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Fhcn Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Fhcn Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 305 E Center Ave
Visalia, CA 93291
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-559-737-4700
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-559-737-4700


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  1. My daughter went to FHCN when she was a teenager due to a "marble like" lump just above her Umbilicus. The Doctor ordered an ultrasound. They saw the lump. Said it "is not a hernia". And, it is not cancer. They said to come back if it gets worse. Soon after, my daughter joined the California Conservation Corps and also worked for Americorps. She was doing hard labor and trail work including lifting logs, pulling fire hoses and building rock walls etc. When she came back and went again to work for the Az. conservation corps she worked hard again. She earned a large scholarship and planned to work for the Forestry Dept. Well, later, while attending College, she noticed the "lump" had gotten quite a bit larger. She felt a pulling feeling, so she went to Sierra View District ER in Porterville, Ca. They did an ultrasound and found the lump. The nurses were very concerned and began prepping her for a CT scan. The Doctor in charge was Salah A. Sherif, MD. The PA she was seen by was Anthony Merino. He came in and started being rude to the nurses and said my daughter did not need a CT scan and treated her like a stupid girl and diagnosed her with "anxiety". She was referred to FHCN in Porterville and was seen by a PA at first who ordered another Ultra Sound but then I called and demanded for her to see a Doctor and she saw DR. Martin. Dr. Martin ordered another Ultra sound. The "ultra sound technician" did an ultra sound on everything but the area in question. Then, the "ultra sound technician" called back later and said to come back so she could do the ultra sound on the Umbilicus as ordered by the doctor, there by, billing MediCal twice for the same procedure. Then, the "ultra sound technician" told my daughter she could not see anything around her Umbilicus even though the ER had already found the lump with an Ultra sound. So, my daughter took another job with the Co. Conservation Corps. working hard labor in the back country pulling logs, chopping weeds and moving rocks. Two weeks after she started the job she felt something "give" at the "lump" site. She went to the ER in Durango, Colorado and the Doctor told her she had a hernia. She was sent home at her own expense and so was the ER visit. Now she is on her way back home and temporally disabled and permanently unable to do the job she has dreamed of doing. IF she had been properly diagnosed the first time she went in with the "marble sized lump", she would not have taken a job doing hard labor for the Forestry Dept. So, I am planning to file a complaint with the Medical Board of Ca. about, mainly, the Sierra View District Hospital and their lack of integrity and about the misdiagnose that was done when she was a teenager, which, if properly diagnosed, could have prevented the worsening of the condition. My daughter has been a patient of FHCN since she was 6 weeks old and she in now 23.

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