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  • Fage Yogurt Corporate Office Headquarters

Fage Yogurt Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Fage Yogurt Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 1 Opportunity Dr.
Johnstown Industrial Park
Johnstown, NY 12095
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-962-5912
Fax Number: 1-518-762-5918
Customer Service Number: 1-866-962-5912

  • I threw out the foil seal on top of my Fage Yogurt. Is there another way to determine the expiration date?.

  • Found a glass or hard plastic shards in strawberry yogurt this morning. Attempted to contact corporate for quality control however have been unable to do so. I have contacted the retailer.

  • Found glass or hard plastic showered in strawberry yogurt this morning. Tried to contact corporate headquarters and send photos of foreign substance in yogurt for quality control however was unable to do so please let me know The best way to get this information to you.

  • My suggestion to FAGE is to make the outside covering removable. I like to save the containers for storage and to share them with family. But because the outside is not removable, I am now buying Chobani even though FAGE is the best tasting yogurt on the market. And yes, the container reusage is important.

  • I purchased FAGE total 2% (batch # L102716 20:38 6) on Friday 2/26/16 from Aldi's of Northfield Ohio. Upon eating it, I found a circular piece of paper deep inside the container, after about 3 spoonful. Unsure of what this is, I disposed of the remaining yogurt. What a waste! Can you explain the possibility of the paper. Thank you! Imcatt98@aol.com

  • Why does Fage stamp the expiration date on the FOIL that covers their yogurts? Is it after the foil cover is removed, we FORGET the expiration date, not wanting to eat what may be OLD yogurt, we throw out the rest of the yogurt not wanting to eat it? I would like an answer, is it that hard to stamp in on the side or BOTTOM of the container….will share on FaceBook, maybe someone will know on there, if I don't get an answer…a LOT of companies does this, we know why.

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    Corporate Office Headquarters