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Eegees Corporate Office Headquarters

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Eegees Corporate Office Headquarters
3360 East Ajo Way
Tucson, AZ  85713
Corporate Phone Number: 1-520-294-3333

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Everytime I visit family in Tuscon Arizona I always need to stop at egees… I just really wish you guys would open a store in San Diego California I really think you guys would make a "killing"!!!! Out here

Where is all the fruit that used to be in your eegees??? My husband and I asked to sample the cherry limeade. Each sample had limeade and a whole cherry – very tasty. We both ordered a medium and sadly each of us had exactly 2 cherries. Seems like the flavors are just fruit flavorings now and no real fruit. Very disappointing…

Please bring Eegees to Phoenix! It might seem silly, but this is the first time I've missed Watermelon Month. I miss you guys.

I went through the drive through (3806 E Grant Rd Tucson, AZ (520) 320-0416) on my way to a party and ordered a 12 inch sandwich. When I arrived at the party… half of the sandwich was fine and the other half of the sandwich was JUST BREAD, NO MEAT, VEGGIES AT ALL. I was very embarrassed at the party…it was an inappropriate disruption and I felt very bad. I contacted the site, explained the situation and requested they provide sandwiches at an upcoming party in order to redeem themselves and save their reputation as well as help me "save face". They declined, but offered to replace the half sandwich that was "made in error". (How can an empty piece of bread for a sanwich be "an error"????)

I have no intentions of returning to Egee's and plan on sharing my story with whoever wants to listen. I feel very cheated and disrespected.


I called yesterday and ordered 2 3foot subs original grinder at the Speedway/Craycroft Eegee one with no tomatoes and 2 fun packs as I was told you got $6.99 off each with the purchase of the 3foot subs to be ready by 4 today. When my daughter-in-law went to pick them up the subs were not on the list only the fun packs. I have 17 people coming to a bday party at 6 in Benson. I am very disappointed because I called back yesterday to get a total price on the order and the guy who answered the phone told me $84 and I said do I need to call back tomorrow to make sure they will be ready and he said NO Ma'am. Very Very Disappointed

I called the Eegee's store on 12th and Valencia around May 31st. I spoke to a young man by the name of Tony (I believe). I was calling to pre-order 2 3ft subs and a party pack for my daughters 3rd birthday that is this Saturday, June 8th. He was very unprofessional and not listening to anything I was saying because he seemed too busy fraternizing with his co-workers. It took my almost 30 minutes to place my order. I called the store again today to confirm my pre-order that I would pick up on Saturday, and the man I spoke to this time, the manager, said there was no record of it. I am positive I called this store because it is the closest to my house. When I called today, June 6th, the man on the phone also seemed to not care that my order was never placed and took so long to get back on the phone with me I just hung up. I frequent your locations at least twice a week and this irritating, uncalled for predicament I am in makes me never want to visit ever again, especially never order food for a party from there ever again. I finally called the store on Cortaro and got decent service. Although, it is nearly 20 miles from my house I just want the subs I originally ordered. I understand your stores employ young students that are still in high school, but they still need to act as professionally as a grown up to your customers. Thank you for your time.

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