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  1. I recently visited Firestone auto care store to have my 2007 Saturn Vue examined because it was making a clicking sound that sounded like a sewing machine. My car was put ( supposing) because I couldn't see beyond the work area. The tech came back to me with a printed diagnostic reading saying that I needed a "NEW" engine. On top of charging me $100.00 plus for the diagnostic read-out they wouldn't take your $25.00 gift coupon to off set that charge. Very upset that they wanted to charge me for a new engine for $3,600.00lus knowing that I didn't need to replace the one I had. I went else where only to find out that it was my timing belt and pulley that had to be replaced. The practice that's being displayed under your name is soon to be tarnished with workers misleading and falsifying the records of loyal customers and charging for services knowing that their findings aren't true. BBB and the Attorney General will be stepping in to investigate your work ethics.

  2. I took my truck to your store #654302 on 2/13/2015. I arrived to Atlanta from Memphis and thought it would be nice to get my oil changed. The services was impeccable, the kindness was outstanding, however, once oil changed has cost me $450.00. Your service reps were so good I got my fog light replaced and my license plates lights replaced given their kindness and hospitality. On my way back to Memphis on 2/14/2015 (one day later) I noticed my oil pressure switch continually dropped to zero and then climb, drop and climb. This never happened before and I am referring to a truck that is in pristine condition, you service associate commended the great condition of my truck. At mile marker 94 on highway 78 my faithful truck failed me. I immediately got out of the truck and checked the oil because I have never and I mean never had any trouble with my Envoy and I do literally mean never. I have it serviced as it should, use premium gasoline and today, my truck had to be towed for one hour and forty five minutes to my home costing me $450.00 only to discover my truck has a centimeter of oil recorded on the dip stick. ONE CENTIMETER. My truck now sits in front of my home from what I believe was damaged by something from your establishment. I cannot drive back to Atlanta because I don't have transportation, I have to now determine how am I going to get to church, to work, my children to school because of your error. I came there with confidence, believing everything will be alright and now I am out of $450.00 plus the $102.37 I paid at the location. I do believe that some ownership of this issue needs to be addressed on your side please. No oil and a broken down truck for $552.37 does not seem right, it just does not. Thank you, D'Arcy Deveaux

  3. …so I have my truck towed to Firestone because I had a nail in my tire. Unforunately my spare mechanism was broke so I had to have it towed. The guy at Firestone told me he couldn't fix my tire because they were Good Year. WTH???? What's the difference? He absolutely refused unless I bought 4 new firestone. Told him where to go and how to get there. Firestone in Newton, NJ..STAY AWAY!!!

  4. I have had a very bad experience at three Firestone stores. On 9/9/14 I took my vehicle to Firestone on San Pedro in San Antonio for alignment after installing new tires and brakes. On 10/02/2014 I noticed that the left rear wheel was tilting badly and appearing to fall off. I took it to Firestone on Montana in El Paso and they informed me that the Firestone store in San Antonio failed to tighten a bolt after performing the alignment. They corrected the tilting wheel but failed to correct the two illuminated indicator lights on the dash. They said that I would need to go to the Firestone store on Lee Trevino in El Paso where diagnostics could be performed. On 10/07/2014 after waiting for three and 1/2 hours the technician on Lee Trevino was able to correct the problem. I find it odd that the Montana store had to correct an error made by the San Pedro store, and that the Lee Trevino store had to correct the error made by the Montana store. I have spent too many valuable hours at Firestone waiting for corrections to be made for Firestone errors. rkimball01@hotmail.com

  5. would like to be contacted by a person i had recently had my 2004 f 150 worked on and several problems arose and the final straw is they tryed to make their mistakes my fault by saying my truck had alot of debris in the moter after they took several parts off and siliconed them back in place then told me i needed a rebuild on my moter and they dont do that type of work but yet i have a 1300 balance and no working truck

  6. sir i must inform you that i ,m now your newest EX customer after my last encounter @ you cove blvd store in panama city ,fl i will find a new shop to spend my money

  7. Mr. MIKE GORDON, Manager,
    1796 MORSE RD, Columbus, OH Friday, March 29, 2013

    I was at your store on Thursday around 2 pm Friday, March 28, 2013. I have a 2002 Buick regal. I had four tires that I purchased installed at your store.
    My whole experience from start to finish was a disaster!

    I made the reservation on line, that was nice. I got to see what I wanted and was able to pick out my tires that I wanted installed.

    I showed at 2p at your store. A very large man, I think his name was mark was working. I new when I seen him I was in trouble. His attitude and posture was just bad.

    There was even a female guest in front of me that he waited on. Upon her leaving I over heard him and a service person make a comment about a customer, about how good looking she was. Give me a break the lobby was packed. Comments like that are not needed!!

    Anyhow, while there I had asked him to check for a location of a antifreeze leak, that I had smelled over the past week. I had also asked him for some addition quotes for a fuel filter and fuel ejector cleaning.. Long story!!

    The tires were installed and when I went to the service desk to pay I asked him about the leak. He had to check with the service person. At that time I was told YES IT WAS LEAKING.
    Ok so now what?? They never looked to see wear it was coming from! In addition, that was it! I was glad to pay my bill and get out of there fast. He was in toooo much of a hurry to do anything else and while I was asking questions, he asked me for my payment twice. But I wasn’t done asking questions!
    Therefore, I drove home. I live within walking distance some 800 yards. I parked the car and latter ordered dinner. on the way there my low tire light came on! I right away called the store! The same man answered the phone. I told him what the problem was and he asked if I needed it checked right away? Was he kidding? He then told me that he could not get it in that night! He was kidding right. Nope he sure was not!
    I was so mad! I hung up the phone and called your customer service number. The woman on the phone was able to call the store direct and got me right in! Funny how that works!
    When I got there, there were 7 empty bays open! I new what the problem was when I called to begin with, it was 610 pm! Time for them to go home!
    They brought the car in and right out. I was told that there was not enough air in the tire. I figured that as the light on the dash had came on!

    I am so unhappy with the way this was handled!
    I am 46 this is my first visit to a firestone store! I will not be back not even if they are giving away free money and tires! It was just a very bad over all experience!
    Also if my low tire light does come back on today I will dispute the charges on my credit card for a bad and or damaged product. The credit card company 9 times out of 10 always finds in favor of the consumer, as you know. Let us hope that this little problem that could have been handled very quickly and professionally does not get out of control!


    Todd r George
    4737 Karl rd
    Columbus ohio 43229

    29 March 2013

  8. On April 19, 2012, I requested my vehicle be serviced for the 60k mile recommended serviced. This service also included an oil change. Shortly after, I noticed that my vehicle was leaking oil all over my garage floor. I spoke to a Firestone rep at the Washtenaw location in Ann Arbor and they advised me to bring my car back for service. Apparently, they forgot to put the oil gasket back in after giving me an oil change which caused the oil leak. I was very disappointed at this point seeing the amount of oil that leaked on my garage floor and also my parent’s driveway.

    Recently, (July 11 2012,) I had to bring my vehicle back into the same location because my check engine light came on, on my way to work. I opened the hood of the car and found that my oil cap was off, and oil was leaking all over my engine and other parts. I immediately called and made an appointment to bring my vehicle in. It was found that the TPS throttle body assembly needs to be replaced. I find it very logical that the oil leak from my oil cap not being properly secured, caused this damage. The supervisor “Jeff” at said location disagreed, stating that he is sure that the mechanicals should have put the oil cap back on and told me that too much time had transpired from the last time I had my car serviced so the incident couldn’t have been caused by his team. Not only did this mishap cause me time off work, but the local branch have also charged me for a part that wouldn’t have been damaged had your local team put the oil cap back on properly.

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