Clearwire Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Clearwire Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

4400 Carillon Point

Kirkland, WA 98033 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-216-7600

Fax Number: 1-425-216-7900

Customer Service Number: 1-888-253-2794

  • I wanted to cancel service and get a pro rate and the company is refusing to do that. I spoke to 5 agents in one day and they all tried to get me to keep the service for the next month since it had been pre paid. I had to get a bit ugly just to get the service cancelled. I was told by one agent she had gotten a supervisors authorization to pro rate me but I needed to call their 888-888-3113 immediately after our discussion so they could do that for me. When I did, the agents I spoke to (as I called back in multiple times) refused to help me. And then I was told by the last one that I could keep the box though. Seriously? A box that doesn't work, barely worked when I had it and now you think I'll keep it? Poor poor customer service. I filed a complaint with the State.

  • I live in an area that has 3 towers around me. Two of the towers are less than a 1/2 mile from me & the third is (maybe) 2 miles away. For more than 6 weeks I have been getting a CINR reading of 0.1, 2, 3 & 4. I MAY get a 5 from time to time.
    Over these past 6 (or more) weeks, I have done all of the steps (moved the location of my hot spot, re-set (hand held & paper clip) turned off & on……any & everything with & with out Clear reps. This has been done to many times to count…sometimes 2 to 3 times a day and still NO increase in reading or connection.
    I have lived at this address for almost a year & a half (Las Vegas. NV 89106) I have always gotten an amber light with (at least) a 8 to 10 CINR that has allowed me to do my work & stream videos. I still have the amber light but NO/ or LOST connections. There is NO construction, NO blockage to my apartment……………NOTHING that hasn't been here the whole time I've lived here. I have been sent replacement hot spot and still NO IMPROVEMENT.
    My monthly cost has increased by $20 & I have been told that it will increase again by another $20. Yet my CINR reception has decreased to as much as 3, 2, 1 & even 0.
    I have been a Clear customer for many years,

  • Gentlemen, I had the worst experience trying 2 pay my clear bill today…4 hrs in total between Clear and my bank….Clear web site & live clear agent kept declining my credit card..5 times I was on the phone w/ my bank..5 times they say no problem w my back account and or credit card…6 times in total on phone w/ Clear. Finally we did 3 way call, my bank, clear representative & me…..My bank told clear that they showed no decline on there end of any sort, told clear there was enough $$$ in the account for 10 years of bill @ $49.99 per month, asked clear representative what decline code they are getting…clear representative said there was no code #, just back says every transaction whether good or declined will show up on banks screen…Bank says they see nothing…After all said and done, I have to go 2 a cash payment place to pay my bill, another Hr.+….But what gets me more than anything is I had to hunt down your Names and email address by my self for your representative refused to give me anyone name or address in corporate office….You know they say customer has good experience your lucky if they share experience with someone, But a bad experience everyone will know…

    Also, I used the credit card clear say was declined all day today after my terrible experience trying 2 pay my bill..Burger king..7-11…and when I had to go 2 a cash location to pay my clear bill..I used the same card you all said was declining 6 different times…The retailer also would not honor the $5.00 credit you gave me today…..I sure would like this email to go to customer service and corporate officers..

    joseph brown: to give me anyone name or address in corporate office….You know they say customer has good experience your lucky if they share experience with someone, But a bad experience everyone will know…

    Please check into this…both about what happened w/ my card being declined and about your representative's refusal to allow me to go up the chain of command…

    You may contact me at:

  • For the past 2 weeks I have had no service during nighttime and I call about the issues and I am told it is due to ongoing "maintenance issues" and there is no end date known for the maintenance issues, and as far as crediting my account, they only will be able to do so WHEN the maintenance is over (which they have no idea of!) and my account will only be partially credited because it works during the day?!? Are you kidding me? In summary I was told that 1) its broken 2) its been broken for 2 weeks 3) they dont know when it will be fixed and until then im SOL? I will be in Kikland at the corporate office on Monday. I spoke to Jason, a female and finally a "supervisor" Will Lazaro ID# 1388. The supposed tower in question is SEA 0493. That is all.

  • My husband and I got the ( 4 G unlimited package speed up your service with 4G Home Unlimited** and download at up to 6 Mbps.

    No installation required
    Unlimited 4G internet**
    PC or Mac® Compatible)

    But we never get the unlimited, we get throttled even though we pay the higher cost to have this unlimited data streaming and so on… I think I am done with them and their so called service, You never get what you pay for with them and that is a breach of contract and false advertiment…

  • I'm a Texas Resident, and the customer service with Clearwire has been horrible. They even have the customer reps try to disguise their voices saying they are members of management. I find this low down and dirty, especially for an American company outsourcing to these other countries.

    For example we have a few towers in my town, yet the Customer Reps have been lying to me for months now, I don't get my download speed as I'm promised, and the towers are congested, meaning if any new customers in my area sign on, they will be cheated among the rest of us.

    Also the reps wouldn't give me the main corporate number which does no good it'll send you to the sorry reps.

    All I can say Clearwires days are coming to an end with all these lawsuits. Horrible Company God will punish you. 🙂

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