Cajun Operating Company Corporate Office Headquarters

Cajun Operating Company Corporate Office Headquarters
Churchs Chicken Restaurants
980 Hammond Dr. NE, Ste. 1100
Atlanta, GA 30328 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-350-3800
Fax Number: 1-770-512-3920
Customer Service Number: 1-770-350-3800
Employment: 1-877-422-5627 ext. 101
Franchising: 1-800-639-3495

  • I found a corporate number for Church's Chicken in Atlanta late last year. I called for a specific reason: my dear friend had just buried his wife after a long illness. My friend loves Church's Chicken. A Lot. I wanted to put together a basket for him, full of Church's Chicken stuff… maybe a t-shirt, a cup, etc… just silly stuff like that to make him laugh. I told the Church's Chicken customer representative I spoke with on the phone about all of this and she said I would get a response from someone at Church's in no time. That was in October. It's April now. That's not very nice.

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