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Iseman Homes Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. We have a problem with our home of 10 months…brand new
    Windows are allowing cold air in..Windows have snow coming in as well…very poorly put together…electric Bill is 352…352!!!!!!!

    Unacceptable ..we have plastic over all Windows and u can see the air and snow being trapped inside the Windows…window also had leaking…called Sioux falls. 3 weeks ago and still nobody has been out to repair…but this seems par for the course..can't get answers and it's really tiring th st we spent our life's savings and yet we get stiffed by laying these costs and it's due to manufacture errors…why???????
    Need answers cuz Sioux falls and randalls correspondence goes on deaf ears, they don't wanna help with these extra heating costs
    Our thermostat is set at 68 now
    I have pleanty of pictures

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Corporate Office Headquarters