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  • Luminox Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Luminox Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Luminox Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


L&M Swiss Watch Ltd.

c/o Mondaine Watch Ltd.

Lessingstrase 5

8027 Zurich / Switzerland

Phone +41 58 666 88 37

Fax +41 58 666 87 37

Luminox is a Swiss watchmaker. They make several lines that are popular in the USA, including the Navy Seal line and the USAF line. Their corporate office are located in Switzerland, the address and phone number is above.


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    1. I totally agree… I had a mishap with a brand new watch and scratched the bezel. The answer at the service center was to replace the complete case. I called the corporate office and they were of no help. I will NEVER buy another Luminox again.

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