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Byerlys Corporate Office Headquarters

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Byerly’s Corporate Office Headquarters
Lund Food Holdings, Inc.
4100 W 50th Street
Suite 2100
Edina, MN  55424
Corporate Phone Number: 1-952-927-3663
Customer Service Number: 1-952-548-1400

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I love your soups but wonder about your quality control efforts. My husband and I had your frozen potato corn chowder today. My soup was full of corn – close to a cup of corn – and my husband’s soup had very little corn, maybe had 10 kernels. I have found this problem with your vegetable beef soup where one has to hunt for the beef and the chicken noodle soup where I had to hunt for the noodles and chicken and my husbands was full of both! So I love your soups but they are hit and miss as to the quantity of the ingredients. I hope you can fix this problem as I hesitate to buy them even when on sale.

Whoever made the decision to automatically transfer pharmacy prescriptions to all Walgreens obviously didn't do any research. I refilled 2 prescriptions in Eden Prairie recently. First they didn't have my insurance information & then I discovered they are not a "preferred provider" within my network. CVS, Target & Cub are. What this means is I ended up paying more than I did with Byerlys. Maybe someone should have asked their customers where they'd like their prescriptions transferred to but then again it's my understanding you only gave your employees who worked in the pharmacy 1 week's notice. Shame on you!

I would like you to know that the plastic child seats in you new carts are suppose to lock in place when folded up for sanitary purposes. They don't lock in place and keep falling down. They did lock in the upper position in your old carts and in carts in other grocery stores. Please look into this, it's very annoying. Thank you

I am so very frusrated with your Burnsville Byerlys store. My husband and I shop there weekly andcontinue to expierence horribl service and out of stocks. I have brought this to the attention of managers department leads no less then 6 times sine Feburary. You are out of stock of regular Fresca on a weekly basis. After bring this to the stores attention it has yet to be fixed. We continue to make several trips a week and no change with your instocks. When we try to get information from the cheese area from the same person: MARY SMALOG she makes us feel as though she is being PUT OUT. She is sooo rud and unhelful taht we hope when we have a question somone else is there. My husband just came home from trying to get cheese information from here and she was so rud to him taht he said we are done shopping there. In talking with many of our neighbors they too ahve had the same expierence with her… out right rud and nasty.You NEED to make some changes at the Byerlys Burnsville or you will be losing many customers. We are very disatisfied.

Just spoke to Stephen the Grocery Manager at the Richfield store and was disappointed to hear the Red E Popt Mac and Cheese Popcorn has been discontinued any chance you will bring it back?

I go to the Eden Prairie and Ridgedale Byerlys. I'd like you to know that the covers for the containers for the deli department hot food buffet do not fit correctly on the bottoms. Even the people who work in the deli department say, "Yeah, they don't fit right". They put a little rubber band around them but they still don't fit right and both heat and juices escape. Please correct this. Thank you.

Is there any slight chance you have the recipe for the large chocolate chunk cookies sold in Lund's in the 1990s? They were the best cookies I have ever had. They were sold one at a time in the bakery. I've never had cookies that were that good.

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