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  • Iggy’s Sports Bar Corporate Office Headquarters

Iggy’s Sports Bar Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Iggy’s Sports Bar Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 423 West 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-801-532-9999
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-801-532-9999


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  1. You really need to hire a new cook at your Jordan Landing location. The first time I went to Iggy's years ago I ordered the Tequila Lime Chicken. The chicken was thick and juicy. It was so good! In 2014 I went and ordered the same thing. The chicken was not as thick and juicy and the potatoes tasted like mold. I got very sick. My son graduated a couple of days ago and wanted to go to Iggy's. I ordered the same thing again and this time I received a chicken pancake which was slightly burnt. I spent over $300.00 for food that was either no good or OK. The prices for your menue items should be very good food.Not one person who went said they would never go back. Resurrect that place by hiring a new cook who takes his job serious and your business might just succeed. And teach your crew the proper way to clean. I watched someone clean the drink station after wiping the floor and not ringing the rag cloth.

    Concerned citizen

  2. Super excited to eat at Iggy's @ Jordan Landing:) Arrived at 3:00 pm on Friday May 19th,2017. Was sat immediately. Place was pretty much empty for the most part. Maybe 5 or 6 tables were almost done Eating though. Anyway, there were several employees standing around talking. Waited 10 mins and decided to leave because not one person Acknowledged we were there, or offered a drink. Walked across to Black Bear Diner the server ran to the door said so glad you came in can't wait to seat you! We were almost thinking it was a joke! But no she was super sincere and we had our good within 5 mins after ordering immediately . Thought you would want to know, your employees on the clock could have cared less about your restaurant or it customers. Won't go there again !!

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Corporate Office Headquarters