Charter Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Charter Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Charter Communications, Inc.
12405 Powerscourt Drive Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63131 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-965-0555
Customer Service Number: 1-866-472-2200

Charter Corporate Office in 2013
400 Atlantic Street
Stamford, Connecticut 06901 USA

charter corporate office headquarters hq

  • Spectrum/Charter are nothing but sorry A holes… You will do beter with just about every other carrier. The cable sucks and the internet sucks the mobile sucks. They just suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope a horrible stomr wipes them out all their services gone maybe we could get somebody better.. Be warned!

  • Scanning through these comments it appears the living hell I'm currently dealing with and have been enduring for TWO SOLID MONTHS is nothing new. Time to get the FCC involved and break up this nasty monopoly Spectrum is perpetrating on long-term customers.

  • Charter/Spectrum offers specials favoring NEW CUSTOMERS. Why aren't you offering the same specials to your EXISTING CUSTOMER base who have been loyal for over 30 years! When I call about the special rates, I see on their website that dreaded asterisk next to the price which means among other things NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY…then the customer rep verifies saying "Oh it's ONLY available for NEW Customers, NOT EXISTING customers"…she said every ONCE IN AWHILE there would be a special on their website for EXISTING customers. REALLY?? Do you think I would check Spectrum’s website everyday JUST ON THE OFF-CHANCE there was a special for EXISTING customers? Spectrum, you are LOSING your EXISTING customer base, the ones that built your company and have been loyal to you for YEARS, AND now you are ONLY interested in getting NEW customers! Guess AFTER 30 YEARS, it’s time to take my loyalty and money elsewhere…LOYALTY, GOOD PRODUCTS and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE keeps businesses open!

  • The problem I see with Charter is they have a monopoly on the cable networks and can do what the want. I think the government should step in a make them break up some of the company like the did wit AT&T. I have been a subscriber even since there inception in our area and the service continues to downgrade. Corporate is to blame!!!!

  • Spectrum is the absolute worst. Jumped our bill up so we decided to cancel cable and go internet only. Got the quote for internet and then researched tv options. Called back and they would not honor the quote.

  • I got charter hooked up 2 days ago. I called on Monday and talked to the rep about signing for tv only. I asked her what they had to offer and she told me they were having a special on the silver package. I specifically asked her if we would get comedy central because thats one of our favorites. She said yes we would get that. The package was guaranteed for a year. We signed up , the tech came hooked us up and that night when we tuned in for comedy central we didn't have it. After having another tech come out the next day, and being on the phone for 2 hours and 7 people later including 2 supervisors we got nowhere. It didn't matter that what the lady told us was not true, and it didn't matter that the tech gave us a lineup paper that was out of date, and that showed we would have comedy central. They said we could have comedy central but we would have to give up HBO. I said thats not right. we signed up to receive all of these channels and now you are telling me the lady was wrong in telling me that, and that there lineup papers were outdated that the techs are leaving at our house, BUT THATS MY FAULT ?. This company is unbelievable!! The corporate phone number on the website has been disconnected! How conveniant. I feel bad for the people that work there and get yelled at when its not there fault. I'm sure they can't say anything if they want there job. I don't know of any invester that would want to invest in this company when you can't get ahold of anyone at corporate. This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with, and will continue to try to find someone at corporate that will help me with this problem. I would hope that someone at the top would truly CARE about what is going on in there company down below.

  • March 1 2017
    I have been trying to get cable, internet, and phone for two week called new service number was told my address was serviceable set up time to have tech install it was not able to on February 19 they had to have someone come out to install new line and tie in cable is what i was told.But every day i called to ask when it was getting done they said today for the next four days that is what i heard.On Monday February 27 they told me the work was done witch i find out today it was not done.All they have done to me is lie about everything. I would think twice about doing business with them because they really don"t care about you they only care about them self.


  • Horrible. Poor disabled death man w/o tv since last Tuesday. Only one tv and they are doing UPDATES DURING THE DAY TIME!On phone for 4 hours with no one coming out till the 8th. He'll be dead by then, WHY doesn't the head end know about this and why is digital services doing upgrades during the day??? And why don't you have enough techs. 13 days to wait for service is UNACCEPTABLE!

  • Their techs are aabout the most worthless people in world and customer sercvice sucks too. The supervisor in the wisconsin area cant do their jobs either . Overall this company sucks

  • Costco Wholesale would like to offer all Charter Employees a Great incentives on are Memberships, for more information please contact David Coleman at 636 686-7400 ext. 360

  • I have been trying to get an order set up with this company for over a week. First gentleman I got was as nice as could be. Just as I was trying to set up an appointment to install, he told me only TV was available in that area (we need phone and internet). Then I found out that a house, maybe the distance of 5 houses has internet. Called back and the girl who answered said that all their reps were busy and she would take my information and someone would call me back in the next couple of hours. TWO days later I tried calling AGAIN. Same girl answered and said she would take my information and someone would call me back. "Oh, just like they didn't do two days ago! Thanks!" Hung up. Tried to see what I could do online. Filled out the information and it said to call the SAME number that I just called. Forget it. Next morning some girl called at 9 am. Told her the situation that I think something has to be wrong saying we can't get internet. She said she would make a phone call and call me back in a few minutes… 12 hours later I'm still waiting! Not sure the point of writing this because I doubt they are even reading this and there's no contact information for them to respond. Haven't even started service and have a headache.

  • I have contacted Charter Communications locally in regard to having The Blaze Network available. I have yet to receive an answer other than that negotiations are in process to provide The Blaze TV to cable network. I have numerous stations that I DO NOT WANT. I WANT THE BLAZE TV. Can someone give me a response? I feel that I am speaking to a brick wall on this matter. If I don't get either The Blaze or a reasonable response, then I am going to cancel me service and go to Dish. They offer The Blaze.

    Thank you.

  • I tried to return my equipment. They refused to pick it up. I could not go to the otherside of town at the time which was their only store accepting equipment They had a outside company ERS (I think) say they would mail me postage paid UPS boxes so that I may return the items and of course I never receive them. It's been sitting here in the closet awaiting their competent resolution. Although I live in a city they have no stores that accept equipment here at my new location. I have decided I am just going to pay to ship it to their headquarters because this has been a nightmare to resolve. I have no doubt many out there have the same problems

  • I am trying to cancel my cable and just keep my internet service and I'm finding I should just get rid of CHARTER all together. After being a customer for a while it Please explain the logic in that. CHARTER CUSTOMER relations SUCK!!!!! I would have switched services over to just KEEP the CUSTOMER!!!! VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER IN SC

  • We have recently moved from a condo complex that had charter and we absolutely loved our services. We now live a short distance out of town and the nearest internet service provided by Charter is only 0.5 (one half) miles away from our residence. We have power lines that run directly to our home so aerial lines should not be a problem. The techs and representatives we spoke to stated that it would cost, $30,000 to run a line to our home. That seems ridiculous! All because we live on the "wrong" side of the road. Is there anything that "you" at corporate could do to get us service? We now have to get DishNetwork, satellite internet and we are very upset. My wife and I are both going to school and require more than what Dish is giving us, 50GB a month for $89.99, what a joke! Even if it did cost 30k to run lines, that would open up a whole other side of the road, in which we are not the only residents, of service and new profits to be made. This should seriously be considered! We are loyal customers and just want our Charter back. Loyalty should be rewarded, not punished. Even if it does cost 30k, Charter will make that back in a matter of 10 years or less with the new territory that will open up.
    Mount Vernon, IL is were we live, please read this and consider!!
    My email:

  • The conversion to Spectrum has wiped out all of our contacts. Also, it appears that sent e-mails have also vanished. Several calls and conversations with Charter have not resulted in a resolution to the problem. The e-mail is now slower and appears to have all sorts of glitches. Frustrating to say the least.

  • Last week I switched to the Charter Spectrum suite, which has a new e-mail implementation. It is TERRIBLE. There are numerous known bugs that are not being resolved. First, the contact list allows groups. My groups were converted over to the new system, but they came over UNPOPULATED — they were empty, without any of the contacts in the groups they were supposed to be in. I called Tech Support and was told I needed manually to repopulate the groups, and that this was a known bug. I asked if they could electronically retrieve my groups, but they could not. I asked for a hard copy of the contacts in each group, but they could not provide that either.
    Next, I set about repopulating the contacts. They have a setting controlling how many contacts appear on a page, which is fine. They also have a search mechanism for contacts, which is fine. But the search only searches the page displayed, not the full contact list. So if you're looking for Allan, it will find it on the first page displayed, but it can't find Tom, because he's on page 3. Apparently, this is another known bug.
    Then I began looking more carefully at my existing e-mails. They sort in date order, which is fine, although there is no mechanism to select another sort order (as there was in the old system). Further, if you have 150 e-mails and choose to display 50 per page, only the first page sorts correctly. When you pull up the next page, the sort order is random. As with the contacts, the search mechanism works only for the page displayed, not the full list of e-mails.
    The speed is remarkably slow, far slower (on the same computer, using the same high-speed access) than the old system.
    Lastly, the "Remember me" function to store sign-on information does not work, although it worked fine on the old system.
    Also, the display is very unhelpful; it may be esthetically more pleasing, but is far less practically useful; in the old system, you could see 20 – 30 e-mail listings on one page, whereas now you can see only 2 or 3 because of the bulky, multi-line display allotted to each e-mail.
    Charter is apparently forcing all users to convert to Spectrum. My advice — wait until the very last second. This initial app is incredibly BUGGY and utterly unready for production use (in my opinion as a former IT manager — I would have lost my job if I rolled out a system like this one).

  • I am less than 2 months new with charter..We signed up the end of november…I wasn't expecting to be billed almost a extra 100.00 in my first bill and to recieve my first bill a week after signing up..I paid that My bill is due on the 15th..It is only the 27th..He said they give a 24 day grace period…I called him out on that then he lied more..4 days was the extension I asked for..WAY TO GO CHARTER.DON'T BOTHER KNOCKING ON MY DOOR AGAIN TO GET MY BUSINESS BACK…

  • My special needs child ordered $400 in movies & they will not remove them. The theropist wrote a letter stateing the illnesses & that the child has the mind of a 5yr old at the age 12yrs old & that the child should not be accountable & they still will not remove the movies.

  • Charter is a hot mess the customer service rrps are rude and will hang up on you when they dont know the answer to your question please retrain your customer service department they are so high in price I just discoed my service I have uverse love it

  • I used to work for Charter in Billings Montana. I was discriminated several time and am going to talk to an attorney about this. Know that I have left that company and found a better job else were I keep getting emails and face book post from old co workers threatening me. I think Chater rely needs to watch what all there employees and supervisors do at work and get paid 8 hours for cause there not working.They spend there day online shopping and sending post to co workers that can get not only the employee but also the company in alot of trouble. If charter does not do something soon there is gonna be alot of law suites against them I know of 4 so far.

  • Get service somewhere else…they lie to you to screw u on your plan.. cost me a lot of money but now that money is gonna goto my lawyer

  • Just spent an hour and a half trying to correct a billing error made by Charter. Could not understand the rep in Asia. The internet rep couldn't help because I didn't have a security code. The code is on the billing statement I never received. Laughable if it wasn't so irritating.

  • Low grade service with a high price. My internet is less than 10% of what they 'claim' I am receiving. AND a BIG 77% increase in my bill with NO IMPROVEMENT in speed or reliability.

  • Charter is by far the worst service I've ever had. They obviously don't QC their product. Really stupid glitches in their system.

  • I've had Charter TV service for 12 yrs. usually without any problem. However, their rates have gone up about 500% since then. Until recently, seniors got a little discount. It is not offered any longer. Their rates are very expensive for just basic service, no internet service. When I called asking about the senior discount, I was speaking with some one from the Phillippines! We need jobs at home! In order for the company to make a bigger profit, they hire people of our country and cut off a meager discount to seniors! It isn't easy to change because they really don't have any competition in my area! Disgusting.

  • If you can get another service, then do it. We have had many problems with them. We have had so many techs to our house since we got the service, I can't keep track of them. Right now we are going through an issue. We need internet because I go to school and we communicate through it. We have been without service since Monday. Tomorrow will be a week. The techs say they have been here, but haven't. I am searching for an alternate service right now.

    • I had the same problem with them. I am now using my mobile hotspot on my cell for both my desktop and laptop. Much better internet service.

    • We've had a nightmare experience. Wish we had never heard of Charter. We want to switch back to our former carrier. Can't even watch the TV due to freezes and the internet rarely works. WE have been lied to my corporate representatives numerous times. No one should do business with Charter.

    • The same thing just happened to us!! Got our first bill with all the extra charges that WEREN'T mentioned. We call to cancel cable service explaining that we weren't made aware of insurance, extra box charges, etc.. They then wanted to charge us for canceling cable and hike up the price on our internet service. Be forewarned… MISLEADING!

    • We have 3 televisions in our home. They are older, so we had to get the boxes or not have service at all. That was the first demarit. Every week since we got the boxes, about 2 months ago, I have had to call Charter with one problem or another. This week alone I have called them 3 times. Today was the worst. 3/4 of our channels say 'one moment please' and have for the last 12 hours. When I called I, of course, had to answer questions from a recording, none of which delt with my problem. The recording stated that they would send a signal to my boxes, but I would have to hold on the line for 5 minutes to see if it worked. It didn't. The recording said I could talk to an agent if I said agent. I did that and the recording tried to talk me into continuing with the recording instead of giving me the AGENT. The agent was very nice and said that they were aware of the trouble in our area and would call me when it was fixed. That has been four hours ago. When they call (if they ever do) we to unplug all the tvs and plug them back in a minute or two later. What a joke Charter is. The repairman (of which we have had many over the years) are knowledgeable and nice. So are the agents, but Charter as a whole stinks. When we started with them our cable was $29.00. Now it is $65 + 2 more cable boxes. We will be looking for other service.

    • I agree and they're making it difficult to read complaints with the format they have here. REALLY CONCERNS me – they want to send a tech to my house, so I need to take a day off work now. They're showing me up and running, probably so they don't have to credit me for the two weeks I've been without internet. SO DONE WITH BIG CORPORATIONS THAT KEEP RAISING PRICES BUT THE SERVICE NEVER GETS BETTER. COULDN'T EVEN HEAR THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP BECAUSE THE BUZZING IN THE BACKGROUND WAS LIKE FINGERNAILS ON A CHALK BOARD.

    • Good Morning , I have been trying every time a position comes open to get an outside sales position door to door and the local sales Manager Rene Valdez has interviewed me twice and actually told me last time that he thought I would be a better fit for business to business rather than outside sales since I am white , but I explained that I was bilingual and had been speaking spanish for 40 years.He actually told me that he did not think I would like the type of work since my background was in Oil Field sales but I explained that I had been doing door to door sale as well.I think he just does not want to hire a white guy or he is intimidated by my 40 years of sale experience.I can do a great job for Charter and would love a chance at it.I can not even apply now because he had me locked out from applying, I thought everyone had a chance to apply.Is that not so with Charter?
      I have included some info along with my resume/Cover.
      I will look forward to a reply,

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