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Bet Fair Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Bet Fair Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bet Fair Inc.
Official Address:
Hammersmith Embankment
Chancellors Road
London,  W6 9HP UK
Email:  n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 44 20 8834 8000
Fax Number: n/a
UK Customer Service Number: 0344 871 0000
IRE: 1800 944 00
Other: 0044 203 059 8888

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  1. I am so disappointed , I went to the hair cuttery at the fairway in Jenkintown to get my down syndrome daughters hair done for a wedding, and she truly wanted purple, but the girl said they were doing another customer hair with the last tube but she thinks there will be enough but that she could add some pink in there to, I asked does it fade easily she said no, but a week later it is different color, it looks like orange, my daughter is so upset. I paid 125.00 for it to be the color she didn't even want and now its turning orange, so sad.


    I cant say enough bad things about this horrid dealership. Certified pre-owned. TEE HEE. I needed new spark plugs, a $1200.00 service in just 30 days, The car was sold with a sizable 4 LINE scratch on the passenger door. CERTIFIED??????????? What a joke! One of the tires had a slow leak from a hole and constantly needed air every single day. I dont have time for this nonsense. STOPPING AT A GAS STATION DAILY TO PUT AIR IN MY TIRE WHEN I ONLY OWNED THE THING 25 DAYS. The car is a 15 sold as a 16. 60 grand and this is what i get? Mbrace doesnt even work…. Mercedes CAN'T get it together with previous owner. Rip off! I liked my old mercedes much better. Promises promises they play you like a piano tell you what you want to hear and ignore your requests with a big old smile on their faces. Donna Gates hangs the phone up in your ear even though it was her fault I never got timely registration and was forced to contact her 4 times. This place is a joke. TONIGHT I JUST HAD MY 3RD FLAT TIRE……!!!! 1200 bucks EVERY MONTH!! IN ADDITION TO MY 805$ CAR PAYMENT! NOT TO MENTION ALL THE MONEY I PUT DOWN. JUST A MONTH EARLIER…. 3 GRAND PLUS 1200 bucks. AND TO TOP THINGS OFF THE RADIO IS BROKEN and after only 6 months of ownership another 1200$ B service is due!!!!!!!…. THEY GET THEIR YEAR OLD CARS FROM JUNK YARDS …60 GRAND THIS IS WHAT I GET. NO MORE MERCEDES THEY HAVE GONE TO THE DOGS!! THIS IS MY 9TH Mercedes, never have I ever experienced such rotten treatment and had to replace a $1000.00 radio in just 6months, 3 tires, get 2 services within 6 months or for 450$ get the rancid smell out of my vents due to rancid water in the air conditioner. Every time I turn the air conditioner on it stinks to high heaven. DO NOT BUY A MERCEDES THEY HAVE GONE DOWN HILL. DO THE MATH: IN SIX MONTHS: FOR A 16 WITH A LARGE SCRATCH ON THE PASSENGER DOOR. $3000 DOWN; $1200-A SERVICE; $600 IN SPARK PLUGS, $1000 TO REPLACE THE RADIO, $1500 FOR B SERVICE, $1284 IN NEW TIRES, $450 TO DRAIN THE STINKING AIRCONDITION FLUID THAT SMELLS RANCID EVERYTIME I TURN MY A/C ON!!! GRAND TOTAL FOR SIX MONTHS—$9,034.00 AND I HAVE TO PAY 805$ A MONTH FOR THE PAYMENT!!!! 4, 830.00 IN CAR PAYMENTS. THIS IS SIX MONTHS PEOPLE!!! THIS NEVER EVER HAPPENED TO ME. I BUY A CERTIFIED YEAR OR 2 OLD MERCEDES AND NEVER PUT A DIME IN IT FOR AT LEAST A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE FIXING THE SCRATCHES ON THE PASSENGER DOOR!!!!! THEY SOLD IT TO ME AFTER A SHOPPING CAR HIT IT. SERIOUSLY STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS LOW LIFE PLACE.

    Customer Service
    Quality of Work
    Overall Experience
    I Recommend This Dealer: No
    Employees dealt with ROCKLIN MERCEDES

  3. Eagles should not be allowed in the super bowl the fans were, trying to hurt people. People paid a lot of money to go to the game & had to leave because of things being thrown at them, security said they couldn't do anything about. Can't believe the NFL can't do something about this serious matter, what are they going to do to people at the super bowl??

  4. Oct 9th, 2017 I have finally had enough of the disrespect for my country from the NFL players during the National Anthem. I was hoping the NFL would do something to prevent this, but they failed to act so I am done now. I have cancelled my NFL channel and will not be watching any more games, or patronizing any of the NFL sponsors. My family, my friends, my co-workers, and anyone else within my sphere of influence will be strongly encouraged to join me from this point forward in boycotting anything to do with the NFL. I've waited long enough for the NFL to bring some reasonable resolution to it, but they apparently condone it, so from this date forward there is no NFL in my life.

  5. Hello!
    My name is LaDonya Langston-Christopher. I stayed at the Courtyard by Marriot located at 3020 Technology Place, Waldorf Md, 20601 on August 8th. Upon checking in, I requested an accessible room, at which time I was told the one and only room was taken. I was shocked and appalled that the Marriot brand doesn't care about the needs of the disabled. How can such a prominent business only have one room designated for the handicap patrons?!?

  6. My family and I are currently staying at the Aloft Houston Galleria as of July 22, 2017 celebrating our Anniversary with our family. While at the pool my 2 year old daughter fell into a cleaning overflow drain. When we notified management, they provided bandages, but said the hotel is not at fault for incidents. I found that very sad, because someone left this drain unsecured and a toddler was injured. Very unacceptable and no considerations were made. I will contact corporate on Monday.

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