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DTLR Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact DTLR Corporate Office Headquarters

1300 Mercedes Drive
Hanover, MD  21076
Corporate Phone Number: 1-410-850-5911


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  1. not sure if my first comment posted, but the manager in the downtown Richmond va store, would not let my husband return my shoes with my receipt and card. They need to learn better customer service your company have loss a customer due this service and I will tell everybody I know to shop else where, these people are out of control.

  2. DTLR White March Mall Abdul or whatever his name is, is very rude and unprofessional he curses at his staff especially the females, he allows the customers to disrespect them and I purchased a pair of pants that were on sale and he removed the sales tag and charged me full price then offered me a store credit. We were about to fight and he was arguing with me in front of the whole store cursing and telling me to get my ass the hell out. My boyfriend ha to threaten to hurt him before he gave me back my money. He is a nasty person and should not be allowed to speak to the females in that store the way that he do. He is the worst manager ever and needs to be replaced. I've been in that store a lot and the girls work HARD even when he is disrespecting them but he allow the boys to do nothing while he hang out with them like they on the street corner. I’m not a malicious per but I do work in the mall so I visit the store often. Please don’t think that I’m still upset about what happened because I’m not this happened a year ago and even though I asked Ryan for a Head managers number and he gave me Mike 443-580-2626 which was a wrong number I got over it but he’s still nasty and disrespectful. Your customers and employees deserve better than that…….Thank you for listening and I hope you take my comment serious, Nyshai

  3. I'm very disappointed with DTLR staff in Columbus Ga the manager is beyond rude today she was being very unprofessional she guarnteed 18 people tickets that wasn't even in line so she can pocket the extra money when it's not fair to the ones who was in line and now all of a sudden she's doing a raffle she give her tickets to the ones she want to give them to but as long as she's the manager their I will not shop with they company anymore right is right wrong is wrong why they making extra money off they store products

  4. Ok so I have been calling the one in Forestville since three and the phone line been busy for two days now just trying to see when they're passing out tickets for a shoe starting to really hate shopping with you guys…

  5. I am extremely disappointed with DTLR Staff in Columbiana Mall (Columbia, SC). Approximately two months ago, I spoke with the manager over the phone about ordering me Reebok Kids Questions. She informed me that the order would be shipping from a Virginia DTLR location and that I would be notified in 1-2 weeks. Two weeks go by and I decided to call the store. The same manager tells me that the order did not come in yet, and that she'd be sure to give me a call. Two additional weeks go by and no call. So once again I call them. I ended up speaking with a sales associate who relayed a message from her manager saying, "The shoes did come in but they were the wrong color. Therefore, she returned them to the Virginia store and they'll ship the accurate order." It is now one month later and I still have not gotten any notification. This shoe was suppose to be a gift for somebody but it's a little too late for that, huh? I will never in my life shop again at DTLR or refer anybody to the store. Please get some better staff (including managers). This has permanently deterred me from your corporation for LIFE!

    -Signed Constance Lake (An Unsatisfied Customer)

  6. I don't know if DTLR is aware of who they hire but the manager at Northlake mall has been giving the guy costumers discounts and holding shoes just because she has the power. I have proof of it all. She's rude and disrespectful. she is giving DTLR a bad name. Sleeping with costumers ruing lives. I will not shop there any more I might even broad cast this.

  7. they got caught selling nikes elsewhere.
    save yr dough and shop online b4 u get hosed.
    no new nikes?
    nike told em who theyre daddy is.. lmao. greedy

  8. I will never ever go to DTLR in Prince Georges plaza again the customer service is really bad. They need to close down

  9. To the above person. You're an idiot. Who wants to come behind you and purchase a pair of Jordans that you returned without a box. These shoes are collector type shoes to people. I would look at the clerk like what do you mean theres no box?!

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