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  1. The Schaumburg location did very little to try to give understanding of a price difference in a bill. After speaking with the manager she only repeated receipt information even refusing to break it down. Chris,the manager, took a customer right as my daughter went to speak with her. An associate offered to help take over the customer she was helping to assist me. Chris continued with her customer let me wait 15 minutes at the front while she apparently huddled around the corner with her fellow coworkers. She then spoke with my daughter and insulted her by stating if it really bothers you I’ll give you the difference from the register. It was a small difference in price but there was no clarity in why there was a discrepancy. After spending over $2K there was no regard for me as a customer. She apologized that I was upset taking no responsibility. Her associate ran circles trying to help her and she still couldn’t explain herself. Not a very trustworthy behavior.

  2. WORST company ever, I ordered 5 bridesmaids dresses from them, I have 2 M.O.H and 3 bridesmaids. My MOH's have 2 different dresses. They ordered a bridesmaid the completely wrong dress and my MOH the wrong size. I've been calling every day for a week and no one seems to know where the manager "Nichelle" is or how to contact her. They keep taking my info but I have not received a call back to explain how they are going to rectify this situation. This is so unprofessional it's ridiculous. This is people's wedding that this company is jeopardizing. How can this be allowed.

  3. Avoid at all costs. Unorganized, unprofessional, and rude. I made a payment on my dress, that was never applied-nor charged to my credit card, although, I was told the charge had been put through. Called to let them know I would be coming to get my dress, and the next day arrived, just to find out, 1. "they do not order wedding dresses until 6 weeks prior to the wedding", in which , I was never informed, as the lady who took my credit card payment told me I could pick it up in a few weeks if I wanted, as long as I was going to be making my final payment. I don't know about anyone else but getting my wedding dress 6 weeks prior to the wedding seems crazy to me. What happens if something is wrong with the dress? I would likely need alterations, in which, I would not be paying their ridiculous prices to have done, and that would just in general be WAY too hectic with all the other finalization going on with our wedding. Needless to say, they were rude, unprofessional, and unconcerned. They never checked my information until I became irritated, and THEN saw my last payment was never applied. No one seems to know what policies are or what goes on within the store. Worst experience ever. I would not recommend this company to ANYONE, and would avoid at all costs. I am not one to leave a bad review, or talk poorly about a company, but my overall experience with this company has made me make my first bad review of a company.

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