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  • Gambino Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Gambino Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Gambino Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 8725 Bourgade St.
Lenexa, KS 66219
Email: info@gambinospizza.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-913-888-1011
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-913-888-1011

  • Hello, I am Caitlin and I just wanted to inform you of some customer service that have ruined my experience with your brand.

    Thank you for reading this message, I thank you for your time.
    I'll share my Yelp review:

    "Meridian KS
    I have eaten at Gambino's pizza a lot. From school functions to just craving some pizza. But when I went in today to get my pizza, it was terrible.

    I ordered a Large black olive and pepperoni pizza. A classic. And when I was given my pizza the clerk didn't confirm what it was when I asked. I started to leave when I noticed the box was rather large for what I ordered. So I opened it up and it was not my order. A crazy 18in. pizza.

    So I returned inside and explained the mistake. They took the pizza back to the shelf and later gave it to another customer even though I had touched it which is beyond gross. But that's not all

    They then asked me 6-7 more times what my order was and said they couldn't find my order even though I was the first customer they served. This was 30min in. I was about to just get refunded and leave, but they found it in the "done" pile bc another gentleman took it. He ordered hamburger and was given my order bc the clerk never confirmed any of the orders.

    40min in and they ask me again what my order was offering another nice ladies order to me, which was 2 small pizzas. She, again, explained what her order was for like the 10th time and they finally got it to her. She came over to and told me about how this was the 3rd time she'd had issues here.

    Now, about an hour in and my pizza is remade and out. No compensation, no apology, just handed it and left. I saw the owner in the back and she said absolutely nothing.

    I would not be writing this if the pizza tasted good- BUT it didn't. The crust was chewy, the middle was kinda cold and it tasted just kinda… Bad? I've never felt so embarrassed before. I felt like I didn't matter and like they didn't care about the mistake at all. My mom also has had stomach cramps since she ate it. Which, with how they served pizza we had touched I doubt the cleanliness of the establishment.

    I loved Gambino's, but after this I'll never waste my money there again."

  • Never was I treated so badly as I was by the owner of the Gambino's pizza in Lenexa. I was told 45-1 hour for my pizza. When I arrived within 34-40 minutes after ordering, my pizza order was already ready and sitting on the warmer for who know how long. I complained that the pizza was not very hot and how long had it been sitting.

    I then was told that they had 8-9 orders and were super busy. Only two tables in the restaurant were occupied and the help was just standing around. Never once did the owner ask if her could remake my order. He proceeded to insult me and told me he did not want my kind in his restaurant.

    I told him fine, I would not be back, but that he lost a very good customer, because I was in the restaurant at least once a week. He didn't care. I hope that the employees and the owner learn customer service, because they don't have it. They might have good pizza, but customer service is very important.

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