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  • Koch Foods Corporate Office Headquarters

Koch Foods Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. The supervisor's, superintendent's is on a buddy system. They cover up each person wrong doing. The employee had book isn't followed by the people with the white hats, and they bend the rules for their favorite workers. It's so dyfunctional, many good workers is being mistreated, no one seems to care about the workers. Cross contamination is out of control. the open door policy sucks. No leadership skills for the supervisor's, supervisor intended, and lead people. I like the company, however, I think the corporate office should do a survey among the workers to see how they is being treated

  2. This complaint is about Lisa Wright. She has took over entering in vacations and has messed mine up every time. She put vacation on people checks that is not taking vacation, and doesn't even put it in half the time.

  3. Ashland Koch foods still has Jeff hawking supervisor who shoved and cursed a USDA lady there, and that's not right that's is to be grounds of termination, but Lisa Wright kept him there

  4. I was employed shortly with Koch foods I came on with onin staffing at first I was not clocking the they made it where I was clocking, and even though i was getting over 40 hours I was just getting 40 hours. That was that horrible HR manger Lisa Wright. They need to seriously get rid of her she was leaving people in the conference room that was there for orientation for hours in her office and coming out like it was no big deal. Her and Randy cisne are running it in the ground. There is also a bad drug problem there they called their selves fixing in one day, but it's still there. This problem needs to be looked into before it gets worse.

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Corporate Office Headquarters