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JoS A. Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact JoS A. Bank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Jos. A. Bank Clothiers Inc.
500 Hanover Pike
Hampstead, MD 21074 USA
Email: service@jos-a-bank.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-410-239-2700
Fax Number: 1-914-949-9618
Customer Service Number: 1-800-285-2265

  • I have been a customer for 20 years in Atlanta. I took back 2 sweaters that my sister in law purchased for my Christmas present. They did not fit so I wanted to return and get a jacket. I waited at the counter for 10 minutes and not 1 person waited on me. 1 sales person was sitting 20 feet from me and was on his phone and looking at me. After a couple of minutes he got up and went in to the dressing room. He came out 5 minutes later and I motioned for him to help me. He walked over as slow as possible and said "Yes?" Not can I help you or hello. I told him I wanted to return the 2 sweaters and get a jacket. He said I needed the receipt and I said it was a gift, I did not have a receipt. He said they were only $30 sweaters and walked away. I asked where he was going and he said to find those type sweaters. He was being rude so I asked for another sales person and he asked why and I said he was being rude so I'd like a different sales person. He said You're being rude and walked away. The manager came a few minutes later and wanted the person's name and phone # that purchased them and I gave the info. He said that person was a Platinum member, as was I, and there were no sales by them. Maybe they paid cash because they were only $30 each. At that point I left. I got the receipt from my sister in law and they were $50 each and it was charged. I called the manager back and he said he mas=de a mistake and there was a record of it and I could come back in and make the exchange. He also said we get a lot of returns and some were not purchases. I guess he thinks I'm a thief. I am 67 and have been battling AML, Acute Myloid Leukemia, for 2 years and did not need this at Christmas. They have lost another customer.

  • I purchased a 1905 Double Breasted Suit for $198.00 plus tax. Received the suit, but the coat did not fit in the armpit of the coat and sleeve, the pants did not fit according to the size I gave and were an inch to small in the waist. I had to pay an additional $10.05 to send the suit. I have talk to 3 different employees to try to get my money. Jos A Banks sent me a store credit by email for $94.98, why. The third person that I talk to stated that I would get my refund in 2 two refunds. This issue has been going on for three weeks. I was told by the second employee that I would have my $220.96 refund in 2 days. Jos A Bank does not provide customer satisfaction as they state. My work 20 years in retail and 17 years a manager and 5 fives as a buyer with major retailers. Poor business practice. Lost a customer.

  • I purchased 2 for one sport coats from Jos.A.Bank on 8/1/17, and although
    the service was good, there's a lot to be said about the quality of the
    clothing. The blazer listed @$538.00 & the sport coat @$638.00, the total
    sale price was $738.00. I've seen better quality blazers in department stores at a lower price, and advise customers to shop around!

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