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Gexa Energy Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. This company is absurdly incompetent in the way they handle customers. They will give out false information just to get you off the phone. Their partnered company, Oncor, is the worst equipment and installation provider with the worst reviews. If you pay your bill at 7:30am you will not get power until 2 days later and they will claim that it is some kind of "glitch" in the system OR they will put the blame on Oncor and Oncor will put the blame back on them, all while you the customer is suffering. This company and Oncor are the most unsatisfactory power company's I've ever dealt with.

  2. I am very upset at how Gexa claims to have a "Share & Save" program whereby if I refer someone and they become a customer (along with a referral ID that I provided them) I would get $5 off per month on my bill and they a one-time $25 credit. Well, this is fraudulent information because I was told that the plan I was referring was not applicable. No one in the documentation or online that I've read it says anything about plans not being eligible. I've contacted Customer service and they were supposed to check into it and never got back to me. I plan on taking this to the next level. you cannot disclose information on something and then not uphold it.

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Corporate Office Headquarters