LUKOIL USA Corporate Office Headquarters

LUKOIL USA Corporate Office Headquarters
LUKOIL North America, LLC.,
505 Fifth Ave, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-421-4141
LUKOIL Worldwide Head Office
11, Sretensky Boulevard
MOSCOW, 101000 Russia
Phone Number: +7-495-6289841
Fax Number: +7-495-6257016

  • A week ago I went to this Luke Gas Station, which I have been going to for five years from Chicago to buy my cigarettes. Yesterday I learned I was banned from this Luke because a week ago I did not allow the cashier who claimed to be the manager disrespect me. I swiped my card and she told me, "press yes." I responded, "I can read." She responded, "You don't have to be so rude." I didn't yell at her. I didn't use a condensing voice. I simply informed her that I could read. I responded, "I think it's rude to assume I'm illiterate." At this point she threatened to cancel my order and call the police. I asked for the manager and she claimed to be the manager. I tried to take a photo of her to send to Luke's corporate office but like all cowards who have wronged someone, she ran into the back to hide, all the time yelling, "You're violating my privacy." As if this young woman doesn't already have her photo plastered all over social media sites. I went yesterday and she refused to serve me and informed me that I was banned. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but they clearly don't care that this uneducated ignorant little girl discriminated and harassed a 60 year old woman who was a Nun for 25 years. In fact if you go to the Better Business Bureau website, you will learn, as I did, that Luke has quite the long history of stealing, or attempting to steal money by over charging people who use their cards at the pumps. Yesterday her and another cashier were laughing it up thinking they got the best of me, however, when she told me I was banned I simply said, "Okay. Have a nice day." And proceeded to literally cross the street where there is literally directly across from Luke another gas station where they are very sweet and even give free lighters when you buy a carton or more of cigarettes. So that gas station will be the beneficiary of my monthly $600 to $800 a month now. So, unless you like be discriminated and harassed, or be overcharged at the pump, I would highly recommend another gas station, like the one across the street from them. If they'll harass and discriminate against a 60 year old former Nun, they'll do it to you too if you have the audacity to not allow a little girl to disrespect you and speak to you as if though you're an illiterate homeless peasant.


  • I brought gas from here today at location Brooklyn by and told him I want 30 gas the Indian man charge my card twice and yell at Me when I told him I think he charge it twice ..I called my bank and they said yes your card was charge twice and I have proof of statement and same time it was charge..

  • BOYCOTT the Lukoil 584 Rancocas Rd,Mount Holly,NJ 08060!!!!
    This is the second time this is happened to me. I told the attendant to fill it up with 87 – Regular ($2.13/gal) and paid with my credit card. After he gave me my receipt I noticed that he charged me for Plus ($2.57/gal). I then got out of my car and wanted to know why he filled it up with Plus instead of Regular at the higher price. He had no good response. I had previously boycotted this gas station for two years for exactly the same thing! STAY AWAY from this gas station.

  • 8/2/2014 @ 11:05 A M: Overfilled fuel tank after pump shut off!!! NJ LAW FORBIDS THIS!!, Secondly did not have correct change,Waited15 minutes for change. I'M calling the NJ Authorities& Federal Authority, to investigate the STATION @403 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 for VERY Dangerous work and safety violations.

  • My 84 year old mother told the attendant to put in $25.00 worth of gas via her credit card—then he filled it up. He didn't want to give her the receipt!She confronted him and he "too bad" you have the gas…I won't take money out of my pocket. Then he acted as though he didn't speak English. We want a refund!…and an apology!

  • I just came from trying to get back the money I was overcharged for gas today at Luke Oil in Woodbury NJ. I asked for $25 worth of gas cash and specifically said cash. I noted the amout of gas I received for my $25. As soon as I returned home I went to my calculator and realized I was overcharged by $1.50 and was probably charged the non cash price. I went back to the station. The attendant all of a sudden couldn't speak english and could not work a calculator, he wasn't very intelligent or was pretending to be stupid. He would not give me my $1.50. I will definitely write corporate office but don't think it will do much good. Luke Oil has lost my business and I to will make sure people know.

  • Stopped to get $20 worth of gas at your Route 17 North, Paramus, NJ station. Told the attended that I wants $20 worth of regular gas cash. He took it upon himself to ingore what I request and filled up the tank to the total of $39. he instisted that I told him to fill it up. Why would I do that when I show him the $20 when he asked what I wanted. You had better teach your employees to speak and understand ENGLISH. I will never put another drop of LukeOil in my thank and will make sure to tell family and friends not to use Luke Oil even if you are the least expensive gas around. I work for a large company and you can rest assured that when I go to work tomorrow I will be sending an email with the facts of your employees.

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