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  1. I purchased two HTC U11’s in November of 2017, from HTC, for my wife and I. when I bought the phones, included were two sets of headphones, the HTC Usonic headphones, and the JBL reflect aware-c headphones, as well as an HTC Fetch. Roughly June or July, I started having issues with the headset (the JBL’s, it was unknown at the time if the issues affected the U-sonic’s).
    The problem was that the headphones stopped working. Although when I would plug them in, I would get an alert “ANC on or off, and the level”, but no other sound from the device, through the headset. Thinking that it was just faulty headsets, I contacted JBL (of Harman) to try to get a solution to fix. Believe it or not, the numerous contacts that I had with them, no one seemed to know of this product?
    I wrote it off, and a few weeks later, I opened a chat with HTC regarding the same matter. I was talked through some troubleshooting steps and the headphones were working again. A few weeks later the issue reappeared, and I was able to go through the steps from the chat to get the headphones working again. A few weeks after that, the problem reappeared again, but I was unable to get them working.
    I reopened a chat session and tried to see if there was something that I was missing. I went through the troubleshooting steps the the chat support, but no luck.
    Over the course of the next few chats, I was directed to try quite a few things, including several hard resets. When that didn’t work, I was directed to try to install a ROM manually. Chat support tried to talk me through the installation, but I discovered that my Computer(s) would not detect my phone when it was plugged in, so I could not manually install the ROM. I explained to support that I tried the JBL headset on my wife’s U11 and they work fine, also, I’m able to connect her phone to each of my computers.
    It was determined that I should send the device in for repair as it was still under warranty. I was told that it could take up to three weeks, but usually not that long…
    I rushed to get my phone to the shipper and send it in, only to find that the repair center doesn’t accept deliveries on weekends (would have been nice to know).
    My phone was received at the repair center on 11/14/2018. On 11/15, I received an email saying that they were unable to recreate the issues that I specified, and that they tried to call me. I did NOT receive any phone calls.
    Although, I included a detailed description of the issue in the shipping box with the phone, I had to explain as if they had no idea what was wrong, and support could not verify that they had attempted to recreate the issue as I specified, with the particular product (JBL).
    I contacted chat support on numerous occasions during the process, and the could really provide no information, because it seems like the repair center provides no information to them. My opinion.
    I finally received word that my phone was being shipped back, and repaired, although they couldn’t, or wouldn’t tell me what was repaired.
    I received the phone today, 12/27/18 in very poor packaging for an expensive device, with scratches on the face, that were NOT there upon sending it in. I took pictures of my packaging, as well as the device the day I sent it in.
    Of course, the second thing that I did, after inspecting the phone, was to check the repair. I was surprised and upset to see that the same issues were still there. It was as if nothing was done.
    I contacted support via chat, and it was suggested that I send the phone back in. That was beyond frustrating. I voiced my concern over having my phone out of service for a month or more, again. I also suggested that a loaner would be a better option. I sent a letter detailing this to corporate, and they returned it to me unopened

  2. My HTC phone is defective. It only works when in speaker mode. I have been waiting four months for resolution!
    I have contacted HTC nine times: 10/26/17, 11/15/17, 11/24/17, 1/15/18, 2/1/18, 3/12/18 (twice), 3/19/18 (twice).
    On 11/15/17, a swap was authorized. HTC was to send me a replacement phone, and a hold was placed on my credit card pending receipt of my “defective” phone. I never received a replacement phone.
    Since that time, HTC has now decided that I must send them my phone first, and wait (for who knows how long, given their current response record to emails and phone calls), for them to send me a replacement phone. This would leave me without any phone until the replacement would arrive. I don’t understand why they changed their requirements, without notifying me until I kept contacting them, regarding the status of the replacement phone they supposedly were sending in November. At one point, they told me the phone was on backorder. Then it changed to them requiring me to send them my phone first.
    Trying to communicate with this company is very difficult. They respond with scripted answers that do not address my concerns, nor get me a replacement phone. I’ve continued to request names and contact information for supervisors, but have been told they cannot provide that information, or that they are the supervisor but are unable to address my concerns. It seems nobody in this company is able to do anything. I would NEVER purchase another thing from this company!

  3. I had terrible experience with HTC. They lie about their delivery times. If you pay for next or 2nd day delivery, you will NOT receive the item on the next/2nd day. According to their customer service rep, next/2nd day delivery does NOT mean you will receive your item on the next/2nd business day, because next/2nd day delivery does not include order processing time.
    Following their logic, if it takes them a week to process your order, and then it arrives a day/2 days after it is shipped, it will still be considered next/2nd day delivery. When I asked why it is not clearly explained on their web-site that next/2nd day delivery excludes processing time, the rep said that not all info is posted on the web-site because of some “privacy and fraud-related concerns.” What?! What does privacy and fraud have to do with it? Unless they suggest that deceiving customers and charging them for services they do not receive has something to do with fraud…
    And, obviously, they do not reimburse for late shipment and delivery. I paid for expedited delivery, did not receive my order when promised because it was only shipped on the day when it was supposed to be delivered, and, of course, or course, did not get reimbursed.

    1. I bought my first and last htc phone. Within a week it broke down. I sent it back to company and they said I would have it back in 7-10 businessdays.4 months later, I finally received my phone back. I doubt that they did ANYTHING to fix it. It's still doing the same thing I sent it in for. While they had my phone, I qualified for an upgrade. I did have to buy a new phone due to it taking so long to get mine back. I will stick with LG.. HTC are liars and have HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS! I HAVE STOOD IN THE STORES AND TOLD PEOPLE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE EITH HTC AND MADE THEM LOSE OUT ON A FEW SALES.Wish o could have stayed all day to just let ppl know NOT TO BUY HTC PRODUCTS! THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A PAPERWEIGHT ….USELESS

  4. HTC is hands down the worse company to purchase from. NOTHING BUT LIES! I sent them my phone 6 months ago and all I keep getting is excuses – someone is always starting a ticket or escalating the issues – ITS BEEN 6 MONTHS! At this point I am eligible for a HTC U11 – at the very least. All they have is excuse after excuse – for being a mobile device company they sure dont take care of their customers. I paid for my device in full and they cant simply give me a new one? WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER AND MANAGEMENT. I AM POSTING NEXT ON FTC, BBB and Attorney General. You brought this on your self HTC!

  5. I as well have been waiting OVER 2 months to get my phone back. I have called twice a day for TWO MONTHS AND NOTHING!!! They dont return phone calls. Im now getying my lawyer on this . I work for an attorney and he paid $500 for my phone that was poorly made. HTC has had my phone LONGER THEN I HAD IT IN MY POSSESSION.

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