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  • At The Beach Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

At The Beach Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact At The Beach Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

1603 West Memorial Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Corporate Phone Number: 1-405-843-8787

Fax Number: n/a

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-690-9080

  • This place is a freaking joke. Not only are the girls you got working for you in the stores tweaked out on meth, your corporate office phone number is disconnected and your customer service line consists of a freaking answering machine? But you have no problem figuring out how to scam people out of their money!!!!!!!

  • I need to know why ive been being charged the past 2 years every month when i ended my plan….also i was on active duty military orders……this better get straightened out!!!! I want my money back from the past 2 years and i will NEVER recomend this tanning place

  • I have been a customer of ATB for 10 yrs. I stayed with them because it was easy to have a membership without even a thought. However, they have charged me more then my membership cost twice now and didnt inform me of any changes. I must say this really pisses me off.My yearly membership has cost me around $900.00 plus. That is alot of frickin money! I might add, I dont use it year round.All this company cares about is the money side of things. Clients mean nothing. When you walk in the door they harass you to buy something, even though you just bought their product the week before. So fed up.

  • At the beach is a joke! They told me when I went in that I was just getting ONE month of tanning, which I paid for. They did NOT inform me or mention that it was a month to month membership. I'm 5 months pregnant and there's no way I could have been tanning these whole 5 months anyway. I was so ipset to find out that i owe them money which i had no idea because the employee did not mention or inform me that it would be a month to month membership which i made sure to double check because all i wanted was one month! All they want is your money!

    • Do not pay it!!!! They did the same thing to my sister and she ended up paying 3X the amount owed…….take it to court if you have to

  • I have a relative that is working at one of your stores and she is working 8 hours without any breaks or lunch. By law all employees working more than 5 hours is to receive a 15 minute break and 8 hours a 30 minute break with 2 15 minute breaks or a 1 hour lunch.

  • Thats my comment above, Is Someone going to please help me!! You clearly edited my contact info out to post that comment, which can only lead me to believe…… YOU KNOW I AM SEEKING ASSISTANCE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • HI I am trying to get a hold of someone that can help me. I have been battling with the "customer service" # provided on the ATB website(looks like the same CS # above, so I am not going to waste my time). I have used the info email that again, no f/u has been provided so I tried the 405 corporate #, out of order. UGH!!! Can someone PLEASE return my call, email, something!!! I have been working on this since Dec 2011, AND I WILL NOT STOP!!! My contact info is: PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Just spoke with Cindy Stuart. After getting the run around all afternoon from the office in Colorado, Ms. Stuart was kind and considerate. She not only took care of the problem, she was undestanding and calmed me down. She is what Customer Service is according to me.

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