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Comfort Suites Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters

Choice Hotels International, Inc.

10750 Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000

Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157

Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

  • If I could leave zero stars I would. This is not a safe place to stay. On the last night of our stay (Sunday, May 9), Walla Walla, WA, someone called our room at 3:15 am and started threatening us. 15 minutes later they were pounding on our door. Then they came back and tried to kick in our door several times. Pretty sure it was going to be a robbery. We called 911 because there wasn’t anyone at the front desk. Three cops showed up and they couldn’t find anyone managing the front desk either. They did a walk through and left a police report. We are waiting to hear back on the cameras, but I’m not optimistic the hotel will follow through. When I talked to the manager the next day, she just said sorry and said they have 24 hour management on site, which is not true. We had a block of 6 rooms, including one with a baby paid for by a local prominent business. By the last night, most had already checked out and headed back home. We stayed an extra night with a family member, which is one of the owners of the company that rented the block of rooms. The hotel is located in a kind of old remote closed down area, with nobody there at night. Very unsafe!! In addition, the service was very poor. They don’t clean the rooms everyday. You have to ask for your room to be cleaned by 11:00 am with written notice. They didn’t tell us that when we checked in. They were out of fresh towels and all of us had to wait until the next day for clean ones. Several of us had key cards that wouldn’t work and one person’s room wasn’t available for the last night after it was already paid for. They had to pay for another night. The rooms were way overpriced at $250/night!!
    Please respond better than the canned response below!!

    Response from the owner 2 days ago
    Dear Guest

    Thank you for taking the time to complete our online survey regarding your recent stay at our hotel.

    We very much appreciate and value your feedback and will share it with our team. Your survey responses will serve as encouragement to all of our staff as we strive to continuously improve the quality of our services to provide an exceptional experience for our guests. It is always a pleasure to receive positive feedback.

    Thank you again for sharing your experience, and we hope your next visit will be even more pleasant than the previous one.

  • Roaches were crawling on my bed–over the pillow and across the open sheets–in the first room. I switched rooms at 1am when I noticed them. The second room also had roaches crawling around. I have pictures and videos. It was not ok.

  • Booked hotel, was overcharged around $200, cannot get in touch with manager, 1-800 numbers can't do anything at all to help, no one can refund or really do anything. There is no one to call or contact just a bunch of front line reps with no power to do anything. Manager is never at the hotel and cannot do anything. Have been given excuses as to why the manager is not there and cannot get the manager's name or when they will be there. What kind of business is this? This is credit card fraud and that is a federal offense.

  • Comf Suites 1227 N. St.Louis – batesville, ark.
    What a great place to stay at. Debra greeted us when we walked in and was so pleasant – we had been dealing with some really bad places and this was a breath of sunshine. The room was great…internet was fabulous— a great connection which is unusual in a hotel. Then late night was
    Shelly who needs a raise…she was fabulous….very nice very helpful and just there to make us comfortable as I am a late night person. Wow your employees are well picked for their jobs. Thanks so much and we will stay there again.
    Ida HErring

  • I will never stay in this hotel again. We arrived on 9/1/2017. There were two couples, the clerk put myself and my fiancé on floor 2 and our friends on floor 4. Our friends got to their room to discover mold on the curtains and window sill. I told them to request the room next to us. They were given that room. We all went to dinner at Copeland's. When we returned I went into use the restroom and the toilet backed up. I went to the front desk only to be told by the clerk "well I can see if I can find you a plunger but we have no one here" (it was approx. 8 p.m.) I was not only floored but insulted that she would think I would plunge my own toilet. I went outside to calm down. When I returned the clerk then told me with a huff "I guess I can give you another room". Again floored. I went to the room to check it out prior to moving our things into it, toilet (check), no mold on windows or curtains. However, T.V. had no signal or remote. So, I went back to the clerk she handed me a remote, then told me how to get the correct HDMI channel. WOW. So, I followed her instructions only to discover there was no cable box, hence the no signal. So now within 30 minutes I'm being switched to our 3rd room. After checking it out and deeming it habitable we moved our things in when my fiance discovered there was a used bar of soap in the shower. We were exhausted by our trip and just gave up. I informed the manager on duty the next morning. Sure he compensated us for a 1/2 a nights stay but really. The bar of soap after the room being cleaned on 9/2/2017 still remained. Never again and would not recommend for anyone.

  • my wife works at comfort suites in jonson creek wi and is being wrongly terminated but customers say that she does a great job.they nave a terible manager that you can t trust. if managemant and staff talks poorly about each other how do youthink they talk about the respect and they don t care to ask the customers about her service either wich has alot to do with their experience and returning in the future

  • I stayed at comfort suites Manassas Va this past Wednesday Eve. Sadly the fire alarm sounded 8 different times throughout the night causing us to evacuate from the fourth floor multiple times. In the morning we learned the fire alarm was shut off totally and not in working order. Guests were not notified our safety was comprised or I would have gone across the street to a safe hotel . I emailed customer service but received no reply. Today I received a survey and voiced my concerns . I received a very generic response. I feel I should be reimbursed for my stay.

  • I had the very unfortunate experience of staying at the Chicago Ohare Comfort Suites. After booking 3 rooms for Friday and Saturday night A MONTH IN ADVANCE, my friends and I were told we no longer had a room for Saturday! 2 out of 3 rooms were cancelled and reserved to other people with out any concern for my reservation that was made A MONTH IN ADVANCE. Needless to say I was very upset when the bachelor party that I was with was cut in half because most of the guys had to leave. The most appalling issue was the front desk employee (Ambar), "so called manager" told me that I never had the 2 rooms to begin with, even though we showered and had keys a couple hours before.WHAT!? Then to find out that they had NO ROOMS AVAILABLE and couldnt do anything to help re book the rooms. She proceeded to tell me that I never checked into the other rooms (even though I had keys and 10+ people with me) and told me I could go somewhere else! The customer service that was given to me was TERRIBLE, if you even want to call it that. When asked to speak with the General Manager, she said she wasnt available until Monday. I asked that she take my information down and wanted a call on Monday. After going back to my room, with a key that didnt work- I had to go back to the Front Desk for a new key. At that point, Ambar was on her cell phone with Lilly the General Manager. I spoke briefly with Lilly and she said it would be taken care of on Monday. I have spent countless hours on the phone with multiple people today and still DO NOT have my money back for the rooms they kicked us out of. So on top of loosing the rooms and loosing multiple people for a bachelor party, Im still charged for the rooms!! Its unreal how difficult and embarrassing this has been. I will never stay or recommend Comfort Suites Ohare.


  • Stayed at the comfort inn in Klamath Falls Oregon. Never again. Hallway smelled like weed, then they charge me a smoking fee of 300.00, didn't even notify me just took money out of my account. Called several days to request a refund, never received a phone call back. Finally called corporate office and filed a claim with my bank.

  • sir, madam
    my aunt and I stayed at comfort suites on 2-1-2017. retired to bed at aprox. 1130pm. between the sheets at 1145pm, immediately was bitten many times on lower arms around wrist and forearm areas. never got a look at insect or biters. 30 hours later the areas where bitten are very red, swollen, itch and extremely uncomfortable. over the counter meds taken to lesson irritated areas with no success. notified desk clerk immediately when this happened. subsequently, left hotel via cab service. requested mangager phone me to share experience. no response. left messages for mgr to call no response. will be seeking medical attention to eval and resolution to inflamed itching areas. now, ask that corp. rep reach out to me to provide information regarding incident 870-530-1541

  • I recently stayed at the Comfort Suites in Montgomery AL, this was an overnight rest as my wife were on vacation. I called the hotel in the daytime and notified I would be arriving late night. I arrived around midnight and was given a very nice room, however at 7:00AM construction was being being done directly outside our room within 10 feet. I had only been sleeping for around 6 hours. I went to the front desk and the Asst. Manager couldn't have been any nicer and stated the night person shouln't have given us that room. This actually really set me back as far as travell as I was planning on getting a good night sleep not just a long nap. I was refunded $25, however i believe I should have been given a full refund. When I sent the Owner/Manager an email he never replied or caalled, I guess he is too busy or just doesn't care. I wish I would have stayed across the street at Holiday Inn Express. I believe they care more for their customers. On this trip I purchased a condo in Florida, I usually rest around half way, it won't be at Comfort Suites. By the way I have never heard anything from the Owner/Manager or Comfort Suites Corporate Office. Imagine that.

  • A few months back (exact date available if required) I was double billed for a room at Comfort Suites in Leesville, LA.
    When I called the hotel so this could be rectified, I was assured by the manager that this could not have happened because of "their system's check and double-checks". I assured her it did happen , and when I supplied dates and reference numbers for both payments, she reluctantly agreed that is had happened and said that a refund would be made to my credit card within 14 days. No apology. I never did check if the refund was made, but it probably was. I assumed this was a one-off situation and my company continues to use Comfort Suites, which I find to be generally good.
    I was paying my credit card last night, and exactly the same thing happened again last week – this time at the Comfort Suites in Monroe, LA! So much for their "check and double-check system"!! So now I have to go through all the trouble and time of getting a refund, and with imminent International travel coming up, this is not a good day/week to be doing this. Very dissatisfied.
    We might be changing our hotel list.

  • We just stopped by on our way to Yosemite to see if they could get us a room in advance. We were at the Sacramento / Richardson ave hotel. We went in and asked to use the restroom first and Noel, the front desk person said you need a room key. We said we dont have one and asked if we could borrow his. He said give me your credit card and then you can. I started to leave but I was appallled by his rudeness and went back to get his name. He then came around the desk at me, threatening me and my teen daighter and told us to get the hell out and to take our entightled asses with us. It was wierd and very scary! Needless to say we never got a chance to ask about a room in Yosemite, thank goodness! It was surreal and bizzare! This guy is a phycho!

  • This company has the most incompetent people working for them that I have EVER seen!!!! I have tried to call 6 times now to 12 Western Plaza Drive Amarillo, TX, 79109 and the lady working KEEPS answering the phone and then hanging up! I called customer service and it was WORSE!!! I will NEVER stay at this stupid hotel again!!! But u best damn well believe I will be calling corporate in the morning!!!!


  • I stay at a Comfort Suites in Johnson City TN on Browns Mill Rd every other week I have had issues on a couple occasioions with a girl (Chelsea) on one occasion at 7 pm she sent me to eat dinner because my room wasn't clean which I felt was a lie, but I did leave for a hour. On the last occasion 7/26/2016 at 7 pm I went to check in as always after working 10 hours Chelsea proceeded to tell me my reservations had been canceled and they was all booked up. Since then I went back to make sure I had reservations for my next stay and learnt that the hotel was not booked up and she canceled my reservation at 7:06 pm on 7/26/2016 which would mean she canceled them with me standing right in her face! I have spoke to the General manager Ella and she did say she was going to have a talk with her. Honestly I feel someone higher needs to be aware of this. I am very happy and pleased with my stay here and all amenities, but I do not think she is a very good asset for the hotels business, what if she done this to a customer for there first time stay? You would lose that customer I would think.

  • The GM Mimi Delrio did NOT honor her pricing for a special pricing and was super rude about it when i called to try to fix it. Instead i had to pay an extra $150. Not to mention there was another charge on my card for $285.98 for something else they can NOT figure out. I will NEVER stat at comfort suites because of this terrible customer service and false advertising they offer.

  • My neighbor's family members stayed part of one night in Comfort Inn in Mountain Home,Arkansas. They left very early in the morning because there were roaches in the room, even on the bed. We will advise anyone and everyone who asks about a place to stay here in Mountain Home.

  • Wednesday,May 25th, 2016
    Checked in around 5:40pm already called ahead of time for late check in
    Mother in law room 121 birthday week so she had her own room across from our room 122
    Mother in law found dirty female underpants on the floor behind the outdated TV
    Bathroom especially the toilet had left over poop around the rim of the-bowl
    I went to the counter with the dirty underpants in a bag to let the front desk know- the clerk said will let the housekeeping manager know the next day. I requested that both rooms be deep cleaned the next day….no such luck no one knew what the other one was doing
    Our room had very poor lighting, rug was very out dated 20 inch OLD Tv 1990’s with bad satellite…dish kept blink on, sofa bed out dated torn and smelly, shower walls was glue together and stain, small roaches in the bathroom( I did take pictures of the roaches)
    Thursday , May 26th, 2016
    My husband and I stepped out the next morning early and out daughter told us housekeeping came by to ask if we need anything?? No communication was brought to their attention about deep cleaning out rooms. Immediately I ask my mother in law did they deep clean her room yet she said no. They came in changed her sheets and wiped down the bathroom she had to ask them to scrub the toilet. I spoke with a manager and she said that she did request it and would look into it, she did not seem concerned at all. My mother in law was so upset that the concern to deep clean our rooms was not successful someone dropped the ball. Housekeeping wiped TV down with oil or something greasy we could not see TV due to the marks (TV definitely needs to be upgrade IT WAS NOT A FLAT SCREEN)
    Friday, May 26th, 2016
    Bad storm came through POWER WENT OUT IN THE HOTEL the WHOLE DAY AND NIGHT. It was hot and dark the electric did not come back on until the NEXT DAY….this whole trip was awful due to our HOTEL STAY.
    We paid for two rooms that was NOT 3 or 4 star this hotel does not need to be on the Dream trip club list. We would like our money back IN FULL/half due to all the drama my mother in law and family had to suffer due to the hotel false advertising“ themselves as a 4-star we did not have a lot of option due to it being a holiday weekend. We were told since we purchases these rooms with a third party Comforter Suites would not be able to give us back any refund.
    This is our truth and we wanted someone to know and for others to be aware.
    Unhappy family

  • WOW..its all I can say.
    Made reservations for my son to stay at the one in Dallas, TX at I-30 and what a dog and pony show it was. They took may reservations, confirmed my reservations knew that I was paying the bill not him, charged my Credit Card then denied him his room at 10:30 at night and left him in the parking lot.
    I spoke to three different people regarding him staying and me paying and it was all ok. All three of them said the same thing, only for him to get there and they tell no. I tried talking to several people but all they kept saying was that it was not their problem. I have always stayed at comfort inns and never had this problem but now, never again. As I am typing this I am on hold with their corporate office and I bet they will not do anything. Still have my charges on my account, that hopefully they will refund. Bad hotel chain, bad employees, bad customer service and from the other reviews I have been reading, everyone else seems to have some major problems with them as well.

    • Ok problem solved. Spoke with a wonderful rep and she took very good care of the problem and then went above and beyond on other goods and services. Thank you Sara for all your help.

    • I am had the same problem with Comfort Suites in Austin, TX. I reserved a room for a pastor and his wife. The pastor came to do eugology and sermon at my mother s funeral. They had the confirmation number which I reserved with my debit card. They were told they could not get a room because they needed a credit card. I could not understand why the reservation was confirmed after using my card. It really ruin my schedule to show up early at funeral. Only to be told their room was cancelled. I asked this mean my debit card is not accepted, They said they do take it in but I had to fill out a form. I was really upset for all the trouble. Because I was upset,they decline the reservation. Somehow preceived me as being rude. We had to go to another hotel. Anyone had this problem?

  • Victorville, ca fraudlently charge my card for a canceled room stay and will not credit me back. Said they are indepentantly owned so they have no accountabilty to make it right. beware never stay at an indepentantly owned site

  • On May 9, 2016, I checked into Comfort suites on Dick Road in Cheektowaga, NY. The room had blood on the sheets, carpet and smeared on the wall along with some food splashed on the wall. The microwave was filthy, the shower was gross and the air conditioning/heating unit had popcorn kernels inside of it, we called the front desk and they gave us another room, that room was dirty as well, the smoke detector was hanging from the ceiling and wrapped in a plastic bag and the shower was nasty. the manager was Lindsey Carson was very rude and unprofessional and she hung the phone upon me as I was explaining the situation to her. I had to leave the hotel at 12:30 AM and find another hotel. I will never stay at another comfort suite hotel again in my life.

  • What a joke!!! My girlfriend and I stayed at the Comfort Suites in Jacksonville NC last night. (April 29th 2016.

    That night I personally killed two roaches. We had decided to just stay one night and sure and behold I woke up at 8am with a bill under my door for an extra $100!!

    Definitely not something I wanted to wake up to. I went to the front desk clerk and basically got into an argument over the mishap. She assured me the extra $100 would not be charged to the card and rolled her eyes to me telling her about the two roaches. (Was just informing her)

    An hour into my drive after leaving the hotel I check my balance. Sure enough.. It was charged to my card. I then call her at the front desk and tell her that it had been charged. Her response "Sorry about that. Our policy gives us 2-3 business days to return the funds. If it last longer than a week you can call us back".

    Absolutely terrible service. I will NEVER advise anyone to stay in a comfort suites. And I will have no problem taking them to small claims if my money is not reimbursed in 2-3 days as she said their policy states. Absolute joke.

  • My husband and I have always preferred Comfort Suites for our stays…..until we stayed in the one in Fultondale, AL. We could not take a shower in the morning because it had mold in it. Took pictures…in case you're interested (or even care). When we went down for breakfast in the morning the desk clerk was sleeping at one of the small dining tables. How sad that this establishment puts a black mark on your chain.

  • I stayed at the comfort suites in Canton, Michigan and it was the worst hotel i have ever stayed at. I witnessed the manager named, Nada, talking to one of the house keepers, a very pretty and young lady, in a very unprofessional manor, yelling at her out in the open for anyone to see. I felt so bad the girl. This manager needs to be fired or at the very least trained on how to manage her employees with respect rather than trying to humiliate them infront of anyone walking by. I sat and watched her treat this girl with complete disrespect. I listened to their whole conversation. The girl was letting her know that she had put her 2 week notice in that very morning (this happened around 1pm) and thats when the manager lost it and started yelling at her because she didn't like the reasons this employee was not going to stay. Which from what i heard from their conversation, if thats what you want to call it, they forced the girl to come in a half hour early to start her job everyday off the clock..I'm pretty sure you can not legally do that. The young lady to my surprise kept her cool the entire time. You'd be lucky to not get a lawsuit for gow badly this girl was treated. I really hope you take action against this awful manager because that girl did not deserve that treatment. I have been staying there for almost a week and talked to that young lady several t8mes, since she cleaned my room, and from what I've seen she seemed like a very good employee to have. It saddens me to see people get treated so badly by their management. Fire Nada! You shouldn't have someone who acts like a bratty highschool girl as a manager. And you definitely won't have my future business after that.

  • I had booked a stay at the Comfort Suites in Columbus, on Keim Circle. I realize I had booked a non-refundable stay, but after the passing of my mother 2 days before my trip, I pleaded with the manager to refund me even just half my money. They were rude and completely uncaring. She told me that it wasn't their fault that my mother had passed and that had no bearing on them giving me a refund. I told her that the website said that the manager had the authority to authorize a refund, even though it was non refundable, yet she said she would not. After calling me a few profane names, I hung up.

  • I am currently an employee at the Comfort Suites in Canton, Michigan, but not for long! This is the worst place i have ever worked at. They force us to come in at 8:30am to start our job, yet we can NOT clock in until 9am. The management clocks girls out who are still working and they make you clock out while waiting for a guest to leave so you can finish your job. All of which are completely Illegal!!!!! Everyone i have spoke with about these issues are too afraid of losing their jobs to speak up. Well, i am not afraid! This is wrong and extremely illegal to do to your employees! I will fight until this issue is resolved for the poor girls who are stuck working at this slavory job. Get your management under control before you lose another amazing employee.

  • I and my family stayed one night at Comfort Suites in Elkhart, IN on March 5-6. I would not recommend to anyone to stay this hotel. Go some other hotels down the road. I thought this was operated by family group. There is no professional attires at front desk people. When we arrived at the hotel around 7 pm, there were many kids were screaming in the hallway at swimming pool. There would be 20-25 peoples including kids were in the pool. The front desk told me that if your kids want to go swim, they can go after 10 pm when all the others left. I thought that was nice offer, but by the time we got back from dinner it was late. so kids decided to go in the pool in early morning, since it opens at 6 am which it said in the room file. Next morning, when we went to eat breakfast, that was terrible. Orange juice, coffee were water down and taste nasty. prepackaged donuts icing was melt and taste old and stale. So kids wanted to check the pool to make sure open. In the past we had same experience pool was not opened in the morning. It was NOT opened!. There was no one at front desk, so I called the front desk from our room to check when the pool will be opened. She told me that there were too many kids in the pool and it needs to be cleaned, so it will not open until 3 hours. OUr 7 years old daughter said that it said in the book the pool is open 6 am to 10 pm. They should have cleaned during the night when the pool is closed. so others can use at 6 am. I agree. So we decide to leave but there was no one at the front desk to checkout. There was a regular casual clothes with holding a baby and eating breakfast with friend and husband. She was supposed to working at the front desk. She did not even bothers to get up and to receive keys. It was almost they invited their friends to have pool party and at same time she works… I do not recommend this Comfort suites to anyone!

  • My husband n I stayed 3 nights at hotel 27838 c r 24 Elkhart Indiana we left this morning I got everything together got down road noticed my wedding band wasn't on my finger I took it off to put lotion on my hands so it was left in room but was not there when front desk clerk checked room what she told me but I believe otherwise I'm sorry but she got that ring it was worth more than 7000.00 it meant a lot to me I never got a ring when I married husband got it for me after 25 years of marriage plz contact me if they ever find it Liz Aaron 870-331-5248 thank you

  • All i see is negative comments on here. So i would just like to say i work at comfort suites in findlay ohio and i love it there. The employes are polite to their guests, the key cards work, great service,breakfast,pool,fitness room and we care how your stay is.we wear gloves and make sure the hotel and rooms are clean. I hope 1 bad experience dosent turn you away from all of them. Every hotel has a few problems i think its just how you handle it.

  • Rowlett Texas was recently hit by an EF4 tornado. Your Rowlett hotel is currently the home of numerous families of those displaced by the tornado. They are refusing to allow community members to bring food to the tornado victims!! Bad call and no one in my family will be staying there in the future!

  • Comfort Suites in Beaumont Texas on Walden Road has very nasty carpets in the room my granddaughter had and burnt holes in the throw on the end of the bed from smokers which is a non smoking hotel. The carpet looked as if it had dried blood on the floor in spots. I had them checked out the next morning and checked into the Hilton Garden Inn which was very clean and nice. They told me at Comfort they were changing the carpet after Christmas. Well why not a long time ago is a better idea. I did not want my great grandkids on that terrible carpet at all.

  • A maid stole my belongings and when I went to file a claim they gave me the wrong insurance company when I called to request the right one the manager refused to give the correct information and said he didn't know for a fact if anyone stole my stuff. I took it as him calling me a liar. I told him he don't know that they didn't and it not his job to judge if they did or not, its not like 200-300 is going to change my life it the principal of it. I hung up and called corporate and dump is in Hazelwood Missouri. This hotel is dirty and a lot of people just drop in to fornicate a lot of men bring their tricks there. Management is ignorant and uneducated they hire crooks so do not stay here.

  • I worked at Comfort Suites in Ardmore Oklahom preparing all the food every morning for about 5 hours a day. Around April 17th 2013 I got very sick and ended up in the emergency room. I called my boss from the hospital hours before I was to be at work and explained where I was and wouldn't be Abe to come in. When I got home I called again and told the hotel that the hospital said I could not work with food for 48 hours so I would not be able to cone to work the next day either. When the 48 hours was up I walked, still sick to work in the cold ran almost 2 miles away. When I got to work I was rudely yelled at and and what I thought I was doing there? I was told to get out and that I didn't work there anymore. I will never recommend Comfort Suites or any of its sister hotels. Not only did they fire me illegally fir being in the hospital but I still have not been to get may last paycheck. Also they fired me for not working illegally with a note from a hospital saying very clearly I COULD NOT WORK WITH ANY FOOD FOR 48 HOURS.

    • You should try to file a lawsuit based on the ADA law. G
      Hopefully it will not be too late but either get to an attorney ASAP and mention the ADA. If you cannot afford attorney, go to legal aid.

    • You should try to file a lawsuit based on the ADA law. G
      Hopefully it will not be too late but either get to an attorney ASAP and mention the ADA. If you cannot afford attorney, go to legal aid.

  • I worked at Comfort Suites in Ardmore Oklahom preparing all the food every morning for about 5 hours a day. Around April 17th 2013 I got very sick and ended up in the emergency room. I called my boss from the hospital hours before I was to be at work and explained where I was and wouldn't be Abe to come in. When I got home I called again and told the hotel that the hospital said I could not work with food for 48 hours so I would not be able to cone to work the next day either. When the 48 hours was up I walked, still sick to work in the cold ran almost 2 miles away. When I got to work I was rudely yelled at and and what I thought I was doing there? I was told to get out and that I didn't work there anymore. I will never recommend Comfort Suites or any of its sister hotels. Not only did they fire me illegally fir being in the hospital but I still have not been to get may last paycheck. Also they fired me for not working illegally with a note from a hospital saying very clearly I COULD NOT WORK WITH ANY FOOD FOR 48 HOURS.

  • we stayed at the comfort suites a couple days ago in Hillsboro Texas and I would like to say that I saw the lady that fixed breakfast clean the restroom with no gloves then wash her hands and ten fix breakfast with no gloves on we will never stay at that hotel again I think that is just awful

  • My family and I drove in for a wedding in Indianapolis and thought the price and location of Comfort Suites City Centre on West St. was the perfect place to stay. I had booked online as well as spoke with a representative on the phone a few days prior to our arrival. We traveled with our children and were happy to know that there was an indoor pool (since the children wouldn't be attending the wedding, at least we could make time for them to swim). When we arrived and checked in, I was advised of an additional parking charge of $20.00 per day to park in the parking garage, this was not disclosed to me when I made the reservation, or on the website. After a 5 hour drive and running short on time to get to the wedding, I signed the paperwork and took the room. While walking to the room, we noticed a sign posted on the pool door stating "the pool is out of service until further notice", again something I was not notified of while booking my stay. We got the kids situated in the room while the adults got ready for the wedding. The kids said that they found animal poop in the bed, in all of the chaos, I didn't investigate their claim (I just want to say that the kids aren't little, the oldest is 16). We got back from the wedding late and went straight to bed. Since we couldn't swim in the morning, we got breakfast and started to pack up to head home. While getting ready, I noticed what looked like animal droppings in the tub. In all fairness to the hotel, I never picked it up to investigate it, however we all passed on showering that morning. There was water flooding the floor from the valve below the toilet and the couch cushions were flipped over to "hide" the stains. When we were leaving the room I had the kids check the room to make sure we did not forget anything. I was DISGUSTED when the kids found chicken and crackers under the bed… we DID NOT have chicken or crackers during our stay!! All of this went unseen by the adults with our rush to get to the wedding and I am appalled that my children were stuck in that environment! I wanted to get the hell out of there, so we left immediately! I ended up paying $211.00 for a 1 night stay in a hotel with NO pool access, broken toilets, stained furniture, (possible) animal droppings in the room and old food under the bed…. NEVER again!!!

  • Trip Advisor advertised the Jacksonville Florida Comfort Suites. This room was not a suite. It was a Comfort Inn room that added a half wall to separate the "bedroom" from the "living room" which only made the room much smaller. One TV shared between rooms. The room was claustrophobic! Bathroom…worse! Very uncomfortable "suite"…ha! The hotel has been under renovation for five years……5 YEARS! to make it a "Comfort Suites" and overcharging the public for these 5 years. When it is complete, it still WILL NOT BE SUITES! I am a 'traveler' & stay in many hotel rooms throughout the years. I depend on Trip Advisor & this time they lied! I will not stay at this chain any more. Went to Hyatt Place in Pooler, GA for a few $$ more, I got a 3 room suite that was cavernous & separate rooms! Why stay at this chain when you can pay just a few dollars more and have a good EXPERIENCE? BAD EXPERIENCE WITH COMFORT SUITES! and I can afford the few dollars difference and I can use my points for free rooms at Hyatt Place, plus anything free in the food case up front for being a GOLD member with HYATT! Comfort (LIE) Suites (LIE). You should change the name. In addition, this is not the first bad experience with Comfort chain. However, this is the first & last time I shall post anything about this awful experience. Book at your own Rist!!!

  • I stayed at the comfort inn in CT near Six Flags in MA let me just say worse experience ever!! for what I paid it was terrible!! When i booked the room they failed to tell me the pool wasn't working that was the whole reason I chose that hotel!! Oh i booked 3 days before and the pool was down for more than 2 weeks!! We had room 315 which didn't have a shower curtain or a phone so after we unpacked everything we had to repack and she moved us to another room!! I mean really its supposed to be relaxing for us we are on vacation and the room rate is to high for this poor service!!Then when we asked for more pillows and towels we practically had to beg she didn't want to give any up and FYI there was 4 towels and 5 of us!! Breakfast wasn't any better They ran out of stuff and so I had t go buy breakfast!! It was supposed to be included!!! I will not be staying in that comfort inn ever again!!! Oh best one yet when i told the general manager she shrugged and was like "oh sorry"!!

  • Do these comments even get monitored? Just wondering if there's a purpose, other than reviewing so other's may avoid the nastiness?

  • On August 6, 2015 My family checked into Comfort Suites, Murfressboro, TN in early evening. We were given a room on the second floor that had a door to an attaching room. Much to our surprise we get to the room we found the toilet had been used and not flushed leaving feces behind. We were big girls so we just flushed the toilet and actually made a joke about it. Next day we sent the door touring the civil war sites in Franklin, TN. We got back approximately 8:00 PM, carry out food in hand, when the clerk caught us at the desk and poured the "sweet southern charm" on and said they needed our room badly as a bride party was checking in and they needed our room as the bride was very upset. Oh, and by the way if we will change room they will give us a further discount (had ARP discount already) and we would be getting a nicer room anyway. We were extremely tired and sweaty with hot food in hand but we agreed….on a budget and any discount helps. We moved rooms but when we went to check out on August 9, 2015 the bill reflected no further discount. Called front desk, the one woman knew nothing about it and would have to check with her boss. When we were leaving we had a heated but not loud or any foul language used I finally asked to speak with the manager and was told he had instructed her to not call him back and to call the police to be evicted if they did not take her position. I looked at her and said we have not raised our voices or used any foul language towards you but just want to get what we were promised and walked out. We have pictures of trash laying around the hotel and breakfast was good if they didn't run out. My husband and I like to travel and Comfort Suites were always one of our choices but no more. You need to stay away from Comfort Suites in Murfressboro, TN. Joanne Dorger, Florence, Kentucky

  • Stayed at Hummelstown PA Comfort Suites 320 Milroy Rd worst place I ever stayed at. Housekeeping was terrible. My bed went unmade and I had to request towels 2 days in a row and then had to wait for them before taking a shower. I had to request drinking cups also. The tub shower drain clogged and the toilet seat needed to be tightened. The bathroom had an odor. Not one person said I am sorry for the inconvenience. The manager was suppose to call me but never did. Not one person cared. The swimming pool water was always cloudy. I would not stay at this hotel again even for free. Why go thru the aggravation. From reading other letters this is an ongoing problem at this hotel.

  • Kodak TN……horrible. We had two adjoining rooms. When my daughter entered her room, the furniture was in disarray. The lamp was on the bed and the night stand was pushed into the middle of the room. Then, the toilet backed up. After repeatedly trying to reach the front desk, my daughter sent my granddaughter and her friend down to inform the front desk. Those kids were given a PLUNGER to bring back to the room!!! The most unhygienic thing possible for kids to touch! That why housecleaning wears gloves! When asked why this happened the young man on duty at the front desk said that was what he had been told to do! As he sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes! So rude! Then we went to take showers the next morning…..NO SHOWER CURTAIN!! (By the way, the base of the toilet was filthy……poor housekeeping!) then we noticed that we had been sleeping right next to a curtain(that the AC blew about all night) covered in mildew at the bottom. One had to wonder if this will cause a health problem down the road as I know mildew spores are a dangerous thing. The staff was non-chalant at best. Except for the young man who sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes….they couldn't care less ad appeared not to want to be bothered about it all. One of the staff did fix the toilet but he did it with little concern about the whole situation. It used to be that we knew what to expect with Comfort Suites. No surprises. That appears to have gone by the wayside. Sad.

  • Horrible experience and service. I booked my room through Choice Hotels as that was the only option I could find for booking online. Somehow, 4 rooms were booked instead of one, and I mistakenly booked the wrong date. I notified the hotel as soon as I received my confirmation. I was told to contact Choice Hotels. When I spoke with choice hotels, I was told that they would contact the hotel for a refund. The Choice Hotel representative came back and told me that Comfort Suites was refusing to issue a refund and continually forward her to the manager Evette’s voicemail. When I called Comfort Suites for the second time, Linda put me on hold for 10 minutes and then proceeded to give me the same issue. Extremely unprofessional business.

  • Worked at the Comfort Suites in Shreveport, La. Worst experience ever in housekeeping to me. Pay is not worth the trouble. They don't appreciate good workers and run them all off. Don't have any respect or consideration for guest or employees. Housekeeping department really needs improving. Shreveport, La

  • We booked a room at a Comfort Inn in Medford OR using the 800 number. We got to the motel and they had booked us to the wrong motel. My husband is terminally ill and he was in the car, I went in to get the key. They informed us that they didn't have a room booked for us. So I proceeded to book the room anyway. The manager was rude, told me I had to call the 800 number booking service before they would book us another room. Mind you, my husband is sick in the car, by this time I'm in tears, we finally got the room. We stayed and checked out. A year later we were visiting family in the area, and called the local phone number to book the room and they told us we were on their blocked list. I was shocked. So fair warning to the disabled individuals and veterans. ( my hubby is a disabled vet and ill on top of that) Don't waste your money. What happened to the good old days when customer service came first. And I don't even know why were blocked. We did not damage anything. We are both respected in our community.

  • Bad,they over charged my account by 1,300+ dollars for 10 days when we only stayed 1, and then informed me that it would take 7 to 10 days to get my money back. Now, I understand mistakes, but it happened the month before also. It seems that the general manager Reazul Islam has more important things to do than contact me as to any resolution, coincidentally I was talking with another customer and she said they had charged her card 6,000.00 now I have no way of verifying that but, I'll take her word for it, as a result of my experience.When your a client of the Mayo Clinic and having medical services done, you don't need the stress of being over billed. This was the comfort Suites in Rochester MN, at 4141 Maine Ave SE..
    Regards James C. Shoreview Mn.

  • This Hotel Chain S/B closed for poor service, poor communications and total disrespect to their customers. There is no ground to reason with them when anything goes wrong. The are owned and operated differently. If you have a problem, there is no one to talk with. If you call Corp Office they tell you that there isn't anything they can do and that you must call the hotel wher you stayed.
    Dont get caugt up with them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I stayed in Nashvill TN location at 2521 ELM Hill Pike 615-391-3939. I was traveling and reserved the room with my debit card. I checked out the next day and paid for the room with my regular credit card.
    The hotel charged my debit card as well as my credit card. The money is held on my debit card for 10 days even though I paid the bill with a credit card. I cannot have access to my money until they release the hold. Money is no problem, its the principal here..
    Also, I called the corp office for Comfort Suites and they told me that all comfort Suites are individully owned and they can operate in any way they like. They also told me it was not unusual for the hotel to hold my funds up to 30 days on a debit card even though I paid for the night stay by cash or otherwise..
    If you stay here, be sure to use the same card that you hold the room with and plan to check out with. THIS IS MESSY.
    St. Louis Traveler

  • I recently stayed at the Comfort Suites by Denver International Headquarters. I didn't realize until I was gone that I left my bag of earrings (in plain sight) because I had opened the bag the night before. I DID NOT put anything in drawers. The lady at the front desk was unpleasant and took my name (Only a formality) Just because she could not find them in Lost and Found, she called and said they were not there. I checked with the front desk when I returned, and talked to a much nicer man, who also took my name and phone number. He WAS going to talk to this maid, which I'm sure never happened. Anyway, no earrings yet. I called again when the next day when I got home and they said they would talk to the maid. I am sure the maid denied everything, IF in Fact they DID talk to her. If that was me I would be fired for being dishonest. I feel that maids should have to account for what they do. Of course, the dishonest one had to clean my room the next day!!!!! Glad I didn't leave anything more expensive. Must be nice to do dishonest things and get by with it!!!!
    These were NOT expensive earrings but there were a lot of them and I liked them! Can't believe how unsympathetic the front desk people can be either!

  • I am writing to you about my stay with you (Comfort Suites Kelowna) on August 1st to August 3rd. It was the most unpleasant experience. It started off from when we arrived. My daughter asked the front desk lady where the bathrooms were, and she just gave her a blank look and finally pointed towards the bathrooms. Then I walked in to do the check-in process. I couldn’t believe how absolutely rude she was to me. She knew I was standing in front of her but she kept on doing her paperwork next to her computer. She finally asked me what my last name was and I told her. She still kept on doing her paperwork. She finally came over to the computer terminal and asked me to spell my name. Then she said the room won’t be ready for another two hours until 4pm. I told her that we called in the morning to confirm and ask for early check-in and we were told that by 2:30 latest they will have the room ready. When we told you (general manager), you asked around if anyone got the call and everyone denied it. This made me feel like I was lying. I know that I got an apology from the GM I decided to let it go. However, later that evening and next day, every time the same front desk girl saw me or the children, she would completely ignore us. As I am pretty sure the GM had a chat with her. Anyhow, to make things more unpleasant for our stay: the next morning I got a knock for room service which I denied because kids were still sleeping. At 4pm, I called the front desk girl to let her know that we were stepping out for the rest of the day and that I was ok to get room service. Her reply to me was: “oh the cleaners are hanging around on your floor, why don’t you just let them know”…. Really!!!!!!!! Is that acceptable customer service? I said, could you please let them know.
    To make things worse, we came in around midnight and nobody had come into our room to do anything. Is this quality service? I’ve also served in the customer service field and believe me, I know what is expected of you. This was a very unpleasant time for us. To top it off, I paid premium price for a 3* hotel which to my liking deserved zero star rating. Finally, we checked into the Delta Grand Okanagan, and let me tell you…. I had nothing to complain about! I rest my case. I will make sure I let the regional manager hear about this if nothing is done about my complaint.

  • I made a reservation at comfort suites at 5547 Keim Circle, Columbus, OH, US, 43228
    for 15 nights and when my wife tried to check in , the front desk lady refused to let her in because we have 2.5 year baby extra and we have to cancel the reservation
    we called the manager and report a complaint but no one returned the call
    it is very bad experience and I will never use this hotel again

    YB, MD

  • We just had a horrible experience at the Searcy Arkansas Comfort Suites July 3-5th 2014. My sister had made reservations for us using her travel card and Comfort Suite points to do so with us paying cash at checkout for two rooms. We drove over 600 miles for a family reunion getting in there early the morning of the 4th. We had transportation problems and got a late start out of our city. We thought that since we had a reservation there would be no problem. Ha!! Trying to check in they kept saying we needed to pay up front and they could not take cash. What! Then they charged my sister's card twice sucking up and tying up her money. We had to get back in the car go over to Walmart put cash on a card let them see it and record it then we were allowed to check in. We were a party of four adults one 80 years old a 7 month old baby and a 6 year old. They did not care. Sunday morning at checkout i paid with the card no problem. We had talked to the manager the day before he said it was their mistake at checkin to run my sister's card and leaving her not enough to pay. He said since it was showing as a payment to Comfort Suites she would have no problem using that to check out. Wrong!!!! They would not apply it,luckily i had put extra cash on the card and used that for her room. Do not go there. To add insult to injury the food was lousy. Stale biscuits, funny tasting juice, no taste gravy sausage. Same day after day. Now my sister is still trying to get them to release her money, six days later after them saying it would be put back 2-3 business days. Only saving grace, rooms were nice and clean. I am going to repeat this on every travel site i can,

  • We stayed in the Comfort Suites in Whisett, NC for one night April 21, 2014 the hotel was very clean and very easy to access from I440. We were going to Pigeon Falls for a Trip with the Red Hats. I had been wearing 3 necklaces because I had to work that morning. When we went to bed I didn't take off the necklaces until one was chocking me so I unhooked one of them and took off the other two over my head. I thought that I put them in my overnight bag, i didn't look on the floor or under the bed for the necklaces i assumed they were in my bag. When I returned home on April 17th I found my necklaces were not in my bag, I called the hotel and told them that they were missing. They looked in lost and found but to no avail. The clerk took down the description of the 3 necklaces and she said she would give to the Manager the next day. The manager Mr. Mallard called to say that he didn't know about them. I told him my story and he said that was 9 days ago, he did go to the room 318 and looked under the bed and looked in the draws. Yes it was 6 days that I called them but I thought you would hire people that were honest. I told him that all I wanted was my necklaces back and no other action would be taken. Look they were 30-35 years old and they mean something to me, I feel that he should question his employees about the necklaces. I have stayed in other hotels and never had a problem. I'm writing only to see if you could call Mr. Mallard at the Whisett, NC hotel and ask him to look further into this matter. Thank you for just reading and I hope you will follow thru.

    • I just had the same experience at the hotel in San Diego, Ca. I left some clothing in the dresser and was told by the manager nothing was found. I believe housekeeping is 'keeping'
      more than we know. I have called three times this week and asked if they could re-check and call me. Still waiting on that call.

  • I see nothing but Negative comments……That should open the eyes of the folks in the Corporate office. They need to re think the way they do business. Would love to see them on an episode of Undercover Boss!

  • My husband and I and our special needs daughter stayed at comfort inn in talequah , OK . March 30 . We arrived kind of late . Get our pj's on n go sleep . The microwave n our room was the only workin clock . My daughter and I wake at 830 . Thinking we have pleanty of time to grab sum breakfast then shower n head out for the start of our vacation . We went down to ( CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST ) there were other ppl finishing up their meal when my daughter n I walked n . There was a employee n there that literally turned us away . And sd it was to late …. Going by the clock n our room . We still had a hour . How do u explain that to a Lil kid ? I was livid . we went bak to our room to tell my husband and shower n leave . But as coming n late the nite before , hadn't noticed the filth n the bathroom . It looked as years of caked up smoke covering the floors n walls and the bathroom door and around . U could tell by the way it was only wiped to a certain height . This is not a feeling . Its a fact . I took pics . Of the filth and clock . Called front desk . Asked for the manager to come to my room . She did . She saw . She said there was no excuse and it was disgusting . A general rep was suppose to get n touch with us . Never did . I've waited ample time . And today , my photos will be going on my fb . Stay far away from that place ….

  • My boyfriend and I booked a hotel stay for homecoming weekend at our college. We also had some friends staying in the hotel that night. After returning for the night, our friend informed us that he was able to tell the front desk our information and gained access to our room to get leftover food from dinner. Although we knew him and nothing was stolen from our room I found it to be completely inappropriate that the front desk just gave him a key because he knew a room number and name on the room. No ID was checked or secruity question was asked- she just gave him they key. The late night attendant was extremly rude about the situation as well. She responded that I need to take it up with her boss… she then turned her head and continued to play on facebook on the office computer- not the front desk. Not only did I have vaulables in the room, but what if I had been alone in the room or showering. It is terrifying to be walked in on unexpectedly. The manager informed me this was proper policy. CRAZY POLICY!

  • I just got off of the phone with Taylor in New Iberia, LA. This hotel chain must give employees Customer Service Skills. I will never put my employees at this hotel again even if I have to pay more

    • Wish I would have read these comments before I booked a room for my father as a wedding gift. Booked it for 2 nights and the first night was so bad that they refused to stay another night. I am currently in the process of getting things straight cause they charged my card more than they should. they telling me that because it was reserved and paid for in advance they do not know if they can refund my money. They have not heard the last form me. the room had no soap or anything that it should have and I was told that they don't rent that room often so they do keep supplies in it, well you knew it was rented for that night so you should have properly stocked it before check in time. I will never recommend this hotel to anyone.

  • An obvious problem within the drain system / perhaps there is something housekeeping could pour down drain after cleaning room (not sure) Just know it smelt like someone farted before we entered room

  • Watertown NY stayed two nights two different rooms As we entered room there was a strong odor coming from the shower drain, maintenance new what the problem was and within 2 minutes it was fine second night different room same scenario only couldn't get maintenance to come , had to put wet facecloths over drain in shower to stop smell
    Feb 1 and 2 2014 Front counter not helpful

  • Jan 28th stayed at the Comfort Suites in Cumming (GA 030). Had a verbal agreement with the manager for a $99 fee Per night. I was currently buidling a resturant in the area and would need to stay periodly for the job. on 1/29 we in georgia had a awful snow storm and the city closed down. The manager increased our rate to $140.00 and refused to honer our agreement and stated that he could do what he wanted. At that point I was stuck. Will never use the Comfort suites again. next day my boss an I went doun the street and found another hotel and the will get the business. We will be building for at least 10 weeks and would have needed severals room in that time. So I hope the extra money they gouged from us was worth it.

  • I WORKED as a housekeeper at comfort suites in Brandon FL. And let me tell you, every single thing everyone is complaining about here is TRUE. They charge people saying they stole something or smoked in the rooms. I've seen so many unhappy people there. It upsets me cause I was truly a genuine housekeeper. I did my job and did it well and got treated like crap from the other customers all because of something I didn't even do.

  • I stayed at the comfort suites in Tamarac, FL 1st they assigned me a room that the key didn't work 2nd they assigned me another room that was occupied by someone else. Finally they assigned me a room that was available and the key worked but after I checked out they billed my credit card for an additional $150.00 saying I smoked in a non-smoking room. I don't smoke never smoked. I contacted the manager and she told me she cant do anything about it and cant refund me my money. I WILL NEVER STAY AT A COMFORT SUITES AGAIN.

  • my husband and i went to ferandina beach for our honeymoon on nov23 2013 we both got bad sick after getting in the hotel the manager was rude about it we neither one drink but he tried to say it was from us drinking are my anixety i got sick right after we got there and we ask to moved to another room so he moved us then my husband began to get sick also so it had to be something at the hotel as we was fine until we got there it ruined our honeymoon and we left at 3 in the morning pooring sweat and feeling as if we couldnt breath after we left the hotel we started breathing better i think its very unfair to us our one special night was ruined


  • Do not stay at the Edwardsville Il hotel, it is filthy with mold in the bathroom and heating and air unit. No water pressure plus the water is not conditioned. the cable tv is by pirate systems, nobody knows what channels are what. and they have no help. It is way over priced!!!!

  • Stayed at Comfort Suites three nights at Bradley- Bourbonnais Illinois. Fiberglass tub surround had soap scum running down the walls from previous users, moldy shower curtain and disgustingly dirty tub floor. Room door had been repaired, looks like from a break in. Carpet was so dirty I kept my shoes on the entire time. My traveling companions had the same problems with their room being dirty, and they asked for a new room. One became available the next night. Same problems ! Never stay there….


  • I reserved four rooms in the Comfort Suites in Hebron KY for June 21 and again for June 29, using their stay and fly promotion. The woman at the front desk was very nice during check-in. I paid for all four rooms with cash, even though they were guaranteed with my credit card. We stayed that night in very nice, clean, comfortable rooms. The hotel shuttle took us to the airport at 5:00am the next morning. Upon on our return on June 29, we returned to the hotel at midnight. Again, I paid with cash upon our return for all four rooms. We slept that night, had breakfast the next morning, then left. My first phone conversation with the clerk was later on the afternoon of June 30 after I returned home. My roommate had left her cell phone charger in the room. I contacted the clerk to see if it could be sent to my home. She said that the manager would have to handle that the next day, but they would look for the charger. On Monday, July 1, I spoke to Julie, the manager, about the charges to send the charger to my address and gave authorization for the mailing charges to be put on my credit card. No problem. The next day, July 2, I called to say that charges had been added to my credit card from the first visit because the clerk failed to charge us correctly. Since she knew that we had paid cash and were still on the premises when the charges were added to my credit card, it was reasonable for her to contact me to ask me to return to the desk to correct the charges. I would have gladly done so. The manager was unavailable at that time. I told the clerk that I needed to speak to the manager or I was going to dispute the charges. I called back on Thursday after the manager failed to call me (the clerk said she would call me) to ask her about the charges. She then told me that she was just about to call me to tell me that young men in one of our rooms had damaged the bathroom door and it had to be replaced. Funny that she didn't mention that to me when we spoke on Monday, but then I hadn't complained about credit card charges. In the credit card dispute, she stated that one of the young men put his fist through the door. If anyone did something like that, they would have scratches, or bruises, or swelling on their hand as a result. None of the young men had any of these. At the present time, my credit cared has called the charge valid, but I am presenting more information to them. It has become my word against hers. I know that none of my young men caused the damage, but I cannot prove it. She declares that they did, but cannot produce any definitive proof that they did. This could have happened when another guest stayed, or it could have happened accidentally by housekeeping. In any case, the manager spoke with my travel agent, telling the travel agent that she felt that one of the young men did it, and she would call me to talk to me. She never made the call. This was before I disputed the action through my credit card. I consider the accusation without basis and deliberately vindictive since she also said that she was going to remove both of the lesser charges that I originally complained about, but has not. I love staying at Comfort Suites and have never had a problem, but I will never stay at the one in Hebron KY again. The management is the sole reason for my decision. Everything else about the hotel was exemplary.

  • Comfort Suites has some good hotels, but the poorly operated ones outweigh the few good ones that are out there. They use bait and switch tactics with room rates, especially in resort areas, and will overcharge your credit card with one rate after quoting a lesser one. I have personally stayed at the Comfort Suites in West Ocean City, MD on several occasions, but each time they have overcharged my card, prompting me to call back and dispute it. They did this a 3rd time just last week, when they charged my card for $300 for ONE night when I didn't even stay there! On top of that they had re-let the room to another guest and charged me as well!!! I have decided to report them to the local BBB and also write a letter to corporate headquarters. I travel frequently, but needless to say I will be using other hotels than Comfort Suites rather than be pilfered again!

    • Good for you. Many people complain, but rarely do anything else about it. If you don't follow up I believe you should not complain. If you don't follow up, nothing gets done. I plan on calling corporate Headquarters tomorrow, as I was overcharged also in Tenn. during the recent horrible snowstorm!

  • My wife a reservation for July 9, 2013 to July 13, 2013 for the Comfort Suites in Indianapolis, IN. Approximately 2 weeks prior to the dates she cancelled the 9th of July and made it from the 10th to the 13th, when we arrived on July 10th they took out the 9th on our credit card and cancelled our entire reservation. We found another hotel and today comfort suites charged over $393.00 for the entire stay and we now we have no money to get back to Michigan. Do not reserve any rooms in comfort suites anywhere.

  • I stayed in Oilve Branch, Miss. Room#304 on July 3rd & 4th. July 4th I woke several times felt like something was bitting me. The morning of the 5th I woke up and had red dots(bite marks) on both legs.
    1) Some type of bites???? After complaining to night clerk, Manager(what a joke)walked in. I told her she was the person I needed to talk too. She walked by me went to the back and sent the night clerk out to handle the situation.
    2) July 4th beds were not made on and no clean linens. Dirty linens still laying in floor.
    3)July 3rd through morning of July 5th Cheerios and coffe cups in stair well between floors.
    4) Manager/Drector of Sales was rude and DID NOT tell the truth about double queen room rates.
    Both children play travel sports this weekend made 8 weekends since the end of school ball.

  • On the nights of June 3 and 4 my friend and I stayed at the Comfort Suites Airport in Jacksonville, Florida. We were in town so that my friend could attend her daughters graduation from a local high school. I was there to help care for her 11 year old autistic son. The staff was so kind and helpful. Upon check in, we were given a room conveniently located on the first floor, extra large, and as far from the other guests as we could get. No, the guests were not the problem, we were. You see, Noah, the 11 year old, gets quite loud and excited about life, especially staying in hotels and especially ones with pools. Noah had a fabulous time. Tina, the person who checked us in, was also there in the morning when we went to the pool. Even though Noah was a bit upset when we had to get out of the pool, Tina was there offering words of encouragement and extra towels. Tina and the other staff members were wonderful. Never did we feel that we were a problem or an imposition to anyone. Thank you to everyone that worked with us at Comfort Suites Airport in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Just stayed at comfort suiets in harvey louisana, and my stay was HORRIBLE!!! After checking in and inspecting my room, I found that the bathroom was discusting with poop stains around the toilet, the bathroom shower looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks, the floors were extreemly dirty, the sheets and bed spread had stains all over it and the couch was nasty as well. Called the front desk and they had someone come clean the room then later that night there were ants in the bathroom. Called the front desk again and I was moved to another room but was advised that I could only have that room for one night. WTH!! After moving into another room, it was ok but not good. The lights and tv went out, I thought it was a power outage but lights were still on in the hallway, called the front desk and they advised me the breaker went out. Horrible visit, and do u think they gave me credit for the vistit. Hell no they didn't

  • I would like to compliment an employee in Lufkin,Tx. Staci in Lufkin,Tx…Thank you for your genuine hospitality and services. Thank you Staci.

  • I would like to compliment one of your employees for GENUINE HOSPITALITY, Marissa in san Marcos Texasl. Thank you Marissa.

  • There is a head housekeeper in the comfort suite in monroeville pa that has drug problems crack and weed and i notified them several times about stephanie and yet she is still working there !!!! i guess they dony care about the reputation that is puts on them!

  • I had an inccedent where me my husband and child stayed in a hotel in turlock ca when we checked in they put a hold on 300$ of mine. When we checked out the kept 412.60 because they said we smoked in the room and I startred my time of the month on the bed . What are we supposed to do. My husband smoked outside not in the room we have a child and dont smoke around our child. This hotel is money hungry and just want to take u on a ride for your money. Well im not going to let them dobthis to me I will do what I can to get my money back even if it means taking them to small claims.

  • I had an incident where I stayed in a hotel where they claimed I smoked in the room and charged my card a 100bucks extra. I called managment she claims that there were ashes on the toilet seat which I had just used the restroom! So I talked to her manager and he said we would work something out and the regular manager said if HE was ok working something she was ok with it. She never contacted me back intead she went out of town for a week and I made my room reservations for the room I was suppose to be comped for. I checked in had a great time and Low and Behold I was charged an ADDITIONAL 85 bucks! for the room I used this weekend WTF!!!!!! Then I get a call that said oh we're sorry but we desided to charge you anyway. WTF!!!! AGAIN!!! hey guys thanks for robbing me and stealing from me and my kid who's birthday it is and you charging me caused an over draft and I can't get him a present!!!! I will NEVER stay at your placesssssss EVER again and this is coming from a regular!!! As the person above me said there are OTHER hotels that would gladly accept my money! Even if i do pay a small amout more it's WORTH IT!

  • My family and I went to visit my granddaughter and stayed at the Biddeford,Maine Comfort Suites back in November 2012. I had reserved two rooms for my family and me for two nights. One room the rate was $129. + tax per night total of which was to be $258. + tax., and the other room I was supposed to be charged $79.+tax for the two nights. this room was discounted to that price through a certificate which I purchased and paid for through a promotional program Comfort Suite, Biddeford was taking part in. When I checked out, I had a bad cold with cough and watery eyes and did not notice the charge on the discounted room(and also, had not been asked to sign the credit card receipt). After checking the receipt at home in Conn. I noticed the charge was for $129.99 instead of the $79.+. I tried contacting the manager on three different dates, and she did not take my calls or return my calls. This is what I call highway robbery, and warn you all out there to be extremely careful. If this is the way Comfort Suites is going to operate, then they should know that there are other hotels that would gladly accept my money at an honest rate and not steal from a retired senior citizen living on a fixed income. Shame on you Comfort Suites, Biddeford, Maine.


    On December 18, 2012 my fiance and I stayed in the Comfort Suites in Englewood, Colorado off Jefferson ave. Since we had just had a real bad experience at a different hotel, we decided to stay here. the facility was nicer than the other place and things were looking up. but after the first night, we placed the "do not disturb" sign on the door and received a typed letter under the door saying that if we had our sign on the door AFTER 10 am we had to call the front desk, and ask to have our room serviced. We left the room at 11:30 am and took down the sign since it was no longer needed and we didn't need our room serviced. When we returned at 9:30 pm we found a letter on our bed saying, "we serviced your room, but there was stuff all over the bed and room and they were told not to touch personal belongings…" Come to find out some of my personal belongings HAD been touched, and even worse were MISSING!!! When i told the gentleman about what had happened he took down some notes and told me maybe they were just cleaning up trash and so on. If that was the fact then why was there still trash around my room, and cleaning supplies were left on my vanity, like they found something they wanted and ran out. when i talked to the lady at the front desk in the morning they told me that I had misplaced my belongings and they would not do such a thing. When I talked to the manager and she let me get about 3 words out before she started talking over me and telling me to call the police. When the police got there they told me i over stayed my welcome and needed to leave.

    • Comfort Suites Located at 7500 Mallring Parkway Lithonia/Stonecrest Ga is the saddest hotel I have ever stayed in. Their cable is off you ask the manager Shawn whats going on he stated that techs are working on it when I know they havent paid the bill. The towels etc are in shortage. The fire Marshall came and people were running away from him. One maid stated that she is illegal and cant speak with him her name is Gilberta Guzman and her friend Slyvia. I.C.E. needs to be called. They send you to rooms that are already occupied. Their Flag is gone which means nothing good. This hotel is a mess yet their prices continue to rise. They need to have someone go inspect that hotel and ICE come get the illegals and get it right. It looks nice but you dont want to stay there

  • on Oct2,2012 at your Hotel in Columbia,SC The maid switched the sheets on our bed and the Hotel Clerk was rude she was watching the Debate while noone was at the desk she called the poliec on me and my family to excort us out mind you we had 3 rooms,and we were suppose to be there for three nights visiting my son at Fort Jackson this was a horrible experience.1540 Daulton DriveColumbia SC,DO NOT STAY THERE.

    • we have stayed at this hotel in Georgetown, KY for many years. The customer service has really changed! I was on hold for over 10 min after being told the previous night that they were too busy to take a reservation, could I call back? this morning I called to make a reservation and "Sinclair" told me "they can't handle" what? what can't they handle? then she said "have a nice day" and hung up on me….seriously?!

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