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Blast Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Blast Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Blast Fitness Corporate Address:
Blast Fitness Group LLC
452 Lexington Street
Auburndale, MA 02466 USA
Website: BlastFitness.Com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-617-916-5683
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-617-916-5683

  • Fraudulent charges – unscrupulous local Irving Park manager (Chicago, IL).

    In January 2013, I took a tour of Blast Fitness' new Irving Park location in Chicago, Illinois at the following address: 6615 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60634. They took my credit card information and signature. I am an immigrant and cannot read English. However, they had no problem taking my information and not explaining what took place. I received a $19.99 charge on 03/2013 which I disputed and promptly signed a cancellation form with that location's manager. I replaced my credit card and received a new card account number at that time. This company found my new credit card account number and charged my credit card a total of $60 in December 2013. Again, the manager denies remembering my original cancellation and refuses to refund those charges. I signed another cancellation form and it remains to be seen if this company will find my new credit card number, which I had to replace again, and continue to make fraudulent charges.

    • You seem to wrote English very well though… And if someone else wrote it for you perhaps it would of been a smart thing to bring them with you when you sign up for stuff.

  • I recently joined the Lombard, IL location and to my surprise and all the negative comments posted on Yelp and what not I was surprised at how nice and clean the Lombard location was. The staff thus far has been extremely polite and helpful. So far so good. One thing I would change is the Customer Service. I cannot seem to get a hold of anybody.

    • I called the Phoenix Union Hills Blast the Manager had an exreme unprofessional attitude and was extremely rude, she never correct the problem. You speak to her and only got a rude response, some people don't know how to deal with the public. $100.00 was withdawn from my bank account for what I am told is an annual fee. When I joined Blast I was told this was a one time fee. I called my friends that had joined appx the same time I had. They also understood the $49.99 was a one time charge. Of course the person that signed me up is no longer working at Blast…personal seem to stay at this locaion for a short time. I tried to call customer service but as others on this site have stated their is no one who answers the phone. I cannot seem to get a hold of anybody and I am still $100.00 short in the bank OMG what kind of a buisness is this. Will report to BBB.

  • they claim there's no contract, it takes 30 days to actually cancel and have them stop pulling money out of your bank account. And you must go through corporate.

  • Dear Blast,

    Two Request: Account No.099470156

    I have been a Member of Vic Tanny and Bally's for years. I recently had Surgery and cannot work out. I am requesting to wave a couple of weeks of my membership. I can mail my doctor statement to you. Right now I need at least #6 weeks added to my due date of my membership. My first Surgery was August 27th and the second was September 10th 2013.

    I pay for my membership annually. When I swipe my card the computers reads expired. The manager Annette has a unprofessional attitude, she never correct the problem. You speak to her no response, some people don't know how to deal with the public. I need the computer error corrected.



  • Blast closed a gym in Houston, told my daughter they would stop billing but did not. A year later they closed my gym (281-San Antonio) – and are in the process of doing the same thing. They do not respond, or when responding give false assurances the billing will stop. My recommendation – cut off access to your credit card and send a return-receipt letter to their headquarters. They close gyms with zero advance notice, then insist you jump through hoops to give them full notice that you are ending membership.

  • tried to cancel membership and they kept billing me, the manager of the one in Saugus, MA
    1201 Broadway RM E101, Square One Mall, Saugus, MA 01906
    (781) 558-2566
    was never available, when I finally got them I was told to sign something, then send and email. Well the email did not work.

    The don't answer their phones

    • I decided to cancel my personal trainer because husband not using it. I sent an email which they replied & said that I cannot cancel by emai. They said I needed a form which the gym has. Went there & was told only trainers have form & they are not in till tomorrow. I called to see when trainer in for form & was told 9-930. Husband went to get form & only a training Mgr can get form. My husband started to yell & they called the police on him. I called & they said trainer Mgr should be there between 230 & 4. I ended up canceling my credit card. So much easier than dealing with these people!

    • I went through a similar situation and also changed my payment information. I just received a notice from collections saying I owe them money, even though I haven't been there in a year!! I obviously sent in a dispute, but be careful going this route. This company is a disgrace.

    • I have been trying to cancel my personal trainer since I won't be in state for 6 months. I kept getting the run around from the staff. They were in the process of getting new management. The new manager told my trainer to give me the number to ABC financial, well, they only deal with memberships. then I e-mailed them like it stated to do on the bottom of the contract which I did, they emailed me back and said they don't do that, I need to contact the club where I joined. I finally got the manager and he says " of course" & had me do it right there. However it was now past the 30 days required but he told me he would get it reversed and he knew " the value of a dollar". well, apparently his dollars are worth more than mine because I still haven't received my refund. I'm waiting to see if they bill me again.

  • It is absolutely impossible to get anyone from Blast to respond. Their team member Contact Us has not responded to many messages. The phone number provided is full and unable to take messages, I think Contact Us is on PTO.
    It is getting apparent they don't care about current, long term customers.

  • I also joined and was very disappointed .. its misleading .. all locations do not have a womens area as it states on the website , the location I attended in Humble, Texas was very Dirty , I never would use the bathroom there ( i once saw a roach). Weights are missing. Broken Equipment..not enough trash cans and cleaning products within access , no place to wash your hands or hand santitizer.I work at the hospital and I am shocked that there is not an outbreak of disease within the gym. One day the water was cut off ..AND THE CLUB WAS STILL OPEN ..WTF.. I know .. I know why did I continue you may ask , my personal trainer was very very good , in 2 months I dropped 5inches from my waist. I was calling to cancel my training and my membership , he was new and convinced me to give him a chance and I did that was the only thing I have nice to say about Blast .. I am hoping that he will get employed at Golds because that is where i also hold a membership.

  • I am a member of the club in Dolton, Illinois First, when you call Corporate or Customer Service, there is no answer.

    The club in Dolton is filthy, and SOME of the staff, although friendly will not clean. If they would stay off the internet and work. I would like to work for Blast, just get paid for doing nothing.

    The entrance doors are dirty, the windows are dirty, the floors are filthy, the machines are dirty and broke, and the staff acts like they could care less about the clients. I am cancelling my membership immediately.

    • I am a new member at blast in Dolton Illinois, I joined in October 2014, I wish I had given more attention to the equipment when I did my walk through, because you are right the place is filthy and the equipment is all broken up and there are no pictures on most of the machines to identify what part of the body that machine will work on. The so call small women gym is pathetic,they have broken machine in there and not enough machine for you to work out on. They need to close Dolton Blast down. I will go some where and pay 275 with out the special trainer a year opposed to what blast charges you, because I will at least be able to work out in a clean environment with working equipment.

  • I joined blast fitness, thinking it was a good gym, but I see that the San Antonio Texas gyms are in poor shape. Main concern is cleanliness, the employees must not clean. I see trash on floors everywhere and men's locker room is filthy. I go in at 3 am and see employees on internet not worried about doing a job they got hired for.

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