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  1. I just got through sending off another email to Ikea customer service. Why does Ikea have absolutely no regard for the people, aka the customers, who make Ikea a viable company in the first place.

    It would take such little effort on the part of Ikea to actually offer satisfactory help to a customer experiencing a problem with Ikea merchandise. Instead Ikea proceeds to cause great inconvenience, heaps on more frustration, and usually more of an expense to its "paying customers",(to maybe) resolve an issue.

    Take a good look at Ikea customer comments on Ikea's Corporate Headquarters website, truly this is very sad.

    Ikea has business all over the world and continually makes a mockery of its customers by showing such disrespect.

    The world would be a better place if we could just put oneself in the shoes of another and be kind.

    I'm glad the nearest Ikea is not close enough for me to shop more often.

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