASUS devise experience defective craftsmanship,the "warranty" is void.

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