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  • Flip Key Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Flip Key Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. Vacationhomerentals.com, you paid for a silver level and drop from 6 or 7 to 20,and these foreigners love to play games with you. Try sending your self test inquiries, I have,'t received my last 3. Maybe, I need to contact my credit card and dispute my charge and contact the Attorney General. Sad it must come to this!!! I use to love vacationhomerentals.com

  2. So every time you want a free vacation put in a complaint and flipkey will refund you your money. Owners should be aware of this cause you can t make any money, Their customer service is terrible, they hang up on you on purpose, we never had any other complaints against our place, and are dealing with another company now, bring it to Attorney General attention cause we got screwed.

  3. I am very disappointed in Flipkey for how we have been treated. A customer made a complaint that the place is dirty, even though they stayed their,. They put a bad complaint in against our place and lied, asked for a refund od $150, which we gave back and flipkey blocked us on their website.

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Corporate Office Headquarters