Flemings Steakhouse Steakhouse Corporate Office Headquarters

Flemings Steakhouse Corporate Office Headquarters
OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
1300 Dove Street, Suite 105
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-222-2223 ext. 3208
Fax Number: 1-949-222-0313
Email: guestservice@flemingssteakhouse.com

  • we ate at the rancho cucamonga restaurant last night. they had no seating for elders or disabled while we waited to be seated for our reservations, we were seated very late. the food was good but did not come out together so u eating meat with nothing else. our waiter houston was excellent tho. our bill was 1,026. but from reading other reviews, yall aint doing to good anywhere and u had the nerve to charge us a admin fee, what exactly was that for. wont go again

  • we ate at the rancho cucamonga restaurant last night. they had no seating for elders or disabled while we waited to be seated for our reservations, we were seated very late. the food was good but did not come out together so u eating meat with nothing else. our waiter houston was excellent tho. our bill was 1,026. but from reading other reviews, yall aint doing to good anywhere and u had the nerve to charge us a admin fee, what exactly was that for. wont go again

  • To whom it many concern , on Jan. 14, 2017 we were guests at your Flemings rest. in Scottsdale,az, on Scottsdale road. We spent $412 plus tip.Everytime I have eaten at your establishment, I have been satisfied. My husband and I had taken the CEO of St. Josephs Hospital and her spouce to a celebration dinner at your establishment.
    WE order our food and wine. The 3 steak orders all arrived at the same time. But, the seafood tower, did not arrive for at least 10 minutes later, possibly longer.I kept pleading to everyone at the table to begin eating, but of course they would not.SO, by the time my seafood tower finally came, everyones steaks were no longer hot, ( as you can imagine.) The 3 sideorders were also no longer Hot either. The side orders were mushrooms, sprouts , and potatos. Sara, our server did a nice job. We were very very disappointed in the food, and in the timing of serving the food.sincerely William John Anderson. newbeggems@gmail.com., and Susan Yeager, yayayaya.susan@gmail.com

  • Last ( December 4, 2015) night my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our anniversary at Flemings and, looking back now that didn't seem like such a good idea. We had a reservation for 7:15p but, arrived around 6:40p. we were told we'd have to wait until our reservation time to be seated. I was a little bothered by that but, that was our scheduled reservation time and, I figured since I requested a quiet area they were trying to accommodate us. we've now been sitting for 25 minutes and, in that time about 4 different couples walk up and are all seated BEFORE US. At about 7:20p my boyfriend asks reception when we were going to be seated. The young lady says about 10 more minutes. 7:35p and, we're finally being seated but, to my surprise we are IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT! NO PRIVACY, NO QUIET, NO CONSIDERATION of what was requested. I wanted to leave right then and there but didn't. We ordered steak, (for him) chicken, (for me) lobster macaroni and cheese and, lobster mashed potatoes. The steak, chicken and, macaroni and cheese came out at the same time. My boyfriend was able to dig in right away. I, on the other hand had to wait about 7 minutes to start eating because, our waiter tried to make room on our table and took my CLEAN silverware and extra plates. I call my waiter over and I tell him he took eating utensils and, that he forgot to bring out our mashed potatoes. Come to find out HE NEVER TOOK THAT ORDER ! At this point in time I'm just fed up. It is now 8:30. It's an hour and a half after our reservation, we were not accommodated, the food we ordered didn't really get ordered and, the food we did receive was mediocre at best. Anyway, a few minutes later I'm able to eat my now not so warm chicken and, I AM NOT IMPRESSED. The chicken was bland and VERY DRY! I call the waiter over and tell him I don't like the food. He asks if I want something else (I wanted to say no and just leave but, my boyfriend was still eating his food) the waiter suggested the bbq salmon. I told him I would try it but, told him to pack it to go. Our bill came to about $175.00. Now, $175.00 may not be a lot but, for that much money I expect to be accommodated, I expect my food to be excellent and I expect to be treated well !. This experience was nothing like we expected and, I'm not sure if I'll ever return.

    I emailed this to Flemings Customer Service on December 5,2015 and I yet to get a response. It is now December 15, 2015.

  • I ate with my wife at the Tampa location this past Saturday. Although the service and atmosphere was excellent, the food leaves a lot to be desired. I spent $195.00 with tip for just a mediocre meal, that really was no better food wise, then eating at the Outback. I ordered a tasteless Wagyu New York strip, that was tough and hard to cut. At $57 dollars, it should cut like butter, and have exceptional taste. My wife ordered a fishy smelling salmon entree. Now I know why the place was half empty. I want be back!

  • My Husband and I recently visited on April 17 for dinner. Wanted to express my horrible time at your Denver location. Nate waited on us, truly awful server. He made me feel uncomfortable while dinning. He looked at my low cut top several times. My husband was getting upset, I can tell you he made several sexy remarks that weren't appropriate. I ask who was the manager he said Jennifer Black, he then begin to tell me how close he was with her. That they had been friends and hung out on a regular basis outside work. He made it seem like he was really close with her. I told him I wanted to ask about the wine we were drinking. After all that I felt I couldn't talk to her. So I'm writing hopefully some one will see this and do something about it.

  • I recently visited Flemings in Denver for dinner on Friday night in March. I was deeply disappointed from my experience. The hostess Lorenna answered the phone and was very unfriendly. We arrived and she seemed overwhelmed. There was two hostess and a manager at the hostess stand, it was very unorganized. We were told Marshall Best would be taken care of us. We were excited about Flemings, having eaten at the one in Newport. From the time we set down, we were overwhelmed by bread and water and pushed to order Pillow Road Pino Noir. Can I say it felt like I was at a car lot instead of having dinner with my wife. I have never experienced a server so cocky. Pushing bone in filets after I told him we wanted to take our time, let the wine open and enjoy our appetizers. If this is the best server they have, someone should look into who the manager is hiring. Lot of other servers were smiling at their tables, ours wasn't he seemed almost like he had been drinking a little. My wife noticed him hanging out at the bar. Makes one wonder. Oh and the manager Jennifer wasn't very pleasant either. Chris the manager came by warm friendly, Jennifer like a cold fish Disappointing, Poor experience. Sad really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I live in Highlands Ranch, CO. I recently visited Flemings (Denver Co) for dinner. I over heard a server talking to what I believe was a manager (red head lady in a suit). I'm not going to repeat what their conversation was about. As an adult, conversations like that don't belong in front of guests. I was in the bar at a booth. I'm, shocked that a place I love so much would be subject to what I would call locker room talk. I wondered where Audrey was and was she aware this was taking place. I ask the hostess Loreana what there names were when we left. Jennifer Black and the server was Nate. I'm very disappointed at this situation. What a terrible example for a manager to set.

  • I live in Sarasota Florida..sell high end real estate.I have been in Flemings maybe 15 times last year or two.I know the bar area, my girlfriend and I try tip the staff..they are good.Last Friday while waiting for booth open up as we have many times before,I was stopped by the waiter and said there was a waiting list.I said to him'..You know us..you have never said that before..Never!..He said talk Management..it was unbelievable "".so I paid bill in cash..as I was leaving..walked over talk to gentleman manager and told him..You have never ask us be on waiting list ever?.for booth in bar area..We have been here many times.He replied well..it is our policy..I said why?..did you never say that before..He replied..maybe there was no waiting list..I told him ..How am I suppose know you have waiting list?..We argued..I told him he did not not Ritz Carlton service.I expected him to apologize. Offer me free drink..say I understand ?..I am the customer..Instead he wanted to fight me..told other guy in suit get me out of there..Amazing thing ''….is the waiter knew how we were..My girlfriend and I.This is class act restaurant and they have some meathead seating people all dressed up in suit .Fleming's need send staff over to Ritz Carlton for lesson on customer service.This guy was arrogant, rude.We are locals not some tourist..j.cunningham

  • Mark the general manager at the San Antonio, TX location is not very knowledgeable. gave us a minimum for an event at the restaurant and when I had the host contact them he doubled the minimum without even taking responsibility for his mistake. When he was told he made the event host planner look silly, he was arrogant, rude, and aggressive. We had the event somewhere else and I have never returned to the restaurant and never will.

  • We have had 2 bad experiences in 2 months in the livonia Michigan location.
    the food presentation was horrible. The salads not fresh. The french onion soup and mash potato looked awful and were disgusting. The steaks were not of good quality.
    We have seen a decline in this restaurant over the years but the worst part, after this last visit, we must have consumed some really contaminated food there because a few hours later, we spent the night regurgitating it all back out.
    awful experience. ..

  • Flemmings steakhouse
    I'd like to make sure that you know what me and my daughter experienced yesterday when celebraring Christmas eve in one of the restaurants, in Sandestin, Florida. We made a reservation with a very pleasant lady from San Antonio, arrived on time but waited almost 2 hours on 2 plates. It was the main filet with baked potatoe and the filet with the flemmings potatoe. We also ordered a bottle of wine. What came pretty quickly. The server, Josh, came about 2 times to apologyze but didnt make sure that my daughter's filet would be well done as requested. So, after all this time, the food came and it was not well done. Another half an hour wait. Furthermore, he did not come back to make sure that we liked or not the dish. He also did not come back to ask us if we wanted a dessert or more wine, what we were thinking on doing. To complete our terrible experience, I had to stand up and request the bill to the hostess since the server wouldn't show up anymore. In the area that we were, everybody was complaining about something. We definetely won't go back to this restaurant nor any other one, and will make sure that everybody that we know also hear our story. Please make a note of it.
    The Millers

  • On the evening of Saturday November 8th 2014, we fulfilled our party of 5 reservations at the Woodland Hills, Ca location, located on Topanga Cnyn blvd.This was a celebration for my 40th birthday. This was without a doubt one of the worst dining experiences of my life. Once our waiter, Ryan showed up and learned early on that our guests were French he proceeded to talk to them at length. Discussing a French class he was taking, so on and so forth…At first, it seemed normal to have light conversation, however it turned extremely one sided. Every time he came to the table he literally serviced half the table! He only engaged conversation with our French guests and with each visit, increasing his French lessons. My sister in law had to ask for a napkin twice, to which he responded rudely, "oh yes, your napkin," and proceeded to talk to our guests. Each time he approached the table with his flippant and careless attention . He never gave me or my husband and sister much eye contact at all. RUDE.
    I have never sat through a dinner feeling so angry and to be honest such a grotesque and rude display of customer service. Clearly Ryan had not a care in the world and never once engaged us. We did NOT exist!
    I have never been treated with such outlandish show of neglect in what was to be a fine dining experience. Out of all the restaurants in the city we chose Flemings. What a mistake. I am deeply regretful of this evening and mark it as one of the worst birthdays I have ever had thanks to this Idiot. The purpose of my letter is in no way to seek gift cards or comps or anything at all. I simply needed to let you know how horrible this night was for me and my family in hopes that your staff would be properly trained on what is APPROPRIATE customer service!
    It is without a doubt that we will never return to Flemings restaurant again. I am so disappointed.

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