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  • Carol Wright Gifts Corporate Office Headquarters

Carol Wright Gifts Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Carol Wright Gifts Corporate Office Headquarters

100 Nixon Lane
P.O. Box 7823
Edison, NJ 08818-7823
Corporate Phone Number: 1-732-572-2118
Fax Number: n/a
Sales: 1-800-345-5866
Customer Service Number: 1-800-267-5750


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  1. I have order a item never got it but they cash my check cause it cleared my bank.i want my check back I have told them if I don't get it I will contact BBB because I have my bank statement were they cash my check and didn't get the item

  2. I suggest that your company list all items made in the USA in a separate section of your magazine so those of us who prefer to buy American Made only would be more inclined to peruse your magazine.

  3. November trying to reach a U S representative but have been told that I couldn't be transferred to someone from the US. I've also requested a valid e-mail, carolwrightgifts.com always comes back as invalid. Just asked again to speak to a U S representative or a valid e-mail and was told someone would call be back in an hour. What's going on, has this company left the US for cheaper he!lp??

  4. I started to get junk mail from Carol Wright out of the blue. I called Customer Service to find out how they got my name & address. They refuse to tell me. This should be illegal.

  5. Hello,
    I have been trying to deal with your customer service department about my order which I placed on April 14, 2017. My order has not shipped, as of Friday I will no longer need the item, but because it is in the warehouse I cannot cancel it. your customer service department does not seem to care about your customer's. So, I would like the name, email address and phone number of the person in charge. My career was in customer service for 38 years and if my customer's had to wait 3 weeks or longer I would have been fired. We had our orders out the door between 1-3 days, which is why our customer's kept returning and why we were number one in our field.

    Sharon Sachse
    Email Address: sachsesrsachse@aol.com
    Order Number (if any): WQQU8800
    Phone Number (if any): 6503642458

  6. On 11/26/15 at 4:40pm EST I attempted to place an order via telephone. All I ended up with is a major headache. I was responding to a sale email I received earlier that day. I called the 800 number to place an order. The sales rep told me I could not place a credit card order by phone only online. I DO NOT GIVE CREDIT CARD NUMBERS ON THE INTERNET! I then asked to speak with a supervisor who at best is a complete waste of a salary who informed me hecwould take my credit card info and then I would have to hang up and call customer service to place my order. BUCKLE UP FOR THE NEXT PART FOLKS…….I called customer service, spoke with someone who had very little grasp of the english language who told me she could not help me because I needed to call CUSTOMER SERVICE. Apparently she was not cognizant of the fact that SHE WAS CUSTOMER SERVICE! Being a glutton for punishment I called CUSTOMER SERVICE AGAIN only to be told that I had to have a number off the back of your catalog which I threw away. I proceeded to ATTEMPT to place my order from the email I had just received that day which stated 15% off and free shipping. I was told I could NOT get the 15% off but I COULD HAVE FREE SHIPPING BUT WITH AN UNREASONABLE HANDLING CHARGE. I have placed many orders from you in the pastcand never experienced this problem before. Needless to say I was unable to complete my order.i respectfully ask for someone from Corporate, preferably with a triple digit IQ and a grasp of the language of the land (ENGLISH) to contact me regarding this matter and to complete my order. Melanie Weaver
    570 344-6660
    Awaiting your reply in a timely manner.

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