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Claires Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Claires Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Claire’s Stores, Inc.
2400 West Central Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-765-1100
Customer Service Number: 1-800-252-4737
Claires Europe & UK: 0044 121 682 8000
Emaill: customerservice@claires.com


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  1. I too would like to speak to someone. we have called the corporate office and left 3 messages. An assistant manager REFUSED to pierce my granddaughters ears and when I call to ask the twit SCREAMED with customers in the store and hung up. I called back and she refused to give me her name or corporates number and hung up again. We unfortunately don’t have many places around here that pierces ears

  2. I would love to talk to your CEO of your company I bought 3 prs. of Fishhook stoppers and I was suppose to get 3 free THEY never sent me the 3 free I contact
    Claires internet and the said I had to order 6 all together I never had problems before or from any other store can You help me to get my other 3 packages to me
    Thank You BMRif55@Gmail.com

  3. I have worked for Claire's in the past for almost five years, and I am now ashamed that this is true. I eventually worked up to being an assistant manager and stayed in that role for years. I didn't receive reviews regularly, and it was usually after I brought it up first. After going months and months past my annual review, (which is required for assistant managers,) I approached my boss about a raise since I had been making the same wage for years. She and the district manager proceeded to take their time getting this "raise" in motion. I was promised 20 cents, which I felt was very poor, but I was told that it was because the company was struggling and that they couldn't afford to give bigger raises. I am a very strong employee, I consistently received praise for my work, and almost always trained new employees because I knew every aspect of the store. Not only did I only get 10 cents on my raise, but I learned that they had increased starting wages for newly hired assistant managers from $10 to $12-$13 an hour. How is it that you can pay the new hires significantly more, but only give 10 cents to the people that have been loyal, great workers for the company for almost five years?? This company is so poorly managed. If you want to be respected and valued as a worker, do not work for Claire's.

  4. I went to Claire's in Chesterfield town center location to get my twin daughters ears pierced. The lady that worked there lied and said that their ears are too small to get them done. That was a lie. She gave idea that she did not want to serve me. Instead i decided to go to a place that specialize in ear piercing they did an excellent job. To make a long story short. I felt like i was discriminated against and i
    I will never go there again ever. Claire's suck.

  5. I made a complaint regarding an experience I had at one of your locations. I've spoken with 3 people and feel I am receiving the run around. I will follow up in a couple of days. I did obtain an attorney, who will go forward if the issue is not resolved.

  6. My wife has worked there for over a month now and had never been payed. We contacted the Dm she won't help her and we can't get in contact with payroll they won't answer no extension, we called corporate and they won't answer. This is at the store in Houston Tx in Meyerland Plaza. So I guess the next step is to get a Lawyer and file a lawsuit. They really suck but we have to do what we have to do

  7. Claire's does not care about it's employees or customers. I have worked for Claire's for 6 months and I have been working as an Assistant Manager with the promise that I would be getting promoted with the correct pay. I have been receiving a 3rd key pay, rather than assitant's for the last months and the District Manager Brenda has not helped with this situation at all and has given me the runaround. Very unfair and goes against the Texas Equal Pay act.

  8. I have been working at Claire's for almost a month now. I have not received a single paycheck. I have tried contacting headquarters and there is no one available. That is ridiculous. If you can't answer to the people who are nice enough to work for you, why should we work there?

  9. My daughter just quit her job at the Claire's in Stillwater Oklahoma. It has been the worst experience for her mainly because the manager said she had to work with. She didn't understand that there are days that you know during the holidays asking for days off would be most of the time would be blacked out but they were several days that my daughter had appointments back where we live which is 3 hours away from Stillwater. My daughter would mention that she would have these appointments to the manager prior to the schedule being made and there was no effort need to assist her with getting home to these appointments mind you all of these appointments were made prior to her being hired. This manager news my daughter was 3 hours away from home and during Thanksgiving and my daughter work the day before Thanksgiving drove 3 hours home that evening and then had to be back at work the day after Thanksgiving 10 o'clock in the morning. I don't think there's any reason why she couldn't have worked the evening shift the day after Thanksgiving knowing that she had to drive back. This happened to her several times. The straw that broke the camel's back with my daughter and I are attending a concert together again will be 3 hours away from Stillwater my daughter does not work on Friday and she is scheduled to work at 10 o'clock Saturday morning and she requested to switch with one of the people that are working in the evening and was told that she couldn't do that because the manager was working with her and wanted her to get certified to pierce ears and that the manager was the only one that can certify her will my daughter decided resigned from the position gave two weeks notice and we discussed it since her status was going to change we felt that she could very possibly now work and switch with the person working in the evening on Saturday. My daughters spoke with one of the evening workers who happened to be the assistant manager to see if she could switch with her and assistant manager had no problems my daughter explained that she had already spoken with the manager about switching and the response she had initially gotten but again we didn't feel it would be an issue any longer since my daughter put a resignation in. So when my daughter asked the manager about switching and mention that she had discussed it with the assistant manager and she was agreed to switch with my daughter the manager told my daughter to quit talking to other people about switching on Saturday that she was not going to be able to switch and she needed to be there at work on Saturday that she should have been making plans to go to the concert. Mind you the same manager has had off this entire week so that she could attend court court date for incident that occurred with her brother during the summer. It was also brought to my attention that Claire's has a contest of some sort with the employees that those who make the most sales or something as gift cards or whatever they are recognized and get a little trinket or Prize or whatever it was brought to my attention that the manager, Ashley would keep what she wanted and not give it to my daughter. I can't tell you how many times my daughter called upset because of how she was treated. I just can't believe the strict blackout policy at a minimum wage paying job. I have never in my career had a difficult time asking for a day off in a business that's open 24 hours a day 7 days a week that includes holidays I think something needs to be done with your policies and I hate that my daughter had such bad taste in your mouth from her experience working at Claire's.

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