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  • Live Nation Corporate Office Headquarters

Live Nation Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Live Nation Corporate Office Headquarters

Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
9348 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-867-7000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-653-8000

  • Hi Brian,
    I hope I'm not out of place by sending this email. I am by far a person to have a issue or problem bother me so much that I'd actually reach out to advise you & express a complaint. Yesterday, I had 3 Boardwalk VIP tickets for the show. We arrived on time, check in was fantastic, the set up was great. We were lucky enough to have 2 lovely older women offer to share their table with us & it was fantastic. We got to know those in our general vacinity & enjoyed each others company. As the night carried on and those just like us whom waited for 4 hours in the sun the VIP area were consumed by those late arrivals who not only blocked the view we had, took over our saved areas, and became down right belligerent. It became so out of control it was literally dangerous. First the stairs were 100% blocked by masses of people refusing to move even to let someone throw out trash. I found a staff member & advised them of the situation also stating that I'm aware I'm out of my jurisdiction from my employer but I am a Firefighter & Fire Inspector in Mercer County & that all means of egress in case of emergency were completely blocked & should there be a fire or EMS emergency there was no way to escape or alow emergency access. I was ignored which is unexcuseable. The absolute sure attitude, hostility, vulgar and abusive language by concert attendees & behavior proved to be appalling. By minding my own business I was caught in the middle of a physial fight (7 weeks after a full knee replacement) and the verbal arguments were continuous even during the concert caused by people whom had come in immediately before P!nk took the stage & blocking other patrons whom had been patiently waiting for hours for the show.
    I am a avid concert goer with a large variety of music. Just in 6 weeks this was my 8th concert I've attended through Live Nation with various artists. I am a huge supporter & contributor to Live Nation (with more tickets to up coming shows) I honestly could not be more disappointed & upset that I spent $1,000 for tickets to barely focus on the show due to the continuous fighting & problems. I was watching my daughter, 13 & myself more than the show because a physical fight was inevitable & in fact happened. Never once did I see security in our area. My concerns for a potential emergency was blown off & I can honestly say I have never been more disappointed or concerned for my safety during a event held by your company. I'm not sure how I feel about ever spending my hard earned money to attend another event with Live Nation to only have it wasted because I need to protect myself & child from violence.
    The event is obviously over but I felt this needed to be brought to your attention. I love your productions but after wasting a thousand dollars I'm not sure I'll be eger to show my support again for some time if at all.
    I sincerely thank you for your time to read this email & should you feel necessary I look forward to a reply.

    Lauren Bird
    Senior Firefighter/Engine Driver
    West Windsor Fire –

  • I was happy with the same day delivery but, very upset at the arrangement that was delivered. There is no resemblance to the picture that I ordered aside from one butterfly and brown basket that even looks like the original picture. Extremely false advertisement and there was no notice of delivery or any notice of the drastic change in flower arrangement. I will never order from Just Flowers ever again.

    Update: 09/25/2014 So, I received a voicemail from the customer service on the 09/24 asking me to call back and discuss my complaint. They gave me the number to the Just Flower's management staff at 1(800)715-2799. I called 09/25 and the manager named Meg answered. I told her that I received a call and this was the number to call back so, she looked up my original order number and said," she would contact the local florist that handled the order but, that there was not to be a full refund because the item had been delivered." How is that customer service and what is the point of contacting the local florist that made the arrangement if you, the manager are not going to issue a refund or offer any compensation for false representation? At this point, Meg had the opportunity to make me, the dissatisfied customer who had a complaint, happy or offer to atone for the inconvenience. However, she did not. She offered no apologies and continued to claim "that the arrangement had been properly delivered." I realized that her attitude would not change and she did not want to listen to me, the customer and said that someone would contact me to follow up. I hung up and then, I called back again to the same number and wanting to speak to her supervisor because of Meg's behavior and all around poor customer service skills. However, Meg answered again and I told her that I wanted to speak to her supervisor and she said," that she was the only one there and that she was unable to give out the number for Just Flower's corporate office." From my first and only experience at Just Flowers; I would have to say,"BUYERS BEWARE." Clearly unethical business practices, false representation of the product on the website to what will be delivered, no notification to the buyer about delivery or if the florist made changes to your purchased item, and the poorest customer service imaginable. From my experience, it is the bait and switch business practice and I would suggest you shop at any other place even ProFlowers.com because they handled the flower business a lot better than Just Flowers.

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