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CFA Staffing Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact CFA Staffing Corporate Office Headquarters

4318 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH  45212
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-531-4190

  • seems to me lots of complaints about Ashley in Lafayette Indiana office, she is rude, discriminating, talks about applicants personal information in office, I have filed a complaint at the sia office , not good

  • The branch in Pontoon beach Illinois has very bad phone etiquette they answer without giving the proper greeting for an employee at CFA, also when you call in with an issue at the location you're at they tell you to hold on an just switch you without knowledge of who you're talking to I didn't know who I was talking to until I asked "who are you switching me over to" an even then the woman at the agency got an attitude about me asking to whom are you switching me over to. In all their service is awful an they need training on the job titles they have.

  • To whom this may concern, I am writing you because you guys have a Derrick Burnett working on light duty in the Lafayette Indiana office. I was inquiring about a job there and he let me know that the office manager Ashley and fellow come workers were talking about my background and stuff with him around. That's my personal information and I don't appreciate him hearing my information. I am also going to inform you guys that he was injured at skjodt Barrett through ur office in Lafayette Indiana and when he got injured he was doing cocaine,we and had drank the night before the incident.he also stated to me that he and everyone else that works in the warehouse gets high on their lunch break because the supervisor doesn't care. He also said he's going to sue u guys for not paying the doctor bills and for him being off work. He also said that he's drawling this out with worker's compensation through u guys. The cons ppl out of money.

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