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  1. I give they're location in midland at the mall a braclet to get fix its just the one side of the lock broke.they give a receipt showing I'm gonna need estimat for the cost .I bought this gold braclet by 160$ from a pawn shop and she wrote that.after 2 days she called me like this exactly.are u give us the approval to fix it .it gonna cost 9.99 when I get to the store they told me its 999$ .they think peoples stuiped spending 999 for something I bought it by 160. And the manager she said they done lots work to it.I said I don't care cause I not ask for that to be done and also in the receipt from them it showing I only ask for lock to be fixed.I'm going after them in all social media.better busniss bureau .because it look like they overcharging people to they took they re staff and resale it.I even bought some jewelry from them .I gonna see the policy return and if I have the right I turn back to them.my advice don't buy nothing from them.

  2. I odered a wedding band from gordons in lawton, Ok October 30th. When ordering I paid in full and was told it would take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive in store. I have called and gone to the store several times to check on the status of the ring and each time I am brushed off by the employees. They told me on the second visit to the store that it actually takes 8 weeks to arrive. It is now January 16th and I still do not have my ring. I called last week and asked them to track my ring to give me an estimated arrival date and was placed on hold for 17 minutes until I finally had to hang up. My fiancé will now be getting married with a silicone ring I purchased for him to work in instead his actual wedding band. I am beyond upset with the service at gordons.

  3. I am very upset I took my expensive watch to Gordon's Jewelers on 5/10/2015 around 12:45pm to have my battery changed. TIMOTHY A. DURHAM turned my watch over face down and began pushing and pressing on the watch trying to get the back off. Finally he got the back off and Changed my battery. He then handed watch to another lady and then left .Then when lady handed me my watch back I wiped finger prints off of my watch and I then noticed the watch was scratched. I told the lady she then called him to come back because the watch is scratched .He refused to come back until a second lady called him. And when I brought it to his attention that he scratched my watch he became really nasty about it and accused me of bringing watch in already scratched. And told me to leave the store I have to take care of other customers. He refused to take responsibility for scratching the crystal front face of my watch. I'm not going to just go away I want my crystal front face replaced because he scratched it. They have cameras to show what he did. He told me there's nothing he can do about scratching my watch. He had the same watch on I told him to turn his watch over and do the same thing he did to my watch and if its not scratched afterwards I will walk away. He refused to do so. That's because he knows he scratched my watch. I'm so upset this watch my Daughter brought for me and its very close to my Heart. I only wear it on special occasions I keep it wrapped up soft cloth so not to scratch it. He gave me the corporate number because he says he cant make that decision about replacing my front face crystal. I'm unable to talk to corporate until Monday 5/11/2015. I will be calling corporate.

  4. I recieved a bracelet for Christmas that was too big and i called Gordons in Midland Texas to see if i can exchange it. The bracelet was purchased in Odessa Texas and I asked the customer service woman that answered the phone by the name of Maria and asked if she could call the odessa store to get a transaction number so i can do the even exchange due to me now having a receipt, Maria's first reaction was that she (supposes) she could and then also states that she is too busy to come in at a later date because she is too busy. I will NEVER do business there i still havent been able to exchange my bracelet for a smaller size because im dealing with the rudest people! Not one single employee gives a crap about my situation……………..

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