HomeAdvisor Corporate Office Headquarters

HomeAdvisor Corporate Office Headquarters
14023 Denver West Pkwy., Bldg. 64, Ste. 200
Golden, CO 80401 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-963-7200
Fax Number: 1-303-980-3003
Customer Service Number: 1-877-800-3177

  • This company is scam. They have employees communicating false information to get your money for services you do not take. Every lead they send weather you take it not is a charge. Also the lead is sent to multiple person. They got us for $1,000 and we never took one lead. My husband works alone and home advisor sent several leads a day. Although he said two a month. I will never use them again or recommend.

  • t year about this time I called home advisors here in co. bluffs.
    , Iowa . a Gary_R___ / answered; came out and gave me a estimate to repair my porch side and one window area and window trim. Carpenter ants had ate a lot of the porch, they replaced it except for window trim. they said it needed to be ordered because my house is old. They estimated the work at $300.00. then after starting work and seeing they had to replace most of the porch side they needed $700. more. they had everything done except window trim. so I pd him. I called several times to get the trim on windows finished. they'd be out. never seen them again. I doubt very much if I'll ever use you again. They didn.t have any credentials.

  • I joined Home Advisor Pro back in June 2018 thinking the $287 would be the only amount taken from my account but I was wrong. I was NEVER informed that I would recieve leads and then be charged for them until they took over $360 from my account. I cancelled with them the same month. On Oct 19, 2018 Home Advisor took $1756.00 from my bank account without permission AFTER I had cancelled with them more than 4 months ago. I spoke with 6 different reps including 2 supervisors (VERY RUDE)that all refused to credit my account back. This is a lot of money and MY HARD EARNED MONEY that they have taken, STOLEN from my family. This company is definitely a scam. PLEASE do not join this company. I have now hired an attorney to get my $287,$360 and $1756 back from them. I hope no one else has to go through what we've just experienced. A real genuine company would make this right, but this one is only after stealing your money.

  • I wish I could get here early before I signed up with them, they're a scam, they collect money from us "Pros" and we have to lower our prices so we can get the job, if customers change their mind we all lose our money, they don't even guarantee the leads, they don't filtrate the customers right so when we get a lead we know what the customer really want.
    I'll do everything in my powers to close them down. If you want business just give your best and charge fairly, word of mouth works better than Home Advisor.

  • You are a complete scam. Your CEO takes money from hard working small business owners. CEO is scum. We are doing as much as we can to make people aware of what money hungry pigs HomeAdvisors CEO is. Utube watch out. How you screw hard workers and small business out of their money without your business being shut down is beyond me. Big money PIGS!!!

  • I would never affiliate my company with a organization who has pushy, arrogant and rude consultants like of your staff.

    Bobby Mathieson
    Online Marketing Consultant
    (877) 800-3177 Ext: 8424

    I pride my business on great customer service, not to push my business on people. I would be careful doing business with this company as a customer or contractor! The internet is not a good resource to find an experienced and honest contractor. Word of mouth or stopping to communicate with contractors of good work being done can be more dependable.

  • I agree with theverything comment about this company being a scam !!! I signed up as a contractor and was never told that I get charged for every single lead they send me !!! I was only told if I wanted the customer contact info I had to click and accept the lead fee and that's what I was charged. I called after I noticed my bill was $1400 and they completely refuse to make it right with me event hough I only accepted 6 leads. I accepted 6 leads out of 109 !!! They are making me pay for all 109 leads rather I accept them or not !!! I'm in touch with BBB and Consumer Fraud Protection Agency !!! This place needs shut down !!!

  • if he's collecting unemployment disability he shouldn't be sitting in a car then collecting free money. Cheap skates like that should be in jail for fraud. if he doesn't make enough at home advisor get a part time job or get a better job. So screw you NYArtist. I'm struggling to make ends meet but don't s am the system like that low life… Get a clue loser. You must be voting for Sanders or Clinton…..

  • This company is a scam. They refuse to return our money. Did not provide the services as described. I even tried to speak with the CEO, Chris Terrill and he just shifted me to someone else, who I had to leave a message with. And that person never bothered to return my call. And now we have to file a lawsuit against them. We are even on the Do Not Call List. It is a serious federal offense to contact people on this list. Under TSR, Telemarketing Sales Rule, this is a $16,000 fine.

  • When you call your corporate office phone number you are unable to get through. This seems strange for such a large company that is based on customer service.

  • When you call your corporate office phone number you are unable to get through. This seems strange for such a large company that is based on customer service.

  • You should mind your own business and leave people alone. Maybe they can't exist on what they get and have to take a part time job so they don't become homeless. You really need to get a life.

  • kellymkenney@gmail.com
    Hello. To whom it may concern? I already have a door to door marketing team in the Seattle area that offers free estimates for multiple tree services. The same thing your service does but we only offer 3 estimates in the tree industry.Do you have a corporate sales manager or project director that could e-mail me his direct phone #? I would like to see if you are interested as a company in having me go door to door with my team and generate more volume for your company? When it works here in Seattle I would be open to traveling around and recruiting and developing teams to go door to door. Is that something you would be interested in? please let me know? I have 20 years experience in door to door sales and developing door to door teams is my strength.

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