Fire Mountain Corporate Office Headquarters

Fire Mountain Buffet Corporate Office Headquarters
1020 Discovery Rd., Ste. 100
Eagan, MN 55121 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-994-8608
Fax Number: 1-651-365-2356
Customer Service Number: 1-800-871-0956

  • WOW! I and my brother went to Fire Mountain for breakfast on 7-25-2015. It was good but not that good coffee was not was to strong or something then we walked around the buffet and seen are the windows from the buffet it was dirty plus dessert station was dirty windows plus floor was dirty someone from the corp should come in and see it it was dirty they need to do something about it.I use to work at old country buffet on west Saginaw and everybody had to clean everything like windows on the buffet.This place we went it was plain Dirty!! Thank you for time to read this I really aperciated if someone can come and see this place.Thank you Stephen Pinkston.

  • I worked for this company and was fired because I couldn't do my job because of medical reasons. Then called Mark, an upper echelon on the chain of command, trying to explain the situation, he hung up on me. He is refusing to answer my calls and his minion Geanie, won't fill out and return paperwork that I need and have been patiently waiting on. Its a shame when this is normal and corporate has this bulletin board idle collecting gum. This is in Columbia, South Carolina. My advice is spread this like this company deserves. Without happy employees this cesspool will continue to ruin and demean patrons AND onlookers. Ryan's of Columbia, Two Notch Rd; BEWARE OF THE CONSUMER.

  • I can't understand how a horrible disgusting event in the parking lot is the fault of this restaurant chain. I always look to help people and for equality but this seems to be a paid corporate thread that is aimed at fire mountain. If you support LGBT do not continue to support such non sense found on this thread. LGBT is always trying to support and do the right thing this is not.

  • Can't believe that unhuman "thing" does it not realize that the world has drastically changed……he looks and sounds like he is still in the old days i pity this restaurant and hope that manager and employee gets to see and know this story has went internationally vital……I'm laughing inside because he said he didn't care very good career will be over along with any luck of getting a job…..he is pretty much screwed now!!! Hats off to the gentleman who didn't stoop to his level and not taking physical action

  • How dare you allow this to happen on your property. He should have been escorted off the property. As a member of management you should have recognized the danger of this situation. You must realize that if you allow one person to hate that's one to many. Fix this and fix this now!


  • This has reached Canada. Collin Reed should be fired. Your staff clearly need an in-service on how to deal with abusive diners. That biggot should have been kicked out and the police should have been called. You are going to need A LOT of PR to clean this mess up… it's gone international. Good luck cleaning up Collin Reed's mess.

  • Fire Mountain. Off my list. Join Papa John's on the "No Go" eateries. Time to visit the new millennium. Hiring of hate mongers is not only not acceptable, it's reprehensible. If you don't agree with the rights of others, it does not empower you to speak for the almighty. Sorry.

  • How disrespectful. Keep your Danny comments to yourself. Are you so unhappy with your life that you lash out at people for no reason. Get a grip. And Fire Mountain your manager is an embarrassment and should be held accountable for his lack of action. His handling of the situation leaves a bad taste in my mouth and sheds a very unbecoming light on your establishment. FIRE him and ban that gentleman (using the term lightly) from entering your place again.

  • Fire Mountain should fire this manager for accepting behavior towards paying customers in such a way.. that man has not a brain in his being if he thinks he would enter the gates of heaven the way he was speaking. I will never go to this restaurant again!! Such a disgrace!! #NoH8

  • Well the next place that should get all these message is the company that employees such a "man" wear your work choths and then saying such things descreases your work, Fire Mountain needs to fire Colin Reed and make up to these people and then SOETS handyman and maintenance then needs to fire this man, both place need to make public apologies

  • definitely the way to run a business, it's much easier to get Another employee than it is to get more customers…maybe one day you might learn.

  • It is unthinkable that your managers are not trained to handle these situations. I have already shared the video with hundreds of Lansing area facebook friends who will no longer be dinning at Fire Mountain in Lansing. Do you think you can really afford to lose just one more customer? I think not. This situation needs to be corrected. Your managers ass should be put on the grill….and then fired.

  • I am a GM of a restaurant. If any of my staff failed to do something about such out right harassment of another guest, I would fire them.

  • In this day and age, this is just sad! Their food isn't that great anyway, so you just lost a shirtless of customers because of your ignorance and unprofessionalism!

  • The entire family of Ryan's restaurants has just lost a LOT of business down here in Nashville, TN! I have shared this video on my Facebook page and encouraged all 3200+ friends and family to do the same. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

  • I know the man who took the video, and im pissed that this happened to him in our hometown and that your manager didn't handle it very well. Ya'll better do some damage control instead of saying you did something you didnt 🙂 And stop hiring stupid handy men that will harass your customers would be a good start.

  • I'm not surprised at the hateful comments coming from the ignorant customer. I am surprised that the manager did not force the customer to leave. Harassment of ANYONE is enough reason to ask someone to leave your place of business.

  • This is completely unacceptable. I live in Grand Rapids Michigan. We used to have a Fire Mountain restaurant here. Maybe the same lack of competent management is the reason that it is now closed. If they accept the type of behavior that was presented in the video I'm glad they are closed. I shall make sure to NOT visit a Fire Mountain or Old Country Buffet of any of there other establishments again in the future. UNACCEPTABLE…. Collin Reed needs to be reprimanded at the least!!

  • I am disgusted! I live in the Lansing area and my family and I frequent that specific establishment. No longer will I go again, and I will try to convince all of my friends, Facebook and otherwise, not to eat at any Fire Mountain Grill.

  • I live in Arkansas and seen this video on Facebook…everyone should realize this kind of hatred should stop…this is a new generation and we won't tolerate this.We will let the world see how ignorant they all look by easily posting it on Facebook.

  • Absolutely unacceptable! I will not frequent this establishment until this manager has been terminated! It is time that all corporations send a message loud and clear as to what kind of behavior is not acceptable by customers, managers, employees, or corporations! And, to the man that said such hateful things, I looked at your FB page…you make declarations of Christianity but where in the bible is it acceptable for you to "cast the first stone" especially since you have your own demons exposed on 2 pages, 1 with a blunt being rolled, and the other 1 with Claire Sinclair (Playboy's Miss Oct. 2010)….seems to me you need to repent for your own sins before making judgment and crucifying another for theirs!

  • Bad call by the manager. The man verbally assaulting a patron of your business should have been held accountable for his unacceptable behavior and asked to leave or have charges pressed against him. f

  • The appearance of collusion between the manager and accused customer should not be tolerated. Take action before business is negatively impacted.

  • Shame shame shame on you Fire Mountain Buffett.. I've never had the pleasure of dining at one of your establishments … And I guess I never will. Your company should be totally ashamed of how your employee handled this situation.
    I would suggest for future hirings or training of your management, you supply them with some civil rights information and also how to run your establishments!
    I feel sorry for that man with so much hate inside him that he needs to lash out!

  • Joining and supporting the boycott against Fire Mountain and I have shared the disgusting video that was captured outside your establishment. I will also encourage friends and family to join in this boycott as well. At the least I would have expected to see some sort of responce from your corporate office stating that the Manager was reprimanded and that Fire Mountain didn't tolerate nor condone this behavior or the lack there of from its staff and that culture and sensitivity training for its staff and management was a priority. …shame on you fire mountain

  • In an economy where no one has enough money, I can't see how anyone would continue to justify spending the little they have at your establishment. I look forward to seeing how you correct this INTOLERABLE situation with your staff and manager at Elmwood's location in Lansing, Michigan. And it goes without saying, yes, I've seen the video to. (And was among the 1300 that shared it.)

  • This is absolutely disgusting! I will never go to your establishment EVER! You owe the gentlemen a public apology. You should be ashamed!

  • I find this type of behavior unforgivable….I do not blame the whole staff but the manager responding in such a way proves the handling a management position is beyond him. The man outside should have been banned and tokd to leave immediately. This is 2014 and your establishment needs to do some meetings with all employees about hate crimes and customer relations. I will not waste anymore of my money there for this shows if LBGT harassment is ok then where does it stop seems race, gender, age etc could be possible as well……shame on and the manager and shame on Fire Mountain if they do nothing to make this right…..I have shared this all social media to get the word out.

  • I've lived in Lansing for a little over a year now. I'll make sure to avoid this place and let everyone I know how intolerant the staff is. I'm not willing to support a business like this with my hard earned money.

  • I saw this video shared online and was taken back that it was taken not only in Michigan, but near my hometown. The way these men were treated is absolutely ridiculous. The man calling them names should be ashamed- if he were really such a religious man he wouldn't be outside a restaurant calling innocent bystanders offensive names for no reason. What is really sad is how the manager handled the situation. When you are in a workplace, you put your personal beliefs aside and make sure that all of your customers feel comfortable and are being respected- he did not do that (not to mention just from a human standpoint, you should never stand to the side while someone is being bullied- regardless of the situation). From the sounds of it, he was giving attitude and being very uncooperative to the victims. The man yelling the obscenities should have been asked to leave, and the victims should have been given an apology at the very least. I've never been here, but I know many of my friends and family have, and I will be sure to share this video. Needless to say, I won't be dining here in the future either.

  • As I head home for a visit this weekend I am horrified by your manager's behavior and will encourage all of my family, friends, and former students to boycott this establishment. Waverly Community schools and loving families, students, and staff will not tolerate hate. Shame on you Fire Mountain.

  • Shame! I am disgusted at these actions. I watched and shared the video. Perhaps the manager there needs a new job somewhere else….like in a morgue where he doesn't have to deal with people's feelings.


  • I live in East Lansing, and I just watched the video. I'm making sure it gets shared by every person I know in the area. No one should allow an ignorant idiot to talk to others like this. The situation was handled with more grace by the victim than I would have given. Collin Reed should be held accountable for what goes on in his establishment, and the fact that as a human being, he wouldn't stand up for the victim makes him a horrible person, let alone a manager.

  • Shame on that horrible man, and shame on the manager. When someone attacks someone else in your business, you kick out the attacker and apogize the person/people attacked. I will never visit this restaurant again. Ever. Not only did they let this go on, but they condoned it by kicking out the victims and let the attacker be. It's gross and it's wrong.

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