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HT Hackney Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. My name is David Crane I run a little small store in Dahlonega Georgia been in business since 1946 I didn’t know that Ht Hackney got for they didn’t try to help small businesses I was trying to get an account opened up with them and They said my credit was not good enough for their company I didn’t know they were running the credit company ht Hackney used to care about small businesses seems that they don’t care about small businesses no more just somebody’s credit report those reasons my credit is low I needed a little help from Ht Hackney to build it back up looks like I was wrong CL Crane‘s grocery Will keep going one way or the other if you need to talk to me my number saved 7069743763

  2. Very dirty company in Johnson City. I have been a customer with them for years but today the way a employee was treated by this company I will be ending my contract with them for all of my locations and I will be filing a complaint with corporate. A young gentleman, (a little slow but not quite special needs), been at his job 8 years, the perfect employee never missed a single day in 8 years. I told him that Hackney was hiring and could be a step up, so he applied and got the job. 5 days before his 90 days and they manager comes in and says the entire department is fired because someone is stealing! This young man wouldn't steal if he was starving to death! This is just wrong, when he tried to speak to the manager and ask if they would review the tapes because he hasn't stole anything, he was told get off my premises until your here to turn in your uniforms. I never complain or comment but I feel this needs to be addressed and I will be heard. I feel horrible for ever suggesting your company to anyone!

  3. Management in Roane county location during night shift hours could use some serious focus on respect honesty and value of their employees who work hard and diligently every night to ensure Hackneys customers receive their orders in a correct and timely manner.

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Corporate Office Headquarters