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JCP&L Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Ridiculous…ordered to have my account closed due to moving way in advance and they couldn't get a meter reader out there for October, November or the last day of service on December 4th. They have since sent me an estimated final bill and think that is just fine. Service representative said- 'We don't have the manpower to get to everyone who needs a final reading on their meter. You should have called in a reading'…really as that wasn't one of the options I was told when I called to order a final reading AND I moved out of state before the 12/4 date so how was I suppose to do that?? Never have I had three months in a row with estimated reading in the 22 years I had this company!! Think they are ripping me off for higher final bill…of course, now how do I prove that?? Mega high profits and you don't have enough manpower!!!! And the customer representative was dismissive and could have cared less about my concerns since I was no longer a customer. The best was at the end of the conversation when she asked me if I would like materials sent out on how to save money in my home…I said 'I know how to save money…get more meter readers. Too bad you didn't understand that!'

  2. Yes, where is the dislike button, or better yet, where is the HATE button? JCP&L is deliberately harming people, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN, by proposing to erect High Voltage power lines in an existing residential area, for the only reason to increase their revenue!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!

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Corporate Office Headquarters